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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Style Name: Razer Deathadder Ergonomic Gaming Mouse|Change
Price:£49.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 2 December 2013
I bought this 'Razer Deathadder 2013' in 17 Sep 2013. So far there are no problems with the mouse, literally nothing that has bugged me.

The first day I got the mouse it took me around 2 days to get used to the shape, and when you do you really have a slight advantage over others. Within the box you get a disk which includes the 'Razer Synapse 2.0' where you can change your DPI settings from 100 to 6400. You can also switch off the lights from the program, and you can optimize your mouse for which mousepad it uses, ofcourse it has to be some sort of a razer mousepad.

I would definitely recommend this product, worth the price and is well built. It is strong. I have dropped it a few times and it is still going like it's new.


Awesome 'click'
Very comfortable
Very smooth
A lot of settings
2 buttons


Right handed mouse (sorry left handers)
You will take 1 - 2 days to get used to the shape

This product is worth the price.
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on 9 October 2013
This mouse... It is something else... I mean... Right, I don't mean to joke or anything when I say this but:
Don't be thinking this mouse will feel cheap (the image may suggest so if you've never used one), the mouse has a lovely weight to it and it has an awesome surface.


I went from Razer Abyssus (mirror) to this Deathadder 2013, and I've been destroying people on Battlefield now :D It is not even funny (from 10%-11% accuracy to 16% -> 23% area).

If you're currently using a mouse which has a boat'esque ( [front____back_/ <-- like that) shaped rear end (facing your palm) that means your mouse "hop" pivot will feel a bit awkward as the Deathadder has a tail sort of thing going on, within one day you should be used to it.

Now onto the important part: The click.

When I clicked it for the first time, it felt so good; my girlfriend was blown through the wall and the aftershock was felt in Madagascar. It's pretty damn nice.

Note about the seller:
Thee seller of this item is the Amazon Parcel God "Bubblewrapittus" him/herself. Not even a microbe had landed on the box containing the mouse.
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on 6 April 2014
Hands down, the Razer Deathadder 2013 = the best multimedia mouse, I have ever used, and is not only optimal for gaming.

The reason I bought this mouse is because the cheap £10 mouse from Gigabyte after a few months decided to give up the use of of one of its thumb buttons and the sensitivity was not customisable enough for my liking.

This is the first Razer product I have ever bought. For the high, but surprisingly affordable price tag (considering all the other expensive gaming mice available), I expected a quality, premium product. I was not let down and it surpassed my high expectations by a long way. From the packaging, to the robust plastic unique material of the mouse itself, Razer justifies its premium brand selling point. As soon as I laid my right hand on the mouse (it is designed for a rightie, but I have tried and can be used with surprising comfort with a left hand) it fitted my hand - to use the cliche simile - like a glove. I have never experienced this level of instant comfort and relaxation of the hand muscles with any other mouse. The thumb buttons are, like the mouse as a whole, larger than most mice out there which is ideal for me because I hate small mice with midget sized buttons. The act of clicking has a perfect balanced feel of sensitivity and resistance. The mouse wheel is rubberized (and does not make a scratchy sound like some mice) like the two grips either side of the mouse and reinforce your grip on the device, which is most noticable while playing games. On the gaming side, performance in FPS games in particular have been massively more comfortable and successful in-game. It says in the description on the Razer website that it is designed for a palm grip (resting all the surface area of your palm and fingers on the mouse) however, I have often used a claw and fingertip grip equally as comfortably. I often change my grip as I go depending on the task. Lastly, this is an optical mouse, not a laser one, which is what I prefer after experiencing the superior accuracy and control of optical mice (yes the technology is older, but it is better in most gamers' opinions). Laser mice have in-built acceleration which does not result in a raw mouse input.

Now getting down to the Razer-exclusive features which really make this product worth the money. The device supports Razer's official native software Synapse 2.0 which you can download easily off their website. It comes with a bunch of very powerful customisable options to enable the user to personalise the mouse to their own taste, and all in an attractive user-friendly interface. Some options include the precision senstitivity adjustment slider, the lighting menu to switch off/on any of the two lights on the mouse, the mouse mat calibration option and the ability to map any of the buttons to a key function on the keyboard or in my case, use a thumb button as a sensitivity clutch (which is extremely useful in FPS games), just to name a few.

