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93 of 95 people found the following review helpful
A little introduction about me and my previous mouse:
I have owned and still own the Logitech MX revolution, which in my eyes is the best multimedia mouse out there in the market. For the last 2 years I've tried telling myself there could be another mouse out there - each time I've gone into a store and tried another mouse, my first reaction was "meh, nothing special" or "that razer mouse is way too expensive for what it offers".

The Anker mouse - Design:
The form factor is something I absolutely love. Very comfortable, and with the weights that you can adjust it can be customised to your liking.

This mouse can be customised, with up to 9 different keys - making it incredibly useful for any type of game. It also has a MACRO functionality that allows it to register your clicks and movements.
One of the main features of this mouse, and the eye candy behind it is the light colour on the anker logo - this can be changed to any colour of your preference, via the software provided.
The profile switching is also very useful with a button located at the bottom of the mouse, allowing you to switch between your two mouse profiles, very efficiently.

Accuracy and speed:
With an incredible 8000 DPI and 1000HZ polling rate, this mouse is one of the top dogs for precision. Although realistically I can't see anyone using it at 8000 DPI, and more like me at 2000 DPI, however the accuracy and response time of this mouse is outstanding. No lag, no input lag, no flaws, no jittery motion - in other words, it excels in doing what it is supposed to do.

The software is very good, and has no glitches. When you purchase the mouse it doesn't come with a CD, however it is downloadable online. Personally I prefer that as the latest drivers and softwares can always be found up-to-date online.

Now going into pros and cons:
It is very hard to find any problems with this mouse, as it is brilliant but if I have to be extremely picky, I can name a few.

-Weight customisable
-Light customisable
-9 Buttons to customise
-Form factor and design
-Grip on the left side by the thumb
-Excellent software
-Macro capabilities
-Great customer service by Anker & LaptopMate

-Anker logo colour switch is hidden when in you, as you hand covers it - thus it would have been nice to be able to customise either/or the DPI switch and scroll wheel colours too.
-Profile switch is located at the bottom - realistically I much prefer this, however I know some might prefer it to be more accessible at the top of the mouse
-When saving and applying changes on the software, it magically changes the DPI level on profile 1, but not profile 2
-When saving and applying changes on the software, it magically changes the scrolling lines within Windows to level 8
-Overall cable length (could be an extra 0.5m longer)

This mouse is outstanding, not only for the value of £25-30 (as I would gladly pay £50 for this mouse), but also for its functionalities and other capabilities.
It has now replaced my MX revolution as my main mouse. I absolutely love it, and NEVER would have thought a mouse could have swayed me off my beautiful MX, but this Anker did just that. Top marks to Anker 10/10, I would happily recommend this to anyone looking for a mouse, not only gamers but multimedia users like myself that occasionally game.
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26 of 28 people found the following review helpful
on 17 January 2013
The review from TotallydubbedHD really covers all of the points and I would suggest anyone read this. I just wanted to add my own personal review of this product as I am very impressed after using it for a few days now.

First off, I'm not a gamer. However I have Anker products and this is a brand I trust, so getting this mouse as a replacement to my 'dumb' mouse was really an easy decision and I would recommend this to anyone.

While slightly larger than my old mouse it fits perfectly into the palm of my hand. The grip point by the thumb is a nice addition to ensure your thumb sits nicely in the right spot with the customisable buttons neatly resting above (the middle button above the thumb also has some ridges to help easily identify which button is which without looking). The mouse glides well over any surface and doesn't seem to collect grime on the pads as easily as my old mouse. As mentioned in TdHD's review the Anker logo light is completely customisable to be off or have different breathing speeds and colours. The other lights can only change colour (scroll wheel & DPI lights). While the mouse to me was a little light, the addition of a few supplied weights helped tailor this mouse to be just right for me which is a welcome option. Overall a well built, well designed quality mouse which has already raised a few glances and comments in my office.

