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Kick-Ass 2 [Blu-ray] [2013] [Region Free]
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Super non-hero 'Dave Lisewski'(Kick-Ass) has, since his earlier exploits
decided it's too dangerous out there, however close-friend 'Mindy Macready'
(Hit-Girl) despite the loss of her father 'Damon' continues her exploits.
Several new super-heroes have emerged on the streets of 'New York' inspired
by their hero 'Kick-Ass'
'Dave' decides to give it another go, 'Mindy' helps toughen-up her friend.
However when 'Mindy's' guardian discovers his 15 year old charge is skipping
schooling, he insist's that she promises to quit the 'Hit-Girl' role and
attend school.
A promise she'll find difficult to keep as 'Chris D'Aminco'/Red Mist, a
adversary from before threatens to wipe out 'Kick-Ass' and his new friends.
The rich kid, has assembled a team of thugs to do his bidding.
Follow our heroes and friends in this high-kicking and action-packed thrill
ride, the film does have much in the way of graphic violence with an adult
theme on occasions, as with the terrific first film there is also a good
measure of humour throughout.
Not perhaps the equal of the first, but worth viewing nevertheless.
GREAT-STUFF 'DON'T MISS IT' (content is advisory)
There is also over an hour of extras on board including --'Alternative opening'
'The making of Kick-Ass 2' 'Extended scenes' 'Hit-Girl attacks: creating the
van sequence' 'Big Daddy returns' 'The unshot scene' 'Feature commentary with
'Aaron Taylor-Johnson' 'Christopher Mintz-Plasse' 'Chloe' Grace Mortez' and
Writer/Director Jeff Wadlow'
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on 16 August 2013
Being a sequel Kick-Ass 2 had no chance of capturing the 'controversial' shock value of the first film and an early decimation of a group of bad guys by Hit-Girl {always a gleeful treat} might in fact lead you to think that this film was just going to be a retread of the first film's highlights. Thankfully while it is still foul-mouthed and full of over the top, choreographed violence, it's a leaner and faster paced follow up that moves the story of the main protagonists forwards in a thrilling, energised, fun ride that had me leaving the cinema full of cheer.

Continuing the theme of normal folks as superheroes, it is three years later and Kick-Ass Dave Lizewski no longer wants to fight crime alone and sets out to become part of a team. Moving at a brisk pace the action is formed around this idea while finding time to ponder on what it means to be a hero. Parallel to this is the rise of Chris d'Amico, the previous film's Red Mist, now re-christened and re-invented as super-villain The Melon Farmer and his mission to destroy Kick Ass with his own recruitment of a team of bad guys. Meanwhile Hit-Girl has the hardest job of all ....trying to fit in at school.

Various new characters are introduced; a grizzled Jim Carrey as Colonel Stars n' Stripes for the good guys and more impressively, Mother Russia for the bad guys. A brick out-house of a woman in a red bikini who would'nt look out of place in a 'proper' superhero film and could hold her own as a credible 'Bond' villain. See her wipe out squad cars full of cops single-handedly and smile.

But of course the most enjoyment in the Kick-Ass films comes from Hit-Girl. Chloe Grace Moretz continues to prove why she is rated such an up n'coming actress in the role that this time is more about Mindy Macready than her alter-ego and after the early action we do have to wait to see Hit-Girl cut loose again but when she does it is still a joyous and wondrous thing to behold. Guess which bad guy she has a smack down with?

I liked this film immensely. Yes I could have done with a bit more Hit-Girl but then I could have done in the previous film. Full of fun and brio and given heart with moments of reflection and sadness it was hugely enjoyable. It's not a film for everyone, if you loved the first film you will be on board with this, if not this won't convert you.

I'd say really that this is a 4-star film but I've given it an extra one as it had me walking out of the cinema mentally punching the air and whooping with glee which I`ve not done since `The Avengers.'
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on 1 January 2014

Universal have found a problem with the UV copy that comes with some kick-ass copys distributed in the UK.
When redeeming the code to Flixster, some people will redeem Kick-ass 1 made in 2010.
If this happens to you go to the website liked on the UV leaflet and contact support.
Within a few days you will get another UV code which will allow you to redeem Kick-ass 2 and they will allow you to keep Kick-ass 1 on your Flixster account too!

So some people who have bought from here might be able to get Kick-ass 1 UV along with their Kick-ass 2 UV!

Hope this helps anyone who has gotten worried about their copy.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 21 June 2014
Picking up some time after the events of the first film, the Superhero duo have turned attentions to real life & High School. Dave/Kick Ass wants to pick up the mask once again, joining a rag tag bunch of Sunday league super heroes. Mindy/Hit Girl tries to put the superhero life behind her & concentrate on High School, while Chris D'Amico takes on the role of a super villain plotting revenge on both of them for killing his father. Ass will be kicked!

