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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars526
4.7 out of 5 stars
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This scarcely needs a review because after 50 years practically everyone will know whether or not they like the Stones and most people considering this collection will know all the tracks on it very well indeed. It is worth saying, though, that this is a great collection. Obviously, any compilation like this will have some tracks you love and some you don't like so much, and some of your favourites will be missing (What - no Sister Morphine or but as a "Best Of" collection I don't think you can do better. It is well selected and sounds fantastic: the digital transfers of the early stuff are particularly good and bring real life to the tracks without interfering with their original sound.

I suspect that quite a lot of people considering whether or not to buy this will be in the same position as I am: I have a lot of Stones music on LP and cassette and for me this was a good way of getting some of the best of it on CD. You certainly get plenty of great stuff, and personally I found listening to this was like running my life on fast forward from the age of about 10, with pretty well every track conjuring up where I was at the time. It's also great to hear the evolution of the band from the early covers, through finding their distinctive identity around the time of Satisfaction and through all their phases since. Although I haven't always liked the direction they have taken, this is a reminder that the Rolling Stones really are one of the finest bands of the last 50 years and that Jagger and Richards are a truly great songwriting team. The full range of classics is here, from the storming rockers like Jumpin' Jack Flash through to the hauntingly beautiful Angie. Also included is their new (November 2012) single Doom And Gloom which I think is excellent - a real Stones belter and one of their best tracks in ages.

The question, of course, is "Do I need another Stones Greatest Hits album?" the answer to which will depend on your own view and the state of your music collection. For me it's a great summary of their career containing some of my favourite ever tracks, and has made them available to me in CD format. If you want a good, well put-together collection of The Rolling Stones, you can't go wrong with this set.

In short, it's only rock 'n roll, but...
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on 4 December 2012
They might be fossil faced and craggy after years of failing to mix spirits with mixers, but these guys still have the power to make people rock. Listening to this album makes me want to jut my hips Jagger-style as much as it did when I first heard their songs years ago (sadly, not the first time round as I'm in my thirties). I love this album, I really do. All of my favourite Stones tracks are in one place (well, three cds). It's a great entry point for anyone who knows and likes some of their better known songs, such as Paint it Black, Start Me up, Beast of Burden and Satisfaction. For anyone who already has 'Forty Licks' and is wondering whether or not this album just duplicates most of the tracks they already have, here are the songs that 'GRRR' has in addition:
Come On
Little Red Rooster
Time Is On My Side
Heart Of Stone
As Tears Go By
We Love You
Rocks Off
Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
Waiting On A Friend
She Was Hot
Streets Of Love
Harlem Shuffle
Doom And Gloom
One More Shot
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on 13 November 2012
Everyone knows these songs, so I won't bother talking too much about them; got the standard tracks for a greatest hits compilation for the Rolling Stones, plus the two new 2012 tracks Doom & Gloom and One More Shot, both excellent.

The packaging lets down this release, especially considering it's supposed to be celebrating a huge 50 year career. It's a card case, which is glossy but feels really cheap and flimsy compared to other card cases I've seen, and it has no plastic disc holders inside, so the 3 discs just slot into slots in the card, which I can see tearing quite easily.

The booklet leaves a lot to be desired as well; a 50 year career-spanning release you'd expect a bit of text in there about some of the tracks, the band's history (we all know it, but it's nice to have it there), but instead there are a few annotated photos and then just writing credits...nothing else, no lyrics, original release dates or nothing!

A shame, but worth buying for the music alone, especially if you don't already own these classics!
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on 5 April 2013
What a treat after the withdrawal of the band's Decca recordings on hybrid SACD. This Blu-Ray sound quality on this issue is excellent throughout. The only reason that it failed to get 5 stars from me is because:

1. "Brown Sugar" [about 1 minute in] has a sharp 1 second whistle sound on one side of the stereo image that should not be there.
2. The Stereo mixes of the Decca era tracks "Its All Over Now", "Heart Of Stone" and "Time Is On My Side" are stunning so why weren't the Stereo versions of the other recordings from the same period e.g. "Satisfaction", "Get Off My Cloud" etc used as well? A lost opportunity I think.

Finally, I hope we can now look forward to the re-issue of the Stones' entire Decca and Rolling Stones Records' back catalogues in this superb Blu-Ray audio format in due course.
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on 31 January 2013
Most of the negative reviews of this product are by those who have misunderstood what this product is.

I am reviewing this as somebody playing a Sony blu-ray player through an Onkyo amp to Wharfedale diamond speakers so I am probably the sort of person this product is aimed at.

I am not reviewing the music, you already know if you like the Stones or not.

This product is not for everybody but for those who have a reasonably set up and appreciate good quality music (and by that I mean 24/96 DTS not as a comment on the Rolling Stones ability as musicians).

For those of us who are constantly getting ripped off by record companies who know we will pay for extra sound quality this collection represents incredible value for money (Pink Floyd hang your heads in shame).

If you like the Stones, you have an ear for sound quality and the AV equipment to play it, this is a must.

Oh and for those worried about screen burn once you have set your choice of audio option switch your TV off.

