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4.6 out of 5 stars237
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 24 November 2012
Once you have put the disc in and got things underway you will be treated to the opening of Fellowship of the ring, narrated by Cate Blanchett. Then its on to the last stand of men and Elves against the all powerful Sauron which you actively take part in. Needless to say that this game is incredibly faithful to the Peter Jackson movies and all audio, save that of minor characters, is taken directly from the films.
The story of the one ring is explained and then you are put in charge of Frodo and Sam in the Shire.

With the film soundtrack playing and the Shire to explore at your leisure, you will suddenly wonder if the rest of the game can live up to such an epic opening. The answer is yes. While some, like me, will quite happily wander about Hobbiton collecting Studs and hunting down special Mithril Blocks...others will be determined to see just how big this Lego themed Middle-Earth is.

Of course this is no Skyrim. But such freedom and detailed environments will gain your attention. And if you are a fan of the movies you are going to be very impressed. You can have a walk along to Bree if you wish but the first mission will stand in your way and its hard to ignore it, when you know that it details Frodos' flight from the Shire and his first encounter with the Nazgul. The whole of this Lego condensed Middle-Earth is open for exploration. Take a walk to Mount Doom.

If you have played any previous Lego games then this is the best. The controls are responsive, the animations incredible and the graphics lush and colourful. Middle-Earth looks absolutely stunning and I'm always surprised at how much more the developers can get out of these little plastic figures. Characters are easily recognisable and the cutscenes prefectly represent the movies, with added Lego humour of course.

You can fast travel between the locations you have visited but its enjoyable to walk it, or ride it even. Try taking a goat out of the Shire. Going past the Town of Bree and unlocking Weathertop will allow you to see a large part of the map. The thing is whatever you see is available to visit. Your map will highlight useful locations, quest locations and items of interest. You can even set a coin trail to any objectives or locations you want to visit. Hobbit GPS.

Any Mithril blocks you collect (these replace the gold blocks), along with recipes allows you to craft new weapons, items and armor. These can be accessed through the characters inventory wheel with ease. The thing is if you take a quest on it usually means visiting a past mission in free-play mode and finding the required items etc etc.

Is Lego Lord of the rings a role-play game then? Very litely. You can tackle quests, hunt down hidden caves and so on but the game is very friendly and there is no grinding of any kind. Simply wandering around with the Fellowship is awesome and each character has his/her special abilities. Samwise can grow flowers from patches of soil and light fires with his tinderbox. Merry has a fishing rod and can tackle (get it) a little mini-game when above certain bodies of water.

The missions are more of the same from previous Lego games. Collect the maximum amount of studs per level, find treasure chests and unlock kit pieces. Free-play mode is required to visit older levels with new characters and their special abilities to unlock additional areas and kit. Replay value on this game is very high indeed.

You'll wander from Rivendell to Rohan, buying new characters as you go and taking in the lovely sights of Middle-Earth in all of its Lego glory. The you'll decide to go back to the Shire and unlock some more bits of Mithril that you missed earlier in the game to forge a new powerful weapon...

Yes it gets repetetive but not in a bad way. You are glad to experience Lord of the rings and plod through the game and get them all important achievements.

The best Lego game ever and best use of a film license.

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on 24 November 2012
I've been a fan of the Lego games since they released Lego Star Wars. Admittedly I've not played them all, only the ones that have interested me (Star Wars, Harry Potter, and not this one). One of the first thing that always stands out in these games is the simple humor that they use in the cut scenes. With this having dialogue from the film I though it may have an effect on the comedy in the scenes as I always felt it's what wasn't said that made them funnier than they probably were. That however isn't the case. Even though the scenes that they have that use the Dialogue don't include the whole dialogue it all fits together really nicely.
Now onto the game-play. As all the other Lego games I've played it feels no different and is as solid as ever. The right analogue stick turn the camera allowing you to get a better view of the scene you're in, this comes in very handy in some of the balance parts of the levels. My only criticism of it however is for me it turns too slowly sometimes. Would have been nice to have an option to change the speed but it doesn't deter from the game-play whatsoever as I've never needed to change the angle in any fight scene so far. The combat flows really nicely with good animations and it's really easy to pick up and play. There are different weapons for each character, mainly what they use in the film, but you can smith items which you can call in for certain characters also to bolster their item attire.
The open wold map is a very nice idea, and you can fast travel to anywhere that you have been previously and access levels from the main map too. In between the story scenes you are roaming through Middle Earth taking in Non Lego scenery that fits really well into the game. I found some scenes to be a bit short (Lothlórien being one of them), and some of the travelling in between areas (The Shire and Bree, although this does allow for a better flowing world in the free roam).
There are also quest in the game. They are both a nice idea and not so nice at the same time. There is no way to track quests once you have spoken to the person who initiates it, and you have to remember what it is they asked you or revisit them if you forget after progressing with the story. The area summary does however let you know how many quests there are in that area and how many you have completed.

