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4.7 out of 5 stars4,710
4.7 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: HoneyChange
Price:£29.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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649 of 663 people found the following review helpful
This cover provides neat, close-fitting protection for your Kindle. The Kindle slots into a moulded plastic tray at the back of the case, with nothing intruding onto the device itself. A section at the bottom of the Kindle is left exposed to allow permanent access to the micro USB port. The front cover is thin and lacks additional padding, but 12 months of carrying a baby Kindle around in a case with a similar-style cover has resulted in no harm, so I'm reasonably confident in the protection this will provide.

The leather is textured and has been applied as a surface covering to both the front section of the cover and the plastic tray at the rear. The leather doesn't have the lovely, soft tactile sensation that went with Amazon's Kindle Keyboard covers but doesn't seem to mark as easily as the Amazon leather covers for the baby Kindle/Kindle Touch models (a fingernail is enough to leave a permanent scrape on those). The purple colourway I ordered is disappointing - much darker than product photos suggest.

The cover bends back easily enough for one handed reading, but the 'spine' section on the latest version of the Amazon brand cover does seem to have been reinforced, so that it doesn't flop awkwardly backwards if you prefer to hold the cover two-handed. The microfibre lining of the interior is very shallow-piled and resembles black denim.

The biggest problem I had with the last generation of Amazon cases - the lack of closing mechanism - has been addressed here, courtesy of a lightweight magnet. This works simply, engaging when you shut the cover, and requires no extra fiddling.

The cover isn't cheap, but is comparable in price to cases currently offered by Verso and Marware. The auto wake/auto switch off facility this brings to Kindle usage is what really sets the Amazon cover apart from competitors - all that's needed to wake your charged Kindle is to open the cover... It's a nice idea, but not one I'm altogether convinced by since turning a Kindle on/off by flicking a switch really isn't that onerous!

The cover is presented in a printed cardboard sleeve: if you're planning to make this (part of) a present, this is a much more attractive set-up than the simple plastic bags in which the Amazon covers for Kindle/Kindle Touch arrive.


- Cover has an inbuilt closing mechanism
- Lightweight and snug-fitting
- Textured leather doesn't mark ridiculously easily
- Includes auto wake/switch off facility


- Feels a bit hard and plastic-ey
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334 of 350 people found the following review helpful
on 15 October 2013
A piece of advice I was given was roughly along the lines of "once you've bought something you forget the price". This is quite an expensive cover when you weigh up the price of the Kindle it will be holding. However, it will either make or break the experience of using your Kindle once you have bought it. This is what I thought - why buy a premium eReader and then stick it in a sub-standard case? Having seen many of the cheaper cases, up to and including ones for around £20, the quality of this one is very apparent. As you would expect, it fits the Paperwhite perfectly, with nothing obscuring the device like the straps in each corner found on cheaper cases. This makes it much smaller and slimmer too than similar products. The materials are lovely, and the detailing of the Kindle logo inside the front cover and the clasp really give it a touch of class. Aside from looking and feeling nice, I'm sure it would protect the device very well from most accidents or the rough and tumble of being thrown in a bag etc. When using the Kindle it is unobtrusive and is equally as nice to use open as it is with the front cover folded back behind the device. My only gripe with it when folded back is that the clasp can sometime feel a bit awkward depending on where your fingers lie. The auto sleep-wake feature works really well and allows for an authentic book reading experience of picking the Kindle up, opening the cover and starting to read without having to press any buttons or choose items on screen. Same goes when you've finished, just close the cover and the Kindle goes into sleep mode automatically. Overall it is expensive, but I feel well worth it.
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109 of 117 people found the following review helpful
on 6 March 2013
Having upgraded from Kindle to Kindle paperwhite, I thought it would be wise to protect my new product.I like to look after my 'stuff'. I must say that when my package arrived early and in great shape, I was disappointed with the colour of my Case. (Electric purple)It's actually quite a dark,dull purple. I thought that the wrong one had been sent. However, I know it does the same job so I have kept it. Wish I had ordered the fuschia one. Just beware if colour is important to you. Otherwise all is fab and I am really enjoying my new paperwhite...
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Colour Name: Onyx BlackVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The new cover seems to add as little bulk as possible to the Kindle, whilst protecting it and looking smart. The Paperwhite lighting means the bulk needed for a light in previous covers (eg the Sony) is no longer impeding easy use.
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25 of 27 people found the following review helpful
on 3 September 2015
When I received the case I was initially impressed by the feel of quality - and the case fit the Kindle perfectly.

However, after a couple of weeks of careful use (I always carry the case in a laptop bag or rucksack), I noticed that the plastic/rubbery film/paint around the corners started flaking off revealing a coarse dark plastic corner - which meant that the case no longer looked as attractive.

This would probably be less noticeable if I had a dark colour case - but in the honey (more like lemon/lime colour) the dark corners were really obvious. I queried this with Amazon and they speedily sent me a replacement. The finish on the replacement is not as good as the first - the leather cut-outs that are attached to the plastic case shell are unevenly shaped/crinkly on corners and there is a small tear/nick on the leather - so doesn't feel really premium. I think that the issue with the plastic film peeling off from the corners is a design fault and will reoccur on the new case.

