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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 30 June 2015
Watching TV in bed on a tablet used to be a game of awkward positions and tired arms, an all-round not great experience. Clamping the gooseneck to my bed frame has transformed this and allows me to position the tablet comfortably for hands-free viewing. I've also used it for Skype chats to position the camera in a position other than one that showcases how many chins you have.

The clamp at the base is strong and has foam padding that prevents it from slipping, while the neck is bendable but very strong and holds the device without drooping or sagging even after extended periods of time. The clamp that holds a device fits all of the devices I've thrown at it, and even has holes that can be used to plug a charging cable in through! The end of the gooseneck rotates 360-degrees and further allows for fine-tuning its position by bending the slightly more pliable part but still retains the stiffness of the main arm.

If you're looking for an easy way to hold your tablet in bed, on your desk or anywhere else then this is definitely the way to go!
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 16 June 2015
For the price, this is an absolutely fantastic stand! I have loved using it to be able to watch videos on my tablet without having to hold onto my tablet or rest it somewhere. It came packaged well and the item itself was of a great quality. Here are some Pros/Cons:

-Very cheap currently (Only £12!)
-The rubber is very flexible allowing for many different angles that you can have your device in.
-Support both phones and tablets (tested with a Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 myself)
-There is a hole on both the top and bottom of the clasp so that you can charge at the same time which is very convenient.

-Apart from it being a little shaky, i cannot think of any major issues with this product.

In conclusion i would say its very much worth the money and it has now become something i use daily for both work and entertainment.
Highly recommend!
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 June 2015
Firstly this mount is created to a very high quality using great materials
The gadget mount has rubber grips to keep the phone attached safely and so that it can't slip out
The flexible part of the mount is covered with rubbery plastic which makes it easy to bend and to grip if moving it around.
There is two parts that can flex around
-One is the longer larger rubbery part that goes from the base clip to towards the top
-Second is the top which is a smaller and thinner piece that can move slightly easier to align smaller angles
The gadget mount can rotate around to change the device rotation to what you desire

One useful feature that has been included is if you clip your phone into it then you can plug in your power cable or have the speaker open to the bottom of the device. This way it is possible to charge your phone or access the ports when connected to the mount.
The phone clip clip can be adjusted to fit many different devices from Phones to Tablets.

To grip the clamp to a surface it uses a threaded column and a large / tall threaded nut to tighten and secure the clamp to a surface that would support the clamp.

The neck that supports the phone clamp is rigid and durable. It can be flexed and twisted around in many different ways to position the device where you want it to.

This device accessory is useful for any applications where your device needs to be hands free or needs to be in a place that it can't be rested or usually mounted.


+Easy to use
+Very useful

+Can be used for a variety of applications



+Charging or port hole integrated

+Grips to securely hold device

+Can be mounted to a variety of different places


-When using it can bounce around slightly - stays in the same place but wobbles slightly

Overall this product has great potential and can be used in a variety of different applications. I would recommend this product to anyone.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
've got a few device stands and cases that double up as a stand too. I use a case/stand for my Galaxy note 2 which I seem to be using more and more lately in work and home. Dare I say rendering the i pad. . .redundant! 'gasp'

The problem with your bog standard case/stand is they are lightweight and can move easily when you type on the screen, you feel the need to put your hand behind it to support the case and phone and usually they have only one or two viewing angles. So on my desk in work I can get a glare from the lights on the screen. No good watching your just uploaded Harlem shake on your phablet in work with screenglare is it? ;)

Anyway, I've been using this EasyACC stand for a few days now and can report it's all good. Obviously it isn't a case/cover and only serves a function as a stand.

Approx 4 inches wide by 3.5 inches high and the build quality is excellent. It feels like coated Aluminium so it's quite light but extremely robust for purpose. It has rubber feet, rubber inserts and rubber backrests to ensure your device is well held and good overall stability of the stand when in use.

There's a button on the side that you press to change the viewing angle and there's loads of angles to choose from so no screen glare! Once locked into place the stand is rock steady. It looks the part too.

In our house we have a few devices and have tried this with i pad, Galaxy Note 10.1 and the Galaxy Note 2. It's all good and using the devices is a breeze in the stand. Great stability and full use of the functions. For me personally this is perfect for the desk in work with the Note 2 and using the S pen. Other than that I use this stand whilst having my usual 2 hour soak in the bath whilst listening to The Naked Scientists on the Tunein radio app or following recipies whilst on the go in the kitchen. The only 'little' niggle I have with this stand is that I can't charge stuff whilst in portrait mode. I have to turn to landscape, but. . .it's not a problem, just thought I'd mention it.

I really like this stand for what it is- a multi device viewing stand. Very stable, great build quality, easily thrown into a rucksack/bag and modern design. Perfect for watching movies, Tv, radio, Youtube and playing pool online :) Recommended.

This stand was provided for me to review.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 20 October 2015
I was surprised by this product more than once - and in a good way!

When it arrived, I was curious to see why the box was so large. I hadn't been expecting such a long arm on the mount! A full metre long and flexible, this mount allows me to consult a phone or tablet from any angle. The vise clip on the end of the mount is large and sturdy; once screwed into position, it's very difficult to budge even with supreme effort, so I don't fear at all for its stability. The phone mounts into the bracket at the top, which can expand and contract to almost any size of device; the bracket is also lined with dense grey silicone for a non-slip grip on your phone or tablet. It has hollow arms in case you'd like to run a charging cable through either side (especially in the case of Apple devices) and rotates to accommodate larger devices (i.e., whereas you would use it in the vertical position for a phone, you might rotate it to a horizontal grip to fit a tablet into it). I do worry that a heavier device might slip out of the bracket, especially if used in the horizontal position, but so far I have seen no evidence of this occurring.

