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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 15 July 2014
Again, as with series 1, I was overcome by the sheer style of "Suits" in plot, script, acting, tempo and appearance.

At its best it is tremendous. I think that it is certainly at its best in series 2 up to the half-way mark, maybe slightly beyond (say about episode 10), but from then on it seems increasingly short-breathed with too many over-intense mini-climaxes.

Also, the formula is becoming a bit more obvious, in the way in which Mike's brilliance in the context of the law is counterbalanced by his regular and repeated poor choices in other areas of his life. I found I was just waiting for the next screw-up of his life outside the office, and sure enough it came. Even the most unimpeachable and perceptive characters are seen to be capable of a poor judgment-call, on occasion, though, which is refreshingly true-to-life, and the development of a character like Rachel, who grows in depth and stature, is an amusing contrast to those like Mike and Louis who seem (outside the field of law) to be very slow learners!

There is so much that is excellent, that, even with definite reservations about the second half of the series, I can still give it 4 stars. First class entertainment, even if (see above) there is some lack of substance.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 September 2013
I didn't think it was possible, but Suits Season 2 is even better than Season 1. Whilst Season 1 focused a lot on the cases and the law suits, Season 2 gets personal. David Hardman (Yeah, Hardman as in 'Pearson & Hardman') is back and he means business. Hardman left the firm years ago after he was caught embezzling company money, something Jessica (Pearson) kept quiet as long as he left the firm, but after the death of his wife, he's back, claiming that he's a new person. Whilst Harvey and Jessica remain skeptical of this 'new' Daniel, the rest of the company seems to have been won over by him and rumours of takeovers start to arise.

All the main characters have got issues going on both at work and in their personal lives so there's so much more drama in season two. Harvey, Mike, Jessica, Rachel, Donna and Louis all face hardships and there's a lot of tension between characters as people start choosing sides between Jessica and Daniel. I felt that the plot was much, much better in season 2 because the added element of each character's personal lives made the show even more interesting to watch and made sure that season 2 stepped it up a notch from season 1. That said, the majority of the action still takes place in their working environment and the plot has been cleverly crafted so that both the personal and the professional are seamlessly interlinked so there's not risk of this descending into a soap opera type drama.

Despite the fact that things get a lot more serious in this season, this show is still really funny. There is a brilliant fusion of humour and drama here so you find yourself either gripping the edge of your seat or chortling to yourself. The fact that there is an element of humour to this show is definitely one of the reasons that it's so successful as it lightens the serious tone ever so slightly. I don't know how the scriptwriter has done it but the tone of the entire show is kept perfectly balanced so that it doesn't become too melodramatic or too comic.

The cases in each episode are all really fascinating so if you're someone that's interested in law this show has a sort of extra learning element to it too. Prior to watching Suits I had absolutely no interest in the law or becoming a lawyer but now I am. You find that you learn a shockingly large amount about the law and how court cases work by watching this show as it doesn't shy away from using professional and technical language. That said, this doesn't alienate those that don't understand these terms as each scenario is set up in such a way that it's obvious what's going on.

Fans of Mike and Rachel will go gaga this season as their romance heats up. Mike and Rachel's relationship goes up and down like a yo-yo which although slightly irritating, keeps fans on their toes. The sexual tension between the pair is undeniable and everyone knows that they're going to get together at some point, but the question of when and how is something elusive. This season is definitely sexier than the first with lots of different character finding themselves in romantic situations. The romance has by no means become a major theme of this series or anything, but it is a steady plot strand that runs throughout.

Harvey is just as sexy as he's always been, flirting with anyone that's caught his eye, but you see a completely different side to Harvey as we learn about his personal life. There is definitely another dimension to Harvey and he proves that is not always work, work, work, but don't worry, hard-as-nails Harvey who doesn't take cr*p from anybody is still there.

