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on 27 July 2014
So, it's a beautiful case, well designed, good quality, durable (so far), light, easy to use.

Keyboard feel is pretty good. Not great, but pretty good. It loses half a star.

Let's talk about QWERTY for a moment, shall we? The QWERTY layout is the standard layout of a keyboard, and is the one we're all familiar with. If you want to type fast, you don't want to have to look for a key or get used to a different layout. Belkin DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS.

The Silver and White version of this product has the bottom row off-set by one key. That means that if you touch-type an X, you get a Z. Blindly hitting the N will result in a B coming up. Etc. They've added one key where the Z usually goes, and that means the whole bottom row is useless. Fools!!!!

The Black and Silver version of this product has a different layout (why??!!??!?). The bottom row of letters are, thankfully, back where they should be. But all is not well: they have added the Tilda key in place of where the comma usually sits, shifting the comma to where the period (full stop) usually sits. This means that it takes a while to get used to touch-typing commas and periods, and results in fiddly stops-and-starts trying to find the right key. It is very irritating. Lose another 1.5 stars for this.

This could easily be a 5-star product. But, if your keyboard doesn't make it easy to type and easy to use, it fundamentally fails.

Belkin - sort it out. Don't f*** with QWERTY. And release a hot fix that makes the comma key the comma key again, and the period key the period key.
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on 18 September 2013
I was very disappointed with the overall build quality - plastic surround was of cheap quality, and had various pits / dents around it. even before I inserted the Ipad. Not worth the money, when there are considerably cheaper alternatives around. Decided to return to Amazon within minutes.
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on 28 September 2013
Did some research on ipad keyboards and this one had great reviews
I ordered this and think its excellent.........had it for two weeks and still using the keyboard off its original first battery charge

It is one of the most expensive keyboards but its well worth it.
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on 28 August 2013
About 1 week ago, i bought this product after making sure the information on the net a lot.

But there was "Wrong information", and the product described another Keyboard arrangement.
And just after some another guys and i complained about that, they have changed their information 2 days ago.

They do not want to make the refund and also change the product to "Right one."

Obviously it is a kind of evil FRAUDS.
I will get the REFUND as soon as possible by 'LAW'
review image
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on 7 August 2013
BEWARE! The keyboard supplied to me has a non-standard keyboard layout meaning the bottom row is offset. This makes the keyboard virtually unuseable as I get a constant stream of spelling errors. The Z key is located mid-way between S and D rather than being between A and S as it should be. I've been told that this is because I have the UK specific model whereas the pictures on Amazon and Belkin websites are of the US version.

I've never come across a keyboard in the UK or any other country where the bottom row is offset - this is clearly a huge mistake by Belkin and I have contacted them for some clarity.

I have seen a Logitech keyboard that has the correct layout so recommend that product rather than wasting £90 on something that you can't use.
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on 27 July 2013
I love the basic design of this product but there is ob HUGE FLAW!!! It has a weird key layout where the bottom row of keys are offset by one key when compared to a normal UK spec keyboard, So the Z key sits below the middle of the S and D keys etc, so you have to adjust your typing style and that really sucks, It is so annoying that I am seriously going through all the hassle of sending it back or simply throwing it away!!! DO NOT BUY THIS unless you are sure you get the right model of keyboard layout.
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on 27 August 2014
I absolutely love my new iPad keyboard. It has taken my iPad to a whole new level. I have an iPad with retina display (the one before iPad Air) and this fits perfectly. I have had it well over a month and have only had to charge the keyboard twice in that time. The one minor niggle I have with it, is that the magnets could be stronger in the positions where the iPad stands. But that aside I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who's finding touch screen typing annoying.
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on 15 May 2014
UPDATE 02/09/2014: I have been using this keyboard case for a while now and have updated my review to 5*. It's been brilliant! Very easy to use in any meeting, even if it's just resting on my lap - doesn't topple too easily. Yes it adds some weight to the iPad, but that's expected and it's not a problem. The case is easy to take on and off so I don't use it as my full time case, only for work and meetings. There is a slight sign of wear on the brushed aluminium side where it's rested, but you'd expect that. Not much more I can add that I haven't said below... it's great!

