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4.1 out of 5 stars1,948
4.1 out of 5 stars
Size: Apple iPhone 5/5sStyle Name: Tough BlackChange
Price:£26.09+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 17 October 2012
This is the second case I've bought for the iPhone 5 following my recent purchase of the Snugg iPhone 5 Case / The New iPhone Case - Snugg Squared_ Skinny Fit Protective Case Cover- Superior Quality, Non Slip Material, High Protective, Lightweight Case - Lifetime Guarantee (Black) - for Apple iPhone 5/The New iPhone - From Snugg, The Creato..., which I found to be a very poor product.

The Case Mate comes in two parts, the first is a rubber bumper that fits snugly (no pun intended) around the edges of the phone. There are protective 'bumps' for the power button at the top of the phone and the volume controls, and you don't require any extra force to operate those buttons with the bumper on. There are openings for the silent switch, audio jack and lightening power cable, and an opening on the rear of the case for the camera. Once you've put the bumper on, the phone+bumper slot neatly into a hard protective case, which provides solid protection to the rear and the sides of the phone. The case+bumper combo means that there is a small raised ridge around the front of the phone, which will come in handy in protecting the screen when placed face-down on a surface. It takes less than two minutes to take the case out of the box and set up on your phone.

I disagree with the reviewer who has said this case adds too much bulk and weight to the phone - most decent cases will add some bulk and a little weight. In this instance, I would say the bulk/weight issue is minimal and are far out-weighed by the protection the case offers. We're talking a few grams of extra weight and an extra couple of mm of "bulk". As for the argument the case is slippery, well it's not as slippery as the phone on its own. I have also combined my case with a front and rear screen protector that I purchased from a well-known online auction site.

The Case Mate is more about function rather than aesthetics, so yes the look/feel of the phone are hidden; but for me, a case is about providing an adequate level of protection to my phone - I'm not an owner who sits drooling over the aesthetics of a piece of brushed aluminium. An iPhone is an expensive outlay and I want to keep my phone in good working order. So I narrowed my choice to this Case Mate and the OtterBox Commuter Case for iPhone 5 -Black and in the end I went for the Case Mate because I have previously owned an Otterbox and just found it too bulky for everyday use.

Overall, a good case for everyday use. If you're using your phone in a more demanding environment (outdoors, building site, etc), then this case isn't probably the correct one for you.
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on 29 September 2014
This arrived ahead of my iPhone 6+ and I wanted a strong case after recent reports of bendy iPhones etc.

It is a strong case. The rim at the front sticks out above the screen to offer protection there, but not uncomfortably.
It is a fairly stiff case. Pretty good coverage at the bottom too, where the ports are (something I often find missing on other cases). The buttons work well and it looks smart. I find it doesn't add too much bulk to the phone either.
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Having owned a number of Casemate cases for previous iPhones, I can say that this case lives up to the high standard of the earlier models. Obviously made with advance info on the iPhone 5's form factor, the case fits perfectly and offers protection to back and sides.

The case has pronounced lipped edges to the face as had the previous case for the 4S so as to provide protection to the face if the iPhone is laid face down. Down to personal choice if you like this or not. I like it for, even if you add a screen protector as I do, you want to avoid scratching of the protector or worse. If you want the thinnest possible case/ phone combo, this might not however be your first choice.

UPDATE- Having had the opportunity to test other iPhone 5 cases that have now become available, if you want a minimum thickness case , the excellent Terrapin iPhone 5 TPU Gel Skin Case / Cover (Solid Black) offers similar protection to the Casemate but smaller lipped edges and the latest Incipio Incipio Feather Case for iPhone 5 - Obsidian Black offers the smallest, almost non existent , lipped edges. Be warned however that the Incipio case, at least with early models, suffered from premature wear.

Worth noting that the iPhone 5 has already received some comments re susceptibility for scratching of the finish to the aluminium back and sides. This Casemate case protects these vulnerable areas whilst still keeping overall bulk and weight within reasonable limits. The case's finish has a quality soft touch feel and is pleasing to hold.

Highly recommend if you like the pronounced lipped edges...add a screen protector and your iPhone is well protected against light impact/normal use.
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on 21 April 2015
High-quality and stylish. Does not make the phone bulky. Has all the right holes an openings. I really like the silver buttons that are mechanical and easy to press.
I always feel that covering a stylish phone with a case is a sacrifice in the name of increased durability. Not in this case (pun not intended)! This case does the phone justice!
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on 25 October 2014
I previously owned the equivalent of this case for the iPhone 5S and loved it. This version has the same soft touch plastic which results in a good grip on the device. The case is incredibly slim and adds almost no extra bulk to the phone.

