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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 18 December 2012
This is a review of the iPad 4, released just a couple of months ago, and really it should have been called the iPad 3.1 (except Apple doesn't use numbers anymore!). Having used both the iPad 3 and the iPad 4, the graphics are the same (the iPad 3 has a retina display as well) and the overall look is the same (once you upgrade the earlier version to iOS 6, that is).

I understand that the main internal difference is the processor speed, and the most obvious external difference is that the charging port has changed from the 30-pin version to a small Lightning Dock, which means that if you are upgrading from the iPad 3 or earlier, all of your accessories which went through the charger are not unusable.

Therefore, there is absolutely no reason to upgrade from the iPad 3, so is it worth upgrading from the iPad 2?

There are some nice additions compared with the iPad 2, but not enough, I think, for someone to upgrade. However, the gorgeous higher-resolution graphics make using this a really nice treat, and worth considering to pay the difference if you are considering the iPad 4 against the slightly cheaper iPad 2.

The video shows what you get in the box - I would suggest buying a screen protector (because even after 10 minutes you could clearly see the residue of fingerprints on the screen) and a case (to protect and enable you to prop it up).

It is surprising to me how much the iPad has been part of my home life. It makes checking emails and internet browsing You don't need to go to a big machine with a keyboard for casual searching - you can have something closer to a big book.

Secondly, using the iPad for emails is really good. The text is clear, and somehow the pictures seem more vivid, and you can just scroll going up and down with a flick of the finger rather than the organised gestures of the mouse. It may seem like no big difference, but it makes all the word of difference for ease and enjoyment.

I go the Wifi version rather than the 3G version because I am mostly in places which have Wifi (more and more common), but even if I need 3G connectivity, I can tether my iPhone to the iPad. It may cost a few pounds more a month when I use it, but it saves me a hundred pounds now.

I can confirm that both Screen Protector for Apple iPad 2 & 3, Includes Microfibre Cleaning Cloth And Application Card, 6 Pack and TeckNet® New iPad 4, iPad 3 & iPad 2 Premium Folio Leather Case / Cover and Flip Stand With Built-in Magnet for Sleep / Wake Feature + Screen Protector For New Apple iPad 4th Generation, iPad 3 & iPad 2 - Black both work for the iPad 4. I imagine that most, if not all, accessories for the iPad 2 will work for the iPad 4 (apart from those which use the charger, which won't work), but I can confirm that these work.

The battery life is amazing. I have used it for web surfing for several half hours, but only got down to 85% complete.

Overall, a very good investment, and something that I use every day (if only to read my books from the Kindle app - in colour).
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on 7 January 2013
This is my first iPad (indeed my first tablet). It was always going to be a 10 inch - but I had to choose between and iPad and a Galaxy at about 100 quid cheaper. I went for an iPad primarily because I already have an iPhone and I hoped and expected that they would communicate well with each other.

In this I have not been disappointed. The integration is seamless and suddenly the iPad seems to have all my contacts and other data from the iPhone without me having to do anything in particular. Similarly, though with a little more head scratching, all the music I had on the iPhone is also on the iPad. The head scratching has to do with the difference between what's in the Cloud and what's physically on a device. The iPad knew about the music without much effort, and could play it by streaming it from the Cloud, but if I was out of reach of WIFI I was suddenly without the tracks again. The answer was physically to download the content, and now I have the music whether I am in a network or not. To really get on top of this you will need to download iTunes to your PC and use it to help manage your iPad.

I have downloaded several apps, but the star for me, has been the Kindle app. I have to say 'wow'. If anything, it makes the Kindle experience even better than using the Kindle reader - especially since I like to read in bed ... and now have backlighting whose level I can easily set. Syncing from iPad to Kindle and back again has been a doddle. So far, for me, a major plus.

Apple are very good at making ownership a pleasure. The iPad oozes quality, and is a joy to handle. Man-years have been spent on the user interface, and it shows. Very slick. People say that this version is not much different from 2 or 3, but I'm not so sure. It has a faster processor and more pixels, and if you are going to use a tablet for several hours a day, you do want a good screen to look at - and good it is.

There are a few downsides. Not having Flash is one of them. I knew about this before I bought, but it's still a bit of a downer to access a well known website and suddenly find that it doesn't perform any more. Just one of those things you need to know about and accept. There are often native apps that get around that issue.

Another downside is to be English speaking in France (this applies to other language/location permutations). Because the device knows you are in France, it keeps pushing French at you; not the end of the world, but not always convenient. When you go to the iTunes store, you find that an app you know is available, is out of reach - it's in the English store, but not the French one, and amazingly, in this interconnected age, you can't have it. It all has to do with DRM and how Apple chooses to implement it. There are workarounds. If this issue affects you, Google it for solutions.

These don't lead me to a downrating. This really is a 5 star product. It's a super bit of kit and I don't regret my choice.

>>>>>>>>>> Updated 25 January 2013 >>>>>>>>>>

Some things I have learned in the last couple of weeks which might be useful (none of which would reduce my rating though):

1 - A tablet is *not* a laptop without a keyboard (and adding an external keyboard won't change that). Owning a tablet will not make your PC or laptop redundant. Those are productive tools, and a tablet is more about consuming content. Consuming music, films, videos, websites and so on. For actually producing something, like a brochure, or doing a mail merge, you will be back to your PC.

2 - printing is primitive. Really. You can change the number of copies you want, but that's it. You can't specify a paper size or orientation, or quality, or have a say where on the page your output will be placed. There is a little help on the way from printer manufacturers (HP in my case) who have some more helpful apps, but be warned.