And for those who like 5.1 I have found "Studio Mix" on my Onkyo amp works really well with this disc so you may have an equivalent on yours.
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on 19 June 2013
I listened to this on a 5.1 surround-sound Sony home cinema system (BDVN790).

As other reviewers have noted, just because you have a blu-ray player, it doesn't mean this is going to blow you away - the quality and nature of the speakers and other equipment is going to be pretty important too.
I enjoyed this as an audiophile, every note was crisp and resonant and it was clear that this had been polished and balanced at loving extent by engineers.
This is an audio experience though, so don't expect anything too fancy in terms of graphics or visuals (it's a simple menu system)
As someone else said below, the different audio formats were virtually impossible to tell apart as well, but that might be more down to my cloth ears than anything else.

If I had a criticism, it's that these songs were never really meant, in my opinion, to be hermetically sealed in crystalline sound quality and listened to in a darkened room by audiophiles. That's not a criticism of the musicianship or their cultural significance at all. It's just that this process turns the tracks into museum pieces, makes them somehow sterile. The Stones to me have always been earthy and robust.
This seems the equivalent of cleaning them up and placing them gingerly in a glass case. The best way to enjoy the Stones, for me, remains with friends, some strong drinks and a party.
You could listen to this in that context sure, but it seems overkill to go to this trouble for background music.
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on 12 November 2012
I don't own any Rolling Stones music, so when I saw this in stores, I was quite fascinated, I loved the design and the texture of the box (3xCD, book, prints), it wasn't too expensive, so I bought it, after all why not start with a package released to commemorate 50 years of music?
There is a big downside to this release, the fact that there is no original release date for ANY of the tracks. I mean, guys, this is a best of compilation covering 50 years, aimed (should be) to new fans, and you don't even tell them what year those tracks are from? I hate releases where they write all the same year, like the year the rights were renewed or whatever. They all say 2004 or something. What's the use of that? And absolutely no liner notes to speak of.
Take away the fancy box and you have a BUDGET release. One thumb down.
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on 4 February 2014
This is a bargain but the early recordings still don't sound great. the later songs which are better produced do sound great though.
I hope this medium takes off. When it's good it's very good. I'm into vinyl and it still takes some beating but the blu ray is very clear sounding but with a relaxed feel to it, unlike most CD releases. I'm hoping the record companies re-release a number of albums on the one disc as the capacity of the blu-ray is far greater.
I've only listened on a cheapo Sony blu-ray player and it sounds very good. I don't know if the medium takes the player quality out of the equation but it may well sound even better on an Opp or Cambridge Audio universal player.
I've also got Getz/Gilberto which is a jazz album which sounds fantastic. Jazz always seems to be recorded to a higher quality though.
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on 15 January 2013
I brought this Rolling Stones compilation on BluRay because I am very interested in hearing these classic songs in High Res Audio.
Overall the early songs from the 1960s don't have much better sound as the SACDs issued a while back.
However the 1970s songs are a big improvement in sound, makes you realise how poor the CDs were mastered.
As a value for money you can't complain. It is a shame there was no video content included such as promo clips or even some info on the music.
It also would have been nice to hear these in 5.1 if possible.
Overall its a good choice of songs and make this a good compilation of 50 years of The Rolling Stones.
I don't have any issues with the packaging, it's the typical BluRay case with a booklet with a small amount of info about each track.
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on 12 November 2012
Firstly, it's important to note that this review is of the 'SUPER DELUXE EDITION' of this collection:
Like many Stones fans, I have the Stones music on multiple formats & nobody MADE ME buy this. I questioned & questioned whether to order this deluxe box, but there were a few tantalizing morsels in it, even though said morsels have been available on bootleg releases for decades. So, the 'IBC' tracks were finally seeing an official release, as were the classic BBC tracks that feature on the vinyl e.p & at approx: £100, I thought the hard-back book of memorabilia would be something a bit special. Afterall- isn't this release a celebration of 50 years of the Stones?. That eventually swayed me & I've got to say I feel completely ripped-off. I'm almost embarrassed to write this 'review', as I probably should've known better. But I'm writing it for the sake of other fans/collectors who may fall into the same trap I did. This review isn't about the MUSIC, which is fantastic & if you don't have it- I suppose you may be happy with this compilation. Having said that: this release doesn't serve as 'a primer', as there's NO liner notes for the tracks- not even the year of release. So, as an 'educational item' it's redundant. That leaves the appeal of this collection for the hardcore fan, enticed by those nuggets I've already mentioned. The IBC demo disc is approx: 12 min's long (I already knew that), BUT the tracks don't even sound AS GOOD as they do on many unofficial releases!- in-fact one of them appears to have been transferred from crackling vinyl (!). The whole package is badly designed & the 'book' has many blank pages, or pages that contain eg: a picture of a small badge in the middle of it. Luckily the extra vinyl ep sounds good (for those who have a record player). But, all in all what you get for your money is an EVEN BIGGER horrible Gorilla box & ....not much else. Bitterly disappointing. Don't make the mistake I did- just watch Ebay, as I suspect mine will be on there as a Christmas bargain shortly.
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