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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 20 January 2013
'Magic Mike' works on a construction site by day and as a stripper by night, but what he really want to do to start his own furniture business. When new boy in town Adam (The Kid) joins the dance troupe, Mike also meets and gets to know Adam's sister. She likes him but not his stripper lifestyle ...

This is an extremely enjoyable film. Yes, it has hot guys with fit bodies and amazing dance routines. But also an enjoyable story too. The seedier side of this life is touched on but does not take over the film. Channing Tatum is amazing in this and he can certainly move, and of course we know this is loosely based on his time as a real-life stripper. Alex Pettifer and Matthew McConnaughey are also very good.

Easy watching, enjoyable and full of guys who are easy on the eye. Great entertainment! The DVD even has some extended dance scenes and a dance play mode where you can watch just the dance routines. What's not to like?!
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Well, where should I begin. I knew this film was going to be pretty sexy, but I still wasn't prepared for the heat that From the very first time I saw the trailer, I knew that this was a film I had to see. Four extremely hot strippers? Hell yes. When I found out that Magic Mike is in fact, in part, based up Channing Tatum's own experiences as a 19 year old stripper, I was even more intrigued by this film. Whilst on the surface this may look like a superficial film designed to attract women to their local cinemas for a legalised strip show, there are actually some deeper themes explored within this movie. Tatum's character is one who is only in the stripping industry to earn money so that he can start up his own business, so it's not all about women, money and sex.

The story is basically about a guy, Adam, a slacker who moves to Tampa to find work whilst sleeping on his sister's couch. On his first day of work at a construction site, he meets Mike, who is less than pleased to be working with him. The very same evening, Adam is wandering the streets and bumps into Mike outside a club and after a some persuasion, Mike agrees to get Adam in. Mike decides to string Adam along, subtley getting him to help draw in customers for that night's show in return for a little money. When Adam finds out what sort of business Mike is in, he's startled to say the least, but after a small taste in the limelight and lots of money to show for it, Adam decides to give it a real go. Mike and Adam soon become the best of buds, but it's not long before they run into some trouble.

The acting was absolutely brilliant in this film, not to mention the tantalisingly sexy dancing. Channing Tatum is well known for his epic dance skills having appeared in numerous Step Up movies and the like, but he really surpassed himself with these cool and sexy moves and I honestly do not understand how he can make his body move the way he does. Tatum has really shown himself to be an incredibly talented actor of late, being able to pull off sexy, cool and funny but also, serious, moving and thoughtful. I was a little dubious about the dancing/stripping skills of Alex Pettyfer and Matthew McConaughey, but they showed audiences that they're not afraid to take their clothes off and get down and dirty either. Matthew McConaughey might be getting on in years, but he's still as sexy as ever. You can see that Alex Pettyfer is trying very hard to move away from any sort of movie aimed at teeangers as he's played quite hardcore bad boys in his recent films. I was quite impressed by the level of maturity that he was able to convey through his character, Adam, and I'm sure that we'll be seeing him taking on roles in even bigger and even more mature films in the future.

If you're one of those people that can't even say the word 'sex' without getting extremely hot and bothered, then this definitely isn't the film for you. My seventeen year old friend who is the most naive and sexually-clueless being to ever walk the earth came out of this film extremely flustered, repeating 'there was humping'. If you think you're one of those people, don't watch this movie, you will probably die of embarassment about half way through the film. If, on the other hand, you love watching guys taking their clothes off and getting hot and sweaty, then this is the movie for you. A considerably large part of this film is dedicated to their 'performances' and the like so prepare to be fully entertained! The dances are brilliantly choreagraphed and executed perfectly. Now I have absolutely no issues with on screen sex or nudity, but even I was slightly taken aback at some of the 'dance' moves. This movie really is very, very sexual. Whilst the first part is all fun and games, things start to get serious in the second half as Adam runs into trouble and Mike finds himself caught up in it too. Mike isn't in the industry because he's too lazy to find a real job, on the contrary, he's doing it because it pays well and he's saving up so that he can start his own furniture business. As the film goes on, you can see that Mike is becoming less and less satisfied with his night time job and this is where the 'deeper' elements of the film come in. These parts allow Tatum to showcase another side to acting, which is the complete opposite of the funny, sexy Mike from the first half.

