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on 20 September 2014
Bought this beautiful screen protector as a replacement for a Spigen that I mistakenly bought and paid significantly more for after it failed!

The Tech Armor protector was SO much easier to install having less plastic coverings and confusing labels to pull off.

The Tech Armor protector went on first time perfectly!

Love it!

One handy tip for all of you. If you have an extractor fan above your hob then switch it on to full power and do the protector install under it. It'll pull all the small flying dust particles away from your phone and believe me it DOES make the whole dust thing vanish. Good luck and thank you Tech Armor for making a brilliant product!
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on 28 December 2015
I did a lot of research into privacy screens before I purchased one, not least because I already used a screen protector, so I needed to concern myself with whether that would be an issue or not, along with all the other questions that I had:

1. Is the screen darker with the protector on, if so by how much (%)?
2. Can someone behind you see what's on the screen?
3. How far away does someone have to be for the screen to take effect?
4. If viewed head on is there a maximum distance that the screen can be viewed e.g. arm length?
5. Does the screen darken at the edges (top and bottom) if held horizontally?
6. Is the screen protector smooth to the touch like the iPhone's original screen?
7. Can the protector be applied several times if not strait, or just a one shot adhesive bond?
8. In low light conditions, with a high brightness, how well does the privacy feature perform (does it leak?)

I can confirm the following:

1. It is, I would say around 5-10% less bright, with the iPhone set to full brightness. Even in Low Power Mode (LPM) and the brightness set all the way down the screen can still be seen, just. To set LPM just ask Siri. I recommend it for use on the bus where people sit behind you.

2. Yes they could. As mentioned in A:1, set the screen brightness down, or hug it closer to your chest to prevent those behind from seeing. I would like to see a redesigned product that makes distance a factor, possibly a "5-way" protector i.e. arms length.

3+4. The distance is irrelevant, the screen does not dim based on proximity, so long as it's viewed head on. On the Underground (train) here in London where people usually sit next to each other then it's fine, but on the bus, where people a behind, it's a weak link in the product.

5. Yes, "4-way" means all sides of the bezel are catered for, while "2-way" means only the left and right sides (if held in a portrait fashion).

6. It's smooth, but different. The screen is a matt finish and smoother, it's also more classy looking. I don't know why Apple don't make a matt finish, it's very nice, it doesn't take to finger prints very well either.

7. Yes, I had to reapply the screen several times, just be careful when removing it, you get a few attempts. Be sure the make surface thoroughly clean though, the bubbles will never go from the middle unless you make sure they've all been squeezed out on application, you can only get rid of the ones on the edges and those are hard enough. I do NOT recommend you use the "Dust Removal Tape" as it left a sticky residue on the screen, just use the provided cloth (which wasn't that great, I'd recommend using some kitchen towel to remove the grease beforehand). On top of that the video on Tech Armour's website was down, but it was on YouTube.

8. At full brightness, the mode I always use, it does leak, that is a fact. But it leaks shapes, especially white ones. Something I noticed when looking on maps was that it favoured the dark greens and blues and with iOS 9 the feature in Safari's "Reader" mode now allows for a dark background to be selected, use black over grey as it works better. I must say, I though that this wouldn't happen, but it does.

Someone mentioned that now they could not read the time on their Lock Screen but I can. I don't know if this is down to the redesign from Johnny Ive or not, but the clock's font is so large that you now can, but as for normal text, forget it, even on a white background. However, I still expected it to black out completely, not sure why they can't nail that one?

As I mentioned I had a further concern that most; that being that I already had the Kickstarter project "RhinoShield" on my phone, both the bezel and screen cover, but I can confirm that it fits perfectly!

Not only this, but as a second layer to the screen protector I am still receiving good response from the touch display, this something I was very concerned about. There is no dedicated app to testing the screen's sensitivity but there is a website that provides some feedback on a Swedish site from Spark Attrakt

