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4.3 out of 5 stars1,340
4.3 out of 5 stars
Style Name: UK & Ireland - Lifetime MapsSize: 5"Change
Price:£79.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 14 October 2014
I read all sorts of woes about this model but its great:

* Very quick to start up
* Quick to find satellites
* I like the new Motorway lane guidance
* The mounting is superb
* It is thin and light enough to go into my pocket
* Updating the maps is easy although, inevitably, a 3GB download takes a while: 2 1/2 hours in my case

The only issue I had was that it wouldn't connect via MyDrive. I phoned TomTom and they could not have been more helpful - apparently I had to de-register my old TomTom Go 700 before the new one would connect.
As many others have noted, phoning is much better than the website support which I found largely incomprehensible !
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on 16 October 2012
This is my second TomTom, my first was a GO700 which is still going well after 8 years. I changed because I fancied a large screen and the new features. I deleted my old TomTom Home2 site on my computer completely and installed the new one for the Start called 'MyTomTom' which is a free download on the TomTom main site page 'Getting Started'. I would advise you to do the same to avoid any problems if you have a previous TomTom.

My Sat Nav was up to date straight out of the box but I connected it up and it updated the traffic cameras and some shared map info with no problems. You can check if yours is up to date by going to 'settings',then 'me and my device', then 'about my device'. At the time of writing an up Sat Nav will read on the second line (App 12.045.1067676.84 (0) 2041, 19/9/2012 [the date I did it, yours will have a different date of course] OS 1017068. Be warned this is not a fast process even with a Broadband connection!

I really like the 5" screen it's bright and clear and the voice is clear and very loud. The new holder remains with the Sat Nav when you remove it from the windscreen and folds flat - which is a very good idea. If you did have any problems with it, it can be easily removed and cheaply replaced. Putting it on a windscreen and removing it is simplicity itself. Having spoken road names is great and you are sometimes surprised by the fact that you never really knew the name of a road you travelled on for years! Not all the voices work with spoken road names you must choose one that says it speaks street names of which there is only one English one on my Sat Nav (Serena). I found it picks up the satellites very quickly and the speed at which it processes routes is very very good. All the new features are really good and worth having and the Points of Interest are amazing - they even give you the telephone numbers so that you can call to book a table or to check if an item is in stock etc. I was originally frustrated by the fact that it didn't have a battery indicator, so I couldn't tell if it needed to be charged or if it was fully charged, but one suddenly appeared! I don't know whether it came with a download/update or whether it needed a good charge first before it appeared but it's there now - hoorah! I found that the home charger for my Blackberry phone which has a micro connection charges it up perfectly or it can be charged by your computer with the lead supplied in the box.

All in all this is a really excellent Sat Nav and I am absolutely delighted with it. I have no hesitation in recommending it to all those who don't need to use it as a phone; don't want the Live Link traffic updates and get frustrated by voice recognition systems that don't recognise what you say.
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on 15 March 2015
I bought this model -- UK and Ireland maps only -- to use for my work which involves quite a lot of driving and in particular into London. It has proven reliable and with the lifetime maps rarely fails to find the road I am looking for. The only time I remember it failing was looking for one of the roads coming into the Excel site from the A1020 which it didn't know until I reached it. It will lose the signal when you go into a tunnel and in London when there are tall buildings which can be disconcerting but it usually picks up the signal again once clear of the buildings. Interestingly I recently went to Olympia with a colleague to drop of equipment ready for an exhibition and when we left their undercover ground level car park the TomTom couldn't find a signal but my colleague with Google maps on his 4g phone could. I have experienced no problem with uploading the updates provided by TomTom but note other reviewers with Europe maps seems to have difficulties. I wouldn't now be without this valuable piece of kit. Being a child of the 50's I have an inbuilt tendency to resist change and for years preferred maps. It was only a change of job that compelled me. And I'm glad I did choose the TomTom. I previously tried a Garmin out - loaned by a friend. I forget which model it was. I didn't like their maps or the rather irratating Germanic voice that mispronounces some street names.
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on 30 December 2015
I will add to this review at a later date but I hope this helps some customers to make a decision about which satnav to purchase.