The graphics are what you would expect from a Lego game with some really nice scenery to look at. Mordor is somewhere I think has been made to look fantastic in the game, as has many other areas.

The soundtrack is that of the Film, does anything else need to be said about it. Both the Soundtrack and dialogue are very well implemented and I think of a good audio quality.

In summary there is good solid game-play, a very respectable length campaign with good replay value. I'd highly recommend it to any Lord of the Rings or Lego game fan. My favorite Lego game to date.

Audio: 10/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 8/10
Controls: 9/10
Overall: 9/10

Hope I haven't missed anything.
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I'll keep this brief. I have played almost all the LEGO games and this for me is head and shoulders above anything they have done before! I would implore anyone who is undecided to buy this. Let's put it this way, I'm enjoying this far more than HALO 4! 'Nuff said really! Don't hesitate, BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!
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on 3 December 2012
This game is great. I have only played a level or two and the quality of sound and picture and playability are as good as I have seen on any of the lego games.
It looks, feels and sounds like you are in the films, but in Lego!
Unfortunatly for me, I chose to have it delivered free, perhaps my mistake, but it arrived three days after I was told it should arrive!!!So, it took eight days to arrive via the great British Postal Service. I wasn't impressed, and will consider this when ordering 'stuff' for Christmas.
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on 11 April 2013
I have played a few of the Lego games (star wars, Harry potter) and this is by far the best, and is just in a different league. In co-op mode the split screen to full screen system works really well, and it prevents that feeling i had in other lego games that my character's movement was restricted unless the other player happened to be travelling in the same direction as I was. Thankfully the game doesn't operate completely in split screen mode as once you share the same general area again it reverts back to full screen. This is a big step forward for the Lego games and I think it was first introduced in Lego Harry potter.

The graphics in Lord of the Rings are the best seen in a Lego game thus far, with some great effects and attention to detail, but without losing that Lego charm. Also, because the screen is less busy and the graphics clearer than in previous lego games, it is easier to see what is happening on screen. All of the cut scenes are awesome and the game has a great sense of humour.

The sound is fantastic with all of the music from the films. This time the developers have used the actual dialogue from the films which is a genius move that really helps to bring the game to life and is a massive improvement over the various grunts and groans used in previous games. This means that for the first time in a lego game you can actually follow the story!

The level design, puzzles and overall gameplay is, for me, way better than anything seen in a Lego game before and I was completely absorbed.

Even though it probably won't take you too long to finish the game I think it's the perfect length and great for both kids and adults. My only real criticism of the game is that the side quests are very confusing and I just didn't feel they worked at all and I had no interest in trying to complete them. If your idea of fun is running around trying to find things and getting involved in 'fetch and carry' tasks then you might like this part of the game but I found it a waste of time.

This game really does make the most of the source material and whether you choose to play solo or in co-op mode this game delivers an enormous amount of fun. Not only do I think this is the best Lego game ever I also think it's one of the most fun games on the 360. Awesome.
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Lego games, they are all fun to play and have so much to do in terms of collecting. Lord of the Rings is no different, being a huge fan of the books and films I really wanted this to be good and it didn't fail to meet my expectations. The game at first seems huge as the main world hub is your journey from the Shire all the way to Mordor and at first it can be very overwhelming. As you travel around you find out you can fast travel to different locations you have already bypassed through and you can access all the levels you have completed from anywhere on the Map. The World Map really is a useful tool as it will show all the levels as well as characters that can be bought and collectables, something other Lego games didn't do (or at least the ones I played) which made everything easy to find.

