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4.3 out of 5 stars840
4.3 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 30 November 2012
In my meager opinion the Ultimate "Ultra Sexy Protection For Your Samsung S-III" has to be the "Otterbox Commuter case"...
I have tried several cases over the past several months and the Otterbox range of protection, has got something for each and every owner of a Samsung Galaxy S-III.

If your are very serious about protecting your Phone under 'all circumstances', and you do NOT mind a bit of extra bulkiness, Otterbox Defender Series is definitely for you. However its really quite expensive for a case.
However considering the fact you wish to protect your beautiful, sexy £500 quid investment, the cost of the "otterbox defender series" the price is really of irrelevance, because its not really all that expensive if you want the absolute very best there is, on the planet, that actually looks good.

However I chose the 'Otterbox Commuter series' because its NOT as Bulky, and provides adequate protection from all angles, the only difference between Commuter and Defender; the Defender gives 360 degrees protection, meaning it covers the whole of the front panel, and screen with a specially made thin layer of plastic, that doesn't need changing, once its on your phone.

Personally regardless of price I prefer the 'Otterbox Commuter Case' because it blends into to the shape of the phone very well, while providing decent protection from dropping on tarmac, concrete, or just a hard tiled floor. Its the perfect protection case for me that also looks very trendy indeed.

It comes in two sections, the 1st one, is soft rubber to absorb shock from a drop from any reasonable height, and the 2nd is the tough case, that surrounds the soft rubber, to make it one item. Its really been very cleverly thought out by the team of engineers at Otterbox. Its a great price too, I( may add for the Black version which I think looks nicest with the -:(white Samsung S-III Smart-phone).

For Amazons Price that ATM cannot be beaten elsewhere, I would recommend this case to any person, young or old. I find twelve pounds very reasonable indeed, for this superb case.

Mine is the -: Black Otterbox Commuter Case S3. It took me no more than 5-10mins putting it on very carefully, please don't try to rush it, or you will have to take it all off again, which you don't want, it goes on right the first time if you follow the instruction's diagram. You will be delighted, I found it gave my Phone a Brand *New lease of life*. Now that I'm NOT worried about taking it out of my bag in public for long periods. People are always paying the phone compliments, which is great feedback.

Thanks for taking a Mo to read.. I hope my review has proved useful, its not a lot of money, and I think its a decent Amazon UK Bargain. Cheers!
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on 4 November 2010
Early indications are that I would recommend this case, but in time I will update this review should anything come to light.


* Solid build quality, when you have both the silicon and plastic skeleton attached together.

* Easy to put on (just YouTube it if you're really having trouble :) )

* Buttons give very positive feedback when pressed (the underside of the button has a bit of rubber protruding from it).


* Slightly more weightier than pure silicon cases, but this is due to the plastic skeleton.

* Flaps that cover the headphone and charger sockets do sometimes work themselves loose (but not entirely open). I haven't had the case long enough to ascertain how often this happens - and also if it would come totally open. I will update regarding this. Otterbox could have made the plug inserts a tad bigger, therefore providing a tighter fit and reducing the likelihood of these flaps coming loose/open.
There are slightly raised tabs making opening of these flaps easier for the user, however, these same tabs can also get caught in pockets. Personally, I think they should have omitted these tabs but left the flaps there.

Update 27 Nov 2010:
I've had this case a while now and can say that yes it is a solid, protective case. However, the flaps I mentioned above, do work themselves loose and a few times they have almost popped open entirely. A quick thumb on the side of the case temporarily resolves this issue, but I somehow think that the manufacturer could have made the ear phone and chargers inserts a little longer to discourage it from working itself loose, as I said earlier. I do recommend this case although it misses out on a full 5 stars because of the flaps issue.
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on 5 May 2013
This case is a life saver! In my case; a litre bottle of water opened up in my bag, flooding the whole thing. My phone was in the bag completely submerged in the water for at least 3 mins. When i realised it had happened, I took it out and too my amazement it had survived!

I wouldn't recommend using this case to go swimming with your phone but somehow the rubber inner protected the phone. Especially since it covers the headphones jack and lightening connector. I guess i was lucky the water didnt flood the speakers or earpiece. Phone is fully functional and didnt even need to leave it to dry.

Havent dropped my phone yet, but i feel comfortable that it would be safe. Adds only a little bulk, nothing in compared to having to repair the phone.

Highly recommended! Cheap aswell! Thank you Outterbox.
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on 30 August 2012
I tried a number of different cases for the S3 before settling on this one. It's superb.

If you want a case that protects the phone, but leaves the screen open, then I can't recommend this enough. It all works exactly how you would want it to, and is of excellent quality (unlike the others I tried, or similar price).

I'm going to comment on negatives people have mentioned elsewhere:

- The buttons are hard to press: I found the (bare) S3 hard to operate with my man-hands. It was like trying to use a wet bar of soap, with buttons I kept accidentally pressing (I use the phone two-handed frequently, for the larger keyboard). This case makes the volume and power buttons require a much firmer press. They still work perfectly, but now there are no mistaken presses. To me, this is a positive.

