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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 27 September 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Great fun so far - not had any jamming issues but I found (via my son and the amount of jams in his other Nerf guns I used to have to clear) that all Nerfs eventually start jamming as the projectiles get worn or damaged. Fires superfast - and quite a distance but you're going to get battered in a "Nerf War" unless you have a few fully loaded clips ready to swap out.
With regards to the durability of the gun - time will tell, it's been used most days for a week now with no issues, if there are any I'll add a footnote to the review at a later date.
You might want to get some rechargeable batteries - they'll have paid for themselves by the 4 - 6th charge depending how much you pay for them. I can't say precisely how long the batteries last as I don't know how often he's been using it but I had to recharge them (3000 mah capacity) after 2 days the 1st time but haven't since.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Another Nerf gun added to our arsenal. This is a good one. Our daughter thinks it is incredible. Loves how the gun looks and feels. I'm impressed with it - with the usual reservations! It is expensive in battery use - 4 C batteries (not supplied) and they don't last long. Maybe 2 days worth of battling... this is true of our other battery operated Nerfs too so not really a specific negative for this gun.

It's a bit heavy, but she doesn't seem to mind. The clearing up afterwards is never really complete...I'm always finding bullets under beds and behind shelves etc but the amount of fun created makes it worth it. We did buy some extra clips - if this gun is on a Christmas list I advise you to add an extra magazine to the list - it improves the fun so much to be able to click another magazine in and fire away.

I may have to buy another one for Christmas as my partner is not happy with his existing Nerfs any more... don't think he likes being outgunned!

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on 17 January 2014
If you order this, get the batteries before it arrives otherwise you will be sitting looking at a great boy's toy that you can't play with! Once loaded it takes only moments to empty the magazine - GREAT FUN! Then comes the chore of picking up the darts and reloading. (That's when you go back online and order a spare mamagzine and a box of darts.) As with all these guns, it is great fun. Accuracy and distance travelled vary as the darts distort over time. The sighting system is not accurate, nor does the rifling in the barrel give any noticeable stability. Just enjoy pulling the trigger and 'squirting' darts at your target - some will hit. It's just like the real thing!
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on 25 January 2015
Fantastic rate of fire, but seems to lack the "punch" of some other Nerf Elites. The Retaliator, Stryfe and especially the Demolisher seem to "hit" harder, with a faster, flatter trajectory. The darts from this seem to "float" in the air, with the result that the target is hardly aware they're even being zapped. Still an improvement on the old Stampede and that dreadful Hailfire, but I'd take a Demolisher over it every time.
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VINE VOICEon 26 October 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I got this primarily for something for my young cousin to do when he visits. He's too old for 'toys' now and we don't have an Xbox in the house (and he's not getting his mitts on my 3DS!) so what to do?

Well, turns out a teenage boy + a garden + a Nerf Gun = hours of fun. I wouldn't recommend this for younger kids, however - not just because it's dangerous (well not really, the darts are foam but neither parents nor pets will appreciate being pelted with them!) but because after a half hour he had to put it down and rest; it was clearly a little too bulky and heavy for him. (Naturally he was back outside 10 minutes later, whooping and shouting like Rambo and occasionally complaining about having to stop to reload.)

It's the kind of activity where it really helps to have 2 or more; as he exclaimed to me 'it's a bit like paint balling by yourself. Fun for a while, but no-one to fire at and no-one firing back at you!'.

It should also be noted this thing EATS batteries and they are not included (of course), so my advice is to stock up before you buy or your child will play for 2 days straight and then be wheedling a trip to the shops out of you to buy more.

Overall provides fun, and it seems like excellent sturdy quality toy that will actually encourage a child out into the fresh air and away from a screen, which can only be a good thing. I think I'll have a go on it myself now my cousin's gone home...
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Well worth opening up prior to `gifting' as this Nerf Blaster comes without batteries Duracell MN1400 Plus Power Alkaline C Size Batteries (Pack of 6), or the small screwdriver that is required to open the battery compartment. Scissors, or a knife, are also needed to get into the box and release the gun. Disappointingly no spare foam darts are supplied, and as the range of 20 metres indicates, you may need a fielder to help search out the stray ones. 18 of the little blue/orange foam plugs are included, just enough to fill one magazine. They don't have flights, which would offer greater directional stability, or stickers, as they wouldn't then fit into the magazine.

