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4.7 out of 5 stars123
4.7 out of 5 stars
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32 of 33 people found the following review helpful
on 5 October 2013
The original Wind Waker was one of the greatest Zelda games I've ever played. This title is a worthy remake of that original.

The graphics are clearly improved. This isn't just a simple upscaling to 1080p--the new shaders help bring the game alive. Frankly, it looks simply stunning compared to the original (which, at the time, also looked pretty nifty.)

The Wii U GamePad integration is excellent. It displays your items, maps and Miiverse bottles on the screen--and equipping new items is simply a case of dragging that item (using the touch screen) to the slot you wish to assign it to, without having to pause the game mid-battle (although, of course, items can still be equipped when paused.) This results in far less faffing around compared to the original, as you're able to check your sea charts, swap items and read bottle messages without having to pause the action. It's also possible to play the game entirely on the GamePad (if someone wishes to use your television for other purposes) - but note that, in this mode, you'll lose the ability to equip items/check maps without pausing the game.

There are also minor quality-of-life improvements here and there. For instance, the Grappling Hook animation has been shortened compared to its GameCube ancestor. The GamePad's gyroscope can be used to aim first-person items (Hook, telescope, etc.) There's also an item available after completing Dragon Roost Cavern that makes your journey across the seas much simpler.

A new mode named Hero Mode is present - enemies will deal more damage to Link, and there are no hearts to replenish health. Wind Waker veterans may wish to jump directly into the mode, as it's available without having to complete the game on Normal mode first.

I can't rave enough about this remake. It's certainly enhanced my love for Wind Waker, and is well worth the price tag considering the number of new features that made it into this version.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 22 February 2014
On the 2nd of May 2003, the Wind Waker was released, received by a very split audience. It was this game that first introduced Toon Link – a cel-shaded version of the Hero of Time in a whole new cel-shaded adventure. The Wind Waker unveiled the start of a very original and beautiful art style, but in a period of video games where realism spelled success, it was overlooked. Ten years later, the Wind Waker HD is released. The game has been tweaked and improved as well as a luscious coating of HD beauty. The lapping of the waves looks like a moving painting and all of the cel-shaded characters are diverse and memorable. The original game is still visually impressive to date so it is a pleasant surprise to see what updated lighting and coloring adds to the aesthetics of the game.

The game is set several centuries after the Ocarina of Time and begins on Outset Island, an island surrounded by a vast ocean which forms the games hub-world. From the get go you are introduced to the beautiful world to which the game is set. The story begins with Link’s coming of age, and by tradition he’s given the classic green tunic which the Hero of Time wore. Following the series’ usual patterns, you complete a number of simple tutorials to get yourself used to the control scheme before being thrust into the plot of the story. After the arrival of a pirate ship and a misplaced Captain Tetra, a minion of Ganondorf – a large bird – swoops down to the island and carries away Link’s sister. Link, of course, decides to rescue her. With the aid of the King of Red Lions, a magical speaking ship, you travel across the vast ocean in the attempt to find the pieces of the tri-force to defeat Ganon once more.

Due to the GameCube’s limited processing power, the vast horizon was blurred. But with the Wii U’s hardware that is no longer a problem and the great expanse of water is yours to explore. The game is not just a simple port but a truly remastered experience. Along with all the beautiful retexturing, gameplay has also been tweaked – for example, the sail speed was often a major problem for people as it took too long to reach a destination, so a new sail is available to be purchased, allowing greater speed to be attained whilst adventuring. Tingle makes his uncanny return, presenting you with the “Tingle Bottle”; a container to insert your own message and release the it into the ocean. With the use of Miiverse, your bottle is sent to a complete stranger, offering communication between worlds. When I first played the original I was stunned at how angry people were over such an amazing game. By having a Toon Link it allows facial features to be expressed in greater detail and also includes greater combat rather than the usual horizontal slice.

Instruments have always played a part in the in the Zelda series and this game is no different. The Wind Waker is a musical baton which gives you the command of the winds. This is primarily used to aid you in sailing. Without wind your ship will not sail. You perform the Wind’s Requiem and decide the direction of the wind. This may seem tedious but is as enjoyable as it crucial. The game throws a variety of adversaries between you and your destination for you to slay, including giant squid who are adamant on destroying you and your ship. These extra elements provide a challenge to an otherwise dull sailing experience.

