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on 7 November 2013
Firstly I have to say that I don't believe that big money + big brand = quality. These monitors prove that.
The screen is not far short of perfect, no setup required, I had to do a little bit of tweaking to get the colours looking right through hdmi but that was to do with my nvidia graphics card.
The response time and refresh rate are also nearly flawless, I consider myself a "hardcore gamer" and even at high intensity high frame rate situations there is absolutely no ghosting, flicker and it keeps up not bother.
Love the gorgeous design as well, really nice thin frame/bezel making it great for a multi monitor setup, there are thinner out there but these ones are thinner than most.
The only downside is the stand, they seem very slightly wobbly even though I have them perfectly setup, but I've used a bit of blu tac to fix that. Also there's no DVI socket, but you can buy a hdmi-dvi cable for under £2 on Amazon if that's an issue.
Excellent value for money and very pleased with my purchase.
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on 22 July 2014
This monitor is great. It's light, thin and has a nice carbon fiber like back to it. (not actual carbon fiber, but looks a bit like it) Going from my old 22" to this, it feels like a big jump in size. The colours are great, no ghosting or anything. Only slight downside is the stand it uses isn't very sturdy, it does hold the screen up fine but i have my keyboard & mouse on a flat desk, with the screen. Typing causes it to wobble from side to side a but, but that doesn't bother me.

Overall, i would recommend this to anyone looking for a reasonably priced, 24" screen for gaming/media usage.

And a note for anyone with the issue where the image doesn't span the entire screen as it should, you need to adjust the "Overscan" in your graphics driver - i am using the HDMI cable that came with it as well. So don't be put off by people complaining about that, they simply did not know how to fix it.
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on 1 December 2013
Good tidy looking screen, nice and slim; the base is VERY red for any of you thinking of buying it!

The box I received was already open which gave me some concerns..

The colours out of the box were way off, I spent a couple of days (that's right days not minutes or hours) trying to configure this as best as possible to no joy. The colours are so dull and lifeless it made everything look horrible and drab. My 2009 Samsung SyncMaster produces far superior colours!!

After trying for days to adjust the colour settings on this I came across a few dead pixels and returned it immediately! Thank god for Amazon's great customer service team!!!
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on 17 August 2014
Had trouble locating the on/off switch as no written instructions were supplied, it's on the back bottom right. Using the supplied hdmi cable I noticed the screen didn't fit to the monitors frame, and there was a black border, however this was NOT a fault of the monitor it was simply my graphics card software was outdated. After updating the AMD driver, and rebooting I simply adjusted the screen size by opening the "AMD Catalyst Control Centre". People maybe interested to know that before the update the screen size was perfect using the supplied vga cable instead, but be cautious as the picture quality doesn't compare to hdmi. The CD supplied provided full instructions for operating systems but wasn't needed to install the monitor.

Picture quality is good, and certainly more brighter than necessary, manual adjustments are made via the back of the monitor but this can be a little fiddly. There's certainly plenty of options which may please some people but I think some of them are unnecessary. Yes the monitor is a little wobbly if touched or not knocked but DON'T worry as it won't fall over. The stand, and base are robustly built clicking together firmly, while the base has a concealed heavy metal plate which is reassuring.

I'm happy with my purchase especially since it's dimensions are more compact to my previous old monitor, has a fast response time of 2 milliseconds, and the hdmi input offers long term compatibility. Yes I'd definitely recommend it, and the purchase price is very good. (o:
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on 3 January 2014
I was a little concerned by some of the reviews of this monitor before I ordered it but it was the best combination of features for my requirements at the best price on the web.

My first concern was that some said that their security tape was cut on arrival. I contacted Amazon before I ordered mine and they assured me that the product was not from Amazon if that were the case. My monitor arrived via Yodel in a timely fashion and the security seal was broken - however, after a quick check of the monitor I was satisified that it was not a return as all the protective plastic was still affixed. However, on closer inspection the power cable was missing - I reported this to Amazon and they refunded me 10% straight away - great customer service.

