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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 24 November 2012
These are the best Dre headphones i've used for the given price range, they have extraordianry noise cancellation without the need to put the volume to the top, great quality, durability, flexibility and more then anything else; extremely sleek. My verdict and complete satisfaction point was, if you tired of being on the bus, train, street, shopping centre, then this will do you proud, no distractions, full emersion into music or film watching. Great buy!
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on 6 October 2012
Didn't actually get these from amazon but thought it might be useful for others to see how i rate them given that there are no reviews up currently - I have a couple of sets of headphones and was given these as a present. They are without a doubt the best pair i currently have. I owned a pair of solo beats and wasn't hugely impressed as i think on the whole, beats are hugely overrated as a brand, and there are better options out there. Having said that, these are incredible. They are comfortable, robust, surprisingly noise isolating, and have a very crisp clear sound. Particularly when listening to more artificial sounds, although they hold up well when listening to more acoustic and studio recorded tracks also. Frankly these make the solo beats look and sound like a toy. It is very hard to criticise this product. Two negatives i would mention are that for periods of extended use your ears can get abit sore, although admittedly you would have to have them on for hours. The only other drawback is the steep price, as i think there are other headphones out there that may be cheaper and exhibit comparable sound quality. I do think these are the nicer looking headphones out there which is also a bonus, as many are pretty ugly.

Overall - I highly recommend, as ultimately you do get what you pay for. These are incredible to listen to and very durable!
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on 2 March 2013
These headphones are very good, but there are a couple of issues that stop it from being a five star product.

These look good and are well designed. You wouldn't be embarrassed to wear these out where people can see you. The fact the headphones can twist is fantastic and very practical. When I was looking for good headphones, I wanted something that isn't too big and is easy to store - these headphones do the trick. Also, a little neat edition is the fact you can plug the cable in either headphone port instead of being limited to just one. It's not ground-breaking stuff, but it's still nice. Although, these are designed well, it is not perfect, and it will be addressed further down this review.

The sound quality is fantastic! I was blown away by how good it was! I've used earphones and headphones in the past, and I have to say, these are the best I've used as of yet. I love listening to instrumental beats, and when playing them, I hear sounds I've never heard before. I cannot fault the sound quality. Just amazing.

Now for the cons. Now, the first problem isn't TOO major per se, but it should still be noted. These headphones do leak A LOT of sound and I mean A LOT. Even when your music is played pretty low, you can still hear the music quite clearly. Okay, in a loud or pretty noisy environment, you can get away with it. But let's say you're listening to it on the bus; guaranteed, you will not be the only person listening to the music you're enjoying. This would definitely cause a problem, especially depending on the genre of music; If you're an Eminem fan, you will be receiving daggers from certain people for sure, because I'm pretty confident many people won't appreciate his craft.

This last con is my main problem with the headphones, and really the definitive reason I've given this a three. They get SO uncomfortable to wear after awhile of wearing them. I have to take a break from listening to music it's that bad. The whole idea is to not only enjoy the music, but have comfort while doing it. How can you enjoy it if you feel pain in the process? It literally gets excrusiating after some use and it's even worse just after you take them off to rest your ears. It's not bad enough for me to get rid of them because the headphones sound quality is THAT good, but I have to make allowances for my troubles. This is the area that hasn't been designed well enough. It's a real shame as this is otherwise an absolute recommend to anyone.

In conclusion, a great product, but one issue kinda ruins it for me. I would recommend this on the basis of the sound quality, but just be prepared to make allowances. And make sure you buy this from a reputable company, as fake Beats by Dre's are out there.
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on 5 January 2015
I didn't buy these headphones from Amazon themselves but thought I would put a quick review on here anyway. Having owned many many pairs of ear/headphones over the past decade ranging from denon to sennheiser to Bose, these blow the rest clean out of the water. If you like dance or bass heavy music then you will love them even more. If listening to anything else I'd say you're really not going to be disappointed in the slightest. It's true what they say about hearing things that you've never heard before as I still find new things almost everyday that I didn't realise were there. Yeah they're a bit pricey but for the build quality and the sound quality I say it's worth it. I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever about buying these and wouldn't hesitate to do so again in the future. Highly recommended to anyone that is a genuine music fan.
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on 17 August 2013
Fathers day gift, he loves it as can use to DJ on decks.
Looks cool too :)
Arrived super quick, and well worth the price, no complaints so far
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on 17 December 2012
I recently came into some money and had wanted Beats for ages so I looked at the details on the Beats website, Amazon reviews and Youtube videos as well as listening to all the Beats models, whether that be a friends or the ones on display in a shop. After doing that and taking into consideration factors such as price, durability, sound, comfort, accessories, sound leakage, outside noise cancelling etc I decided that the Mixrs are the Beats to get if you're after some Beats.