The game is relatively short with only five main dungeons, followed by a crusade for the tri-force pieces. The final hunt for the fragments used to be long and cumbersome, but like other features this has been restructured and evolved to provide the player with less of an urge to scream at the boundless ocean! The dungeons themselves are very simple and are not difficult to complete, leaving me somewhat disappointed by the lack of challenge that is to be expected from a Zelda title. Coinciding with the main story is a wealth of side quests and treasures to be discovered below and above the murky depths. Exploring the various islands will equip you with treasure charts which give a rough location of loot – usually off the shore of an island and rewards you with rupees and other various financial rewards. Living inhabitants are not the only problem Link faces whilst out at sea, the weather plays an intricate part when planning your journey. The horizon can quickly turn from blue skies to thunder and lightning, with tornado’s presenting the threat of throwing you off-course.

The game is compatible with the Wii U Pro Controller, but to really get the most from Wind Waker HD, the GamePad is recommended. For the first time on a home console Zelda game you no longer need to interrupt the game’s flow by swapping inventory or checking the map as that can now be done on the fly. The GamePad allows you to plan sea fares as well as scour treasure charts whilst on the high seas; and when battling through a dungeon it allows you to quickly swap key equipment (For extra fun, try trick-shotting the items off the side of the screen and onto the buttons).

The Wind Waker HD is the renewal of a ten year old game that sets the standards of how HD remakes should be done. For people who missed out on one of Link’s most original journeys, it is definitely worth picking up. With glorious visuals and an intriguing story this game will keep you entertained for around twenty hours. It is a rather short adventure compared to Link’s other lengthier outings, but the difficulty of the game presents the idea that this is a game for people who are new to the franchise. That’s not to say that there isn’t a lot for the experienced player to achieve, or warrant a purchase for someone who already owns the original GameCube release, as this game provides a luscious, perfected world for gamers to return to.
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16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on 4 October 2013
Hello friends....Zelda is back!
10 years ago this game was sublime, and that hasn't changed. This is sheer beauty and brilliance combined.
The tweaks over the original GameCube version are very welcome, but it's not as much about the modifications with this remake, this was about the continuation of giving Zelda to a new generation. Ocarina 3D was a great entry title and Wind Waker should be the catalyst for newcomers to track down previous Zelda titles (maybe not the CDI efforts though)

A must buy for anybody who owns the U, I cannot praise this game enough. The only criticism would be the price which is a tad steep, but with the next gen on the horizon there could be a price drop soon.

If you've yet to play a Zelda game then this is the time to get stuck in, then go download A Link To The Past from the Wii're welcome.

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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 7 June 2014
For a game that is 10 years old, the Gamecube version still holds up well to todays standards of HD gaming due to it's graphical style.

Moving forward 10 years, Nintendo bought this to the WiiU and to HD with that. The graphical style of this stands out by a mile in HD, it's stunning. It's like seeing Wind Waker again for the first time, reliving Link's adventures feel new again. Even though it's the same story as before. With the new HD textures comes better looking areas, Windfall Island looks stunning, the storms across the Great Sea are better than ever. I believe a fine example of how great this looks comes with staring at the Tower of Gods, showing how much more detail is now on show than before.

Of course, not all the improvements have come from the visuals. The audio has been improved, so now you can listen to all the sounds of the game in stunning surround sound. There have been a few improvements in how the game plays as well, you can pick-up the colour pictograph a heck of a lot earlier (and before getting to Dragon Roost Island) as well. And it gives you more slots than before, so more Pictos for collection to the Nintendo Gallery owner (and you can put all 10 to the chap at once, so no more waiting). You can get a new "faster" sail, which not only allows faster sailing across the ocean, but also keeps the wind behind you without the need to stop to change it's direction. Timings have improved with changing the wind direction, un-necessary animations have been removed from the wind changing. One of the top improvements comes from the menu, no more pressing "pause" to change what's on what button. It can all be done via the Gamepad (even if using a Pro Controller).

You can also post to Miiverse with the integration this game brings to it, this is done via the Gamepad. Other gamers also can post in-game screenshots which appear on various islands across The Great Sea in little "Tingle" bottles (the Miiverse integration).

Overall, the improvements made to this give the game a fresh feel to those whom adventured the Great Sea on the Gamecube. For people new to Wind Waker, prepare for a great journey.

This game can be played via the Gamepad or the WiiU Pro Controller.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 22 May 2014
OK, dare i say it, silence please, BUT I have never played this game before i.e. back in 2002, nor for that matter heard of it, shock horror I know! I have of course played both the Zelda games on the Wii and I thought that they were amazing, that is why Nintendo are truly innovative. OK, so I was very dubious about buying this game as its style was more like a cartoon, with cartoon characters unlike the previous Wii games. Nevertheless I bought it and boy I am I glad I did. The game is a joy, the graphics are crisp and colorful, a delight to be part of during game play! The game-play is similar to the other Zelda games that I've played and it doesn't take much getting use to. The quests, mini bosses, collectibles etc are fantastic, very enjoyable, sometimes difficult, hence I sometimes referred to a walk-through. This game utilizes the game-pad in so many ways, either for off screen play, which is very useful when the TV is being used and for your items, maps etc, this is why the Wii U is the best console out there. Buy this game you wont be disappointed.

