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4.3 out of 5 stars83
4.3 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 3 December 2012
I'm not one of those Green Day fans who sullenly complain that Green Day don't sound like they did in the 90s and that everything they do these days is powerpop - I loved Green Day in the 90s, I loved Green Day in the 00s, and in the 10s? I still love these guys. "Uno" was a great little record, way underrated, and had it's share of catchy numbers and enough moments to remind me of why I love Green Day. Unfortunately, the follow-up, "Dos", is less impressive record.

I'll start with the songs I liked. "Stray Heart" might be the best song on the record. It's ridiculously catchy and has this bouncy, toe-tapping bass that you can dance to and not just pogo up and down to like in live shows but actually dancing. It's very un-Green Day in that its not punk-pop but it's still a really fun and enjoyable tune. Conversely, "Ashley" is the most Green Day sounding song on the record ("Nimrod"-era GD) with a catchy hook and driving beat, complete with trademark Tre drums. The closing song, "Amy", is Billie-Joe's tribute ballad to Amy Winehouse but beside the sentiment is a really great tune and is the song I've come back to more than any other on this record. Great sound, it has a very bare arrangement with just vocals and guitar. "Wild One" would be my final pick of the good songs on this record. It's catchy as hell with a slow and pounding beat. It sounds like a Noel Gallagher song from "Morning Glory" era Oasis complete with full on have-it guitar solo.

There were only a couple of songs I completely disliked. "Lady Cobra" is a total rip off of the White Stripes' "Fell in Love with a Girl" but not nearly as good and "Nightlife" is this record's "Kill the DJ". It's just plain bad, slow, stupid, interminable, and has this horrible rap throughout. Really wish this had been left off the record.

As for the others, well - you know the phrase "damning with faint praise"? That's what sums up the rest of the songs. "Baby Eyes", "Lazy Bones", "Stop When the Lights Flash Red", and "Wow! That's Loud" all have nice moments, a cool riff, but are ultimately forgettable b-sides. "**** Time" has this really weird moment where Billie-Joe goes "aaahhh aaahhh" into the mic. You know when someone imitates a large crowd cheering? That's what it sounds like. And "Makeout Party" is funny (middle aged guys rocking out about spin the bottle and truth or dare) with a great bassline but is still a really average song.