The acting is still phenomenal and thoroughly realistic. With emotions running high in this series, each and every actor demonstrates his/her broad range of talents in a variety of different situations. Each character feels so real, and I could totally imagine all of them existing in real life. Harvey, played by Gabriel Macht, is most definitely the star of this show with his cool exterior and suave suits. He is the reason why most people start watching the show and continue to watch it after that.

If you're a fan of good drama and good acting, then this is the series for you. If you loved season 1, then season 2 is a must-watch as things get personal and there are even better cases.
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Once I watched Season 1, all within about a week, I couldn't wait to get started on Season 2. I can't believe I didn't discover this before. What a great show! Season 2 gives us more details on the characters themselves, along with lots more court cases and wheelings and dealings. The writers did such a great job with these characters and their unique personalities. I immediately went and watched the third season after this, thanks to Amazon Prime. I hope the show goes on for many more seasons, since I've become a great fan. Two thumbs up!
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on 18 May 2013
If you've had an opportunity to watch Suits Series 2 only on "Dave" I'd strongly recommend that you buy the DVD set. I have been shocked to discover how mutilated each episode has been which appears on Dave. Given the importance of word-play and verbal repartee to Suits, watching the episodes on DVD has been a revelation: the episodes make better sense, are more coherent, and are much more intelligible. I think it's a shame that there has been such heavy and clumsy redaction by Dave, just to create space for their banal advertising.

Compared with Series 1, the tone in Series 2 has been more serious and the relationship between Jessica and Harvey, to my mind, unpleasantly fractious at times. I preferred the lighter, more frivolous tone of the first series. Having said that, unlike some other reviewers, I liked the adversarial combats between them and Daniel Hardman (played with such evident relish by David Costabile!). I look forward to Series 3 but will skip the Dave broadcasts and inevitable mangling, and wait for the Series to be released on DVD.
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This is even better than the first year, picking up the pieces from Season Ones cliffhanger ending and racing forward from there in the same blur of drama and gags that works so well.

Whilst our boys still deal with various individual cases such as sports contracts, fraud, libel, hit and runs etc etc, there's more long running storylines and cases this year which makes it a more cohesive whole. Early in proceedings we're introduced to the Hardman in Pearson and Hardman for the first time and that's your major season long story arch right there as a power play for the firm begins and everybody has to choose a side.

There are some added layers to the various characters, especially Harvey and Mike of course, but also for the likes of Donna (still awesome) who has a very welcome expanded role this time out. Even more complex romantic entanglements feature heavily for everybody - even Louis gets in on the act (yep even Louis). A fair bit of personal tragedy is thrown into the mix as well as the show still displays that expert blend of veering from hilarious to serious and back again in a heartbeat.

When things look to be slowing ever so slightly in the latter stages, the always great Wendell Pierce rocks up in a particularly brilliant episode which in turn leads into this seasons endgame and many fun threads for Season Three. Fantastic stuff.
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on 2 April 2016
Would you buy a car nut by but bolt by bolt?
Whwn you but Prime membership and a series is offered you start watching..when it's as good as Suits you think "hey i like paying my prime membership more than Netflix". Sadly this doesnt last. Maybe Amazon figure out how much of given show you watch then cancel the Prime entitlement ... well done Amazon you just lost me back to Netflix..
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Of the two shows that the USA Network debuted in 2011, Suits was by far my favorite. I couldn’t wit for season two to start, and I enjoyed it just as much as season one, even if the focus was different.

The show revolves around the New York law firm Pearson and Hardman. Specially, we follow Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), one of the high powered partners in the firm and his young associate Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams). Just one catch. Mike never went to Harvard Law, the law school that everyone who works at the firm attends. In fact, he never went to law school at all.