Like i say in so many of my Wii U game reviews, buy the Wii U it is not a Wii it is a new system and it is fantastic, ignore all the Wii U haters!!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 7 October 2015
I got the original Wind Waker for the Gamecube back on my birthday in 2004.I LOVED it! The Link of this tale lives on the far southern Outset Island of a vast expanse know only as the Great Sea. On his twelfth birthday,Link suddenly sees a giant monstrous bird drop a young girl into the woods.He sets out to help her and saves her from monsters-only for her to walk off without so much as a 'thank you'. Later,the bird comes back and-mistaking her for the earlier girl,Tetra-kidnaps Aryll,Link's younger sister. Thus begins Link's journey across the Great Sea guided by at first the pirates-and later the King of Red Lions as he traverses in search of his captive sister,finding new friends such as the Rito girl,Medli and the adorable Korok,Makar.
It's later found the bird's master is none other than the evil Ganondorf-and Tetra herself isn't what she seems...
I loved the HD graphics and the new additions-my current favourite being the Swift Sail.They've also done a brilliant job of easing up the Triforce Shard quest,too. You still collect three charts-but you also now collect FIVE of the shards,too. I have to admit,I was a bit skeptical about getting this again at first,since I've played and finished the original on the Gamecube and so I basically know what happens,so it ruined the magic for me a bit-but playing it again rekindled my love for this title! It's a definate must-buy! You just have to buy it!
Five Stars! Brilliant!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 24 November 2013
When I first loaded the game my jaw dropped, it looks INCREDIBLE. I was positive that this was the best looking game I'd ever played. Soon after the novelty wore off and I began to appreciate the gameplay, everything is as you remember with a few differences and tweaks (for the better).

If you own a Wii U then you HAVE to buy this game. It's what you purchased it for right?
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 10 October 2013
I know this game is a remake but I have never played the gamecube original so to me it is a new game. the first thing is how this game looks, the graphics are incredible and may be the best looking game I have ever played. I have played the first couple of hours when I received the game and so far so amazing, if you own a wiiU I would definitely pick this up
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 17 October 2013
The legend of zelda windwaker was an amazing game on the gamecube and now its even more amazing on wii u.The updated graphics to hd look beautiful i cant think of another game that looks as beautiful as ww hd does.The gameplay is superb you can never run out of things to do ie sidequests.Finding treasure on the open sea can never get tiring there is a lot to see and do on ww hd.I also like using the gamepad with the touch screen for map and inventory.I also like that you can also use the pro controller.Ww hd is a 5 star game no doubt about it and is a must buy for any gamer of all ages.
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on 30 November 2015
The wind waker starts off really good id go as far to say it is the best start to a Zelda game, that is up to after you finish the forest dungeon. Then after that I must of had about 10 hours of gameplay just sailing around listening to people talk. There is a serious lack of dungeons and too much sailing. Don't get me wrong I like the sailing and its fun but it quickly becomes not fun when all you are doing is sailing from place to place and listening to characters talk for 10 hours. Ive not completed it yet because to be honest I got so bored of it I didn't want to play it anymore. I just got to the Earth Temple finally but all I wanted to do was go into a dungeon (On my own) and figure out puzzles, not take this annoying bird with me!

Again the story starts off not the best of a Zelda game but good enough to call it a Zelda game. Then it just seems to drift further and further away to me thinking Nintendo have just thrown this story together because they didn't no another direction to send it in. What is really good are the side quests which are the best in any Zelda game I have played. I like the art style of the game it is the best looking Zelda game but after the first 5-10 hours of gameplay it just does not live up to the standard. Ive tried so hard to carry on with it and like it but I just cant. Also it is really a kids game with the way it is put out but some parts e.g. that bird on dragon roost island when she becomes a sage she falls into your arms with her eyes wide open like she is dead. That scared the crap out of me talk about a way to go from a kids game to a horror game! A big problem as well is the music if your sailing at night there is no music? If you arrive at an island at night there is no music the game then feels dead. Saying that dragon roost island is one of my favourite tunes from the whole franchise but again its because its in the first 5-10 hours of gameplay.

Overall if it was not a Zelda game it would get 4 out of 5 but since Zelda games are normally the best games you can play you expect more so I am giving it a 3 out of 5.

Good bits :- The first 5-10 hours of the game
The art style
The side quests
Dragon roost island
Temple of the gods

Bad bits:- The rest of the game after temple of the gods
Too much of a kids game
Sailing becomes really boring
No music at night
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