Being a sequel Kick Ass 2 lacks that shock & awe value that comes with an original piece of work. They try to make up for that with an even darker story, cranking up the violence & body count. The action sequences are entertaining albeit they feel less polished, and the characters aren't as engaging this time around so its hard to get swept up emotionally into it. Quite a bit of the films more successful humor stems from these action scenes. As the odd choice of discarding smart & clever humor for gross out comedy, made the film feel too much like a parody of the original at times.

Kick Ass (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) & Hit Girl (Chloe Grace Mortez) get over shadowed in this outing by some eye catching performances & exciting new characters. The Stand out if them all is Chris D'Amico (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) who snaps & spirals deliciously into a super villain surrounded with hired villains. Some new faces keep things fresh. Of note, Dr.Gravity (Donald Faison) & Colonel Stars and Stripes (Jim Carrey) inject some welcome genuine humor with some oddball superheros. And a female Arnold Schwarzenegger/Brigitte Nielsen , Olga Kurkulina, as D'Amico's main sidekick Mother Russia. "50,000 dollars, She's totally worth it!" Offers up a serious challenge to Hit Girl.

In conclusion, Kick Ass 2 shows some glimpses of what made the original fun, but it's B grade special effects/choreography & teen dramas, make it more forgettable than the first Kick Ass which left you in awe & wanting more. Contains strong language, graphic violence, sexual scenes, brief nudity & mature themes. Worth a watch.
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on 6 April 2014
Thankfully Kick Ass 2 isn't 'more of the same'. It's just as quirky, odd, and challenging as the original, often refusing to pander to quite what the audience would normally get from an action film (albeit one that has a lot of comedy). Starting from a point where Kick-Ass has essentially found his skills and met his potential, you'd think it has nowhere to go. Luckily the creators are brave enough to change direction, and so we find Hit Girl (Moretz, excellent again) essentially 'grounded' and forced to try to fit in at high school for much of the film, Dave coasting along while also trying to hide his secret identity, and a new breed of copycat heroes blossoming throughout the city to take the pressure off Kick-Ass. All seems to be going nowhere, but luckily Mintz-Plasse is back as the recently bereaved and very messed up 'Red Mist', who decides to evolve proceedings by changing his name and assembling his own group...of rubbish super-villains to rival the rubbish superheroes.
Mintz-Plasse brings a perfectly played massive juvenile teen energy to his character, getting the comedic geekiness balanced just right against genuine fury, and wreaking enough havoc that he and his team rapidly escalate from being a joke to a real threat.
The plot is broader, bringing in a lot more characters, but luckily it gives them just enough time to develop. Dave still makes stupid immature decisions like a normal teenager, but remains likeable and heroic. His friends and family are affected more by the plot this time, and grow to be more interesting as a result. The screenplay rarely forgets that it's dealing with teenagers who are struggling to find an identity and are making mistakes along the way, none more so that in Hit-Girl's emotional rollercoaster of a high-school journey that includes several brilliantly laugh-out-loud moments.
The violence that Jim Carey disowned after release is strong, but you'll have seen worse (and his character is very amusing), and at times genuinely shocking on an emotional level. This is a film that's not afraid to cross a few lines that a regular blockbuster wouldn't. It's refreshing, and gutsy. The off-kilter mix of edgy comedy, action and violence may not be to everyone's taste, but it remains the breed that fans of the first film grew to love.
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First just a brief comment on Jim Carey's denouncement of the film after shooting. I feel very negatively about this move; it seems completely based on a desire to protect his own image which is understandable but I take serious issue with the way he chose to do it. For one if he felt strongly about the level of violence in the film he should have refused to appear in it, but that is only a minor issue. More important is the suggestion that violence in film should be connected to murderous acts in the real world. Any serious and calculated act of violence such as the one Carey was responding to is the responsibility of the person committing it. To suggest that a film can be held in any way accountable for the decisions people choose to make does little more than offer an excuse for deplorable behavior. We should promote accountability and encourage people to assess their actions in the light of the real world not scapegoat (to any extent) a piece of fiction.

Now on to the film itself. Most important to say is that Kick Ass 2 is fun. Its characters remain heightened but engaging, the action is nicely contrasted with the 'real' world personas of the protagonists and its tongue in cheek self mockery meshes excellently with a commitment to turn serious when the need arises.

On the down side the humor does at times stoop very low, luckily this is infrequent and can be overlooked. The plot could be criticised for being largely directionless and seeming to meander from scene to scene. This would be valid criticism however I feel it was a deliberate and effective touch. One of the main things this film was able to impart was that these characters do not have a plan, their fictions meet reality and the chaos that ensues is theirs to deal with. How the characters choose to deal with an escalating situation they never envisioned is one of the main driving forces for the movie. A seeming lack of control in the story line is completely apt.

