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on 2 May 2013
I've had this monitor for around 2 months now. My previous Samsung SM226BW 22" monitor died on me after 5 years, so I forceably in the market for something new. After looking around a few options and checking out some reviews, I plumped for the Asus model. So my impressions so far

1. Packaging/construction - Excellent. Very well packaged (as you'd maybe expect for a monitor!). The two piece construction is so simple that even my mum could do it. No screwdrivers or anything needed. This is definitely one for the casual PC user. My only small complaint is that the stand part is a little unstable. It's not possible for it to fall over or anything like that. But if you have a desk that gets bumped (kids!) or is a little wobbly - then this monitor will sway a little. Maybe I was just spoiled with my previous monitor with a huge base and almost infinite stability! Still, it's a very very minor complaint.

2. Setup - the full 1920x1080 HD settings took me a little playing around and a little googling in order to get setup. Happy to put this down to my own graphics card (radeon 5770) rather than the monitor. Did get it setup correctly in the end.

3. Pixel issue - I went over my monitor very thoroughly and I don't see any dead pixels at all, so no issues there. I feel it's useful to state, as it's common to see more reviews of a product when people get an issue - and this seems to be a commonly reported one. It's not one that I've encountered.

4. Quality - After the little setup, I'm incredibly impressed with this monitor. Coming from a 1680x1050 monitor, the extra space onscreen is superb. The display quality is fabulous. I've no reason to doubt the reported 1ms response time. While I haven't done anything like full performance testing, I do play FPS games like Battlefiend 3. I've found my response times to be absolutely fine.

5. Price - I think the price of this monitor is great. I bought it at £175 (looks to be cheaper now) which was a great price compared to it's peers.

Note - doesn't take normal DVI input, it has 2xHD input. You are provided with a DVI-HD cable. I think this is great as it offers the option to plug true HD players into the monitor. This isn't something i've tested, but it's definitely a plus worth noting.

Overall, I don't think I've ever been as happy with a monitor as I am with this one. I think the combination of quality with price is just unmatched at the current moment. If I could get a PC desk with a little more room - I'd definitely be getting a 2nd one of these (subject to girlfriend approval....)
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on 31 May 2015
Amazing monitor! I bought two of them for my setup and mounted them on a desk mount so can't review the actual stand it came with.

The monitor is great quality, very , very bright - the brightest I've ever seen a monitor actually. This can be turned down in the settings, I had to set mines to 50% as it was causing eye strain. Even with the brightness at half its very bright for movie explosions ect. I can't fault the display or quality of this monitor at all, comes with everything you need (as described on Asus website for this product) and its pretty fast at booting up.

Two small draw backs: The buttons used to control the monitors settings and input are a little tricky to find the correct one, but you eventually get the naft of it... Eventually. Im very use to remote controls though.
The second draw back I've experienced is the automatic input transition, this is when there's no input on the selected source the monitor will automatically switch to the source with an input. Its a little annoying especially when I have multiple devices connected. And doesn't seem to be disabled.

Overall the monitor is amazing. I love it! The best monitors I've ever owned! Great to mount and they look stunning! Viewing angles are poor when looking down onto the monitor but aren't bad looking up or from the sides - id say average. And its Asus so I know they're going to last a long time!

Monitor is 1920x1080p @60Hz max.
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on 1 September 2014
I've had this product for a good few weeks and am enjoying my experience. I use this solely for gaming and the graphics are good. No dead pixels etc. and a solid display. The stand is rubbish as people have previously stated which is why I give it 4/5. If you are looking for a gaming monitor as I was after my BenQ RL##### went bust (HDMI board short circuited, no idea why.) then this is as perfect alternative. I use it for FPS games and the 1ms is evident in that there is no ghosting.

There isn't much more to say, everything else stated in the product description is as said.
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on 28 December 2015
Its a great monitor for the price! I use it for Console gaming and a second display for my mac. Looking to upgrade to two in the future when i purchase my PC. Cant go wrong with this monitor and the bezels look very clean, With 1ms Response time this is a perfect monitor for gamers and beats the rival BENQ on graphics and looks.
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on 23 September 2015
I love this monitor, I found no issues setting it up. It was very easy. The colours look very sharp compared to a standard monitor. Also the 1ms response time is brilliant, games looks so sharp. The bezels make the monitor look sexy and sleek. It makes your setup look nice. The 2 HDMI's are hand too. The buttons on the monitor arent the easiest to operate, especially in low light. It's super thin too.
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on 4 March 2014
The display is what you'd expect from a modern LED monitor. Fast update, decent view angle, high contrast etc. etc. I'm not expert enough to really be able to comment, but they do everything I want from them, and are WAY better than my old monitor which until I started using these I'd thought was perfectly adequate.

I have two of these, and the thin side-wall really does make them look almost like one big screen (although it's actually quite hard to get them to REALLY line up, which seems to be the case with all monitors I've used double). Actually I possibly like this set up more than some of the ultra-wide monitors available now, as it means you have a distinct separation between two desktops which you can use for different things, rather than mixing all the available space up into one. The exception to this is playing games; if you want more screen for gaming on, a bigger single screen is clearly better now.

They look nice, though, and certainly have been worth the purchase.
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on 3 September 2014
I was worried about dead pixles etc when I purchased this (in july 2014) due to other reviews, but mine came out of the box 100% fine, I transport it weekly in my car for 1hour journeys with just a little wrapping around the screen and it's still, totally fine.

the stand SEEMS flimsy, as it will wobby around at touch, but it's actually quite solid and won't break, the wobble is odd though, but on a solid surface it doesn't move anyway - also don't be afraid to be rough with it when putting it together, it feels flimsy but isnt.

quality is brilliant, I can't fault it and for gaming, the refresh rate and color is fantastic.

I would buy it again, I feel for the price it's unmatched (and I have about 4 similar monitors in my various offices) this one has become my favorite, I stole it from my work office and have swapped it with my gaming set up and given the work one my crappier older viewsonic.
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on 9 January 2016
this is great! the deliver was a day earlier than I expected, the product is running really well, there are many cables that you can use for different type of pc, there are also two different power cables within it as well, one for UK, one for Europe, this item is just what I've wanted
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on 16 December 2014
I like this monitor so much I thought I'd write my first review about it. Firstly, the picture quality is excellent. There are a few reviews that mention duff pixels but there are none on my monitor. The image is really sharp and, to my eyes at least, the colours are bright and natural with no adjustments to the out-of-the-box settings.

Secondly, and also worthy of mention is that, in addition to european and UK mains leads, are included a VGA cable and an HDMI to DVI cable.

Don't be put off by warnings of a bright blue screen with no input as this soon goes off and the monitor goes into standby within a few seconds as you would expect.

It's no surprise that the sound quality is not up to that of separate speakers but it's good enough for the occasional iPlayer visit and keeps the desk clutter free.
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on 23 June 2015
I have had this out of the box not more then 30 minutes and I have fallen in love with it. Its nice slick design and it's sharp image makes it look so nice, I am very close to making this my main screen.
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