There is not much more to the mouse other than that, which is what I love about the mouse. It is not an overtly 'pimped' gaming mouse (to the point where if you turn off both the lights, it looks like an ordinary ergonomic mouse). So you can use it in public places or in the company of friends without being perceived as the stereotypical gaming nerd. I love the low-profile subtle design, but at the same time it is a beautiful device and enhances the look of your PC instantly. The cable is extremely high quality, boasting a braided cable and gold plated USB plug.

This is the kind of product which you can reliably say that, in the absence of any human carelessness such as dropping the mouse or spilling water on it, it will last a lifetime. This is true with most premium products and in this sense, even though you may pay a bit more in the short-term to BUY the device, you will SAVE money in the long-term by not having to continue buying replacements because of it breaking or becoming faulty.
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on 23 January 2014
Like you, I myself, looked through numerous written and video reviews to try and find possible negatives about this mouse that could affect me. But none really looked into the negatives in detail.

I am very picky about my mouse, esp for FPS gaming and in order for me to consider it I must see it has comfort and accuracy.
Therefore, I narrowed down my choices to optical mouses. Mouses with optical sensors are essential for building muscle memory in fps games because there is no acceleration. This principle applies to entry level player all the way up to the pros.
Since the Avago S3988 optical sensor in the Razer DA13 is one of the best out there I'll move on to the comfort.

The mouse has a unique shape that will require users with no previous experience of the Razer DA lineup a day or two to adjust to. I don't feel it is suitable for palm grip but claw and finger tip users will feel fine. Full palm grip users will probably need to adjust to a hybrid between the palm and claw.

Secondly, the mouse feet are very small (see customer image) thus it does not produce a smooth glide. You will notice it straight away if you never used Razer DA lineups before because no other gaming mouse on the market have mouse feet as small as these.

Finally, there is no on-board memory. It is very inconvenient thus uncomfortable in a different way. Other decent gaming mouse brands (even budget brands) offer on-board memory with 5 custom profiles as standard.

Below are imperfections I had not related to performance.

1) Mouse shell/casing: Feels brittle thus not the best plastic.
2) Scroll wheel: Squeaky when scrolled up.
3) Scroll wheel: LED not symmetrical. I.e, thick LED stripe on right side and thin LED stripe on left side. I tried pushing the rubber more to the right but no luck. It was a bad cut out of the scroll wheel.
4) Scroll wheel: Very dim LED even in the dark. It was more like a weak Tritium illumination like those used in dive watches that light up in the dark but even darker.

If Razer asked me how to improve the DA13 I will give them 3 points.
On-board memory, two extra buttons before scroll wheel for dpi etc and bigger teflon/PTFE feet.

Thank you for your consideration
review image
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on 20 October 2014
Before I start this, let me just say I'm not a gamer. I use a Mac at home along with all the gubbings. Trackpad, magic mouse, apple keyboard etc. But they have since been banished to the spares box. I never thought I'd use something so 'plastic' as my main mouse but it is simply excellent. Once you've got the sensitivity settings configured for your needs, it's simply the only mouse you'd want to use. It is as described a right handed ergonomic mouse. Very comfortable with a relaxed grip. I've not tried any other Razer mice but if they're anything like this, give them a go. I also bought the Razer Sphex mouse mat to go with it and they're a great pairing.

If I had a gripe, I'd have to say the build quality could be better but this would probably add to the weight. I ordered a 2nd mouse for work to use with my Windows PC and the quality was poor. Noisy scroll wheel & the feel and touch was off. It seemed pre-used. Plus, the surface had a scratch which allowed the LED light to emit through it. But great service from Amazon as always and I received my replacement the next day.

Oh..a second gripe is that the Synapse software saves your settings in the cloud. If you plan on using this at work, check with your IT dept if they allow 3rd party software to be installed and if it can get out to the cloud through your corporate internet proxy server. You'll need it to configure the sensitivity levels. I'm still working on a hack to allow the software to access the web from my corporate network..
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on 3 May 2013
Brilliant mouse. Lacks some of the extra features that other mice have (sensitivity button etc) but seriously, for FPS gamers...this is one smooth mouse. It has a satisfying clicky sound, a nice matte surface and rubber side grips. It's also a pretty light mouse which suits me just fine. The cool green glowing Razer emblem is a nice touch too.

I had a Corsair M60 before this, which I thought was very good to be honest, but after comparing it to this side by side I knew this one was superior in terms of accuracy and how it felt in my hand.

I'd definitely recommend it.
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on 24 April 2013
In many ways, Razer has created a perfect gaming mouse in the Deathadder 2013. The build quality, weight and coating are all outstanding, the ergonomics impeccable (for those with larger hands) and the sensor world class.

