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4.0 out of 5 stars399
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 4 April 2013
Good looking, easy to use, providing a good close shave, the R7 150 is an electric razor that provides me with a clean shave without the scrape!

As it says in its booklet, it took a few shave for the skin to accommodate a dry shave rather than a wet one, and for me to master the angles and hold. But now I that I have those 'skills', I am enjoying using it.

It is also extremely easy to clean and to recharge! A winner, in my opinion!
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 3 October 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have used Remington shavers for many years, and I guess I must be on about my fourth currently which is a Remington R6130 Diamond Rotary. This shaver has a significantly higher recommended retail price than that one, about 50% higher. However, at the time of writing their prices are very close, within a couple of pounds to purchase on Amazon. In appearance the Black Diamond razor is attractive, but the shape and feel of it is very similar to the model I am used to, even down to the digital display of the number of minutes of charge left. It is ergonomically efficient and feels good in the hand.

However, what I am interested in personally, is not the appearance or sound quality of a razor, but purely and simply the quality of shave. Having been on the last few days of a holiday, I had rather idly neglected to shave for a while so had 3-4 days of unsightly stubble to deal with. Now I have had electric razors which would have struggled here and even rather painfully caught the hairs and jammed up. However, the R7150 just took it all in its stride and the shave quality was superb. I have always thought it was perceived wisdom that no electric razor would ever give quite as smooth a shave as a manual razor with soap and water, but I take that back, as I doubt the result could have been bettered.

Unlike some other reviewers I have no experience of other makes such as Philishave so I can only compare this razor with other Remingtons I have used. However, Remington's claim is that this gives a smoother shave than other rotary razors they have manufactured, and my experience would certainly support this.
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on 9 June 2013
I am very satisfied, especially after the experience with other brands. Responsive, ergonomic, powerful, reliable and very comfortable in use. Fast battery charging.
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on 7 April 2013
As one would expect from one of the oldest shaver manufacturers this is an excellent shaver. The Teflon head is a real treat to use and the shape is very well thought out. Very good value.
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VINE VOICEon 17 October 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Firstly, forgive anything I write that exposes me as a noob- I have rarely used electric face shavers and have never used a Rotart shaver before. I'll get the obvious out of the way first- It's Remington,so you can be sure that the quality will be high. If you're a Remington man then this is another strong product which will keep you a user of the brand, but if you are a fan of the competition I wouldn't say there is anything here which would entice you away from your preferred brand. It looks great- sleek, black, smooth, the handle, weight, and shape ensure ease of use, and the LED screen showing your remaining minutes of charge is a neat touch. The stand at first seems a little flimsy and makes the set appear top heavy, but it does the job nicely. CHarging takes roughly an hour and a half for an hour's return, but generally I just plug it in when I have time to charge it, leaving it on charge for half an hour-that usually gives me another few weeks before the next charge (I don't mind building up a layer of stubble). The sound when shaving is actually very quiet which surprised me, and the package comes with a tidy bag for keeping the razor out of view if you worry about such things (or for taking on trips obviously).

So, I first attempted to use this on my face after a week without shaving; for me that's standard as I don't mind looking like a grizzled Eastenders extra. Foolish me though, as the second I pressed the Rotary against my face it felt like a thousand wasps had landed on my face, sat down, plucked out a thousand individual hairs, and then stung me. I thought I was doing it wrong, so I flattened my skin as much as possible and tried it again gently, this time with largely the same result except with the added bonus of me punching the wall and jumping about like Rumplestilskin. Assuming it was broken, I then had a play around with the pop up razor attachment on the back. Hallelujah! This little monster got to work straight away, mowing down armies of hairs and leaving my face looking alluringly zebra like. My brain kicked in and I realised that this razor should not be used on massive growths of hair, but on a daily basis to keep hair at a Jack-from-Lost equal level. Determined not to use an old school razor, I continued with the pop-up, giving my face a good once or twice over before switching to the main attraction. From then on, all was good, and no more walls were fisted.

Since that exciting first attempt, I've been using the Razor more regularly- it is comfortable to use but doesn't give anywhere near as close a shave as a 49p plastic razor would, but that's fine with me as I don't mind some hair on my chinny chin chin and facey face face. I still use the pop up for my Rapunzel-esque sideburns and for more accurate coverage around the ill placed mole on my neck. So, all in all this is a great razor if you are going for the modern, stylish, not quite clean shaven look, but you should look elsewhere for a truly close shave.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This Remington rotary shaver replaced a ten years old Philishave rotary shaver.

According to the packaging, a major selling point of this shaver is "400% better glide". My old Philishave had three all-metal cutter heads. The Remington has some sort of black coating on the cutter heads which sit within a slippery plastic head assembly. My first impression was that this looks a little cheap. However, the Remington definitely does glide noticably more smoothly across my gnarly face than the all-metal philishave heads. Maybe not "400%" bettter. But definitely better.