All in all, I was really impressed with Magic Mike. One of the only reasons I went to see it was because it looked so damn entertaining, but in fact there was actually a deeper story running underneath those naked bodies. I was slightly disappointed at the end of the movie because I didn't feel like that film had really come to close, but there will be a sequel, so hopefully we'll find out a bit more about where Adam and Mike end up later on. I would highly recommend this movie if you're in the mood to be entertained because it's laugh-out-loud funny but also heartbreaking at times. The acting is absolutely spot on and the dancing is pure perfection so this film is real quality, despite its sleazy look.
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on 2 December 2012
To all heterosexual men...get past the whole 'I can not put myself through this because its men in thongs dancing so it must make me something i am not' approach..and you may just find yourself engrossed in a light, art disguised as a frothy blockbuster little drama with lashings of surreal and hilarious comedic moments. The dance scenes are, not only expertly shot from an asthetic technical standpoint, but are absolutely side splitingly funny.

The story however is not as deep or as philosophical as it thinks it is or as Soderbergh thinks he can make it but it is slightly more enticing than your average rom-com lets say. And kudos to Channing Tatum, who for someone i have unjustly discriminated against in the past, really is quite fantastic in this. Not to mention Matthew McConaughey who is sensational as a 'T.J. Mackey light' person of some merit to the scripts neat dialogue.

Magic Mike isn't revelatory but it does feel somewhat real and fluent in telling a basic rags to riches story and then turning that idea on it's head near the end. Theres too much titillation in this medium.. so, hell!, its time the ladies enjoyed the moment.
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on 16 July 2013
What could be more appealing to the masses than a bunch of studly men parading around in there all togethers? How about not that? I'm a bloke and pretty much happy with my role in the social spectrum, so when my partner and her friends decided to watch `Magic Mike' I stayed to watch it with them. A sea of man flesh is not going to harm me (apart from my ego as another washboard stomach goes by). `Magic Mike' is a snapshot of the life of a male review club that is on the up. The lead dancer is Mike (Channing Tatum), who perhaps wants more from the deal, there is the owner, Dallas (Matthew McConaughey), and finally the new kid in town (Alex Pettyfer).

Loosely based on Tatum's own time as a dancer, `Magic Mike' is a film that has a sense of realism to it. The club is not huge, the audiences of adequate size - perhaps the dances themselves are a little over sold, but for the most part this is a typical Stephen Soderbergh kitchen sink type of drama, but with more baby oil. For the 20 minutes of oiled up men, you get 70 minutes of talking and mumbling to one another.

The spectacle of the dances is great - I am sure some people will appreciate them a lot. Tatum in particular shows off his prowess as a former dancer, the likes of Kevin Nash show that he was a former wrestler and can't really dance. It is the drama elements of the film that let it down. There is a central romance that fails to sizzle as the film is too downbeat and the female lead (Cody Horn) is dull. With no impetus between the dance set pieces, the film feels like a series of sparkling ups and then smack down into the doldrums. Soderbergh needed to hang more plot onto the dance sections, rather than shedding the story off like a pair of Velcro lined trousers.

Dancing, blokes, oil. You should probably watch it in HD for the maximum fun-age. My partner and her friends also liked the extras, in particular the one that just shows all the dances back to back.
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on 29 July 2012
It is a truth universally acknowledged that there are few things more entertaining in this world than good-looking men enthusiastically ripping off a pair of tearaway trousers. It's just funny.

Plot, character, meaning, blah. Tearaway trousers. Sexy dancing. A sense of humour. I fully intend to wear my copy of this DVD out.
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on 26 September 2012
What a fantastic film. Ladies, you won't be sorry.

The story isn't perhaps the deepest you will ever see, it simply acts as a filler in between some of the finest examples of manhood seen on the big screen.

I only have two requests for the blu-ray edition:

1) Please ensure there is a Triple Play option. I need to have this film accessible on every device I own.

2) Please ensure there is a 'stripping only' feature on the disc - I would like to skip over the story bits and just see the men doing their thing.