- The screen protector is too small, and gets in the way: I simply have not installed the (stick-on style) screen protector. The case has a chunky rubber edge that protrudes all round the front of the screen, meaning that the screen is well protected when face down. As it lives in a pocket (with no keys/coins etc), and it's Gorilla Glass 2, I personally see no need to use the protector anyway.

- It makes the phone too large: The phone is already large, but very slim. As such, I found it relatively fiddly to use, particularly with the slick surface. Wet bar of soap analogy again. This case makes the phone a little larger, but much easier to use for me. It sits nicely in the hand, and is nice and grippy. It also adds a bit of weight, that to me, feels nicer than the lightweight plain S3. For me, all of this is a positive. I'll upload a pic if I can.

- It's really hard to get on and off: Yeah, it is. It is designed to go on once, and be forgotten about. It does that absolutely brilliantly; to someone who didn't know, they might thing it was a built-in part of the phone. This is a positive.

- The rubber flaps can be fiddly: the flaps cover the charge and headphone ports. They are part of the rubber, and flip neatly out of the way. They stay put (either open, or closed); I expected to find them annoying - I don't, they work great. The ports don't fill with pocket lint.

All in all, I think this is a superb case if you keep the phone in your pocket, and you perhaps also find the bare phone a little fiddly to use.
review image
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on 3 July 2013
I got this case based on the good reputation of Otterbox and that it offered good balance between size and protection.

The case is in two parts with a rubber inner and a hard plastic outer and comes with a screen protector. There are hinged rubber covers for the usb and headphone sockets to prevent dirt getting in. The case extends about 3mm above the screen so that if the phone is dropped face down the screen will not hit the ground.

This case may offer less protection than the Otterbox Defender or a case like the Griffin Survivor but it is certainly enough for the average person. I have already accidentally tested it by dropping my phone onto a tiled floor from waist height and I'm happy to say my phone suffered no damage! It does add bulk to the phone but it still fits in my pocket easily enough. The only negative points are that occasionally the case makes it hard to touch the screen right at the edge and the rubber adjacent to the headphone socket is slightly deformed. But overall I would highly recommend this case.
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on 27 July 2013
I have brought cases before costing from £5 to £10 and when I have fitted them they are either baggy and loose or the camera is obscured. So I thought I would by a brand which is well known for there cases and although this is a bit pricey it is a very good fit, all the ports and camera holes are correctly lined up. There is a 2 to 3mm raised lip on the front for when you lie your phone down on its screen so there is good clearance. You also get a screen protector and cleaning cloth.
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on 10 March 2010
Having seen many other cases on various websites and stores I stumbled upon this one for the Bold 2. I have previously owned an Otter Box case for a HP Jornada many years ago and knew they were solid items.

Superfast delivery from FoneM8store.

Screen protector is the best I have seen for any phone/PDA.
The soft gel case then fits snug and is then strapped in with the hard shell plastic case which provides the protection.
All the phone buttons/functions are still easy and no extra weight is added to the phone.

I would have no hesitation recommending this case for the bold 2 or any otter box case (even for the iPhone) as they offer the best protection. It is a tough call between this and the Otterbox Defender (OtterBox Bold Defender Casefor BlackBerry 9700 - Black) case but if you don't need a belt clip (and extra weight) then this is perfect.

This is worth the few extra pounds to stop your phone getting damaged.
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on 23 May 2010
Had this a week and was already impressed with the rubber casing and plastic oversleeve. Then today I didn't see I'd left my Blackberry (3 weeks old) on top of a jacket I was taking from the car. Result, BB fell about 3 to 4 feet onto a concrete pavement, onto its corner, next to its 'Lock' button. The rubber case absorbed any impact shock and was covered in pavement dust which I brushed off- BB wholly undamaged beneath. Very impressed and grateful to Otterbox. Trust this product.
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on 10 February 2014
As by now millions of moto g`s have been sold due to there amazing performance and build quality ( and value for money ) so anyone looking to really protect there moto g 100% then buy this the Otterbox Commuter Case because :
1 x Fits perfectly around the case and is easy to fit
2 x Gives full protection ( better than any other case for the moto g ) inc front protection due to the 2-3mm front edge around the screen
3 x Feels very premium in the hand and that yes this is going to protect my moto g whatever happens feel to it
4 x Comes with a high quality screen protector included in the pack
5 x the case has headphone and usb covers that protect the ports from dust and water splash etc etc
6 x the power and volume buttons work very well with the case on and again feel premium to the touch/control
7 x The cut outs for the speaker , flash , mic etc etc are perfectly inline
I know there are prob many other cases for the moto g which I have tried but the otterbox commuter is the best one and I for one will not be using any other case as this one really does the job perfectly 100% thumbs up !Thank you.
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on 30 January 2010
I am a gas man and my phone does take a bashing. This is gucci kit. Protects well without being bulky. It also doesn't look out of place when I'm out - scrubbed-up and generally being the all-round original lounge lizard.
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