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4.6 out of 5 stars668
4.6 out of 5 stars
Platform: Nintendo WiiChange
Price:£21.70+ £2.03 shipping
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on 6 October 2012
What can I say about this latest release in the Just Dance series from Ubisoft? Well, to begin with, it has undergone some quite large changes to the format of the first three games, including bringing back some old features and introducing several brand new ones.

I gave this game four stars out of five as I tend to be quite biased about this series (haha) and I am trying to give a helpful, open minded review. The graphics are excellent, even when played through an old banger of a TV like my own,and the dance coaches are sharply defined against more imaginative backgrounds than the previous games.

Gameplay is as easy as it always was; choose a mode, pick a song, then dance. You can use the ready made screen names so you can get dancing straight away, otherwise you can choose to create a new DancerCard. This is the first "new" feature of the game and basically it's so you can quickly track your statistics (play time, best songs etc) or in Sweat Mode, to keep track of which classes you have completed and the overall calories you have burned. To create your DancerCard you simply have to enter your name, age and gender. You can then choose an avatar, the first feature I noticed reminiscent of Just Dance 1 (remember that chibi thing and the doughnut?) though until you've played the game a bit and started unlocking rewards there are only about ten to choose from.

Choosing a song to dance to is the same, again the song selection screen slightly similar to Just Dance 1. There's a good selection of music here, most of it very lively, though I expect some people will have their complaints.(See full track list above on main page).

The "Mojo" feature of Just Dance 3 is still here, with each song you play gaining you mojo, the level of which depends on how well you did at the song and how many of the personal "quests" you completed. After playing your first song, a drop-down list will inform you which of these you have conquered during that song. Each time you fill your Mojo bar up completely, you will unlock a new reward, which I find makes for very addictive playing! There are new rewards to collect, as well as the original Dance Mash-Ups and Alternative Versions of the songs. These no longer have a separate playlist as in Just Dance 3; you now use your directional pad on the Wii Remote to choose which version of the song you want to play.

If, like myself, you bought this game as a fun and different way to get your daily exercise, you'll be interested to hear about the upgraded Just Sweat mode. I was very please to hear that Ubisoft were finally going to integrate a calorie counter, as trying to work out what you had burned via the Sweat Points made it difficult to keep track of how far your were into your workout. Plus the most common formula (for every 4.2 Sweat Points you burn 1 kcal) seemed a bit ridiculous - that meant dancing to some slower songs that barely made me out of breath "burned" around 40 - 70 calories, which is practically impossible! So although I used another method (every 10 Sweat Points = 1 kcal) I was pleased to see that the hard work would be done for me.

I entered Just Sweat to try it out on my first play. Now I have to mention here that I have been spoiled for years by Konami's Dancing Stage dance mat games, which had a superior workout mode well ahead of it's time. In Just Dance 4, you can choose between three lots of "classes": 10 mins = 50 kcal, 25 mins = 120 kcal, or 45 mins, 230 kcal. The only fault here is that don't ask you to enter your height or weight. The average calories burned is therefore based on what I should imagine is an average weight of maybe 9 - 10 stone, which of course burns much fewer calories than someone like myself who 10 stone. There is also no "Free Session" - the game automatically generates the songs that you are to play. No choosing your own workout. This was the only real reason I gave the game four stars instead of five, as I was quite disappointed.

Finally, there are two main modes (aside from the solo), which are the Duet and Dance Crew modes as seen in previous games. The other dance modes/choreography types are given as unlockable rewards, these are : Battle Mode, where two songs go up against each other. If you are playing solo, you can play against the computer, which I think is a great feature. The second is dance mash-up, which is the same as Just Dance 3, though it seems to me they have used far more dancers/choreographies per song, including dance coaches from all the four Just Dance games. The third is the alternative choreographies, where you can unlock different or more difficult routines to the songs on the playlist, and the final one is the good old Non-Stop Shuffle.

Overall this is an excellent game, whether you're looking for a new workout option or just want to have some friends round and make a fool of yourself. I would definitely recommend giving it a try.
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on 4 October 2012
I love this game!
I only received it today...but I have already been playing it for 3 hours straight. Just Dance 4 is really addictive and fun and being able to achieve next levels encourages you to play for even longer.
I got 'Just Dance the Best of' and really liked playing that, so I just had to get this.
This game is even better, good music and dance moves. A bit more difficult to learn than the other games, but that makes it better!
Over 40 songs and you can buy even more with your wii points if you like.
The just sweat part teaches you dance moves and work outs - you can choose which types of dancing you like most and learn the moves/ work outs.
I'd recommend this game to anybody who loves dancing!
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on 4 November 2012
gd choice of songs & the shuffle play is best option , the work out isnt as gd as dance 3
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on 26 October 2012
I bought this for my daughters birthday. We have Just Dance 1, 2 and 3 which we still play but with varying degrees of success. This latest edition has some great new tracks which we both love along with some older ones which she doesn't like so much. I haven't tried out all of the different modes yet but I would say that this seems to register the moves much better than previous versions, so less frustrating. Lots of good fun and exercise for all the family. Would highly recommend.
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on 22 February 2013
Great fun for me - a bit too difficult for my 6 year old. Definately keeps you fit and a good variety of dances to get started with.
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on 3 January 2013
All the family enjoyed this at Christmas and New Year. We had heard it was good and it lived up to expectations. The only disappointment was that Gangnam Style is an additional chargeable item it you want it. My daughter thought it was an extra that you could earn by reaching a certain level in the game.
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on 20 March 2014
Myself and my partner have been a big fan of the Just Dance games, and have enjoyed and spent many an hour on JD2 and JD3.
-the main reason for this, is that you can put on the Just Sweat mode, dance through a few songs, and have a daily 30-60 minute work out.