The ammunition magazine is transparent, to show what's available, but as the timed burst is only 5 seconds from full to empty that is largely superfluous. You snap the pack into position and later use a button to release it.

Check the stock is at optimum extension for size of operator, make sure the jam clearing slider on top is fully closed - the fan won't work if this is open. Look through the sight, take aim at your target then press twice, once to set the machine into life, when it roars just like a hair dryer, and again to shoot. Three foam darts a second are released so it's just a very short burst of fun for far longer time retrieving the ammo. You do get your eye in quickly, however its not archery, you can't improve much, as the manufacturers have focused more on the rate of fire than consistency of direction.

In construction it feels light, perhaps quite likely to snap and crack if dropped or stepped on. The colours are certainly cool; orange, blue and grey, unlikely to attract trouble with the authorities; it's clearly a toy.

Unless this becomes part of role-play without being frequently fired, you will need more Nerf Nstrike Elite 30 Dart Refill Pack fulls, spare batteries and probably more supplies of magazines/clips Nerf N-Strike Elite 18-Dart Clip loaded up with ammunition, to the ready. We are all concerned about children playing with guns, however I can see that around 8+ is the age when it will inevitably seem like a good idea. This skirts around the dilemma by being designed to shoot/fire 'darts' rather than bullets that are more or less harmless as long as they are aimed away from the face or eyes. Being named a 'Blaster' rather than a toy automatic machine gun softens the issue too. Many children will be delighted to receive such a genuinely exciting looking toy, I am just sorry that their pleasure may be short lived with the darts coming out so quickly and then it all being over until they are retrieved and reloaded. Not many bangs for your bucks and you'll be busy looking under the sofa and behind the cupboards on Christmas Day!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 25 September 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Where were Nerf guns when I was small, all I had was a stick or if I was lucky a bit of plastic that sometime resembled a cow boys gun, I would of loved one of these, me and my brother would of had hours of fun, I can just see him hiding in a corner while i've got him pinned down with my Nerf Elite rapid strike. My lad doesn't know how lucky he is.

We have had a few Nerf's from the Nerf N Strike Barrel Break Blaster to a single shot Nerf N-Strike Elite Jolt EX-1 type and my lad has loved them all, as have I.

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 is amazing, it has a a motor which sends the darts flying and an amazing rate, my lad was in his element, running around the house unleashing a hell fire of darts.

The Nerf has a see through clip so you know when you are running low on ammo. Uses 4 C size batteries that are not included, the only negative comment is its a bit heavier than the others he has had, he didn't complain it was something I noticed.
Great fun!
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on 24 September 2013
You definitely need several fully loaded cartridges of darts.
The 18 darts are gone within seconds when you have you finger on the trigger.
Brilliant for subduing your enemies with continuous fire!!
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on 7 November 2013
I bought this for my sons 7th birthday, he loves it!! He has played with it every day since. No educational value whatsoever but 10 out of 10 for fun!
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on 27 November 2013
Currently, writing this review, I own six Nerf weapons; Strongarm, Firestrike, Jolt EX-1, Rough Cut, Stryfe and RapidStrike CS-18. The CS-18 is the last Nerf weapon I have purchased, and I thought of it as a sort of 'elite' part of the N-Strike Elite (would you believe) series. Unfortunately, this isn't the case.

So this review is a little bit touchy, given that these are - put simply - glorified toys that really give the youth of today horrendous encouragement for warfare; but all the same, one would think that this gun really is a few steps up from the others. For those of you reading this and considering purchasing this product; go and buy a smaller gun. Get a feel for what these things are supposed to be. This is a good gun, but awful should you buy it before any of the others.

The Barrel;
This is long in comparison to the weapon's siblings, so you would have thought that length would give the dart heavy guidance - wrong. Darts don't fire in the same direction often enough for it to be classed as 'accurate' in terms of target-practice. You'll find yourself constantly altering your aim to attempt to accomodate the erratic nature of the darts being fired from the CS-18.

