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on 30 October 2012
Got this 2 months ago. Its slim, light and battery last for over five hours. It hasn't got a glossy screen so you can use it without seeing everything behind you reflected back. The processor is quick and handles all tasks. Windows 8 on this machine is a joy to use. Plays a lot of 3d games if you can dial back the settings including Dirt3 (my favourite). No problems with HD video or office duties either. Looks fantastic with it's metallic finish and the trackpad is really smooth and responsive. The lack of disk drive for DVD was a concern at first but now I just rent or rip films to the hard-drive. Couldn't be anymore pleased with my purchase to be fair.
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on 25 January 2013
I was initially very pleased with this laptop. It's speedy, light and looks great. The only thing I would fault is the poor battery life (realistically 3 hours or so) which I was well aware of from reading many reviews and isn't an issue for me.

Unfortunately, after about 4 weeks, the flip down, ethernet port cover cracked and broke.
You can't plug a network cable in without the cover, as it hold the cable in place next to the pins.
I asked how I should go about returning my laptop to have it fixed and Samsung's response was that this was accidental damage and they would charge for replacement of the whole case! They said it would be cheaper for me to buy a USB network adapter then have it fixed - this was not really what I wanted to hear about a 4 week old, £700 laptop that clearly has a bit of a design flaw...
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on 21 May 2015
I had this laptop for 2 years. The hinge snapped on the back, and also loosened a wire so the screen does not work. This is a common issue with the laptop, usually repaired under warranty. A court-case in the UK described the problem as an "inherent fault", therefore goods are not of merchantable quality (laptops are designed to be opened and closed without breaking after all). I will be taking the case to the small claims court.
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on 30 December 2012
Received this for Christmas to replace my old laptop which was running windows vista. I was initially sceptical about the boot up time, I needn't have worried, it is really fast. It took 21 seconds from pressing the on button, typing in my password and clicking internet explorer to get online. It is very slim and lightweight and the performance and memory available is more than sufficient. Windows 8 does take a little getting used to, however after using it for 2 weeks now, I am more than capable of navigating effectively. As will all PC's and laptops, it comes with a load of app's/programs that you will never use, these were swiftly uninstalled/deleted. Another benefit of this ultrabook is the ability for it to connect to my Samsung TV and my Samsung Blu Ray and share files. The most important issue however in my opinion when reviewing a laptop/ultrabook is the ease of which connect wirelessly. I have no connection issues whatsoever, whether I am home, office, train and other internet hotspots. I was even able to get full connectivity(5 out of 5) at a hotel I normally stay at when on business, my old laptop only managed to get 2 bars out of 5. I highly recommend this ultrabook.
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on 26 November 2015
Bought this a little while ago now, but it's done me very well - The battery life is not excellent but then again, i'm usually plugged in so it doesn't really matter. It's lasted me for a good couple of years, and for the price i can't complain at all! Lots of bloatware on first boot though.
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on 16 June 2013
An ultrabook depends on wireless connectivity. There is a well-documented issue - which sadly I didn't know about before I purchased - with the Intel Centrino 6235 wireless adapter fitted to this product resulting in random, but frequent, wireless connectivity drop-outs. The issue appears to affect Samsung products in particular, but not exclusively. There is at present no solution. Driver updates have failed to remedy the problem and neither Intel or Samsung appear to doing anything about it. See here for just one of many, many threads on the problem: I'll be returning this ultrabook to Amazon as a defective product.
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on 29 January 2013
I recently bought one of these machines in a Swiss high-street store, reduced to £357 (but with a QWERTZ keyboard)
but even at this price, I find it hard to recommend this laptop.

I work with a variety of makes of laptops, including Apple, Lenovo, Sony and Samsung. This is the slimmest laptop I've had, but compared to each of the others, it's the one I least enjoy typing on.

Having a ultrabook is great for saving space, but unless you REALLY need a laptop that thin and portable, I'd recommend going for a slightly heavier laptop with a proper Quad-Core i5 processor (rather than the Dual-Core i5 in this ultrabook) and with a proper keyboard, whose keys do push down slightly Even my Apple Wireless keyboard is far nicer to type on than this ultrabook's keyboard.

However, as an ultrabook, it's fairly fast, quiet, and not too bad looking. It still looks like a budget model, when compared to, say, the Asus Zen ultrabooks.

(My favourite laptop is still my Sony VPC 13.3" quad-core i5 laptop, which weighs around 2kg. Unlike this ultrabook, I would consider it to be a Desktop replacement. It's a pleasure to type on, it's fast, quad-core, has a backlit keyboard, a great screen and has "real" trackpad buttons.)
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on 12 August 2015
I've had this laptop over a year now (July 2014).

Pros: It's fast, portable, performance speed, is great, keyboard is good, light and exactly what you'd want in an ultrabook.

Cons: Screen quality is not great - can often appear 'glarey', can't access battery at all without taking laptop apart, microsoft updates are annoying (however, these are standard with any new laptop unfortunately).

After 6months of purchase I spilled coffee on my laptop and the warranty did not cover it. Thankfully I managed to get the motherboard fixed, battery replaced and a new keyboard. The system was restored and all is back to normal (minus the messy external repair job).

The laptop is sleek, simple and it works. I've traveled to many places and had no problems. The battery life is good overall with around 4-5 hours of realistic work time (internet only). When you switch it on standby it conserves the battery life.

Overall, If you're looking for a modern, portable laptop that has 4-5 hours of battery life and a quick processor - this is for you.
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on 26 December 2012
Found the laptop to be as described, was quick and easy to use, ultra thin and transportable, along being good value for money in its range
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on 14 November 2012
Lovely PC spoiled by useless wireless. The intel centrino drops connection erratically and CANNOT be fixed as I write. Take a look at the intel forums.
The whole point of this machine is its portability which is destroyed by the lack of connectivity.
Seriously flawed
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