The enjoyment coming from being able to pick the songs you want to dance to and be able to determine whether to take it up a notch, slow down the pace, or just focus on beating your high score on your favourite routine.

Then enter JD4…

Now, I will hold my hand up and say that graphically, this is the best of the lot, and there is a great selection of songs on it…
but, I am left flabbergasted by the decision to ruin the Just Sweat mode.
Call me crazy, but you cannot truly believe you are improving on a game, when you take away something from it?
…and especially something so fundamental!

To clarify this, the Just Sweat mode on this game gives you ONLY the choice of doing selected work-out routines, which are made up of randomly computer-selected songs, interspersed with aerobics and warm-ups.

So in other words, you are at the mercy of the game as to what you dance to, and cannot pace yourself with your favourite songs and routines.
This is an awful piece of regression by the makers, and there is no reason for it.

It seems to be that JD started as a dancing game that was improved with the addition of a work-out mode… and the makers now seem to have forgotten that this is a dancing game, and have focused solely on the work-out side of things – and put the actual dancing element behind warm-ups, aerobics and irritating interludes between songs you don’t actually want to dance to.

Further to this, the makers have also gotten rid of the song statistics that have worked so well for the previous games.

Remember how you could look at a track and be given a top, middle and lower level of dance complexity, as well as a further top, middle, lower system for letting you know how energetic it was?

Not anymore.
This game simply rates each track on an arbitrary one, two or three system
-which seems to be based around some form of perceived “difficulty”
…but doesn’t actually give you a clue of what the routine will be like.

The final nail in this game’s coffin comes through the dancing itself.
I appreciate that there are some moves that are hard to depict, and in previous games these have been mostly decipherable… but with this version, you are clearly going to have to watch and get low scores on songs a few times before you can actually work out the moves.

This is partly through the on-screen guide being misleading (such as on the “Maneater” track, where the guide picture clearly tells you to put your arm out to the side… where as you actually need to put it out in-front of you)
but mostly through a lot of the moves simply not being broadcast, and leaving you having to work out what the dancer on screen is doing, without any form of guide (such as the “Wild Wild West” track, which only gives indications for about 70% of the moves.)

Overall, I would say that if you like the songs on this game and want to get it for a laugh and to just dance along, it is ok… but not brilliant and not worth shelling out more than a few quid for.
If you liked the previous games and enjoyed doing the Just Sweat mode on them, stick with them and avoid this one… because it just simply is not as good as JD2 and JD3.
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on 13 March 2013
I got Just Dance 4 on pre-order on Amazon when it first came out so I had to download Gangnam - Psy and You make me feel - Cobra Starship feat Sabi as these songs were released after the Just Dance 4 game launched. Even a novice like me hooked the wii on to my Wi-Fi you just go to settings use your password and key for your Wi-Fi hit test connection voila! I bought 1000 wii points (£7.00) I got the above two songs the dance routines are amazing for a great cardio workout. Each song is 300 Wii points.

I have all the Just Dance games but I have to say the points, award system & the Sweat Workouts on Just Dance 4 is the absolute best. This is my most played Just Dance game my four year old joins in with me (the best she can!) The Mojo points that up the levels (goes up to level 35) just when you think you cant workout or dance anymore you realize your about to hit the next level and open up another 'gift' that feature for me was very motivational. I hope on the next Just dance they can add more levels as 35 was not enough for me.

The song selection & variety of dance movements just keep getting better and better. The one thing I wish Just Dance 4 had was rather than pre-set workouts on Sweat mode if you can manually set up your own workout songs, length etc. The reason for this is you can set up a warm up session then a very hard cardio session then use the same warm up session to cool down but using your favourite songs & dance moves. Then you dont need to keep fiddling about with the remote in between a dance session. The minimum amount of time I spend on Just Dance 4 is 1 hour and maximum time is 2.5 hours. Out of all the active Wii games I have Just Dance 4 is the most fun and you dont even feel like your exercising. Through my raving about it two of my friends have invested in Wii consoles just to get the Just Dance 4 game in.

Rather than paying for a gym membership I use Just Dance 4 and Kettlebells and combining them both I have seen fitness levels and muscle tone improve vastly. It doesn't get any better than this! Fun factor for all the family I give them a 10/10.
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on 2 May 2013
I adore dancing and I adore music with a good beat. Added to this is the fact that all my life I have wanted to get slimmer. I'm an ex-hockey player and have always been very active but never slim the way I wanted to be. Got great results in the gym (hello, cheekbones!) but it got boring...always my enemy. BUT along comes Just Dance 2, 3 and 4...I love them all but I do think Just Dance 4 has the edge. I don't bother with the gym anymore as it was becoming a real chore but I adore the hour I have to myself every day for the Wii and Just Dance 4.
Sometimes I go for the individual tracks but mostly I just want to get my pulse up and get thoroughly out of breath so I use the Just Sweat feature. I'm still not at my target size (it would help if I didn't eat so much)but my body has changed completely and everyone is commenting.
I'm useless at following the moves but I'm getting better and it's a great feeling when you actually keep up with the moves.
I'm completely addicted now and I feel a great sense of calm after a good workout. Better than running as my knee packs up too soon.
I also use Zumba and I find it very good for fitness but I do prefer Just Dance. Depends on your mood on the day really.
Overall, an excellent choice.
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on 5 January 2013
We used this New Years Eve 2012 for 4 players of different ages, we previously had Just Dance 3 which I do think is slightly better for the 30+ age range. We were dissapointed that you have to collect 300 to download 'Gangnam Style' as on TV it advertises it as you download the song, there is no mention that you have to collect points which was one of the reasons we purchsed it. All in all if you are up for a laugh and lots of fun then buy this!
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