I have to say I completed the game collecting all 1000 achievement points very quickly (within a week) with no problems whatsoever. I am not sure if this is a bad point or not because I remember being frustrated in previous Lego games trying to find one last brick or mini kit. This maybe because in the free play mode you are able to switch between any player you have unlocked/bought and not just the selection the game randomly selects for you which means you can reply the game twice and get everything instead of having to reply levels again and again learning which characters are needed.

The graphics are stunning for a Lego game, middle earth looks perfect and at times you will be amazed at just how good it looks, Rivendell for example looks fabulous with all the waterfalls. The game follows the story pretty closely to the films; you will enter each of the levels as you progress to Mordor which is a nice touch. Some levels require you to swap between characters that maybe in two separate locations at once, if you are playing in Co-Op this can be done at the same time using a split screen. Later in the game when Frodo and Sam separate from the Fellowship you will need to switch between both journeys and may not be able to continue with one until you have locked a location with the other.

In true Lego fashion the game is packed with humor however this time around the Lego characters will speak as they have used voices from the film. Some clips however have not been done very well and it's clear that the sound clips have been poorly transferred from film to game which is a little upsetting.
The music is also taken directly from the film, I loved the soundtrack to Lord of the Rings and having it played while I travel through middle earth was a very welcoming sound indeed.

As previous Lego games you can activate a ghost stud trail which you can change to the next chapter or use for side quests, this makes it easy to get around what is a massive world map. Mini Kits, Red Bricks (which activate cheat codes) and white bricks (which replace gold) are back however the White Bricks are actually Mithril blocks that you can use at the blacksmith in Bree to create items and weapons that are used in side quests or just in the free play mode. Some are useless and you will never use them but some like the Disco Phial are fun to use for a laugh.
There are a lot of characters to unlock and purchase but there is no need to use them all as multiple characters will have the same actions and with the Mithril equipment even Frodo can use an Axe like Gimli or a bow like Legolos which can make some characters a little redundant.

Before finishing my review I must touch upon glitches as this game like many of the Lego games is riddled with them. In Rivendell I managed to find myself falling through the floor and ending up underneath, during one of the levels I managed to pick up 12 out of 10 mini kits, climbing orthanc tower was a nightmare due to the way the camera turns automatically and how tough it is to jump sideways onto a rope. The worst issue of the game comes with changing characters, you press Y to swap between characters and hold down Y to open up the character list in free play however for example I am climbing Orthanc and I need to use certain character to get to the top so I would need to swap characters, sometimes when I hold down the Y button it just swaps me to the second character on the ground instead of bringing up the menu and when I swap back my previous character has now jumped off where I was and is now on the ground. This can be very frustrating indeed. My other issue is not having Online Co-Op, I don't understand why this has been missed when it's in previous games.

These issue put aside the game is still extremely fun to play and even though I have done all there is to do I have chosen to keep this game as I know I will want to play it again. By far my favorite Lego game of them all, I look forward to Lego Marvel.
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on 11 May 2013
I brought this for me and my boyfriend, I'm not a gamer he is and this was something we could easily do together as we are both massive LOTR fans and lego games tend to be simple.

We both love the big open map as well as the missions as it really puts you into middle earth and everything is well thought out. It is true to lego with the humor while still remaining true to the story and book. With little bonuses such as been able to unlock Tom Bombidil ect for true Tolkin fans. There is so much to explore and do as well as even when we completed the story line we were still only 40% complete as there are many things that cannot be done until most of the characters are unlocked. However some of the objects are tricky to find and easy to miss with some even needing you to create mithril items and things you may not of thought of doing in order to fully complete a level which can mean repeating a stage several times which sometimes wanting to achieve 100% becomes time consuming and tedious. So we are more dipping in and out to do this, some aspects are tricky and although I'm sure most 5 year olds are probably better at using a console than me some aspects were tricky for even my boyfriend who is an experience gamer and we kept wondering how on earth this is made for 7year olds, upon reflection we realised this game is probably more for lort ot lego game fans then for a gift for your 7 year old.