So I've occasionally eyed up an iPad keyboard or two in the past but never thought I'd actually get one. However, when Amazon offered the Belkin Ultimate Keyboard for 50% off I couldn't help but jump at it - worse comes to worse I could always send it back!

Firstly, my review of Amazon - as ever their ordering is simple and I had the item delivered within 24 hours, thanks to a free trial of Amazon Prime. Usual rubbish "dump and run" delivery from whichever cowboy service they're using these days.

Now the item (I've only had this for a matter of hours so I'll try and post an update after a longer period of use).

- Note: I am looking to use this in meetings and at work, so ease of use and weight are fairly important -

The item looks slick and professional both in and out of the box. It has a nice black back covering the iPad, not too dissimilar to Apple's own cases, and the opposite side is a beautiful brushed aluminium case covering the keyboard. The micro USB slot is barely noticeable and it took me a second to find it. The keyboard is amazingly thin and the whole case adds very little extra to the iPad's own thickness.

Set up:
It was a breeze to clip in (do top first) and connect (once it has a bit of charge in it). The instructions are simple if you need them.

These magnets are surprisingly strong. I can /almost/ pick up the keypad when just holding the iPad, but not quite. They've not fallen out of place yet, but time will tell how strong they stay depending on the surface.

Before I talk about the keys I've just noticed the number of smudges on the piano black surface. Not great and will require constant polishing... but then so does the iPad's screen so hey ho!

My keyboard shows a perfect QWERTY layout and the 'Z' is under the 'A/S' keys as it should be (someone else's review said it was shifted 1 to the right). The Spacing of the keys is as good as you can expect from a keyboard the width of an iPad! I've found it very easy to go from the laptop to the iPad and continue typing as fast. However, if you're not a Mac user it may take you a few minutes to get used to using "command" instead of "ctrl". (and that dammed @ and " switch!)

Below I've listed the quick functions along the top row from left to right (0-12) [you'll need to use the "Fn" button]:
0: Long press = Siri
0: Short press = Home Screen
0: Double press = Multitasking (shame you can't use 'arrows' or 'enter' to switch between apps)
1: Drop down Search
2: On screen keyboard
3: Cut (or Command + X)
4: Copy (or Command + C)
5: Paste (or Command + V)
6: Previous Track
7: Play/Pause
8: Next Track
9: Mute
10: Volume Down
11: Volume Up
12: Bluetooth Pairing

You can use the Backspace (delete) button for deleting emails etc.

I don't know what the "Globe" button is next to the arrow keys?! Doesn't open Safari like I'd expect.

Not great if you've an iPad Air and are carrying it by hand everywhere. I however have an iPad 3 (not exactly the lightest of the bunch) and it'll mainly be in and out of a bag and plonked on a table. I'd certainly not complain if I had to carry it on its own, just not for a whole day.

Does it work as a tablet still?
Hmm, it's not great when you fold the keyboard behind to continue using as a regular tablet. If you fold it one way, so the keyboard is now facing downwards, it turns the iPad screen off (because of the auto wake magnets). If you fold it the other way you worry that the back of the iPad will bush the keys and accidentally type something! It won't, but I think I'll switch it into its old simple folding case when not in the office - in part because it's noticeably heavier when holding in one hand!

I had been very tempted to fork out for the Clamcase Pro, which is stunning, but with the Belkin case coming in at £50 it wins on every level. Looks, connection stability, ease of typing, weight (for my purposes) and quick functions are all spot on in my opinion.

... so far! I'll try and remember to update this after a months use. (Update 1 added - 02/09/2014)
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on 9 January 2014
Looks good. Does a nice job fully protecting the I pad. It's very stable when using the keyboard' although sometimes the I pad locks up and requires rebooting. Pairing is very easy. The only concern is the longevity of the hinge point, it's plastic not sure if it will last long ], but seems ok at the moment, no signs of wear. That's why only 4 stars. Other wise nice to look at and does what it says on the box.
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on 30 October 2013
The case is perfect for my use
Buttons are very comfy to use except for the bottom row as it is shifted but you do eventually get used to it
Sometimes randomly disconnects briefly but very rarely
Four stars due to the fact that the box I received seemed to have been opened and re sealed. But just to note the product and everything else didnt seem that it has been touched
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