My other concern was that people who plugged in their DVI cable got thick black borders which disappeared when they plugged in the VGA cable - I plugged in my Mac Mini via DVI and the picture was great with no borders and no need to adjust the settings. There are also no dead pixels as one reviewer complained of.

The stand is red, all red, and redder than I was expecting to be honest. But it went together nicely and looked good in Situ. However, it is not stable. The thinish swan neck that rises from the wide base unit plugs in solidly enough to the female receptor attached to the monitor and clicks in place just the monitor does move on the stand if you knock the desk. I was prepared for this and have bought an all metal monitor stand that clamps to my desk and hold the monitor solidly. There are VESA 75 mounting holes on the rear of the monitor. It also frees up valuable desk space. It should be factored in when considering the monitor but at £25 it is not a great expense, especially as Amazon paid for half of it, in effect.

So, onto the monitor. It is very thin with a depth of a centimeter or so. The carbon fibre effect on the back of the monitor is a nice touch but unfortunately hidden from view in my office. The bezel is very thin and all but disappears compared to the bezel on a lot of sub £200 monitors. It is "only" 23.6" rather than 24" but it is plenty big enough and a little nerdy to complain about this as it is clearly stated in the description - in the real world you do not notice the centimeter difference. The screen has a non reflective finish which is great at hiding my reflection as I work in front of it. The buttons are hidden round the back of the monitor but I've not had to use them save to turn it on for the first time. The monitor goes into sleep mode as soon as my Mac does when it detects no signal and the light on the right underside of the monitor changes from blue to yellow/amber. You don't need a light to tell you the monitor is on and I would much prefer this subtle arrangement over an LED on the front of the monitor. With AOC the only writing on the bezel it oozes class.

After my initial worries I am very pleased that I bought this monitor. It would be nice if it had another input but I can't complain for the money and I'm glad it has no speakers as they would be crap. Comes packaged with a DVI and a VGA lead, power brick and cable(!) and a software disc that I have not needed to look at.

Great picture, 2ms response time, full 1080P and great looks make this monitor a great buy even taking in the additional cost of the desk support.
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on 30 May 2013
This screen is good value for money and has quite nice color depth and brightness.
However, it only has VGA and HDMI inputs, and, contrary to the image provided, liked most monitors, the edge of the image doesn't actually reach up to the bevel - there is about a 3/4 inch at each side, and 1/2 inch top and bottom - beware if you didn't realize before.

The stand seems to be of sturdy construction, albeit that it seems to be full plastic. However, the screen is so thin that it still shakes worryingly if the desk is knocked - although it seems to remain very sturdy regardless. The base of the stand is quite wide - about 6 inches across, and protrudes about and 1 & 1/2 inches relative to the front of the screen.

The screen features the standard mounting holes, though I haven't used them or checked what size.

As mentioned, the screen is ridiculously thin. Not as thin as some of AOC's other monitors, but certainly thinner than any monitor I've used from any other brand. It looks to be no more than 1/2 inch thick. The back-panel is styled with a 'carbon-fibre' texture which looks very impressive.

The panel is of good quality for this price range and is very clear, but seems to lack some color depth occasionally, though this may be due to my own settings.

The in-built menu on the monitor has a range of useful configuration options, though it can be difficult to navigate with the monitor buttons. There is a small blue LED hidden the bottom-right of the screen which shows when it is on standby, and the four buttons are on the backside of the panel, above the LED.

Finally, this monitor comes with some seemingly useless software, which I originally mistook for some sort of strange driver package - don't bother with these. One seems to be a AOC virtual brochure of sorts, and the others are pretty much useless guff - again, don't bother with the CDs if you buy this monitor.

Overall, a good monitor that has great value for money and low power consumption. Recommended.
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on 2 December 2014
Very nice monitor with a soprt of kevlar like or carbon like patterning on the rear which is nice as this monitor hovers on the end of a flexible Duronic arm while in front of me while I sit on the sofa meaning others get a nice pattern to look at?! Lol, I only joke about this as people have commented about it who visit.

Then they get a shock when I tell them how much I paid for it too.