3 - the operating system is very good, but very different. You are not going to see familiar folder structures, and be able to drill down to where your document is. So I don't actually know where my PDF copy of the manual is, but my PDF reader does, so it still works. "It's an operating system Jim, but not as we know it".

4 - once you've got used to not thinking of it as a computer, it's great. This review is being prepared on my very fast PC, on one of the three big screens that run off it. But last night I could point my iPad at different parts of the sky, and have the stars, galaxies, constellations and planets identified and named for me. Can't do that on my PC. This morning, grey dawn, I was in bed with my cup of tea, catching up on the morning papers on my iPad. Can't take my PC to bed with me. Last week there was a huge pall of smoke on the horizon. On my iPad I called up my location, got maps running, also ran a compass app, and worked out where it was. Can't do that on my PC. You get the idea.

5 - I already said that the Kindle app was great. Yesterday I used the iPad to access Amazon and bought a Kindle book about the iPad, and downloaded it to the iPad directly. First time I've done that without going through my actual Kindle. The book looks super on the iPad, and the illustrations, screenshots mostly, are all in their native colour. I'm already through a third of it, and can recommend it too. It's here if you are interested: iPad: The Missing Manual (Missing Manuals). Just check it's the latest one, which I think is Nov 2012.
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on 14 July 2013
At 77 years old I could think why on earth I would want one of these new fangled things.
Now , quite honestly, I can't live without it. Does anyone want a laptop?
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on 20 November 2013
This is my first foray into the Apple stable after lots of recommendations from friends. Last year I bought a cheap tablet and almost immediately regretted it. It was cheap yes but is was nasty.
The iPad is a quality product, however it is expensive which is why I only went for the 16gb version.
Why have I only given it four stars?
1) I have had to do a soft reboot on two occasions twice, after the Times online app froze.
2) I cannot view any website which uses Flash software as for some reason, Apple don't allow it to be installed on their products. This is frankly, not good enough when paying hundreds of pounds for a product of theirs.

So whilst I am very pleased with the iPad, I will not be buying an iPhone. What annoys me there is not being able to upgrade memory by the simple insertion of a memory chip. It seems that memory is cheap nowadays with everyone except Apple and again that is not good enough.
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on 9 March 2013
Love my iPad. It is probably the best "gadget" that I have purchased on Amazon. This is the 4th generation iPad with the retina display. It is really a beautiful piece of kit. I know Apple charges a premium for their products, but it is for good reason. If it is simply functionality that is important, then any old tablet will do - there are plenty of 8" Android tablets out there for less than £150. The difference is in the quality. I remember when I got the very first iPhone when it was launched in 2007. It was miles ahead of the competition and the quality was fantastic - in fact it is unlocked and I still use it as an iPod touch.
So what do I love about the iPad - the design is fantastic, I love the feel of the curved sides and the aluminium back (very much like the original iPhone). It simply works. The iOS is very good and the iTunes and App Store are very well developed now.
What isn't there to like? - well, like other reviewers have mentioned, I don't believe that the wi-fi antenna is particularly good, and even within the house it drops out every now and then. Apple accessories are ridiculously expensive and as the New iPad uses a lightening connector all previous chargers and accessories don't connect (you do get a 3pin plug and USB charger in the box though). I have a zeppelin speaker but it has the 30pin connector on it; I had to buy an Apple converter so that the iPad would play audio and it is a small 6" cable and cost £30, other cheaper ones advertised on Amazon are not compatible & don't play audio. Apple's other accessories are of similar ilk, such as the covers and cases, which are overpriced for what they are.

Overall I am a bit of an Apple fan and maybe that makes me slightly biased, but I did seriously consider other tablets. I got the iPad because I could afford it. If I couldn't then I would have gone for another 10" tablet, probably Google's Nexus 10.
Do I regret getting the iPad - absolutely not!
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on 17 February 2013
I ordered with a little trepidation......would I like it? Would I use it?
No need to have worried, I love it! And yes......I use it all the time!
Can't fault it, it's so clever, the technology behind it is just brilliant.
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on 5 January 2013
The new lightning connector, faster performance and a slightly better screen display are the only things that make it better than the iPad 3, but as their the same price, you may as well get the latest version. It has an excellent screen display and 2 reasonable quality cameras. Some apps have only been designed for iPhone and not for iPad, but they can still be downloaded on the App Store and can be scaled to fit the iPad's screen. It is fairly light so it's OK to carry around, but if you want to carry an iPad around a lot I would recommend an iPad mini. The screen display is 9.7 inches, so about the same as a netbook (although it feels bigger). In conclusion, the iPad 4 is an excellent product (although expensive), but can be bought new on ebay for around £370 buy it now price.
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on 19 May 2013
I was really excited about getting my new ipad 4...However, what was delivered was an Ipad 3!!! It is difficult to know which ipad is which between the 3rd gen and 4th gen. The only way is the charger is the new style on the 4th gen. The other way is to look at the model number and check on the apple website to see which generation it is.
I wandered if these people thought they would get away with it, or it was a genuine mistake. Thank goodness for Amazons return policy. They would get five stars for sorting it out so fast. We went to a local shop and picked one up in the end.
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on 11 February 2013
Happy with this product - only draw back is the charger - it has a2 pin plug so have had to spend out for a 3 pin.... Why was the 3 pin adaptor not included ?
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on 30 April 2013
My daughter & Family lives in Houston Texas & it's great to see each other on have chat with them for long periods they too have Ipads which you need or Apple Mac Computer to use Facetime. Only regret I have wished I had bought 30 GB instead of 15 GB the ipad itself is great especially for photographs & e-mails & very easy to use once you get into swing of it & Iam 82 years old so you are never to old to learn
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