As mentioned, I am not a PC gamer... But, I do use a PC a lot for Spreadsheets, VBA, all sorts of other stuff. Sometimes I demonstrate what I am doing and it's not easy to have the keyboard at hand. By changing the defaults of some of the button clicks I now have direct access to all of my needed tasks directly by my hand, i.e. highlight the text, click a button on the mouse - text is copied. Click a cell somewhere else, click another button - pasted. Fantastic! While I have no real use for the macro record button (hence why I changed the behaviour) I can see that this would be an excellent option for gamers to easily record a melee attack or any other multi-key stroke behaviour which could give an upper-hand in a game.

Installation was a simple plug and play, then off to the ianker website to download the latest drivers in order to customise the mouse. Once installed it's very intuitive to navigate and select what you want to change.

Ideal users - Obviously gamers. But I will add that anyone who uses keyboard shortcuts, precision software (i.e. photoshop for fine editing thanks to the higher DPI) or just anyone who wants to stand out a little more with a funky mouse sat on their desk will benefit from the features on offer with this mouse. Also of note is that you can have 2 different profiles, so whilst it's not a quick fix to change the weight of the mouse it's simple to setup a profile for 2 people who use a computer and each have your own personal settings configured. Another option would be to say have one profile setup for Windows general (copy, paste, windows button etc.) and another profile for Photoshop with buttons set for shortcuts to certain tasks (or for gamers, a Windows profile, and a WoW etc. profile).

Overall for the price this is on offer for I really don't think you could get much better... Even if you don't need the higher DPI rate (which other mice in this class are much more expensive), it's a useful ability to have. Especially with the toggle button to quickly go between 4 customisable made variables. I've used the word customisable a lot in this review, and this mouse is exactly that. With the ability to change the weight, lighting, button press functions, DPI, scroll speed/acceleration it really means you can do what you want,when you want. Kudos to Anker for the quality of the product in a price range that needs no second-thought on purchasing. Seriously, if you are reading this then you must be interested in the product (or looking for a mouse of sorts). You won't find anything better in it's class and I would suggest the 'Buy now' or 'Add to basket' button should be the next one you click.

Nearly forgot to mention, excellent service from LaptopMate! Product was well packaged and delivery was fast from the date of order.

At a request here are the options available to change the mouse buttons to act as:
Right Click
Middle Button
Single Key (Select the keyboard key which should be triggered, eg the Windows button)
Combo Key (select a keyboard Combo to run, e.g. Ctrl B for bold)
Basic Options - Cut
- Copy
- Paste
- Select All
- Find
- New
- Print
- Save
Advanced Options - Switch Window
- Close Window
- Open Explorer
- Run
- Show Desktop
- Lock Computer
Media - Play/Pause
- Stop
- Previous
- Next
- Volume Up
- Volume Down
- Mute
- Mute Microphone
Macro - Macro Manager
- Macro # (you can select which pre-recorded macro should be performed)
DPI Switch
Macro Play
Macro Record
Profile Switch
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 29 September 2014
I've had this mouse for a little over a year now, and it still works pretty well. It's comfortable to use and works well even without a driver, as the profiles and settings are stored on the device itself, and not within software; this pleases me greatly as I use Linux most of the time. The only irritation is that the mouse requires windows software to configure, but that's a necessary evil that I'm happy to put up with.

This mouse loses a star, because the build quality isn't as good as I'd like. After a few months of gaming use, my middle mouse button no longer works upon being depressed. That is to say, it works for scrolling just fine, but it no longer acts as a middleclick. This is less of a problem for this mouse however, as there's a button right next to the middle mouse button, that I was able to set to act as a new middle mouse button.

Another instance of the build quality not living up to my expectations, is the middle button the /side/ of the mouse. This button has seen heavy daily use, as I use it as a push-to-talk key for a voice communication program. It still works well enough, but the button no longer makes a proper tactile 'click' when pressed, and requires much less force to press than it used to (it's been worn in, basically.)