A couple of negatives that were deal breakers for me:

1) I didn't like the cutout for the Apple logo and was curious as to why they added it, I think I know why which leads me on to ...

2) Due to the curved edges of the iPhone 6 the edges of the case also have to curve around the phone to sufficiently secure the case. However this makes it incredibly hard to remove the phone as there is not a lot of flex in the case itself. The cutout on the back appears to be there so that you can push the back of the phone whilst trying to bend the edges of the case with your other hand to try and get it out! This also resulted in the volume and power buttons of the phone getting a serious mashing at the same time as the edges of the case rakes over them.

At the end of the day I felt that this would ultimately damage the edges of the phone, or the buttons. In fact you may even wish bending the phone by accident. If however you plan to keep the case on long term and never remove it then its very sturdy and light.
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on 2 July 2015
Case Mate Barely There for HTC M9

Great case - ruined by the buttons

The case itself is nice and slick and hugs the phone well. It seems like it's part of the phone. I had one like this for my old HTC Desire HD and I was confident I would get the same great case this time.

Indeed it is, on the whole. However where the buttons are on the side of the phone that turn the screen on and change the volume settings, instead of there just being a cut-out in the case like there was for my old phone, there are now three metal buttons mounted into the case that effectivly push the buttons on the phone underneath. So far, sounds OK.

Well no. These buttons are far too big. By that I mean that they stick out of the case too far. It's only about 2mm that we're talking about but it's 2mm too much.

Apart from the look, they make my phone look like a 1980s Walkmam, they are far too easily caught or pressed when either holding the phone or in my pocket. It would have been much better if these buttons were flush with the rest of the case or there was just a cut-out as there was with my old phone.

This may sound like I'm being a bit picky. I guess I am. But this ruins the case in my opinion, hence the low score. Otherwise it would be absolutely perfect. If you don't mind the buttons then you won't be dissapointed. Sadly though I am.

I now have three choices. Live with it and see if I get used to it, try modifying it with a sharp craft knife or look again for a different case.
review image
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on 29 March 2015
This case is excellent. This design is quite an innovation for a tough case. Rather than have the traditional rubberised insert with a protective hard shell outer, this employs a neat edge ring that hold everything in place.
Ignore others comments about it being too tight. It's not. It's meant to be snug. Otherwise it'd be falling off the case.
And it can be easily fitted or removed if the correct technique is employed.

This design is a great advantage as it means this case is substantially less bulky than most other tough cases.
The outer ring also incorporates well engineered metal looking buttons, instead of the usual rubber lumps and the end result is a case that adds all the protection of a top quality tough case, whilst retaining the high quality feel and function of the phone itself.
The gold metalled look of the outer ring is deceivingly good, as it's made out of plastic. But the colour is not overly gaudy.
Looks wise the case complements the phones quality perfectly.

With regards to value for money, I've seen a lot more expensive cases out there that do not offer such a strong combination of sophistication, elegant design and protection. So I'm extremely happy with what I got for the price I paid.

Would I recommend this case to other. Yes, absolutely.

Edited - 11/11/2015 - Now having had the case for 7-8 months can report the same issue as others with the de-lamination of the gold colouring on the outer protective band. Downgrading by one star as I don't see this as much of an issue. The case itself is still solid, no cracks and doing it's job well. I keep my phone in my pocket with other items such as coins, cigarette lighters keys etc and I'm not particularly careful with it, but despite this and a reasonably high number of dropping incidents the case had protected the phone well.
Stand by everything I said above. Just dropping a star for the de-lamination.

A phone case is not meant to last as long as the phone and if I chose to buy a new case now just because this one is looking a little worse for wear, I'd still be happy that I'd got value for money.

Would still recommend.
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on 3 October 2014
Great protective case, very thin despite the two layers. Ii gives much more protection around buttons, speaker and charger area than the apple cases but still sllows for a little oversized charger such as the Belkin cable I am using
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on 28 November 2012
I'm really pleased with this purchase. I buy Apple products as I think they look good so I didn't want a case that would ruin he look of the phone. This is great because it is barely noticeable on the phone but still gives that protection, plus it's a bit bendy so it won't crack like other cheaper more rigid cases I've had before.
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on 28 October 2014
Have just received the case today, and must say, I'm very impressed so far. Fits supremely, with a nice lip over the screen to add a little protection. I love the slim profile, as it doesn't bulk up the phone too much. The texture on the back is quite nice. Not quite as grippy as other cases, but definitely better than the glass back of the phone itself. Nice access to all the ports (except the sim/ micro SD card slot, which is covered over) so it works perfectly with charging dock/ magnetic cable.

And the shipping was fantastic. Ordered Sunday, shipped Monday, received Tuesday, with standard delivery.
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