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4.7 out of 5 stars20
4.7 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 14 October 2013
This third, four disc box set for the great 'One Piece' anime contains a further twenty-five episode of the show (episodes 54 to 78) and sees the Straw Hat Pirates make their way from the East Blue to start their adventure in the strange and unpredictable Grand Line. The episodes in this volume cover roughly four story arcs, the entertaining but ultimately forgettable Warship Island arc, the Reverse Mountain arc that sees the crew take their first steps on the Grand Line, the Whisky Peak arc that begins the Baroque Works storyline that runs throughout the next three arcs, and the Little Garden arc that is a reasonably fun story.

The first seven and a half episodes of this volume cover the Warship Island arc, the first of the anime's filler arcs. The arc sees the crew rescue a little girl with a mysterious power who is lost at sea only to find that she is being hunted by the Navy because she could hold the key to an elixir of immortality. While this arc if filler, it is nonetheless relatively entertaining and while it isn't the best of the One Piece filler it is definitely not the worst (and is a lot better than the filler from some other shonen series). The arc has some nice funny moments throughout as well as some good action scenes and the ending is reasonably sad as well. The only real problem with the arc is that it does lead to a few minor continuity errors with later events in the proper storyline.

The two and a half episodes following the Warship Island filler sees Luffy and his friends finally make it into the Grand Line only to be confronted by a couple of massive problems. Reverse Mountain is an good arc that introduces some entertaining characters and some important exposition about the realities of navigation on the Grand Line as well as what it is like to travel on the most unpredictable of seas.

After leaving Reverse Mountain behind them the crew, and a couple of passengers, travel to their first island on the Grand Line, Whiskey Peak, only to find that it is not quite what they expected. This four episode arc is probably my favourite arc of the volume as it includes everything that I love about One Piece, good action, nice humour and a plot that will develop into something very interesting and enjoyable. The arc also introduces a large number of characters (some of whom become very important as the show goes one), including two of my favourites from the series as a whole Vivi and the woman who is currently known as 'Miss All Sunday'.

The next two episodes of the volume is the short but funny arc that details what Luffy's friend Coby got up to after joining the Navy. These episodes are expanded from a mini-story from the chapter cover pages of the manga and are reasonably entertaining but they are most notable for the introduction of Vice-Admiral Garp, another character who will become important later.

The next eight episodes of the volume are the Little Garden arc where the crew stop at an island with dangerous wildlife and a pair of larger than life inhabitants only for Baroque Works to interfere. For some reason I cannot explain, I have never personally been much of a fan of this arc but it still includes some good action, nice characters and some reasonable humour. The arc also includes some nice advancement of the Baroque Works storyline.

The final episode of the volume begins the Drum Island arc which is quite good.

The animation for the series remains reasonably good (although it can be a little rough in places) and the series itself remains as entertaining as ever beginning the first of the show's multi-arc storylines. The English dub of the series remains a good as always (the original Japanese version is included as well of course) with the only thing that I didn't like all that much being the dubbed songs. Of the performances, Caitlin Glass and Stephanie Young are both great as Vivi and 'Miss All Sunday' while Jerry Russell and Brian Mathis are very good as Crocus and Garp respectively.

The volume includes the usual extras in the form of textless songs and cast commentary (that do include a few spoilers.

This is another very good volume that starts an important plotline and introduces some very important characters. Volume three of the 'One Piece' anime is well worth a full five stars.
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on 19 October 2013
Collection 3 is now out in the UK and after watching it all I've really enjoyed it. There isn't that much action to start with early on in this set but things pick up and there are some really cool fight scenes. The Straw Hats finally reach the Grand Line in this and it's really cool how they enter it by going up a really steep mountain of water in their ship. This is also were Baroque Works are introduced who are a big villainous organisation that serve as the villains for the next large part of the story so expect to see a lot of them in the next collection too. This part of the story serves as a great build up to the big battle with Baroque Works and their leader Mr 0 aka Crocodile, one of the 7 warlords of the sea later on.

It's cool because the organisation has numbered agents who are all stronger depending on how low their number is eg. Mr 5, Mr 3, Mr 2 etc. Plus all of them have different devil fruit powers.

The best part of this set is Little Garden which was actually cut out of the 4Kids version that aired on TV altogether which was a shame as it's really good. But now we get to see it so all is good. There's a really cool battle with the Straw Hat pirates and some of the Baroque work agents there including Mr 5, Mr 3 and there's a part were Zorro tries cutting off his own legs because they're trapped and he wants to join the fight. Also there's a part earlier on were we get to see Luffy fight Zorro.
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on 1 September 2013
I'm so excited that the UK edition has finally got to volume 3, and in this arc, the action continues to intensify. Great action. Great release.
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on 24 September 2013
This Is a great series and Even Better as it was Redone by Funimation. Books are Brilliant Also - Go Watch
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on 2 July 2014
I ordered this for my boyfriend and it arrived waaaay before the delivery date, which is fab! It's perfect for my collection, featuring wonderful Nami on the cover. Compromising 54 - 78 episodes into this collection, it follows Luffy and the Straw Hat pirates as they continue on their quest for the illusion treasure, the One Piece! Funny, heart breaking and some great voice actors, One Piece is definitely in my top ten for anime's!
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on 20 March 2014
Not much to say as brought as a gift. Great DVD, works perfectly, OH loves it! (and I have to admit so do I)
I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys their anime!!
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on 2 July 2014
I am really loving One Piece. :D
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on 23 November 2013
A good collection at SUPER value - it is great that these are finally being released in the UK and I hope the rest come out sooner rather than later
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on 22 May 2014
mr luffy just gets better and better with each episode. i all so like it because it is a little bit mad
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on 19 January 2015
Just keeps getting better. Such an epic journey.
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