Another issue, that doesn't affect me so much but may be a deciding factor for others, is that the software used to configure it doesn't work with macros properly. It may have been updated and fixed since I tried it some months ago, but the macros can't be manually defined; you have to record them by pressing buttons on the mouse, and you can't adjust the delay between actions either, despite the software showing you what the delay is.

Aside from these relatively minor issues it's a great mouse and as such it receives a solid 4 stars from me.

Additional information:
The lights can't be disabled, and the one behind the Anker logo can only be dimmed/colour changed, not turned off. Furthermore, the other lights can't change colour.

There's a button on the bottom of the mouse (non-programmable) that switches between the two profiles that the mouse can store on its hardware, if you'd rather not use one of the programmable buttons for that.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 17 January 2014
There seems to mixed reviews about this mouse. I can assure you that is spot on works very well. If were going to be harsh then yes the buttons on the side, if you get your thumb underneath and try and push them upwards they do move slightly, people would call this poor build quality but if you don't they wont !! simple as that ! When using it properly they feel solid.
Also seen people moan about when their hand is on the mouse they cant see the logo lit up, well your going to put your hand on the mouse so its going to be pretty hard not too cover it up !
The shape of the mouse is excellent, if you do buy it, try taking your hand off and on it and see how every finger / part of the hand fits perfectly very very comfortable.
As for the jog wheel, mine works perfect, as does the whole thing and its took over 100 hours of battering on BF4 !!
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on 16 March 2015
It wasn’t long ago that I wrote a review on another of Anker’s products, the MP141 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, and I was really impressed at how inexpensive it was for the quality of the product. Now I get to review another two of their products; the Anker 8200 DPI High Precision Laser Gaming Mouse and their Premium Medium-Sized Gaming Mouse Pad. However will these products be to the same high quality standard with their low cost of only £25.99 (down from £59.99) for the mouse and what equates to £10.89 for the mouse mat (as it is currently only available in Canada), or will they potentially ruin the good name Anker have built for themselves as company that prides itself on well-built products at affordable prices with excellent customer service.


When it comes to PC gaming, for both those who play competitively or casually, the main things you require are a mouse that is both comfortable and accurate to control. That’s why the design of the Anker 8200 DPI High Precision Laser Gaming Mouse has been made to fit like a glove; with a contoured body to allow your hand and the mouse to come together as one and non-slip buttons to provide incredible control. It’s like building with Lego when two pieces connect perfectly together until you decide it is time to pull them apart, except that the design of the Anker Gaming Mouse looks much more sleek and sexy than a little plastic building block. It has a really nice matt black cover, with a glossy black finish around the casing of the mouse buttons, with lights emitting a glow that makes the mouse look very professional and scream “I MEAN BUSINESS”. The mouse is also designed with a smooth protected underside to allow you to glide over flat surfaces more majestically than Torvill and Dean in their 1984 Winter Olympic display that saw them win the Gold medal for Great Britain.

What’s more, thanks to the Avago ADNS-9800 microchip, the Anker Gaming Mouse can also be set at up to 8200 DPI (or CPI for those who like to be technically correct) and has increased polling and frame rates (1000 and 12000, respectively). Thus allowing you to get ultimate precision in order to help you gain that competitive advantage over friends and enemies alike as there will be no more need to worry about lag. What’s really striking about this though is that it’s even more than the impressive 5670 DPI that the SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] Na’Vi edition offered which I reviewed earlier in the year, and is more expensive than the Anker as well retailing at £69.99; clearly evidence that Anker are definitely offering Big Quality for a Little Price.

Anker’s Gaming Mouse will also please gamers due to its easy customisation through a simply designed control panel that allows you to really make this mouse your own, especially when you consider there are apparently over 16 million lighting options to choose from. There are also nine buttons in all that can be assigned different functions, meaning none of this messing around on the keyboard to have to switch weapons or jump or whatever it is you do with your game, no, now you just program commands to a button on the mouse and you’ve just saved yourself a couple of seconds which prevent your death and allow you to take your enemies life instead. But if you think, “well I play games from different genres so this is no good because I’ll have to customise my mouse every time I want to change game”, well you’d be partly wrong. That’s because you can save two on-board profiles for fast and easy loading. Meaning for the two games you play the most you can set customised profiles meaning less fussing about.