All in all though a really enjoyable game
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on 5 February 2013
i love Lego video games because that is one of my favorite things that i grew up with. I already had or played before playing Lego The Lord of the Ring quite a few Lego video game that consist of Lego 'Star Wars' The Video game and II; The Original Trilogy', Lego 'Indiana Jones', Lego 'Batman' and also Lego 'Harry Potters' Years 1-4 and 5-7. I wanted to play this game since its announcement because i just love the 'Lord of the Rings' films. They are my favorite films. On the outside the game looks awesome for any Lego video game fan. Furthermore when I started playing the game I found that it is much more better than i ever expected and i had high expectations.

Although I've only played through 'The Fellowship of the Ring' part of the game, which i admit its a third of the story mode levels. I've got to grips with the control system and new features that appear in this game. Also by myself playing through 'The Two Towers' and 'The Return of the King' parts of the game I will get a better and expanded scope of how great the game is. However I already think that its an awesome game. I like everything about the game that I've experienced and everything that i'm yet to experience. Their is no current nor future part of the game that i dislike nor will dislike.

This is why I've given this game five out of five stars.
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on 27 November 2012
My son saved up his birthday money to get this game when it was released, so had it on pre-order. He is 11 and an avid gamer in his spare time, he loves the LEGO games, and has many others also such as LEGO Harry Potter etc, so he knows how his way round these games and knows how much fun they are both as single and multi-player. He spent as much time as we would allow on this over the weekend, and even his 14 year old sister commented on how cool it was and said what a good game it was. Would make a great present for all LEGO Gamers out there, children to adult alike, as I know my 30 plus year brother plays these too when time allows. Great fun and enough going on that it will certainly be good value for money. Great characters as usual on these games. My son is thrilled with it, and said it was worth every penny !!! and it was his choice and his money ! As a parent who cares about what the children play on, it is so nice to have a game he can play with sister/ dad/uncle and is family friendly and great fun for everyone.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 30 November 2012
Firstly, if you've ever played a Lego game in the past then you will feel right at home as this has the same basic layout and way of playing with similar puzzles. The game covers all three films from start to finish in a very accurate way albeit some areas happen quicker than others. All the Lego characters resemble the characters from the movie although visually it can be hard at time to decipher between Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin, simply because their small on screen. Graphics are as good as any other LEGO game I've played but the real bonus of this game is all the voices are ported directly from the films which gives a better sense of realism. Cut-scenes are an absolute laugh and give their Lego variation of certain aspect of the saga.. as an example SPOILER ALERT (skip to end of paragraph if you don't want to know): The part where Boromir gets hit by lurtz near the end of the first film instead in the lego version boromir gets hit with a brush and then killed by a banana which certainly got me laughing and i'm a seasoned LEGO player.

Rather than a direct linear path from which you can't deviate, in this there are larger open areas that you can explore and even side quests if you want to help people out like find objects for a guy in the village and as usual there are a whole host of items to find in different hidden places that will require at least a second play-through as you need different characters abilities to access certain areas, it's all fun and levels can be replayed from the menu with ease although a word of caution as with all LEGO games, if you wish to 100% complete the game it will take longer than you first think and you will require patience as some puzzles require extra effort.

PROS: As usual this is an epic laugh and sticks to the LOTR storyline in a perfect way, cut scenes are some of the best I've seen, best looking lego game to date dare i say?

CONS: i have come across the odd glitch here and there but nothing to worry about, you can get confused every now and then regarding what to do next!

VERDICT: This is probably the best LEGO game to date in my personal opinion, i love lord of the rings and coupled to lego this makes for an epic game with lots of laughs along the way. It sticks to the proper storyline and there's lots of replay value in it because of all the items you need to collect.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED GAME ... both as a lord of the rings tie-in and as a Lego game on it's own, you'll love it!
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