Firstly about this model Tom Tom Start 25M


1. Comes with free map updates
2. Traditional TomTom menu system which most people are used to
3. Simple menu system works well on this good quality resistive screen
4. Excellent screen contrast and clarity
5. Has TomTom IQ Routes
6. Can easily highlight a piece of road on the map and then press “Travel Via” which causes the Tomtom to include that section of the road when planning its rout. You can do this without having to pre-program a stop or waypoint etc
7. Learns from your preferred route inputs so it takes you that way in future by default
8. 3D navigation allows you to see further into the distance and you can see horizon making navigation easier and more predictable. VERY IMPORTANT on unfamiliar or winding roads. This feature reminds me of the excellent CoPilot software for mobile phones. See this link regarding a comparison of the old and new screen layouts............
9. Excellent battery life
10. Will display Points Of Interest on screen at all times if you want
11. Retains your destination once you reached it, which is helpful in case you pass it
12. Clear road names all along route


1. Traffic information received by additional TMC traffic receiver (purchased separately). Known to be slower to pick up traffic information but it's totally free and works across Europe. This is a subscription free service and therefore can not be deactivated by TomTom. (Does NOT require a mobile phone to connect to receive traffic data)


Now to compare this with the TomTom Start or Go 50/60


1. New menu system but can be difficult to use
2. Simpler map layout but has limitations (no “Travel Via – See notes below)
3. Free Traffic updates built in and quick to receive information (These subscription updates cease in some years when TomTom decide the date :)..........You MUST have a mobile phone which these TomToms connect to to allow them to receive traffic data and you will be charged more if you do this abroad!


1. Poor screen contrast which is difficult to see on a bright day (Known design problem)
2. There is no “Travel Via” function and so Tom Tom recommend you pre-program stops into your route instead. (Please see this TomTom link
3. Tom Tom unit did not seem to learn from preferred route and so did not choose this route in future (Is this because there is no IQ Routes on these models except on Start 60 ?)
4. Most road names missing when in navigation mode (Known problem- See other reviews)
5. Poor resistive touch screen (Known design problem- See other reviews)
6. You can not see horizon in the distance making navigation less predictable
7. Poor battery life on some of these models (Known design problem- See other reviews)
8. No way of displaying Points Of Interest on screen at all times. Instead you have to search for them in each journey! (Known problem- See other reviews)
9. Takes longer to find street names and POI's (Known problem- See other reviews)
10. Some customers report that once you reach and pass your destination the destination disappears from the screen leaving you an empty map (Not Good)

Short verdict:

The 25M is has the older menu system but it has held its price well against the more recent models, which is a testament to how good it is.

If you want a really good clear screen with the traditional TomTom menu system and you are happy to purchase a subscription free TMC receiver for about £25. The new receiver has come a long way since the earlier designs and no longer needs to be stuck to the windscreen. Again, this TMC receiver has to be purchased separately.

If you look at the photo below you will see the TomTom Start 25 style layout on the left and the newer TomTom on the right. Personally I find the older layout and map perspective much clearer and predictable as you can see further into the distance.

You are welcome to ask me any questions.

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on 29 January 2015
Generally a pretty decent bit of kit, but with some irritating features. The good points first: boots up quickly, very clear and functional screen, plenty of volume and a clear voice that tells you the name of the street/road for the next turning and where you are heading for. Sufficient personalisation features for a Sat Nav of this price (I paid £79 for my unit), the speed camera warnings are a useful addition too. The irritation points are: When keying in a destination or post code you have to toggle between two screen as letters and numbers aren't viewed on the same screen. The Sat Nav and sucker mount are all in one piece, so when you park you car you have to take everything off the windscreen rather than just unclip it from a permanent windscreen mount (like my old Tom Tom), this is a fiddly job when re-mounting the unit as the rotating ring that pulls the sucker-mount to the windscreen rarely locks at the first attempt, and just springs back resulting in the unit falling onto the dashboard, the operation has to be repeated several times before it sticks. The on/off button is located at the back of the unit, top right hand corner. Having stuck the unit on up against the windscreen it's almost impossible to get your fingers behind to turn the darned thing on! I've had this unit for a month now and have been misdirected a couple of times. My old "Tom Tom One" of 8 yrs never put a foot wrong! I haven't been able to update the maps yet as I have an Apple computer that is not compatible with Tom Tom software, again, disappointing. Upgrading the maps may well sort out the couple of misdirections I have had.

I am perhaps being a little picky about the hardware, but the software is great. Hardware gets 3 stars and software gets 5 stars, result, a 4 star rating.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 June 2012
I needed a new Satnav as my old one was very ancient, a bit battered and I hadn't updated the maps for seven years! It was a basic Tom Tom One but I liked it very much, especially the ability to re-route if you encounter a hold up. I asked for a new one for my birthday and got this, and was somewhat worried about it on reading the Amazon reviews - would it get a GPS signal, would it charge, would it still have the software that allowed re-routing? Well, so far I'm very satisfied as it does all of those things, plus I now have up-to-date maps and a nice non-chunky wide-screen satnav.