At the end of the day this film falls flat occasionally but rewards so much more often. The Kick Ass series still has the power to entertain, shock and engage its audience. Once again fiction meets reality and the two are molded together in a film that manages to be at once ludicrous and gritty. I would recommend this film and its predecessor without hesitation.
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on 20 January 2014
Kick-Ass 2 is a good sequel to its predecessor, it ups the ante and brings even more danger to the real-life "super-heroes" as well as some more comedy too. In my opinion it seems like Hit-Girl (Chloe Moretez's character) is the central character and not Kick-Ass himself. That doesn't bother me though, because in many ways I prefer the story of Hit-Girl over Kick-Ass to some extent. A good film and well worth watching.
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on 11 December 2014
A fun movie; doesn't seem to know what it is and not quite the worthy sequel it should have been but still entertaining. The movie for better or worse still contains the same sickeningly inspirational atmosphere that the first film (but neither of the first two comics) had: uplifting but very much at odds with the source material.

Low points: A lower budget made for some quite awful (and unnecessary) CGI such as in the canteen scene. Some awkward rejigging of the plot to better justify the comic (removing Dave's girlfriend...). There is some quite obvious, horrendously dated/cringeworthy product placement (Union J...?). For some reason Hit Girl swears less, is far less psychotic and generally seems lacking in the fundamental fun of the previous outing.

High points: a stunning little performance from Jim Carrey despite his public disowning of the work, a solid pace and a stirring score, some funny moments ("I'm not completely evil"...) and the film is full of the wishful childishness that makes comics so appealing.

Well worth a watch, but don't be expecting this to be even as good (never mind better) than the original.
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on 23 December 2013
Whilst not quite as good as its predecessor (what can beat a Nicholas Cage-Batman hybrid after all?) Kick-Ass 2 is a lot of violent fun contrasting scenes which feel like they could be from a PG-teen-finding-oneself comedy with bloody, gritty action and an abundance of swearwords. I loved the film; just as I loved the first one and would thoroughly recommend it to others (though, of course, not to children!) Jim Carrey fills the void of Nicholas Cage with the meta-joke that they hire one of the most well known names in Hollywood to play a character that neither acts nor sounds nor even looks like Jim Carrey.

Behind the facade of a violent thrill seeking movie is a deconstruction of why superheroes just couldn't work in the real world and if they decide to end the franchise there it would be a solid ending. Whilst it has some of the saddest sequences I've seen in a film for a while, it is also filled with sweet and hilarious parts to guide the watcher through. A great film.

Regarding Amazon, ordered 19th December, received 20th December with the free super saver delivery. No qualms there - excellent service.
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Movie sequel to Kick-Ass [DVD] which is all about a nerd who tries to become a costumed crimefighter. That movie was an adaptation of a comic, and this movie is an adaptation of Kick Ass 2 and Kick-Ass: Hit-Girl. Which are both sequels to the original comic.

This possibly might work as a jumping on point if you haven't seen the first film, but you are probably still better off starting with that.

It's three years since the end of said first movie. Hit Girl is having to adapt to normal life. Dave becomes part of a superhero team called Justice Forever. And Chris returns, to fulfill what he promised at the end of the first film. Become a supervillain.

Suddenly for Dave and friends, things get serious. Can they save themselves and the city from the evildoers?

As an adaptation, this is pretty faithful to the comic. Although just like the first film, it is a somewhat toned down version of the source material. And far more from Kick Ass 2 the comic does get in than the Hit Girl comic.

It does brings in lots of great supporting characters, in particular several of the justice forever team. It's all about growing up and facing up to responsibility and who you are. Something that the heroes manage more than the villains.

Whereas the first film had a light tone to it which meant you couldn't really be bothered by certain things because you knew it wasn't real, this one goes for a different approach. The violence is more graphic and real. But that does go with the whole point of the movie. Which, in addition to being the usual accept yourself for who you are message is that actions and choices have consequences. And you have to live with them.

In which respect the lead performances are pitched just right. Some scenes are shot in a comic book style - with an innovative use of a couple of subtitled moments - because that is the way that the villains are viewing them.

So as you can see from the reviews those expecting more of the same might be disappointed. But if you want a strong character story that does have a pretty decent ending, then this will suffice.

When it comes to the faithfulness of the adaptation, the last few minutes are completely different to the source material. And the final set piece is somewhat smaller scaled, purely for budget reasons. Simply to set up the possibility of a third film. It's unclear if that will happen, but I will be there if it does.

Plus: Do keep watching this one to the very end of the credits.

The dvd has the following language and subtitle options:

Languages: English, French, Italian, Castilian Spanish, Hindi.

Subtitles: English, French, Italian, Castilian Spanish, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Portugese, Swedish, Hindi.

The disc begins with trailers, which you can skip via the next button on the dvd remote.

There are no extras at all.

It has one of those menus which is just icons and no text. But since the only options are play movie, scene selection, set up, and subtitles, that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

There's also a flyer with a website address and a code that you can use to download a copy of the film from that to a digital device.
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