As the season opens, Mike and Harvey are worried that Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) has discovered their secret. But that quickly becomes a back burner issue when Daniel Hardman (David Costabile) returns to the firm. Honestly, I had wondered about the Hardman in the name since we never met him in season one. Suddenly, our characters are involved in a power struggle for the very firm they all profess to love. Caught in the cross fire are Harvey’s secretary Donna (Sarah Rafferty) who finds a damaging piece of evidence, paralegal Rachel (Meghan Markle), and Louis (Rick Hoffman), who still really wants to be made a full partner in the firm.

Season one was very much case of the week with some on going stories. That flew out the window here. Yes, there are some cases that only last one episode, but almost everything seems to center around the power struggle for the very heart and soul of Pearson and Hardman. While our heroes might gain a victory here or there, it usually seems like they are fighting an uphill battle against an adversary who knows what their every move will be, probably because he does because he has worked with them before. It definitely gives the show a different feel and even a different focus. We are more focused on Harvey than on Mike like in season one.

Despite the high stakes of the season, there is still time for witty banter. Mike and Harvey are fun together, letting movie quotes fly. But the real star in the one liner category is Donna. It’s not only the words she says, but the delightful way she delivers them. She is a scene stealer, and wisely they upped the number of scenes she’s in.

Of course, there are other things going on, like Mike’s grandmother’s declining health and Rachel’s attempts to get into Harvard to become a lawyer herself. Before the season is over, we even get to meet her father.

And Mike and Rachel? They’re still on again off again with one roadblock after another in their path. Will they ever figure things out?

Earlier, I praised Sarah Rafferty’s delivery as Donna, but the entire cast is very strong. I’m also going to single out Louis because the character is so slimey. Rick Hoffman does a great job of bringing him to life while still making us care about him. And the show must be tiring to act in because so many of the scenes are very intense. It makes for very compelling watching, and I find myself looking forward to each new episode.

So obviously, if you’ve missed these sixteen episodes, this four disc set is a great way to catch up. The set features all the episodes in their native widescreen and full surround. As you’d expect from a recent show, they look and sound great. Looking for extras? You get the almost standard deleted scenes and gag reel here.

Season two of Suits is a wild ride. With how they left things, I can’t wait to see where we go from here.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 19 November 2015
I think this is one of those series that you really need to watch right from the start to understand what's going on, so if you're thinking of starting with Season 2, I'd recommend going back and starting with Season 1 Episode 1.

The good about this season?
Lots of good about this season! Sleek, sharp, witty, good pacing, good acting, very clever script / characters, and every episode I was left wanting to know "what will happen to the characters and the firm next?" which is always the sign of a great show for me.

The not so good?
Two things:
1.) Sometimes I feel like the stories are too smart for me to follow so at times I just let the stream of lawyerish language wash over me without understanding it all, but that's more my problem than the program's I think.
2.) I don't know if it's because I watched the whole season an episode a day, but at times I found it to be a little repetitive in certain elements, specifically I thought it was a little oversaturated in shouty heated confrontations and "we win - that's what we do!" speeches.

Despite being a teeny bit less enjoyable for me than Season 1, this is still a well-above-average series with characters I've come to care about - even Louis who's become surprisingly likeable in his "person you love to hate" kind of way! I'm definitely going to be watching Season 3 to see what happens next!
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on 23 March 2014
After watching all the episodes of Suits from the beginning I just had to add the DVD versions to my Library. I bought seasons1 & 2 and later on I'll be purchasing season 3. To watch the programme without advertising interference is great. The two main characters, Harvey and Mike are so slick and Donna and Rachel are just drop dead gorgeous. Lewis' role is sometimes a bit unbelievable for a top law firm but he acts it well. My wife and I are absolutely delighted with what we have got so far and we are anxiously waiting for season 3. If you have followed Suits from the beginning or just watched now and then on TV, you really should get the DVD's.
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on 7 March 2013
Simply brilliant. Following on from Season 1, where the characters were introduced to the viewers, Season 2 has enabled the development of individuals and relationships. Like season 1 it remains slick and cool, leaving you gripped and grinning from the very first minute... always leaving me feeling... I should have become a lawyer.
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