The device is very high quality and well-built, especially at such an affordable price. I can position my device at any angle and clamp it to most surfaces (thus far, I have been successful on a table, a kitchen worktop, an outdoor ledge, and a medium-width bedstead). I've tested it with an iPhone 6, two Android phones and an iPad, and have had no problems with any.

I'm very pleased with this product and the price, and would happily recommend it!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 12 July 2015
I have tried a few similar items like this, most have been good, but this one is great, I have set mine up near my chair in the living room, and use it to hold my 7 inch tablet, this controls the TV, internet, music and android tv box, its like mission control in my chair, I love it

The package came quickly, it was packed well, and all was good

Fixing the item to a table etc, is very easy, and unlike the others i have tried, this is very secure, and doubt it will come off without a good push.

The bendy part of the item, is very flexible, yet rigid enough to hold the tablet securely, it can wobble a little bit when you use it, but you have to expect this with these products.

If the missus wants to watch something rubbish, like she often does, this item is perfect for running a video on my tablet, with headphones plugged in, and positioned in front of me, I can watch my manly stuff with ease.

The actual tablet/phone gripper, is strong enough to hold them securely, although I did notice a bit of sliding with my aged tablet, this is easily fixed by just slightly tilting the holder, so no issue there really.

I personally think this product is one of the best ones out there, honest lads, make your chair into the "captains chair" and "make it so"

Well worth the money, rest thy arms folks, read your kindle, watch a film, have a peek whats happening on Facebook and browse stuff on Amazon with the greatest of ease

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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
TOP 500 REVIEWERon 23 September 2015
This is a really nice product.

When I am working in my study, I often use my tablet to review manual, training courses and the like and then make work on my PC using the tablet as a study guide or reference.

I need a mount and the EasyACC unit did not disappoint.

Mounting to my desk was straight forward with it padded clamp.

My Asus Tablet fits neatly and more importantly firmly in the holder, and the holders padding does an excellent job of protecting the tablet from scratches etc.

The goose neck holds my tablet in my chosen position and allows me to adjust the tablets orientation with no difficulty.

The build quality is excellent and you can see that the unit is built to last.

Given the quality of the device and its well thought out design the price is brilliant.

Overall an excellent buy, recommended
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 1 October 2015
I can't be the only one fed up with holding my tablet while watching TV or a movie, or bored with having to position a rigid non-adjustable stand 'just so', in order to be able to watch. At last I have a solution!

The EasyAcc Premium Gooseneck Lazy Mount is a versatile mount with a bracket which holds my 10inch tablet securely in place while allowing me to precisely adust its position with ease. The mount can be secured to a desk and many other surfaces with the tablet then positioned just as you like it - and the device angle adjustable upto 360 degrees!

The bracket width is adjustable too and can be used to hold many devices from 3.5 inch smart phones all the way up to 10.1 inch tablets. It's well cushioned with silicon when held in place to prevent you from damaging your device. I've tried this mount out while watching TV and it really worked great. It worked amazingly well while positioned hands free for a skype chat with a friend too!

The unit is made from quality materials, aluminium alloy and PVC, and more than capable of holding/positioning your smart phone or weighty tablet (for heavy tablets you'll want to rotate the bracket tubes into a circlular shape for stablity). You can even plug in a charging cable through the clamp, so they've thought of it all here. I went for the white version as it looks very clean and modern. All in all, this is a well made and extremely handy piece of kit!

I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 9 September 2015
This is a clever design on universal swivel mount.

It bolts on to your desk in a very secure fashion and once fitted and tightened down, will not go anywhere.
Thanks to the large clamping mechanism and rubber grip on the clamp.
You then can mount a tablet in to the telescopic holder and you can then adjust the angle through complete rotation.
Your device when fitted is held nice and secure thanks to the spring loaded clamp and the rubber grip inside.
This Offers great viewing angles easily and can be folded down quite compact when not in use.

I was recently in hospital for a few days and this would have been amazing for when i was laying in bed.
I could of been watching films whilst laying flat in bed and not had to sit up straight to use my tablet.
As another user has stated it is perfect for Skype or any other video call as it gives you complete freedom, not having to hold your phone.

I tested the EasyAcc Premium Gooseneck, with my Galaxy Note 4, in portrait mode only, my Nvidia Shield Tablet and iPad Air and all of them were held secure and with no drooping or flexing.

If your in the market for this type of product, this really is a must buy.
This product offers unrivaled flexibility and infinite viewing angles.
Go on what you waiting for?
Great job EasyAcc.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 2 October 2015
I have purchased two units of this product, one black for myself and another white one for my partner
I am very happy that I bought this item so now I can watch video or movies on my phone, my iPad mini at any places and HANDS-FREE!
The quality looks very decent, unlike other dodgy gadgets from cheap corner shops.
Very easy to use, lock the phone on the top bit, and screw the bottom bit to place it anywhere you want.
A overall pleased purchase and would recommend to my friends!
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