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4.3 out of 5 stars591
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 28 January 2013
Having watched series 1 and enjoying the situations and humour, I was really looking forward to watching the Live Tour Good Morning Mrs Brown dvd.
What a let down, it is a compilation of bits and pieces from series 1 and being on stage does not come over as well as the TV Mrs Brown. Save your money and wait for the next series dvd.
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on 14 November 2012
I am a big fan of Mrs Brown but this is just a collection of regurgitated old material ripped off from the TV series and there is very little new material at all. Also the comedy does not seem to work as well as on the TV and I found it strangely cringeworthy in places. Whether this is because it is filmed live or whether it is because I have heard it all before or both I am not sure. I ordered this DVD ages ago and have been waiting for it to be delivered with much anticipation and excitment. In the end it has turned out to be a real disappointment and I feel very short changed by it. A real rip off I'm afraid! Buy the DVD's of the TV series instead.
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on 14 November 2012
Having bought both of the series dvd's available and loved both of them I was really looking forward to watching the live show. But, I'm sorry Brendan, the live show is a collage of sketches from the T.V. shows with very little new material. The mormon sketch, Grandad dying, Dermot's triplets, all taken from the T.V shows. It really looks like Brendan is cashing in on his success. Very Disappointed.
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on 4 December 2012
I must say that this dvd is an absolute rip off if you have seen the tv series. They have tried to cobble together another episode using sketches from already viewed tv programs . It doesnt work, its not funny as you will remember all the jokes. Dont waste your money on this.. it says its " too rude to broadcast" but thats only because of the swearing in it,, theres very little new material .Talk about jumping on the Christmas Band Wagon ??
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on 10 December 2012
Good to watch but no way as good as the TV series.
I feel disappointed as I ended up comparing all parts of the DVD to the TV show, even down to Mrs Browns wig which was very poor
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on 18 November 2012
I love the TV show but this was not nearly as good.

There is a lot of reused material from the TV show.

But what totally ruined it for me was the same actor playing 2 different parts, you grow to accept an actor in a part but for them to then go and try and play a totally different part, ruins that and it also smacks of trying to save money on not employing other actors, 2 of the main actors did this, the other parts they played were small so no reason why 2 different actors could not have been employed to play them, it's not like the guy is not making a lot of money with this show.

One other thing that really ruined this, was the pretend laughter from the other cast members when Mrs Brown says her lines, they are clearly trying to convince us that her/he is just so funny they can't help but laugh, they did this in the TV show too but not as much, the daft thing is they attempted to do this on a scene that was in the TV show and on this DVD, the fake laughing was in the same place on both and really over done too.

Save your money if you have seen the TV show, if you haven't buy that first as this is a very poor second.
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on 28 October 2012
Now before I review this may I explain that even though this DVD has not yet come out and people think how can you review something that has not come out may I say that I saw the live show and that is what this review is based on and as the DVD is this live show this should cover it.

If you have seen the series and enjoyed it you will enjoy this live show as you will be no doubt be aware that a part of the humour is based on the actors being put off by Brendon (Mrs Brown) and the actors being ridiculed because of this. This happens a lot in this show but the basic story line is the same as one of the shows in the Series on the TV. The show is the one where Grandad is pretending to be dead to get to hear the eulogies of others and also to their hands on his insurance. It's a shame that the show was not a new episode not yet shown on TV as this would have been all new to the audience.

So if you have seen the series version then this is the same with about 15 % of stuff added onto it.

So in brief if you enjoyed the series and could not get to the 1st Mrs Brown live show give it a go. The same is happening to Mrs Brown's Boys live show as it does with other hits the more they become popular the more the ticket prices go up. We had Tickets to see this 1st show for £ 26 each but the second tour had the prices shoot up to £ 45 per ticket and no doubt next year it will be more. So unfortunately I did not get to see this years tour.