The Magazine;
Brilliant, as far as other Nerf magazines go. Just buy a couple more; looking around a room for eighteen darts is a pain in the arse after a while. You end up putting the gun down and picking up a smaller one. Fortunately for us, there are other magazine capacities available - such as those that hold six or eight darts (I always seem to be able to fit in one more, but that increases the chance of jamming). Furthermore these magazines are standardised across all Nerf weapons that take magazines - you can mix and match. It just means you'll go through your magazine a lot quicker, so buy more than one of these smaller ones, too.

The Stock;
A good idea, but alas, could have been made with a longer extender and a break to stop it slipping should you not have it pulled out entirely. If your arms aren't too long or too short, you'll be fine. I'm sure the idea behind an extendable stock is something along the lines of accomodating a range of arm lengths and such, but of course, this really only accomodates two sizes properly. This stock should also have been removeable, making it an even more customiseable weapon.

The Sight;
I'm starting to not bother with the iron sight, because my darts don't fire anywhere near to where the sight points. I understand aiming around two inches higher with the CS-18's iron sight should rectify the malalignment, but frankly, this leads to my next quarrel.

Firing speed;
This is brilliant. For me, it lives up to what is advertised; 3.2 darts per second (not that I fire two-fifths of every fourth dart anyway). Just bare in mind that the motor needs time to 'recharge', if you will; the longer you hold that trigger, the less powerful each shot is going to be. When shots are less powerful, shots don't fire as far. I'd imagine many customers would claim against the standard 75ft range advertisment, without having considered this.

Firing Power;
Not as powerful as other weapons in the N-Strike Elite series, but this is to be expected. Nerf guns that are cocked to load are much more reliable in terms of power, anyway.

It is heavy compared to other Nerf weapons, but then it is also bigger. Chunks of plastic do get heavy. I don't see this as a downside, but someone younger than myself (maybe a fourteen year old) might very well complain about it. I just brag about it - "Here! Feel the weight of that..."

If you're smaller than most people, don't bother. Even when it is rammed shut the stock will get in your way, making it simply irrationally difficult to aim with the iron sight. Your standard-sized teenager, however, will be fine.

Tactical mounts;
Pretty standard, which is a good thing. There are several attachment rails, making this a potentially formidable weapon. Good luck finding attachments, though. You're best bet is eBay; even Nerf's own sites don't advertise them.

Firing Mechanism;
Compared to the RapidStrike's semi-automatic counterparts, this is a little less reliable. You're looking at a 1/8 chance of the gun jamming a dart (normally the first in the pack), and this is rather annoying to fix. Thankfully that little orange shield is there, to let you get to the heart of the problem and to prevent you from, I don't know, getting yourself 'cocked'. I guess that makes it a cock-shield, huh? *Giggles childishly*
Whatever the case however, don't mistake this as a magazine fault the first few times - if you can see the spring in the pack working fine, then it more than likely is fine.

Power Button;
You press it and the engine starts rollin'. What more do you want?

Loading Safety;
If the 'cock-shield' (LoL) is pulled back (you really are dirty), then the gun's engine won't start unless you find the button it hits when it is closed. I haven't found that button on the RapidStrike, but it is in plain sight on the Stryfe. It's there for the same reason - to stop little fingers getting hammered. The gun will continue firing even when the clip is empty, but if the pack is taken out, the engine will halt. Nifty power-saver, eh?

Battery Mount;
Four C-batteries aren't going to affect the weight balance much, seen as if you can lift and hold the CS-18 in place, then you can adjust yourself according to the battery weight.

Firing Motor;
Like I mentioned above, if you hold the fire trigger and steam through a pack, shots will become less powerful. Give the gun time to retract the hammer for maximum power.

Unless you're hooved I doubt you'll find it hard to get a good placement for your hands.

Disappointing for me. I bought these guns and use them largely for target practice when I'm a little bored. This is a gun that would fair much better in a firefight. Just don't be tempted to use it as as melee weapon - this is what is most scary about the product.
What the hell do we give our kids these days? What's wrong with a damn train-set?
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