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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars169
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 12 June 2014
I liked the trailer for this DVD, it looked and sounded good. Basically, something happens and all power is lost to mankind, no electricity, no power at all, governments fall, militias rise up and man kind goes backwards way. The story is set 15yrs after' the power has gone out ' (thats what they call it) it focuses on a various people and their individual stories and how their lives interconnect. They flashback in episodes to just after the power went out start to give the reason it happened and why and also you start to see how they hope to get the power back on again. This all sounds good and in theory it should be a good DVD, but I found it so silly! I know it's Hollywood but really! The actresses have had their hair highlighted and tonged, ( without electricity?!!!) Also the Monroe militia have perfectly sown matching coats don't tell me they were all hand sown?!!! Also the militia have computer printed maps of the areas they control after the power went out when no computer could have printed them! Oh dear, I could carry on and on with silly mistakes. I have to say I haven't watched it all yet as the episodes all got very much of a much-ness, more or less the same old thing every episode. Lots of silly fighting, with the main characters and their porcelain veneers!!!! Big joke.
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on 30 March 2014
I watched this entire series on tv lastyear and loved it that much i am going to be buying the box set, its a very interesting show, good plots, twists and outcomes. I enjoyed watching each character grow and the show would give you flashbacks of before the blackout happened to show each characters story and background, all the leading characters are stand out amazing, you wont ve disappointed its a must see and season two is showing online and on sky right now
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I stumbled by this one in my recommendations and gave it a go. It is another post apocalypse survival tale - and I love them. The plot is someone or something has turned the power off. No more internet no more computers no more life as we know it. Luckily guns still work - phew.

We meet Charlie who has her father killed and brother kidnapped on the same day by the evil leader of Monroe County and his bunch of loyal - if slightly dysfunctional - militia. She has to find her estranged uncle (Miles) and get her bro back. Meantime's she is helped by step mom and Computer geek Aaron. All is never as it seems as the plot gets thicker by the episode and there are real surprises in every episode.

We travel to different parts of the US and find how each county is working differently and life is essentially cheap wherever you go, so being able to kick some bottom (as it were) comes in real handy.

This is a `sit back and enjoy the action' series; but that is only on one level. There is a fair bit more once you scratch the surface and that is one of its real strengths. The acting is all top notch and the action is always guaranteed in nigh on every of the twenty episodes. It is also more addictive than chocolate flavoured beer and I have really enjoyed watching it. There are loads of little things that you can nitpick about, but that would be churlish for what has been a complete surprise for me and a very pleasant one at that - roll on series 2.
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on 16 July 2014
Absolute tripe, civilization stopped 15 years ago but apparently hair stylists, beautox, fashion retailers and cosmetic dentistry all survived the great blackout, amazing!!!!
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on 26 September 2013
Nice idea, shame about the execution.

I'm not going to elaborate further on the points made by other reviewers (such as the lack of realism in the setting & the actors' appearance) - Other than to underline how truly dreadful the acting and scripting truly is. I started to watch this after I realised that 'Gus Fring' (Giancarlo Esposito) from the truly outstanding 'Breaking Bad' series was starring in this, little was I prepared for a show that was so utterly shambolic, I'm really struggling to put words together. Agree, it is a 'good idea' - But without any really convincing characters, and utterly dreadful script writing there was nothing to hold my interest past 5 or 6 episodes, the majority of which I had to force myself to watch, waiting for the hidden depth to emerge. It didn't. Nor will it. Cynics will claim I didn't give it time; I will assert that no matter how much time I gave it, the actors will not improve their craft, nor will the daft story-lines improve.

There are clearly a number of nods towards Stephen King within this show, but whereas he (in a similar way to Breaking Bad, or indeed the similarly excellent Game of Thrones) would craft interest and tension from a slowly building storyline, 'Revolution' is in too much of a hurry to move things along; Characters captured & escaping multiple times in an episode feels like over-eager story-writers trying to make up for inability to create any depth in the characters, and situations they encounter.