The mouse pad isn’t something you see many people buying anymore other than for the reason that you can get some that look pretty cool or are collectable. I mean I personally haven’t used one since I was in primary school and had the old mechanical mouse which would have a ball inside that you would take out and play with, then get shouted at for messing around with it. Back then the mouse pad would cause better friction between its surface and the ball which meant the mouse would be more responsive than just rolling it over the desk where sometimes the ball may glide across rather than roll, causing sever frustration by not doing what you wanted it to. However now with almost every one using either an optical or laser mouse they aren’t needed as much as you don’t get the same issues you did with a mechanical mouse. That said many people do still buy and use them and believe that they still help improve mouse performance.

The Anker Gaming Mouse Pad isn’t like some special collectors one you’d see with stunning artwork; instead its design is kept plain and simple with a black background and the Anker Logo and Brand Name in white in each of the bottom corners of the mouse pad. Its size is bigger than a lot of mouse pads I have had in the past that either came free with my computer or I got at a Student fair, meaning you aren’t likely to run out of room and have the mouse slipping off the edge and banging on the table. The top surface is a smooth and textured that allows for swift and precise movement, while the bottom is made from a rubber that grips well keeping the pad from moving around. I was actually very impressed with the grip as the pad never slipped once while I was using it; it kind of reminded me of the special mats you can put on your car dashboard that allow you to stick your phone down without it moving while you drive around.


Anker have done it again, they’ve proved you don’t have to go out and spend big to get good quality. If I were to compare them to Super Markets they’d have to be Aldi, offering similar or better quality items than the bigger competitors like ASDA and TESCO at a fraction of the cost. It’s remarkable to think someone would go out of their way to spend three times the amount that the Anker Gaming Mouse and Mouse Pad cost together, to buy a mouse on its own because of its big brand name, when they’d save money and probably have a better product by choosing this instead. I mean the mouse doesn’t lack anything in any area in my opinion; the design looks stunning and is as Anker describe it ‘fitting your hand like a glove’, it moves with such smoothness you’d believe it was floating on air and the customisation options allow for you to really make the mouse your own. I was also impressed by the mouse pad but like I say I don’t really believe they’re as necessary today as they were back in my early school days, so if I was going to buy the mouse I wouldn’t really think of getting the pad as well unless it came free, but again that’s just my opinion it’s still worth the money.


Number of Buttons: 9
Optical Resolution: 1000 / 2000 / 4000 / 8200
Product Dimensions: 127 x 79 x 43mm / 5.0 x 3.1 x 1.7in
Product Weight: 140-160g / 4.9-5.6oz
System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 / USB Port / Internet connection for software download at the ianker website.

Gaming Mouse:

Mouse Pad:
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on 30 March 2014
I needed to replace my Logitech mouse - an older version of what is now the M705 Wireless Marathon Mouse. It has served me well for 5 odd years but now doesn't respond to mouse movement or clicks all the time. After some research I decided on the Anker.

Build and Design

This thing is really good looking and well designed. The shape is a bit more hand filling than my previous Logitech, and the materials are far better even though this is a cheaper mouse. The braided cable is very nice. Coming from a wireless mouse I was a bit worried about the cord slipping off the table etc, but this is not really an issue here. The added weights could be a bit heavier (I had to use them all) but they do the job and are a nice bonus. The clicks feel responsive.

A few minor points for improvement: The mouse is slightly angled for comfort but the mousewheel is not, which for me feels a little strange as it negates the ergonomics a bit. It is also a bit far back to what I'm used to. Other than that, the wheel feels good, though the only thing I miss from my Logitech is the free spinning tilt wheel. Another minor point is that the thumb buttons, whilst responsive, are a bit wobbly, which makes them feel a bit cheap. You can see light from the LEDs through gaps in the plastic which is something that I feel I wouldn't have gotten with a Logitech. Still, for the price I paid, it can be overlooked.