The "individual flexing" capability of the cutters sitting atop the "self-adjusting pivot" head also seem to track one's facial contours very well when combined with the "400% better glide" feature.

I was a little surprised at the lack of a head-cleaning brush in the package I received. However, I was equally surprised when a quick blast of tap water completely and cleanly removed two weeks worth of whisker clippings from under the plasticky heads. My old (and more metallic) Philishave needed washing and significant brushing to get close to clean.

The charger can either be plugged directly into the shaver or plugged into the stand. The latter option allows the shaver to charge when placed in its stand. However, this means that the shaver does not drop cleanly into its stand without wiggling and pushing to make it fit onto the charging pins. These charging pins remain as an obstruction in the stand even if the charger itself is removed from the equation. Similarly, the shaver cannot be removed from its stand without holding down the stand with one hand. I have discarded the stand.

There is a clear plastic cover for the shaver heads. It detaches with alarming ease and I expect to lose it soon.

The multi-voltage charger (100V or 240V), battery, power button, LCD and beard trimmer all seem to do their job as expected.

The partially rubberised by plasticky(!) body of the shaver is very comfortable and provides good grip.

The draw-string bag provided for travelling will provide the shaver with about as much protection as a sock.

I want to dislike this shaver for its oh-so-plasticky nature. But I can't, becuase what it does seem to do extremely well is to shave - probably BECAUSE of the plasticky materials of the cutter assembly. I just hope it lasts.
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on 15 April 2013
Bought it to replace a philishave which I have had for a number of years and decided to try another manufacturer. It works well, gives a good shave and timer onside showing how much battery life left is very useful.
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on 20 September 2014
I have used electric razors for the past 50 years and apart from a brief flirtation with an oscillating Braun have always favoured the rotary head type. The Philips twin head, and latterly the triple head models have been the mainstay. I switched to the Remington Black Diamond because the write ups were so generally positive. That was a big mistake.. Ergonomically similar in shape and weight to my Philips the comparison ends when you compare the manufacturing quality. The Remington is cheap and plasticky and the top section, which has to removed to properly clean the 3 heads, does not easily fit back on the body. But worst of all, the heads do not glide freely over the skin. I am finding it necessary to use the old Philips to finish off each shave after a 5 minute attempt with the Remington. That is surely not progress!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This product shows a recommended retail price which puts it in the catagory of shavers which are all singing all dancing and you just know will be the best it can be. This is a nice Shaver it does what it says it shaves your face it trims your sideburns and it does it to an acceptable standard. My husband has fast growing tough hair growth on his face, none on his head mind you. His sideburns grow at a rate of knots which keeps his usual philishave running at full tilt.

I sent for this on vine as his extra or spare shaver which he keeps in the glove box of his car for those five o clock shadow moments when he has a business meeting has just given in and died. He gladly took this for a replaccement. While it does the job he prefers his philishave. It shaves "okay" was his verdict, and to be honest okay if your paying around forty to fifty pounds might be acceptable.

If your a philishave man then I think you might find this a tad disappointing. After reading the blurb I feel this shaver promises the earth and delivers short. My husband has ordered a replacement for his dead philishave so that speaks volumes to me because lets face it he could have kept this one for nothing but it just did not deliver.

So would I recommend this to you, not if you have thick course dark fast growing face hair with a hint of five o clock shadow at three I would not no, but if you have a light to normal growth and lighter coloured growth its maybe worth taking a look at.

It does not give the closest shave possible in my husbands opinion and he would recommend a Philips everytime.
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on 5 May 2014
My husband would consider this shaver as average and this is the 2nd one of this type over the last few years. He has had various other brands; Philips, Braun and even some less popular named ones in the past, and despite the brand or price they all perform and last roughly the same time - the price doesn't necessarily guarantee the shaver being better! The 2 year guarantee that comes with this shaver (and others similar), doesn't mean that the shaver heads will last that long so don't be misled (down to the individuals type of beard). He's found that the head needs replacing at around 12 months. My husband shaves daily and doesn't have a heavy beard either - maybe someone with a very light beard not shaving every day would manage to get up to 2 years from the heads and then replace the whole unit. Considering the price of purchasing decent disposable blades and foam, the shaver is still the cheaper option even though we find it needs replacing every approx. every year. We tend now to purchase whatever shaver is on offer at the time of need. Of all the brands, including this Remington none give a close a shave as a blade but is more convenient. The Remington has all the bits and pieces you'd like to see on a shaver and is a good all rounder. My husband has found by shaving before washing in the morning preserves the blades as shaving before washing allows the blades to glide easier over his face. By not dragging the heads last longer, but still not 2 years.
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