The Beats Mixrs are very good looking pair of headphones like most Beats ( the Beats Executives didn't do it for me) and are also very durable, you're only breaking these headphones if you do it purposely or accidentally run them over. They are the love child of the Solos and Pros and therefore carry certain advantages that each of those models carried individually. The Solos are the cheapest of the Beats and as a result of that the Mixrs are the second cheapest despite having a lot of the qualities that the Pros possess. The sound matches the Pros and they're both less focused on bass then the Studios and Solos and have better overall sound quality. The Mixrs have two dual inputs like the Pros meaning you can plug one of you're two cables (DJ with coiled end and 1/4 inch adapter as well as a control talk, Solos only come with control talk) into either side of the headphones. Two dual inputs also give you the option to daisy-chain, meaning someone else can plug their headphones into the spare input and listen to what you're listening, rather then having to share a pair of ear buds between you.

The ear cups also swivel 270 degrees meaning if someone talks to you there is no need to turn your music off or hit the mute button like the Studios, you can just pop one ear cup on the side of your head and listen and chat at the same time. Also the in terms of sound leakage the Mixrs do a great job of keeping your music private. I played a song at full volume and put them on my head (not on my ears, my drums would have burst) and even though my sisters could hear the music they couldn't name a tune or hear the lyrics word for word. The Studios are appalling in that department and you only need the volume at roughly 40% to start singing along. The Studios also need batteries because they come with an outside noise cancelling feature which would be a good feature if you didn't need the batteries to listen to your music on it's own. Even though the Mixrs don't come with that feature they block outside noise pretty well anyway, my granddad was banging nails into the wall and I only realised because the noise made my nan jump. The Studios are almost a bigger version of the Solos with an extra cable and 1/4 inch adapter.

The Beats Wireless are exactly the same as the Studios accept you don't need the control talk cable, but the sound quality is better when using the cable then it is without it, so I didn't see the point in getting Wireless if I would use the cable more often then not. Lastly the Pros are more durable then the Mixrs and have a very good feature where you can lock the DJ cable into the headphone so you can't accidently yank it out. However the Pros are heavier and it comes with a pouch rather then a proper case like the Mixrs (the Mixrs have the best case, only breaking it if you stamp on it) and both the Mixrs and Pros are not as comfortable as the Solos and Studios. The main reason I would go with the Mixrs, though, over the Pros though is the price, taking into consideration that there isn't much more that could make the Pros worth and extra and £130 if they're both at there normal retail price. Also at this current moment the black Pros are £350 where as the whites are £209.

Why not 5 stars for the Mixrs then? Well they're not the perfect Beats, none of them are. The Mixrs are not very comfortable model but will become more comfortable if stretched out over an extended period of time when you know you're not going to listen to them. I suggest turning the box they come in on it's side and using that. Other then that a very good set of headphones and I heard things in my music I didn't even know was there before listening to these. Then again the most expensive headphones I owned before these were a set of £20 Skullcandys. Just sort the comfort out and they're very good.
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on 15 April 2015
Amazing Fantastico Superb Dre Mixr Headphones
#1 or world-My all the time BEST headphones. Great Job Gay's!!!!!

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on 30 October 2011
the beats by dre mixr may after rumors only be a little brother of the pro. but i think "Jr." has got some trick up in the sleeve.
with its small structure and it "bulletproof" body it may be the senior instead of the junior.
this little piece of music equipment is far more powerful then any headphone i have ever tried. it literary blows' the pros, solos and the studios away.
and the good thing is that the power that is needed to run this piece of music miracle is the same level of the jack-stick that is provided on the iphone, ipod and ipad. not like the pros where they need lets say 6 volts and the music player only give 3-4. the mixrs need between 3-4 volt and the music player gives between 3-4 volt.
i can recommend the mixrs to people how makes music and listen to music. no need to be a dj this headphones are the best of both world. the music makers and the music listeners.
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on 29 October 2015
DO NOT BUY it, the headphone band broke down by just making standard pressure.
I was putting the headphones back to the case and they split in two.

Great sound but very chip plastic. No durability. Apple requested £90.00 to fix them!
review image
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on 20 April 2013
In my eyes they are like the beats pro but with a bit more power in bass to them, I could be wrong but thats just my opinion
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