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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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I've had this several months now and thought it better to write the review after the honeymoon period:)
This monitor has *very* good colour rendering, a better contrast ratio than lots of other models (that overstate the contrast ratio in marketing hype) and of course it looks very nice on a desk.
Touch Sensitive controls take some getting used to.
I purchased this at £274.96 around three years ago.
At today's price,(29/5/16 < 200.00) i'd just buy it and not be so picky about certain aspects.

What it does cope with really well is photographic material and high definition multimedia with small to moderate changes in horizontal panning.
Text is extremely clear and pin sharp in static images,display brightness is more than adequate and easy on the eye with far less eyestrain.

Another reviewer mentioned they get slight light bleed on this panel.
I can also confirm that on mine the bottom left (when displaying a black raster) does appear to allow more white led light through the lcd.
I'm of the opinion this is a panel seating issue getting past QC.

On the whole I'm happy with this when compared to other offerings at similar prices and find it suits well for everyday use.
The screen is far more readable for text than other monitors I've used at the same price,resolution and size.
It is also is nice to look at something designed in a way that is unobtrusive rather than the usual obligatory black plastic box.

PSU is rated at 64.98 watts,so I imagine this panels improved image quality/technology requires a little more power.
There is an Eco setting in the menu at the cost of performance,turning it on seems fine,if not better for the eyes at night when watching catch up tv online etc.

The Bang & Olufsen ICEpower internal amplifier and internal speakers are very much louder than any monitor I've had but the downside is they have less top end than I'd expected.
Distortion can be quite noticeable,when turned up.
Some of this is mechanical noise and introduced because such a slim enclosure couldn't be made resonant with the enclosed speaker drivers (This distortion isn't replicated through headphone out at all)

A couple of tiny tweeters either side of the front aluminium panel may have been a good idea,increasing vocal intelligibility and soundstage.
The resultant quality of the audio is adequate but a little like having water in your ears.
I decided to continue using a DAC.

What this monitor would not be suitable for is images that pan really fast.
By this I mean if you plan on using it when intensive action gaming, you will have problems as it simply cannot keep up with extremely fast horizontal movement in the video signal and you'll likely make mistakes if you are looking to use it solely for this purpose.
(Above 400 Pixel/sec LtoR pan,convergence suffers)

For everyday full HD multimedia use and games that are not intensively action based it is a very good buy.

Official Specs:

Panel Size: Wide Screen 27.0"(68.6cm) 16:9
Panel Type : AH-IPS
True Resolution : 1920x1080
Full HD 1080P : Yes
Pixel Pitch : 0.311mm
Brightness(Max) : 250 cd/'
ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio (ASCR) : 80000000:1 < *(+/- pinch of salt, as required)
Viewing Angle (CR'10) : 178°(H)/178°(V)
Response Time : 5ms (Gray to Gray)
Display Colors : 16.7M
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on 29 March 2013
I purchased this screen because I fancied an upgrade from my previous 23" TN panel that i had been using for around 2 years previously. It did come with a European plug as someone has previously stated, so you can use a spare clover cable, EU to UK adapter or do what I did and rewire the existing lead to a UK plug.

-One of the main features I was looking for was an IPS/PLS panel on the new screen as some of my friends have the Samsung
Galaxy S3 (Highly Recommended) which has a beautiful picture on it! The colours on IPS panels just jump out at you, there is such a difference between this and a cheap TN screen. That's one of the primary reasons I chose this. I haven't seen any signs of ghosting on this except the tiniest amount when going quickly from red to green (Opposite on the spectrum) not a big enough point to sway my 5/5 decision

-The 1080p resolution is more than enough for me. I use this screen for both Xbox and light PC gaming, and the Xbox only outputs 1080p. 27 inches is a good size for any desk, although you definitely shouldn't be setting with your eyes inches from this thing. In terms of I/O on the back you have 2 x HDMI, VGA, 3.5mm input and output. For those of you looking to use a DVI connection the screen comes with a DVI to HDMI included.

-The speakers have a lot of promotion behind them and I must say they are impressive. I haven't looked into the technology, however I can tell you they manage to fill my room which I was stunned by. It doesn't sound anything like the tinny speakers that you'd expect to come free on a monitor. Sound levels are good too, I usually have it on around 70/100 as I find this a comfortable volume to listen at. Another handy addition is the 3.5mm jack out which outputs the sound from the HDMI that the screen receives. Very useful if your like me and game with a headset. It also has a 3.5mm input so you can either play music or a different sound source through the speakers.

-The design and appearance of this is something quite beautiful. It has a brushed aluminium finish to it which looks amazing plus an overall modern design. A ring base with the support for the screen at the back of it almost gives the impression the screen is floating! The touch sensitive buttons are for controlling the monitors functions suck as: Volume; Brightness; Input; Design Grid; Colour Scheme; Menu and On/Off - these add yet more class. The menu layout was confusing at first however I did get used to where everything was, plus the main reason I needed to go there (Input Switching) had it's own dedicated button anyway.

I love this screen hence the 5/5, don't hesitate to buy one yourself!
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on 26 June 2013
I was sceptical about buying this monitor as it seemed perhaps a bit gimmicky to have such a narrow edge and stylish design, but I was pleasantly impressed.

The one negative point people have often sighted about this screen is that for a 27" screen it does not reach the higher resolution of 1440p, but that is precisely what I did not want, I previously owned a 27" screen at that higher resolution and it really wasn't for me, working with text a lot of the time it became a chore to read off of. However, this is the perfect size and resolution.