After a strong start with "Uno", "Dos" is a dip in quality but has a few excellent songs on it that are definitely worth checking out. Here's hoping Green Day finish their 2012 trilogy strong with "Tre".
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on 17 November 2012
I don't usually leave reviews but felt compelled to for this album. I have no clever words or sentences but quite simply this album is brilliant (prefer it to Uno) and definitely one of my Green Day fave's, I love every track on it. Dunno what else to say, it's just an utterly brilliant album which really kicks ass, Green Day style, and CANNOT wait to see them play this stuff live in June. Rock on Billie, you guys still have it big time! Buy it and listen to it, Ashley and Lazy Bones are immediately likeable and have you humming on all day, Lady Cobra, Makeout Party, Stop, and Wow! all just very 'up' and punky songs which remind me of Christians Inferno, and F*** Time, well that's just FUN! And obviously influence by the Beatles, not a bad thing! Really, what's not to love about this album?!
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on 11 December 2012
I think Dos is definitely the weakest of the three albums which Green Day released in 2012. Definitely not as good as Uno which is my favourite of the three, and to be honest it's not as good as Tre either. But it's ok, and a few songs do stand out. Stray Heart is awesome, the beat is really catchy (incidentally the video is weird but I'm not reviewing that). Baby Eyes is great, unlike the rest of this album it does actually have a similar style to most of Uno in my opinion. Nightlife is interesting - kind of weird, alternates between distorted male vocals and what I can only describe as a female rapper. Strange but cool, I like it. The rest of the songs are all good, but none of them really stand out.
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on 28 November 2012
As a massive fan for years, I was quite impressed by Uno on the first play. The first time I played Dos, I really didn't think much of most of the tracks. But I left it in the car and found that it really grew on me. There is a really standout blinding track on this album in Nightlife, a duet with Lady Cobra, sleazy, drunken and wonderful. If you pay attention to the lyrics in most of the tracks there are really many indications that all is not well in the head of BJA. His struggle with drugs/alcohol are evident, plenty of not-so-subtle hints at his mindset. I wish him all the very best in rehab, he's a great guy and I would love to see them live again, when he's ready!
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on 17 November 2012
I love this album!
It is unusual for Green Day in that there are a mix of styles, ranging from the Everly Brothers-esque 'See You Tonight', via more the catchy pop 'Stay the Night' (more than a nod to A Town called Malice'), the female rap on the grunge song 'Nightlife', to the good old Rock'n'Roll of 'Lady Cobra' & 'Stop When the Red lights Flash'.
This album demonstrates that Green Day have far more strength & depth in creativity & performance & Billie Joe Armstrong's voice has far more range & versatility, than they are given credit for.
My personal favourites are 'Lazy Bones','Stop When the Red Lights Flash' & 'Lady Cobra' - the last two I have seen performed live & they both blew the audience away with their energy.
This album may disappoint 'old school' Green Day fans looking for remakes of Dookie & Insomniac, but if you are prepared to keep an open mind, there is a rich seam of musical talent running throughout. Once Tre is out in December (& that has some awesome tracks on it, including the hauntingly beautiful 'The Forgotten' from the film Breaking Dawn pt2), it will be interesting the play the 3 albums together.
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on 3 June 2015
Fantastic album, sounds superb on vinyl. Only downside is if you buy the vinyl you don't get Stray Heart, this is due to the fact they switched Stray Heart and Drama Queen at the last minute. I got all three albums in the hope that ¡Tré! would have Stray Heart, but sadly Amazon only has the corrected version. So if you buy all three albums on vinyl, you will get no Stray Heart and Drama Queen twice. Not really too bothered, a little annoying though
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on 15 December 2012
One of the most energetic, high paced albums i've ever heard. Every song is good, and most make you want to start dancing. I cannot understand the average reviews this album has received, given the quality of the music on it. I would recommend to Green Day fans and non-fans alike. You'll find yourself with a song from Dos in your head all the time.
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on 23 November 2012
Attempting to get right to the point (not something I excel at):

If the "best" Green Day album(s) is worthy of 5 stars (argument could be made for any studio album between '91 and 2005, my personal fave is Nimrod)...

I would say Uno was 4 stars (I know I'm not reviewing that album, just trying to get some perspective) as although it isn't a "classic" I enjoy listening to it and would rarely skip any of the tracks.

However, though I may (and hope I will) be proved wrong in time, after a week or so I cannot say the same about Dos - hence the 3 star rating.

To be more specific: there is very little I truly love about this album and some parts of it are downright cringe-y...
The start of Dos is promising (if you don't simply want endless Dookie clones); See You Tonight is a minute-long Simon and Garfunkel-esque intro to the album. Then (like a lot of songs on 21st Century Breakdown seemed to do) this interesting new direction is arbitrarily chucked out the window - which isn't entirely surprising, I probably wouldn't have wanted an entire album in that style, though that may have been preferable to what follows:
F*** Time is surely the stupidest (in a bad way) Green Day song ever. As a long-term fan used to defending them against accusations of childish superficiality I was embarrassed enough by the title of their last live dvd, but this?? Cheesey, lazy 12-bar blues with those childish (BJ was writing more adult, profound stuff at 16), lazy "lyrics"? It would have barely made a b-side in the 90s.

Incidentally - It's not the swearing; "**** head, **** face, ****-smoking mother******* ***hole, dirty **** waste of semen I hope you die hey!" is part of a great song off Nimrod, but that had, um, "feeling" and a point to it (at least more than this does). Whereas the aforementioned dvd title and this song just come across as... well, pointless and rather lame.

