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4.8 out of 5 stars1,627
4.8 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 1 July 2013
I loved this movie and both my daughters loved it even more. It is AS GOOD as the first part, therefore this review follows the main lines of my review of the first "Despicable me". This review contains very limited SPOILERS.

1. Hilarity - Exactly as the first film, this sequel is HILARIOUS! There is hardly any 15 seconds in this movie that would not contain a really good gag, children or/and adult oriented. Whoever wrote the scenario was a genius!

2. Despicability - in this film Gru is a little bit different from what he was in the first part. He is no more so grumpy, mean, petty and permanently aggravated - he certainly smiles more and all his attitude softened. He remains however exactly as insecure as in the first film. That being said, there are moments in this film when the old Gru resurfaces, when his heart is broken or when somebody REALLY upsets him. His geriatric sidekick and only friend (well, kind of) doctor Nefario didn't take all this change easily and he has some trouble to adapt his evil laboratory to new tasks of producing jam and jelly... Gru's murderous (and toxic) dog/rat/wolverine/skunk like pet on another hand felt completely under the spell of the girls - but still gives a great show! The two "bad guys" are also excellent - which is a real achievement, considering that one of them belongs to species usually not associated with evil villainy...)))

3. Girl power - as in the previous film, I believe that any parent of little girls will fall immediately in love with Margo, Edith and Agnes, the three little orphaned sisters Gru adopted in the first part. Those seemingly defenseless creatures took him since under the sweet and soft but in the same time surprisingly totalitarian control little girls exercise over their fathers, adoptive or not...))) Agnes, the youngest of the three (I think she is 5) is still particularly sweet - if only she was real I would adopt her on the spot and spoil her silly all the rest of my life! Tomboyish Edith, aged around 8, still wears permanently her pink hat which seems to comfort her, but as you will see she certainly recovered from her previous traumas...))) Margo, the oldest one, is now a young teenager (she is about 13 I think) and starts already to think about boys, something which TERMINALLY freaks Gru out - and I can relate here! Honestly, if you already are a parent of a little girl, you WILL LOVE this movie. And if you do not have yet a young daughter, get one!

4. Minions - as in previous film, as far as reasons to watch this movie go, even the girls must cede the first place to the minions! The totally devoted, fearless (well, mostly) and highly professional and in the same time impossibly immature and conflicted army of Gru minions is THE greatest treasure of this movie. In this film there is even more minions and believe me - they pack incredible fun! I am very impatient to see their own film, which should be released somewhere in 2015.

5. Agent Lucy Wilde, a young rising star in the Anti Villain League, is a new element and a new delight added to this film and her character is a great success. Well trained in martial arts and using some extremely cool gadgets, she is also a mixture of perfect lady and a tomboyish, contagiously enthusiastic adventurer, still lacking a little bit of experience and therefore prone to attack first and ask questions later...))) And she is also cute, which certainly doesn't hurt.

I purposefully omitted in this review some of the characters and did not hint at most of the gags and scenes, to avoid big spoilers and keep things short.

To conclude, this is a TREASURE OF A MOVIE. A thing to see in cinema, then buy on DVD, watch, keep and re-watch on regular basis. And I ABSOLUTELY hope for A SECOND SEQUEL!

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on 31 December 2013
Simply a wonderful fun film. The minions as usual steal the show but here the story is more substantial and the characters, in particular Gru, given a more fleshed out arc.

Here Gru is enlisted to help track down a criminal mastermind. This particular criminal has a serum which mutates whatever it comes into contact with, the minions become guinea pigs with hilarious results.

The jokes come thick and fast as does the action. A slim running time ensures this doesn't outstay it's welcome. A great sequel to an already entertaining film. The best non Pixar film this year.
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on 22 November 2015
Gru is back with cool cars, gadgets and his army of Minions to save the world in Despicable Me 2 starring the voice talents of Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, and Miranda Cosgrove. Will this movie still have the heart and charm of the original or is it just trying to cash in on the popularity of the Minions?

In the Arctic Circle, a flying ship in the shape of a gigantic magnet steals a secret laboratory that was researching a deadly new mutagen weapon called PX-41. The side effects of the mutagen causes whatever creature that is exposed to, to increase in size, turn purple, grow wild hair, but most unfortunately become indestructible monsters.

Meanwhile, the ex-super villain Gru is now a happy man now that the three little girls that he adopted have changed his heart. No longer is he coming up with plans to steal landmarks or the moon. He’d rather throw princess birthday parties and convert his underground headquarters into a cannery for jellies and jams.

Everything is great until secret agent Lucy Wilde from the Anti-Villain League (AVL) kidnaps Gru in order to recruit him. The AVL figures in order to catch a criminal it’s better to think like a criminal. They want Gru’s knowledge and skills to figure out who the master mind of the laboratory heist is. The AVL partners Gru up with Lucy at a local mall where the PX-41 has been traced to. Can Gru balance his responsibilities of fatherhood while reluctantly working with a new partner in order to stop a new super villain from spreading the mutagen around the world?

When the original Despicable Me came out in 2010, it was a bit of a sleeper hit that I didn’t even see in theaters. If it wasn’t for my daughter wanting to rent it from BlockBuster, I still to this day may not have watched it. Thank god my daughter made me rent it, because as a father of three daughters, the plot of the movie really hit home. Even in my life, I can tell you that the charm of little girls can warm the heart of even the chilliest villains.