The magnetic catch works OK - but it has a lip on that means if you store in a bag with other things such as books/tablets - these catch on the lip of the catch. The case does trigger sleep/wake as expected.
I chose this case because it protects the edges of the Kindle with an all round sleeve - I am not so keen on those with corner grips/elastic - but I now think this case will not wear well.
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35 of 38 people found the following review helpful
on 14 November 2012
The Paperwhite Kindle fits snugly inside the case, not too tightly but tight enough for it not to fall out. The front and back is a leather-type material which looks and feels very nice. The front is not thick enough to prevent it bending in onto the screen if you press hard against it or drop something heavy on it, but it's most definitely strong enough to resist scratches or light bumps, say sat in a rucksack rattling around. There is a rubber strip running around the outside so the Kindle is completely encased.

The lock mechanism works pretty well. It doesn't seem all that secure but if you hold it upside down by the sides, the front stays put thanks to the magnetic clasp. What I still think is neat is the switching on and off as you open and close the case. I have not used the Kindle long enough but I am sure this only helps extend the battery life when not in use.

The front cover flips over like the front cover of a magazine. It's easy to hold with one hand, with the cover flipped back on itself, or with the cover half-open. Either works well.

It's over-priced in my opinion for what it is but I'm glad I bought it and recommend it if you're looking for a decent case.
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11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
E-book covers, boring eh? You've just dropped some wedge on your reader and then you gotta buy a cover for it. So, get something cheap non? Eh, well, no.

I have just upgraded from a kindle keybord to the 2015 kindle paperwhite, I will be reviewing that in due course. After buying that the next purchase had to be the leather cover.

This thing is smart, very nice. First of all the build quality is excellent, the main body of the cover is a plastic tray, this is qute thick and has a rubberized feel to it. The tray has a lip all the way round (apart from a notch to allow access to the on/off switch and the USB/charging connector. To insert your kindle you pop it in and the lip clamps tight all round the kindle. It is held very securely and looks very neat.

The front cover is a simple flap with a leather cover, the leather is textured and the inner surface of the cover is a nice looking grey which almost looks and feels like faded denim. The word 'kindle' is subtly printed here. The rear of the plastic tray also has a leather panel, same colour and texture as the front flap.

To open the cover simply lift it, there is a magnetic catch that also functions as a wake up switch for the kindle. If your kindle in sleep mode (that is, displaying those slightly annoying ads, it will activate the backlight). If your kindle is totally switched off the catch switches the machine straight on, past the sleep screen.

I really, really like this cover, it is perfectly form fitting and really makes the kindle much easier to hold, it adds no significant weight or bulk to the paperwhite and adds to the 'booklike' experience of using the paper white.

This is really a no-brainer, essential purchase for anyone who has invested in a kindle paperwhite.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
I'm awaiting delivery of the latest Amazon Kindle Paperwhite for my partner, and I've bought this stylish leather cover to hold her new-fangled e-Reader.
It's a relatively lightweight Kindle cover, only 159g, and comes in a variety of colours, my girlfriend chose the rather eye-catching fushia pink version. The exterior of the cover front and rear is leather bound, it's a firm, textured leather which isn't soft touch, but it still gives a better tactile experience than, say, plastic. In any event, it's a low maintenance, wipe clean cover.
The inner side of the cover flap is a grey coloured felt or some similar soft material, the cover flap secures to the body of the cover with a magnet. The magnet's grip isn't very strong but I don't think that really matters. The Kindle logo is in large, dark grey coloured lettering on the inner side of the front flap.
The Kindle clips into position on the custom fit back of the cover, which is made of a rigid plastic. The base of the cover has a slot cut away to allow access to the micro-USB input socket on the Kindle.
This cover is lightweight enough to be held in one hand without discomfort for prolonged periods, assuming of course that you don't have any medical condition affecting your hand, wrist or arm. Good design and build quality, simple and effective functionality, what's not to like?
Thank you very much for taking the time to read this review.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 17 July 2014
This cover, while expensive, is worth every penny:

- it looks great (I bought the Honey coloured cover to avoid sitting on it since our sofa is predominantly black!)

- it feels good (solid but with a slight give in the leather)

- it fits the Kindle Paperwhite perfectly (there is no movement or rattling around)

- it turns your Kindle off when you close it to conserve energy

- it allows you to charge your Kindle without removing the cover

- it makes your Kindle feel more like a conventional book when open in your hand while reading (although you can fold the front flap back behind your Kindle if you prefer)

Highly recommended
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 1 September 2015
Overall the case is fine and fits very well with a nice slim design but I just have a couple of niggles that irriate me.
1, when the cover is folded back, if I hold the kindle in my right hand on the side the magnetic metal clasp digs into my hand between the thumb and index finger and become uncomfortable after a period of time. On my last kindle cover the magnet was integral to the cover and there for not a problem.
2, If I hold the case along the bottom I again have the same discomfort as point #1. This is due to the the base being a pre molded hard rubber that is very nicely curved all around the edge to give a smooth comfy finish EXEPT where it has a sharp edge by the on/off button and charging point which also happens to be where your hand naturally would be.
I know to most people I am just being picky but I do like reading and I do find it annoying having to keep swapping hands so that my right hand does not get sore. The only thing I suggest to anyone who finds the above a bit of a problem like me is to read your books in landscape rather than portrait and then you hold the case happily on the side or the bottom with the cover just resting against the back of your hand.
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