Things do improve after F*** Time. Sadly though, whereas Uno could get away with nicking a riff from B-sides here and there and make great new songs with them, it doesn't work so well when you consistently plunder riffs from some of your greatest songs and various indie tracks from the early 2000's... all you (or at least I) can think is "well, this is ok but not as good as the original."
Trying to ignore this, the next four tracks are enjoyable enough - some interesting ideas in Wild One and a nice chorus on Stop When The Red Lights Flash - but even then, they would mostly be considered filler on almost any other GD album - even Uno.
Stray Heart is considered to be the stand-out of this bunch, but it's nothing we haven't heard before, really. Personally, I prefer my current favourite track "Ashley" which is probably the most classic punk-style song Green Day have done for a very long time, possibly ever - if you remove Billie's voice and lower the production a bit it could easily sneak into several 70's/80s punk albums and not seem out of place.
The catchy yet slightly ominous and disquieting Baby Eyes is another good song - though like several tracks on Uno, my aged Green Day fan's ears wish the backing vocals could just be Mike again - as it is he is barely audible and the amazing chemistry between his and Billie Joe's voice is subsequently lost. That is very nit-picky, though.
I couldn't say if Lady Cobra is truly a good song as I simply can't disassociate it from the White Stripes album Elephant, due to it just sounding like a cover/mashup of songs from there.
Next: Nightlife... wow. I've always liked new ideas/directions from Green Day, but I'm just not sure about this. I suspect I haven't given it enough time to sink so I won't truly decide whether I like it or not yet. At the moment, though, I expect that I would have welcomed it more if the rest of the album was filled with excellent songs, which would have given them more license to take a chance on something like this and left me in a better, more open mood to receive it. As it is, at this point in the album I'm already thinking "there'd better be a seriously good track soon" and Nightlife is what we get. Hmm.
Things don't improve with "Wow! That's Loud", the title seemingly telling you all you need to know about the lack of emotional depth (a la F*** Time). I imagine it was going for the same kind of carefree "PARTY!" vibe as Minority, Hitchin' a Ride or King for a Day, but it comes across more like the drunk/stoned idiot who won't stop talking to you at a party that your friend dragged you to and you just can't wait to leave.
We conclude with Amy. An interesting, slightly baffling dedication to Amy Winehouse that, whilst pleasant, ends the (until this point) rather raucous album on a sombre, slightly bewildered note - much the way one would feel if your friend suddenly turned round to you on your night out and told you that their dog had just died and walked out of the pub/club.
It is fitting in a way as the whole album lacks cohesion, but this really hammers home the feeling that I was left with when I first (and, to be honest when I LAST) listened to it. The feeling being: "What in the hell... was that???"

In conclusion, 3 stars does not mean I think Dos is a dreadful album; I must like it more that 21st Century Breakdown as I seem to remember being too downcast to even write a review for that (in short, too many tracks, too hung up on the "we write rock operas now!" vibe, and what pillock's idea was it to get rid of Rob Cavallo??)

I'm just glad that Uno proved that not only have Green Day still got it, but that I am not "too old" for what they've got. At least not when they write for themselves instead of what they seem to think young teens like (I really hope F**** Time - at least the song - isn't what young teens like these days or the earth is doomed).

I will keep listening to Dos, but my hopes are firmly pinned on Tre.
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on 15 December 2012
CD is Great as you would probably expect from Greenday. The T shirt is so small that it fits my son's action man but that is about all!

Having contacted Amazon they advise that it is advertised as small and that is that. Be warned that when thy mean small it is small - a small child!!!
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on 14 February 2013
This is the seconf album in Green days new trilogy. Again, much like uno this is a great album of Green Day going back to their roots... i have to say this is my least favorite of the trilogy, nevertheless an essential in your music collection as it is still a great album.. enough said.
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