Performance and Compatibility

I won't say too much about performance, suffice to say that it's a very responsive an accurate mouse. I can't see why anyone wouldn't be pleased with the way it operates unless there was something very specific one was looking for.

Compatibility is a bit more of a concern. If you are a Windows user, stop reading here. No issues and this mouse is 5/5. If, however, you are like me and primarily use OS X (or Linux) then things get a bit more complicated. On Mac OS, you will need to download some 3rd party software to get proper functionality. I use USB Overdrive, the other that I know of is SteerMouse. This allows you to customise buttons to your liking. However, it seems that apart from 2 of the thumb buttons, the rest of the non-standard buttons are invisible without proper drivers to Mac OS. So the mouse becomes a 5 button mouse. The DPI switch still works out of the box, however. To be honest, that's enough for me, but it's a bit of a shame.

The only partial way around it so far is that I can boot into Windows, use the software to assign buttons that I will use on Mac OS and reboot. Because the profiles seem to be stored in the mouse, it kinda works in theory. In practice, it's not 100% functional, though I got all 3 thumb buttons working at least. Hopefully Anker will release an OSX version of their software. At least it's good on Windows though, unlike Logitech's software which sucks on all OSes.

In conclusion then, if you use Windows, this mouse is pretty much perfect. If you dual boot, then it's also worth getting. If you only have access to a non-Windows OS, then I would maybe do a bit more research if you want full functionality. But, to be fair, for the price, it's worth it even if you can only use it as a 5 button mouse. I'm glad I went for this over the MX Performance I was considering. This is less than half the price but still pretty amazing.
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on 11 December 2013
I purchased this mouse on May the 1st, and received it a few days later. From the start after unpacking and installing the drivers (found on Anker's website) I was very impressed. I'd come from a standard desktop office mouse and didn't really know what to expect as this was only my second gaming aimed peripheral. Due to it's shape, it took me a day or two to get used to, but after then it felt very natural.

Not bad feel on this mouse, the macro buttons are very useful for gaming and many other things. Being able to bind ctrl to the mouse was probably the best thing I ever did with this. I game a fair bit so having a multitude of buttons on the mouse is very useful. I can't say I get any use of the 8000 DPI but I'm sure it's great for someone. Overall this mouse is pretty solid. The looks on this mouse are pretty good, can't say I dislike that about it. The rubberized grip on the thumb is quite comfortable, no slipping of the hand here. The software for this is laid out nicely and easy to navigate. ALL the keys are re-bindable, yes that means the left, middle and right mouse buttons too. I'm not sure why they decided to do this, but I suppose it's a nice feature. Changing the colour of the LED on Anker logo is cool too, you can select a pre-defined colour or change the colour to whatever you'd like from the slider, which also includes a shade changer too.

Onto a couple of downsides (there aren't many).
The packaging is nothing special, the molded plastic was a bit of a bother to get the cables out of, but I can't say I expected much for packaging on a £25 mouse.
The mouse wheel was a little funky from day one. Sometimes it would get stuck or not quite spin as well as it should, and a few days ago (today being December 11th) I noticed that the middle mouse clicks weren't always registering. This is a bit of an issue for me as i find myself using that button an awful lot. However this may just be an issue with the mouse I received and not anyone else's.
The cable is just a little too short for my liking, I'm having to use the front panel USB slots for the mouse due to my computer's position under my desk.
I also found the mouse to be quite light, I like a heavier mouse. this was improved a bit by the included weights, although not as heavy as I'd like honestly.

Handy macro buttons
Nice software

Dodgy mouse wheel
Short(ish) cable
Quite light

I'll sum it up by saying it's a nice mouse, although there's not much weight to it and with a reasonably short cable. Would recommend this mouse to others.
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on 24 November 2013
It's a good gaming mouse there's no real denying that. Let's get straight on to the biggest negatives though.