It's clearly popular with some - I can respect the views of others, after all we're just here to share opinions. But this really wasn't for me - If you like shows along the lines of The Wire, the aforementioned Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, Mad Men, Game of Thrones et al - This one is probably best left alone.

Oh, they've been captured, no wait, they escaped, or have they been captured again?
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on 20 October 2014
As you'll already know what Revolution is all about (or at least read in a review elsewhere), I'll cut to the chase and offer my honest, fair opinion.
It is all pretty vanilla; a show probably best suited for older teens (or those capable of overlooking the DOZENS of logical inconsistencies the writers fail to address). It isn't horribly offensive on an intellectual level (like Twilight is), and is okay if you just want to turn your brain off for forty minutes and unwind.
But. . . .
You'll have to have faith and just go with it, because if you actually start to question what you are watching, the show will be ruined. Example: The heroes are trying to stop the Monroe Republic (villains) from gaining access to the electricity which would allow them to activate missiles and mobilise machines of war. However, we are never told why this would be a bad thing. The 'villains' want to establish some kind of law, and stop the indiscriminate slaughter out in the badlands. So, within the confines of the show's logic, law, order, peace and prosperity are BAD things. Okay. . .
And surely the Monroe Republic, in possession of electricity, could begin to manufacture medicines, reestablish hospitals and schools, and just generally help the world regain some semblance of civilisation?
Meanwhile, our 'heroes' (who must be good because they have Old Glory tattoos), do their best to foil the Monroe Republic at every turn, and generally keep the world in the Dark Ages. . .
None of the above is helped by the fact that the bad guys are generally more likeable and well rounded characters than the good guys.
Revolution isn't the worst kind of Hollywood cheese, but it isn't too far off. . .
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on 18 November 2013
Started recording this off the telly then my TiVo needed replacing and lost the last 10 episodes before I had chance to watch them so when it came out on DVD I had to have it and spent all weekend catching up before the second season started its brilliant can't wait for the second series to come out on DVD
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on 27 June 2014
If you've seen 'Jericho', this is a poorer version of it. World goes to pot, humans start behaving like bloodthirsty animals, the strong prey on the weak, you're not a real man unless you can kill, etc etc. Never seen a dystopian drama concentrating on people struggling to remain civil in spite of real hardship, or the fight to try and make a bad situation better - no novel ways to cope with human trials; instead it's always about watching the obligatory murder/violence/hopelessness etc, and the struggle for the viewer to remain sane while trying not to want everyone annoying to get killed. 'Lowest common denominator' type drama, nothing to differentiate it from anything else in its genre.
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on 20 January 2014
Very holely when it comes to describing the future world. They cast is all clean and shiny. They have lovely, fitted clothes and nice boots (15 years after the factories closed); the militia have time to visit the gym as they are all muscly (yes, today's military do go to the gym, but that's because they have transport - future militia wouldn't have time for the gym, having to walk everywhere); no-one looks hungry or thin. Oh and oddly the wildlife (deers etc) seems to have survived nicely thank you - I would have thought they would have been hunted to extinction as people left the cities.

And then we get the script. "People who stayed in the cities all died". Where did they find the the city, which was doing OK thank you. Monroe has been looking for the two brothers for 15 years, but he's obviously not looked very hard because one was within a couple of days' walk of the city they started from, and the other the city.

Guns are amusing too. There is a constant running sub-plot about the lack of guns for the general population. The militia are the only ones allowed to have them. I can see how this might cause most Americans' teeth to start grinding "take away our guns...that's our civil liberties". To the majority of the other nations in the world, they wouldn't really understand how upsetting that is - they would probably shrug and say "law and order maintained in a world of anarchy by removing firearms...sensible idea." To carry forward modern views about weaponry, when everything else (computer programmers becoming farmers etc) has changed, seems stupid.

All that said, it's quite well put together, and the lead characters are strong and generally put in good performances. There's just enough plot (if you smile at the comments above) to keep you bumbling along.
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VINE VOICEon 26 February 2014
This series has the makings of a long term excellent show, that I hope will be renewed and continue for years. The power is off, but why? And can it ever return? These are the questions that the show is working towards answering and the character relationships that develop along the way are also excellent.
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