Unfortunately, after doing all the hard work Razer have failed in a couple of very obvious ways:

1) There are no dedicated DPI switching buttons - something I consider unforgivable on any high end gaming mouse.

2) The Razer Synapse 2.0 software is just bad. It has a number of excellent ideas, but the execution is seriously lacking.

For instance, Razer included a "DPI Clutch" feature, which allows the scroll wheel to cycle through the DPI settings when pressed down. However, they neglected to make this feature additional (eg. no way to have the back button go back when pressed, clutch when held. It must be one or the other), or overwrite the original function of the mouse wheel, so if you try to use it in a game where the wheel is bound to a command you'll find yourself cycling weapons whilst trying to change the DPI. These are stupid mistakes, and really mar the experience.
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on 20 August 2013
No need to go in depth on this review;

This mouse fits your hand perfectly, and that is an understatement. You get the improved version of the mouse, meaning it has a new improved surface plus rubber side grips. Doesn't sound amazing? I've tried out the previous version of this mouse, and this blows it out the water.

It's Razer, so you know you're going to get awesome looking packaging and an awesome looking product. How does it look? I bought the Deathadder for its functionality and ergonomics as opposed to its looks, but even so, its looks gorgeous. There is backlighting on both the scroll wheel and Razer logo, both of which can be turned off if it suits you so via Synapse 2.0 (more about that in a minute). Personally, I like to be able to see where my mouse is when I play in the dark, and its look flipping awesome.

Snyapse 2.0: This is the software that pairs up with Razer devices and peripherals in order to optimise their use. Let me say first off: IT IS OPTIONAL. You can use the mouse offline or just plug-and-play. Many other people resent or dislike the software for various reasons, so let me repeat: if you don't like/want it, don't install/use it. Personally I like it, as it lets you change your DPI settings, Polling rate (i've yet to find out what that actually does) and record and dictate macros to the buttons on your mouse. There is also extra features e.g. you can calibrate your mouse to work with a Razer mousemat. Myself, I have the Goliathus Speed, and setting them up to work together took less than a second, so props to that!

Final say: most ergonomic mouse I have ever touched. At the end of the day, its a £50 mouse, so you have to be a keen PC user or Gamer to justify the price, and justify it you will! Razer has a reputation for being 'overpriced' and 'flashy', but I would argue that this mouse is 100% worth it and I would happily pay the price again and again. In terms of reliability, I have only enjoyed the privilege or using the Deathadder for about a week now, so I cannot really comment. Take the plunge and I assure you, you will not regret it :)

---UPDATE JUNE 2014---

After 10 months of heavy use, this mouse is still going strong! Everytime I use it, it is an absolute pleasure. I still concur that I would buy this mouse again if it was to break, as it is so nice to use. Still 100% recommended, I have no gripes or complaints! 5 STARS
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on 19 January 2015
Disappointed. Mouse feet have come off and absolutely no help from Razer. New Teflon feet cost £20 to buy and get shipped over. Had to buy teflon tape and super glue it to the bottom of the mouse.

The software is disgraceful, there should be no need whatsoever for me to connect to the internet every time I want to use the mouse. It keeps resetting itself and giving me 2000DPI with maxiumum acceleration.

Utterly appalled at this mouse.

On a personal level, I find the mouse a little on the large size and it's not very comfortable for those that prefer a claw grip (which I find gives me slightly better control over my click timing). I also feel like the throw of the click is a little on the long side.
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on 13 October 2014
One of the most grossly overrated products on the internet.

This mouse is truly average for gaming mouse. Why does it have a less than average score? Because right now it costs £50 and you can get something just as good for £25 - 30.

The mouse is incredibly small compared to other gaming mice - right now I am using the Logitech G500s and I would say the Deathadder is only about 75% the size of it. As someone who likes to rest their whole hand on a mouse, this is impossible with the Deathadder (average build 23yo male).

The software is pretty annoying and you have to make an account to get the drivers, which is a pet hate of mine.
I like Razer generally and I have a Razer mousemat. The software with the Deathadder lets you configure to your mousemat... Makes no difference at all.

This mouse is SO LIGHT which doesn't suit my personal play style at all. I like to use a high DPI with a heavy mouse so it is easier to control more minute movements. Otherwise, the quality of materials is quite good - best part of the mouse.

While my dislike for this mouse is partly personal preference, it is impossible to deny that this is overpriced, even if the mouse is exactly what you want.
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