The screen could be sharper this is true but for the money its hardly something to quibble about. It is fairly sharp but Apple's Retina display and Dell's Ultrasharp it is not.

I game on this monitor and when the graphics are the kinds to blow your retinas out the back of your head I do not stop and think that the monitor is not quite capable. Oh, no.

I am looking to get a 27 inch 1440p monitor with a retina matching display, this one is 1080p.

However as I was building a budget gaming PC rig and just wanted to get something up and running to play the latest games my AMD A10-7850k got chassis'd up and attadched to this with a Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse (err dont even think about it) and a Roccat Ryos MK PRO Keyboard.

Everything is very nice thank you very much! Lol!
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on 19 January 2014
I'd been looking at a number of HDMI equipped monitors and was heading towards an Asus when I saw this product. I did a little investigating as I hadn't heard of AOK before and discovered that this is what they do - build monitors/display devices.
The spec was more than I was looking for buthe price was really competitive so I took a chance.

Am I glad I did! The monitor is fantastic - blu ray discs to streamed tv look fantastic, and for all types of computer use from gaming to office work it all looks great. No blurring or smearing at all.

The panel itself is a matt finish which means little or no intrusive relections on the screen.
It's very easy to set up using the stand supplied although there is also an option for wall mounting etc.

The monitor controls are actually sited on the rear right side of the monitor which can be a little awkward to use - however the enclosed disc allows you to download the controls as an application and set the monitor preferences from the screen.

There is also an application that lets you specify seperate working areas with the monitor space - in effect you can put 4 self contained areas on the one screen, ideal if you want to run a tv application in one e-mail in another and so on.

Conclusion: For what I was looking for it was perfect, its a great spec, looks good , provides fantastic pictures and the price is excellent. Already recommended to a number of colleagues, as so far I can't fault it.
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on 7 April 2014
The size is brilliant
The tiny bezel looks amazing
1080p Is brilliant, it looks even better if you're going from a lower resolution screen like a laptop screen
You can adjust all screen settings through a program on your pc or through the buttons on the back of the screen

It wobbles. You can adjust the tilt of the screen fine but it wobbles really bad about the x axis. I currently have it wedged between the corner of the wall to stop it. Something as small as typing on your keyboard can make it move. Not a massive problem but is definitely something you should consider when buying it.
As its a monitor it doesn't have an audio connector, so if you're planning on connecting you xbox or something don't because you'll have no sound.

Notes: The rim of the stand it quite red so be prepared for that. I think it gives it a bit of a premium look though.

I have had this monitor for about 6 months and it has server me brilliantly, but I have just noticed a broken pixel in the top left quarter of the screen. It's stuck on red. Hard to notice when you're doing stuff but there non the less.
Loses a star for me
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on 10 September 2014
I love this monitor so much, I'm going to buy a second one, I'm also considering kitting my office out with some too.

The monitor itself is very sleek and has a great finish, not just on the front bit that we can see, even the back too. The entire unit is beautifully crafted and looks great on my desk. The red on the stand for me isn't all too noticeable which is a shame as my entire PC has a black and red theme, however, this doesn't really bother me. I am somewhat confused however as some are reporting that it is "really red!" but I think it's quite faint.

The stand is quite shaky as mentioned in another review but it's not as bad as they make out. I can certainly type without it wobbling everywhere, that's just ludicrous. It shakes if knocked kind of like a suspension if you will. The screen surface area is great with minimal exposed panel around the display area making them ideal side-by-side (hence my decision to save for a second.)

There are some issues I'd like to address however that caused another individual to give this product a pointless one star review.
If you purchase this monitor and you end up with a small display area inside a black box, don't throw your dummy out of the pram and RMA giving a 1-star review, it's simply an incorrect under/overscan setting which can be fixed from your GPU's panel such as Catalyst for AMD users. If you are an AMD user and experience this issue, open CCC -> My Digital Flat Panels -> Scaling Options and set the slider all the way to the right for 0% overscan, I'm sure nVidea has a similar setting - you're welcome.

Final verdict - Great monitor, love it, want a second.
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