The key surfaces feel definitively more plastic than rubber/tactile.
The side buttons and the side rubber pad for your thumb are very plastic like. They're not grippy and depending on you grip, you might trigger the aft most side silver button accidentally. I've done it a few times so key in a frequently used but not critical button on it. I put my push-to-talk on it.
Additionally the primary Left/Right click buttons are also less grippy than I'd like. Having used some of the more popular brands of gaming mice, they do have this under consideration by having the material for the big buttons a bit different. Feels nicer and less "slippy" than this Anker. Going back to keying buttons though,

You can't map non-keyboard buttons to your mouse. This is very frustrating so you can't have "mouse-button 5". Instead button five has to be a button on your keyboard. So every time I push MB 5 it's actually telling my computer "Insert" or whatever I choose to map it as. This is kinda frustrating as it means having to hunt your keyboard for keys you don't ever use across all games/programs. I do some computer programming and slight typos can ruin code very easily so any errant key presses can make life very frustrating. It'd be nice to have buttons which didn't do ANYTHING except what I map per application.

Other than that the control panel IS very useful to use. You can key everything else you want.
I do particularly enjoy about this mouse, the profile lights telling me which profile I'm on and therefore which DPI settings I'm running. You can also choose how many DPI profiles you want so if you're playing an FPS, you can essentially make the DPI switch button a toggle between slow to normal (good for sniping).

It is a good mouse. It's not an equivalent substitute to a super high-end mouse, but it does all the basics that gamers demand for in a gaming mouse. It will be a good long-term substitute till you're ready to upgrade once again however. Finally, for the price, it's outrageously good value. So if that's a priority; I've not seen anything of this level for this price.
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on 20 September 2013
Having owned a Deathadder for 3 years it finally had it's day, not totally but the middle mouse button had no click any more and the texture was wearing away, still usable but i wanted something fresher. Having searched around for days to find the right gaming mouse for me i opted for this Anker. Unknown to me but the reviews and the price were too good to refuse! Now i didn't read anything bad about the build quality but yet as soon as i opened up the box i noticed the side buttons were very tacky, like something that was made for the pound shop, only the 3 side buttons i should add though the rest was fine. I also think the left grip pad is pretty useless as it is slanted upwards so lifting the mouse your thumb just slips off unless you're going to grip the mouse pretty hard, it also doesn't help having nothing on the right side of the mouse grip-wise.

I know i shouldn't make comparisons to the Deathadder as it's half the price but it's hard not to, it's definitely much bigger and as a result i could never get a comfortable grip on it. The biggest mistake of all though i made was opting for a laser mouse, as an FPS gamer the difference from optical was insane in terms of smaller movements, so much so that after 2 weeks i've had to ditch this mouse and opt for the new Deathadder 2013 that i'm more than happy with now. Obviously for the price you can't go too wrong really and as a first gaming mouse it may have done the job but for me as an avid gamer and pc enthusiast it just wasn't a fit. For the price and awesome customer service tough i have to still give this 5 stars.
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on 30 January 2014
I have two main issues with this mouse.

The first is the weight, I'm used to a slightly heavier Logitech. There are add-on weights for this, but they are marginal.

The second is the led lights. I thought cool, let me change to red or purple. The wheel and the palm icon change but the DPI lights do not. How disappointing.

As a gaming mouse it;s functional and very programmable, I have yet to figure out if the programmability profiles are on the mouse or in the software. The reason this is important is because I use an HD KVM, and it does not see the mouse as a programmable entity through the KVM. Same as logitech. But if they are mouse based profiles then that does not matter.

The thumb switches could be a little higher. I'm a flat hander, meaning my fingers are flatter on the mouse buttons, and the mouse sits in my palm. That means the htumb buttons are in the idea holding spot which is not ideal.
If you are a claw mouser, holding the mouse with your curved fingers the thumb switches are just right, and your thumb tip will sit in the void.

It is accurate. at 8200DPI it;s a little stupid, but with a UHD monitor on 4k res that will come into it's own.

Ok, but there are better ones.
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