I used to work as an image editor so I have seen a fair few screens in my time and my opinion is that this comes pretty close to being the standard that a lot of the £600+ monitors would be, it is of course an IPS which gives you fantastic colour's and image quality, and the viewing angle is probably the best I have seen. For gaming I have read reports of ghosting or trailing becoming visible in certain circumstances bit I haven't noticed anything with games running up to 100fps. Also the monitor supports those low resolutions you will get when using something like dosbox, for anyone worried a bigger monitor might diminished their old school full screen gaming. I would recommend the scenery pre-set mode for image, I found this to have the levels most well balanced. In addition there is also a grid alignment mode which creates a screen overlay that you can move around and set to certain sizes, A4, envelope etc.. it's a really nice edition especially for things such as photoshop work.

Criticisms, yes the touch buttons are a little rubbish but it really doesn't matter, it would however have been nice for the option to wall mount, but I guess that would of caused a bigger design. The choice of not having a DVI is an odd one, but it does come with a DVI to HDMI cable so that isn't a biggie. There are also speakers which are nothing to write home about but it is nice that there is also an audio jack which is useful if you don't have a headphone port close to your disposal.

In all a very impressive monitor, and for the price it is an absolute steal, I can only assume it is so cheap due to not sporting a 1440p resolution and in that case it was win win for me. And it goes without saying it looks very nice sat on a desk.
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on 17 August 2015
I use this monitor for gaming, watching films, and college work. It's feature-rich, the picture is stunning; colours are vibrant and well balanced, and the image overall is sharp, the build quality is outstanding, the on-screen menu is simple to operate and offers plenty of customization, it's considerably thin, and comes very well packaged.

This monitor is well worth the price, you won't regret the purchase! Hit that buy button.
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on 5 September 2013
When I chose this monitor, I was looking for something that could double up as a monitor for working on during the day, and to use a second TV or Gaming screen at night. I also wanted a premium screen that was good for photo editing. I chose well for the entertainment side of things - its great for watching movies, TV and playing games. Its also great for viewing and editing photos. Contrast, colours etc all brilliant. Sound quality from the internal speakers is good too - obviously no match for external speakers, but it is as good as my TV, so its fine for watching news or playing background music while you work. Its only loud enough for a small room however.

Now for the downside. Its simply too bright for doing office type work or reading text. I have the brightness turned all the way down to the minimum, and I still get sore eyes when I read a lot of text or do word processing, or study a big spreadsheet or whatever. This does not happen with the Dell and HP monitors in the office, but when I work from home I get sore eyes quite quickly from staring at this monitor. Its unfortunately the same kind of glare you use to get off CRT monitors.

So if you need a monitor for entertainment or photoshop type stuff then go for it. If you need to normal boring work, get a normal boring monitor.
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on 13 March 2015
Upgraded from the 23inch Asus 1080p same style model to this , The bigger size screen and higher resolution makes a world of difference for games and every other task stunning picture quality
Amazing panel want's to be for the money to be fair
If your going to play intense graphical games with this monitor make sure you have a top of the range graphics card as 2560x1440p screen resolution is pretty demanding on graphics cards , I would say no lower than GTX970 or AMD equivalent for a good gaming experience.

Not cheap kit but worth it as I think the monitor is the most important part of your system , may as well get a good one .
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on 25 June 2015
I bought this for use with my 2012 Mac Mini and it works perfectly, giving the Mac OS a new lease of life and a stunning look. The picture is fully adjustable on the monitor itself and, of course, through the Mac's own display preferences and after a bit of experimentation I have found the perfect balance of colour and brightness for my needs. The built in sound is a little muffled but I don't use it anyway, preferring to run an output from the Mac directly to an external amplifier and speakers. The stand is sturdy enough for me and tilts back and forward to accommodate different viewing heights. All in all, an excellent monitor which has proven very reliable.
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on 27 July 2013
Where should i start? it is excellent monitor not only perfoms brilliantly with excellent colours and adjustments but also looks stylish.
Well worth the money paid for it. Although i have Bose computer speakers and didnt buy it for the bang and olufsen speakers built in i had to give them a try and they are excellent as well.
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on 11 June 2013
I had to return my Samsung S27B550VS to Amazon because it developed a screen fault and lucky me they offered a full refund as they no longer had any in stock.

I was drawn to this as a replacement. The pics, specs and reviews all looked good, and I`m so glad I bought it as it is superior in every respect. No eye catching fancy software is included. But it did include every cable needed whereas with the Sammy I had to buy a separate DVi-HDMI cable.

The build quality is superb. The bezel is so thin (and not shiny) as to be almost non existent and when the screen is off it blurs into the screen like its a nice slab of black glass. The stand is chromed and has a good range of tilt. The viewing angle is great whilst with the Sammy I had to sit square on. It's light and puts out almost no heat.

The picture is great. with bright vibrant colours and deep blacks. The response time is adequate for gaming. Initially this was a concern because I was dropping from 2ms to 5ms but I haven't noticed any loss or difference in use.

As I`m connected audio wise to a cinema sound system I haven't tried the much lauded Dolby built in stuff but if it's as good as other reviewers state this again is a major plus for those wanting a do it all monitor.

This is a slightly more expensive monitor to others of the same size. Some £30 - £40 more but well worth it. I expect my monitors to last a few years and if this does it will be extremely good value.
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on 20 February 2015
Extremely good looking screen and performance UNFORTUNATELY the HDMI socket connection is very loose and despite tying the cable to the stand as securely as possible the least touch on the screen affects the connection and have to climb on desk and refit the HDMI plug. have never seen this problem on any other HDMI inputs.
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