So how does the sequel hold up? It continues the heart and soul of the original and introduces the audience to a few new characters. Gru is still an interesting guy. The first movie dealt with him trying to impress his overbearing and unimpressed mother. This time around, Gru deals with love in his life from many different aspects. His little girls completely removed any type of internal conflict of ever wanting to go back into being a bad guy. Steve Carell is back as the voice of Gru. I’m still not sold on the Eastern European accent, but I understand why it was chosen. The biggest struggle this time around for our hero is that his oldest daughter is starting to like boys. It’s convenient for him that he still has his gadgets to stop any intrusive boy from breaking Margo’s heart. Miranda Cosgrove from TV’s iCarly voices Margo. Dana Gaier as Edith and Elsie Fisher as Agnes both return from the original to voice the other two daughters. Margo is the leader. Edith is the tomboy who loves to be a ninja. But it’s Agnes that is way to adorable to describe with mere words.

New to the franchise is Kristen Wiig (Saturday Night Live/Bridesmaids) as AVL Agent Lucy Wilde. I really liked the character and you can hear Wiig’s characters from SNL come out in animated form. I don’t want to spoil anything entirely, but like the three little girls in Gru’s life, Lucy indirectly becomes another positive influence for him. I feel that Lucy is not at all a supporting character, but rather an equal to Gru. I think fans of the original will welcome Lucy with open arms.

Other actors lending their voice talents to the supporting cast is Benjamin Bratt as Eduardo, the owner of the Mexican restaurant in the mall and Ken Jeong as Floyd who runs the wig shop. Returning as Gru’s gadget inventor as Dr. Nefario is British comedian, Russell Brand.

Of course the characters who steal the whole movie is the Minions themselves. They add a certain Three Stooges level of slapstick humor that all ages can enjoy. These guys do not at all disappoint in the entertainment factor. I couldn’t help but chuckle throughout the film at their antics. No wonder they are getting their own movie next year.

The film isn’t perfect, but the heart and message of the movie completely overcomes any of the flaws. Some parts of the original are better, and some parts of the sequel make vast improvements. If you are a fan of the original, Despicable Me 2 will not at all disappoint. It has the same directors, the same music, and the same level of fun.

Despicable Me 2 is a fun movie for the entire family. The little ones will love the Minions and the parents will be entertained by the subtle adult humor. I do recommend seeing it in 3D, so take my advice to save money, take the family to a bargain matinee to compensate for the higher ticket price. For an extra treat, don’t leave until the credits are over because the Minions will entertain the kids with their shenanigans and awesome 3D effects.
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on 20 December 2013
I found the movie good, the minions are definitely worth the watch if not for the story itself which is pretty interesting. It is a funny film, but the highlight is more focused on the minions. The romance was in, but did not overly focus on that which as good and appropriate for the type of film. The minions were equally as funny as they were in the first, but had more parts which made it all the better.

Overall great family film and when in doubt, just think of the minions.
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on 30 December 2013
I loved this movie first time, at the cinema and so far I'm not tiring of seeing it again and again...mainly thanks to the Minions. I think I prefer this to the first film but I guess that's personal choice.

I'd say this film is funnier but as mentioned above this is due in large part to the fact the Minions seems to have more screen time. Gru is Gru however he obviously starts this film where he left the last one and so he is no longer looking for his next dastardly plan, leading to world domination. That said, he's no angel still and his attitude is enough to make me laugh alone.

The 3 girls are in the film, as they were the first, and they too are really good characters but it's all about the Minions for me. A great film I could watch time and again.
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on 1 September 2014
I totally agree with the other five star reviews here, this film is just so entertaining for kids and adults alike. Watched it over Christmas with the family (and several times since then), and as an in-law said, you could put this on repeat play and the family would just sit there and watch it over and over again. It's a film that just makes you laugh and feel so good. Is there any better sort?

The plot in short is that Gru gets recruited, somewhat reluctantly, into working with the Anti Villain League to help with a series of unsolved crimes. Along the way we are introduced to several new characters, notably El Macho, a mad 'guard chicken' and Lucy Wilde, the AVL agent assigned to work with Gru. I really like the way that Gru's and the three girls' characters have been developed since the last movie (Margo has her first crush!) and clearly much thought has been given with this. It certainly works.

For once, a sequel that is even better than the original, and bravo to the guys at Illumination Entertainment who have proved beyond doubt that they are not simply cynically exploiting the success of the earlier film. Roll on Despicable Me 3!
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on 12 May 2014
Firstly, DVD arrived in good time and was a great price. As for the film, well it is great, very funny and lots for both kids and adults to enjoy. It is just as funny as the first film and of course features all the characters that you know. Another super minions movie! If in any doubt, just get it you will not be disappointed.

I'm sure (and hopeful!) that there will be another one, my boys cannot get enough of the minions, so hopefully there will be.

In summary good service from Amazon and great film. Perfect!
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Gru has gone straight.....he loves his girls and is HAPPY!
Then he is asked to look for a super villain and save the world.......Just like the first film this is excellent.....cute,fun and lovely......I would recommend this to and child alike.....I got the uv version and it is a really good idea as you can share the film via your uv account on Flixster so it makes this version a real bargain!
Highly recommended for all the family.....and their minions........
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on 22 January 2015
Absolutely fantastic film!! As an adult I loved it but I'm sure it's great for kids too. I must be a big kid at heart, I was laughing along to the silliest jokes - fart noises and 'he's sooo fluffy'. There was a lot of great content aimed specifically at adults too but kept lighthearted and still suitable for the kids. The Blu-ray and 3D technology and effects were brilliant and really made the film pop and come alive. Great value and well worth a second and third watch.
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on 5 September 2014
This was the follow on from Despicable Me. Sequels do not always work, but this one does. Once again, the story line is solid and Gru's workers, the Minions, are even better than they were the first time around. The laughs come fast and furious, being set at two levels - one which young children will love, but at the same time at a higher level, which adults will laugh out loud at. It's a pity we have to wait until 2017, before Despicable Me 3 is planned to be released.
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