Other positives after a two-week trial: the lane advice is nice; I like the spoken directions telling you the name/no of the road you are joining and the direction of travel; it fits nicely onto the windscreen without leaving much of a mark, and it beeps at you when a "safety" camera is near. Not 5 stars because there is a bit of meanness evident by Tom Tom not including a case, but I bought a nice pencil-case from W H Smith that fits it for about three quid!

Slight confusion around Tom Tom Home v My Tom Tom (its the latter you have to use). Make sure you do the mandatory software update before you use it. My car is a Seat Leon - don't know if that's important.

So far, so pleased. Will update if things change...
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on 7 November 2015
Well Tomtom have certainly gone downhill. I should have paid more attention to the 1 star reviews!
I bought this to replace an old Tomtom One which has given many years' sterling service but only has a 3.5" screen and map updates have to be purchased.
I decided to go for the larger screen and included "Lifetime" map updates. After registering the device and setting up an account the latest map was installed along with Quickgpsfix. They seem to have installed a reasonable internal memory capacity to accomodate future map updates.
I realise it's their base model but it should still be fit for purpose.
Firstly the attached mount is an example of how not to do it, why not have it separate? It does stick to the window though. After around 20 minutes in the car it finally decided to locate satellites which it then lost and found on a regular basis. There is insufficient volume for the voice navigation which is barely audible without turning the car radio off.
The micro usb connector is very loose and difficult to connect using the supplied cable. I can't see this lasting too long before breaking or being damaged. It's also more suitable for lhd and should be centrally located.
So unfortunately not impressed and returning for a refund.
Edit to add - Replaced with a Garmin 55LM which is proving to be a far superior device and actually works.
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on 12 July 2014
After much agonising over the choice of sat navs I bought this model and it arrived today. Updating the maps was simple once I realised that it didn't work with Chrome and used Firefox instead.

It is very intuitive to use. I've just given it a quick try out. It was very easy to attach to the windscreen and it found a satellite signal almost immediately. Having driven a few miles around some back roads I set navigation to home and deliberately ignored it's first suggestion. I was soon re-routed and arrived home in plenty of time for the BBQ!

The voice seemed plenty loud enough to me on it's default setting of 70% so I'm unsure why there have been complaints about this.

All in all I'm very pleased with my choice so far. I'll report back if I change my mind.
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on 28 May 2013
Happy with the Start 25, spec and price.

However, 3 or 4 days after receiving delivery, I get a message from TomTom stating that my subscription to Speed Cameras ends today, and I need to pay another £19.99 to get the updates!

Also, you cannot back up this device. TomTom have disable the 'Tomtom home' software on it. You can only use 'My TomTom' website.
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on 9 January 2014
This is my 3rd TomTom and I've beeen very happy with the previous models. I mainly bought it for the free European map updates as they are very expensive to buy. Apart from the free map updates its good points are the large clear screen and clear spoken directions including street names. The bad poins are:
- Long boot-up time, about 60 seconds
- Ridiculously long time to find satelites after boot-up. In the half dozen times I've used it the time to find a salellite has typically been 10 minutes and on one occasion it was closer to 20 minutes. I do have a heated front windscreen which could potentially interfere with the signal but my previous two TomToms have had no problem whatever finding a satellite in 20 seconds or so with the same windscreen and the units positioned in the same place. Also once it has foumd a satellite it works fine and doesn't lose satellite contact.
- The mount is very inferiour to my last TomTom. It doesn't detach from the main unit so the suction cup can't be left in place when the unit is detached. This for me is a major deficiency as I like to remove it from sight when I park in a public place and its a lot of fiddling to remove the suction cup and then reattach it. I suggest you only buy this model if you're happy to leave it in place all the time.
- The screen sensitivity isn't quite as good as previous units using a finger though its fine with a stylus.
- People have mentioned the long time to update maps. Whilst it took about 90 minutes it was fairly straighforward. However, the one-time free update to the speed cameras doesn't seem to have been offered as it said 'camera updates expired' and at the end of the map updates the speed camera database was still about 6 months old. It was bought new from a major supplier and in a sealed box so I think the camera update should have been available.

I've had it about 2 weeks and am undecided whether I should return it for a different make or model or just try a replacement initially to see if the time to find a salellite is better though the poor mount would still be an issue.
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