Fingers crossed...
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on 16 July 2012
Tampa, Florida. What plot there is concerns Mike (Channing Tatum), a wannabe custom furniture salesman, who works by day on a building site and by night at Xquisite, a small but relatively classy strip joint looking to Xpand to Miami. Mike recruits Adam (Alex Pettyfer), a hedonistic 19-year-old, and soon the two of them are attracting the kind of business that enables the club's manager, Dallas (Matthew McConaughey), to realise his ambitions. Meanwhile, Mike is taught a lesson in What's Really Important by Adam's sensible sister, Brooke (Cody Horn). Predictability ensues.

There's no story to speak of beyond the overfamiliar cautionary tale of excess, although it is neatly framed across three generations of men, each a decade apart: the young buck (Adam); the 30-year-old would-be-entrepreneur at a crossroads (Mike); and, most interestingly, the veteran still craving more, apparently on the road to self-destruction, possibly orgasmic self-combustion (Dallas). There's little jealousy or conflict between the men to disrupt the constant homoerotic throb. In fact the film is reluctant to pour water on any loins. It's a paean to virility.

Writer Reid Carolin and director Steven Soderbergh fail to get under the golden skin of any of the characters, perhaps out of fear that any time spent in contemplation might steal the vigour from the dance scenes. Better to treat the film as a purely physical experience. On this level the film is a chemical rush, way more haywire than Soderbergh's drab Haywire. Women and men attracted to men will adore the Adonises; heterosexual men should feel enervated and confident. (Those men who feel threatened should perhaps reflect on how idealised images of women have been making young girls feel for the past half-century.)

Pettyfer is functional; Tatum (once a stripper) is comfortable and believable; but the real magic belongs to McConaughey, wired and wide-eyed like an addict, locked in a permanent pelvic thrust as if magnetically led by and toward lust. Because everyone is smug - even the supposedly earthy Brooke - you become acclimatised to the extent that any glimmers of humility or tearfulness or introspection come across as profound.

Soderbergh has flitted between flying the flag for the beautiful elite and making intricate films with a liberal social conscience, and this fits firmly in the former camp. While it doesn't exist in the same unreal universe of the Ocean's films, Magic Mike is a film about life in an unreal world; at bottom (so to speak) an acknowledgement of the need for moderation, its conscience conservative.
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on 8 March 2016
Firstly, yes of course it's well nice to see Channing Tatum, or is it Tatum Channing, with his kit off.
But this film an F'ing embarrassment.
Matthew McCounghay, or however you spell it, put your raggedy old body away.
Have some self respect man.
Predictable story line, stripper boy meets girl, girl doesn't like stripper boy, stripper boy wants to improve himself, girl then likes boy, etc - what else should I expect from a film about strippers.
Terrible acting, cringe worthy dialogue, refer to comment above.
Makes male entertainers look vain and shallow, and as thick as the proverbial.
Actually manages to belittle women who go and see these shows at the same time, brainless screaming idiots powerless against such manliness, being touched up and having tight man packages banged into their faces on stage.
Can't believe they forked out to make a Magic Mike 2.
Will I watch it??
Of course I will, Tatum Channing Channing Tatum.
Or maybe not.....
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on 25 October 2012
I saw this film at the cinema with a group of friends, and we all loved it!!! OMG, fit bods abound, cute guys, funny lines, and oh, yeh there was a storyline in there too!!! I pre-ordered my copy and am eagerly awaiting it to arrive. Especially if there are 'extended' scenes (fnar fnar!!) and outtakes! Cant wait!!!
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on 10 October 2015
I'm sure Channing had fun doing this film. I also had fun watching it.
Male strippers live in a world few of us know, it is obviously in America where women put dollar bills inside the stripper's jock.
All the actors have bodies to die for, and Channing himself was apparently a stripper before he became an actor.
Magic Mike is never going to be nominated for an Oscar but it good to watch.
Don't look for moral issues to be explored as these aren't there. Mike takes a young boy under his wing and his wing but the boy's straight laced sister doesn't like it.
Clue: Mike tries his charm on her...leave to imagine the rest.
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