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on 1 January 2013
I absolutely love Mrs Brown's Boys and bought this as a christmas present. I watched it tonight & I was definitely ripped off. Yes there was a little bit more swearing than there is on the TV, but basically it was Series 1 all over again, which I already own. When it was advertised as the NEW Mrs Brown's Boys stage show I expected to see completely new episodes. There is nowhere on the case that says exactly what the DVD contains. If anyone reads this because they are thinking of buying this DVD & you already own series 1 DON'T BOTHER you will only be wasting your money.
Hugely disappointed.
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on 20 January 2013
I love Mrs. Brown's boys on BBC1. So when my sister had the stage show for christmas, i couldn't wait to watch it with her. I already knew that it was a shortened version of the original series on irish tv and the first series, however, it doesn't work as well on the stage.
The set is very basic- it's a painted background that makes up the living room and the kitchen. There are some items on stage for interaction purposes but the background is basically there to tell you where the scene is set and is not hugely noticable. The only change of scenery is when a new, and usually short, scene performed infront of the curtain, so those hoping to see a scene set in Follies will be disappointed. It is broken into scenes- some last mere moments while others can last a fair while. All the usual cast are present with some of the doubing up their roles. Each character is acted out very well and those who double up do a great job of not only playing their part well, but also playing another part well too. Each character stands out as an individual, each one with their own problem and live up to how they are portraid in the series. The actors amd actresses who play these characters clearly love what they do with a passion, and when they mess up, it's genuinely funny to watch them, but you can see how much they love what they do. There are also some cracking scenes- "the callers" is a great scene which not only shows off the group's ability to play other characters as well as their main character, but it also has some fantastic dialogue. Some of the dialogue has also been altered- in the second half, there is a scene called "the couning." In this scene, they have mashed up Kathy's family psycology gathering and Dermot and Maria's councelling session into a councelling session between Rory and Deano. I was unsure if it would work but indeed it works very well and is extremely funny! The dialogue has been adapted well for the most part, as a number of scenes have been slightly altered so that they are a combination of the original series and the first BBC series. The crowd's reaction is welcoming, especially since it seemed to struggle in the first half to gain the laugh out loud moments that are plentiful in the series.
The problem is the pacing. When my sister paused it, 49 minutes had passed, and truth be told, i was seriously debating to continue watching it as before this, the audience hadn't responded well- a few things i giggled at the audience barely responded to. Thankfully the cast are professional and continued on regardless, but i struggled to enjoy it. I felt the pacing was off and some parts dragged on far too long. Only during "the caller" scene did the audience finally warm (they did laugh quite a bit during "girl's night in" but it wasn't as well received as the tv series and after this scene, the audience quitened down again), and so i started to enjoy it too. It is such a pity it took so long for the audience to show that they were enjoying themselves. I am also baffled as to why Mark was left out of the show. If someone who was unfamiliar with the tv show decided to start by watching this, they may be confused when they did watch the series as he is barely mentioned. Betty just appears from nowhere and no one explains who she is- is she a relative, a neighbour? The actor who plays Mark plays the vicar instead. Why not have Mark (who is featured in the extras) in the show, and have the actor who plays Mick to play the priest aswell? Mick and the priest do not share any scenes together, so this decision baffles me. The extras section, truth be told, is a bit of a joke. It is a family tree where each character introduces themself, accompanied with a short clip or two showing them in action (bar Mark who has a short intro but nothing more). This is the only extra and is only any use to those who are unfamiliar with the show. I understand that the show is called "Mrs.Brown's boys," but Mrs.Brown herself does not have her own little section, which confuses me a little. They could have done so much more with the extras- a tour diary, behind the scenes, proper interviews with all the cast or maybe even a Q and A. The family tree is an embarassing extra and seems like a tacked on after thought. From my understanding, bar better picture quality, there are no differences between the dvd and bluray, so it doesn't really matter what version you get.

Overall, i am a disappointed fan. This could have been so much better if the pacing had been dealt with better, if all the regular characters had been in it and if the extras section had indeed included a decent amount of extras. It's a pity the audience took so long to warm up as there are some genuinely funny moments to enjoy, and truth betold, had i been incharge, i would have chosen a different night as i'm sure there was a better reaction on amother night. I understand why they'd want their first live dvd to be filmed infront in their homeland, but the audience doesn't seem to want to be there part of the time, which is a massive shame. I'm glad i watched it but i doubt i will give it a repeat viewing, unlike the tv series which have been watched multiple times. If you are a fan, either borrow it or get it when it becomes cheap in the next few months. For newcomers, while this is a good way to see who's who and to see all the major plotlines in one place, i'd suggest watching the series instead as this may put you off.

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on 14 January 2013
Far too much swearing. Plot already used on TV series and set wasn't good. A disappointing purchase. Not just my view but family view.
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