Viewed on the iPhone I use two fingers to complete the circuit as it were and the lightest of touches works. This, paired with everyday use, confirms that the sensitivity of the iPhone 5S is sufficient to recognise a user's touch, so I'm relieved about that.
review image review image
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on 3 July 2013
I am very impressed with this screen protector for my iPhone 5, it does everything you want it to and is everything it says on the tin. These screen protectors AREN'T one of those cheap ones that give you lots of air bubbles that you cant get rid of...these ones go on so easily and so perfectly that I will definitely be coming back for more!!
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on 5 December 2014
Very strong case. i have don't any of those youtube videos or proper stress tests because I only have one phone. I have had things drop on it, it has fallen and it has been in the same bag/pocket as keys and other scratchy things (usual day to day stuff). It is good and does its job. I would say however that if you use those touchscreen gloves this will interfere with them and i found the screen became almost unresponsive when using gloves and this screen.
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on 5 May 2014
This is the best screen protector I have ever found. A little tricky to install, but well worth the effort.
The result is amazing.........not a bubble in sight and by using the Anti glare version I can use both my iPhone and iPad in sunlight !!
Highly recommend this product. I'm looking at their iPhone cases now.
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on 1 February 2016
Am now on my 4th iPhone 5s in two years: two went swimming and the third just had the display screen shatter when it hit the floor (a month out of warranty of course). While I wait for my new 5s to arrive, I have appropriated my husband's 5s. So, in some ernest barn-door-closing and because for some reason he doesn't trust me, I have invested in a very good case and in this glass screen protector for his phone while in my possession. I had previously (iPhones 1 & 2) used the Zagg very high quality plastic protectors. These were great, but were very thick and interfered with the look and responsiveness of the screen. So I thought I would go for this glass one based on the good reviews. I have no idea how it will stand up to the floor (and hope not to find out), but installation was so easy! In all the years of putting on screen protectors, this was definitely the easiest. I just followed the instructions (watched the video as well - but that is just the instructions being read to you), and really really REALLY checked for dust particles. The supplied dust tape worked very well, as did the screen wipe and the cloth. Popped it on, and presto. Perfect. Given that this is not a brand new phone, the screen now looks immaculate. And the responsiveness is fantastic. We do a lot of outdoor stuff and both have gloves with touchscreen pads on the fingers, and they work great through the protector. In fact much better than they ever did with the Zagg. So I bought another Tech Armor glass screen protector for my iPhone when it returns from Apple Hospital.
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on 11 October 2013
Very good, fitted bubble free first time and feels like there's nothing on your screen, would definitely recommend, and use again, to anyone who is after a quality screen protector
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on 13 April 2016
I was hessitant on this one as screen protectors seem to vary in quality. I used this on a new iPhone SE. It is very good and the little touches that Tech Armor have included and thought about in applying to a screen. One is that they provide 'locating tabs', little light sticky tabs with a non sticky end to handle. With the flexible plastic screen covers you can kind of roll the protector down squeezing out air bubbles. You can't do that with these glass protectors, they'll break. These tabs get placed at x2 corner of the protector and it allows for a precision locating of the protector on the phone. Make sure that you have absolutely NO dust or particles on the screen as when these protectors go down then it is near impossible to use them again with a faultless finish.
I placed mine on flat in one go and it just kind of molds itself to the iPhone screen. Use the cleaning cloth and your fingers to squeeze out any small bubbles at the edges. Not wishing to blow my own trumpet but you wouldn't know I had a screen cover on the phone now. Its surface is very nice to the touch and doesn't restriict the use of the phone at all.
I can highly recommend if you follow some basic instructions (in the pack) and take your time.
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on 8 June 2016
Initially I was extremely happy with this product.

It felt high quality and the install process was a breeze, I nailed it first time after carefully following all of the instructions.

However, after 4 days of use, the two top corners of my brand new iPhone 5s Tech Armor ballistic class screen protector had large bubbles underneath. No matter what I have tried, I cannot press it back down to stick back to the screen.

Then a couple of days after this, I noticed that there is now a chip on the edge of the screen protector to the left hand side of the screen.

I must stress that I have been extremely careful with my phone, it has had a leather proporta flip case fitted to it 100% of the time which adds extra protection to the screen and screen protector, and I have not dropped the phone once.

For this reason I feel that the £10 I spent on this screen protector has been a complete waste of money and I would not advise anybody to part with their cash to purchase one either.

I hope this has been helpful to people considering purchasing this product.
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on 8 August 2014
I had problems installing my ballistic glass first time around, I contacted customer services, they responded quickly and sent me a replacement free of charge! Very satisfied with them, easy installation once you get the hang of it, and seems to do it's job well! The kit includes all wipes, dust tape, and even little button to put over the home button, very nice touch!
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