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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 3 December 2012
The Garmin Zumo 660LM 4.3" Sat Nav for Motorcycles with Europe Maps was a replacement for a trusty Zumo 500 that was beginning to show its age from nearly six years of abuse. I also wanted something with a bigger screen. The Zumo 660LM ticked all the boxes before purchase.

Fitting to my bike was very easy as I already had the ram mount I used for the 500 and I only needed to put a plug onto the power lead and it was ready for action. Unlike the 500/550 there is no security screw on the cradle which makes the 660 quick and easy to remove - too easy for the light-fingered.

The display is crisp and bright and shows as much detail as I need on a journey. On it's first trip out it surprised me, with a detailed and almost photographic rendering of an approaching junction complete with accurate roadside signage; a vast improvement to what I had become used to on my previous model. There should be no excuse for being in the wrong lane at a complicated junction now.

The PC software included in the package (MapSource) I have been using for a number of years and is the backbone of my route planning. Downloading routes and way points to the 660 is still as easy, though it was here that I found the one thing that will bug me - you have to remove the battery cover to access the USB port.

I have only had the 660 for a few weeks with few opportunities to use it but I think this is going to be a very useful navigation aid that is easy for a motorcyclist to use.
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on 4 February 2014
The Garmin Zumo 660LM 4.3" Sat Nav for Motorcycles with Europe Maps is great, but I must point out that the Garmin Zumo 660 Motorcycle Mount (for electrical interfacing to the bikes electrical system) and the Garmin Weather Cover for Zumo 660 Motorbike Cradle which are available separately and actually appear in the 'Frequently bought together' list are actually included in the Sat Nav box, so there is no need to buy these separately.
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on 2 February 2014
Firstly take into account I purchased this SatNav for use with my motorcycle as I was led to believe this was designed primarily for motorcycles. As a user of Garmin satnavs for a good few years now, and I swear by them, I have to say this is without doubt a big dissapointment. Starters for 10 it's like twice the price of a mid or even higher end Garmin. Garmin states this pricey piece of tech was designed by bikers for bikers. After using it I'm seriously doubting that statement. I've used it on my motorcycle and my car and it doesn't matter what setting I had it on it thinks every A and B road going is the fastest route and refused point blank to go anywhere near motorways, oh and yes I did check the Avoidance Settings. I tested my 660LM against my 2095, one at a time, each on the same start end end point both on my bike and car. Routes I know well but just wanted to see which way the navs would take me. My 2095 as expected took me the fastest and most direct route as it always has. The 660LM took me on a veritable tour of the county from the same start point to get to the same end point. Take into account both nav's were up to date with software and maps. I found with my unit that there is no difference between Bike or Car settings, it will still take me round and round the houses. The main reason I bought this unit was because it is waterproof. That side of the unit is great. I tried so called waterproof covers etc with my 2095 and they failed in that they would condensate and in some cases with hard rain actually let water in. The updating side takes anything up to 5-6 hours but all Garmins are like that. The software seems basic and stripped out compared to my other Nav and planning routes seems to be a nause for it. From my personal experience with this unit I can't recommend it.
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on 11 March 2013
This is my first sat-nav.
It is one awesome piece of helpful gear and very expensive but if you can work it all out and follow the slightly vague instructions, I can't see going anywhere without it. BUT, I personally had problems downloading the maps, it maybe me or my computer, but it took forever and then failed at the last hurdle, 3 times. I ended up calling Garmin for assitance as it gobbled up all my monthly internet allowance and more and cost me dearly. Their team of technical wizzards are just that and through their patience and their freephone number I was able to resolve my downloading, but for now I only could only have the UK & Ireland maps.
There is so much to learn, I doubt I'll ever use a fraction of its vast potential, so I'm doing bit by bit. When I can, I'll download more of the maps ie. the rest of Europe, and with their freephone assistance it'll be fine.
The wiring into the bikes electrical system is in doubt as some say it drains your battery, others say it doesn't, I left it to my mechanic.
There are many other sat-navs out there for far less money, but if you are like me ride a motorcycle and want the ultimate route guide, with all the bells and whistles, then this is a must buy, but keep it safe and never leave it on your bike.
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on 11 May 2014
I've used the Garmin Quest on my motorbike, on foot, and in the car for years, and never had any real problems with them - other than the unlocking problems. However, the two Quest units I had both went faulty last year, so I bought a brand new Zumo 660LM.

What I like:
The bluetooth functionality

What I dislike:
The mapping software is useless. In the UK, driving from Stonehenge to Doncaster, I was taken through a variety of small villages. At one point, I was sent into a new housing estate which had no exit route - you could only go round the houses and back to the exact same road again. No matter how many times I told the stupid thing to recalculate, it insisted that I went round the houses again and again and again.

Eventually (following my nose), we arrived at the motoroway and started using motoroways (M5, M6) to head North. The Zumo insisted on taking me up a motorway exit slip road only to send me back down the on-ramp to exactly the same bit of motorway. Not once, but several times. On the same journey, it told me I was on the M5 when I was very clearly on the M6. At one point I was instructed to come off at the exit, follow the roundabout, then down the slip road to join the same motorway, but going in the opposite direction to where I should be going. So I followed it, and it took me to the previous junction, then told me to take the roundabout and rejoin the northbound carriageway of the same motorway. Unbelievably, I got to the next junction, and it was trying to tell me to go back again in exactly the same fashion!!! So I put the iPad on and used NavFree UK/ROI as a comparison I set exactly the same route, and the iPad was far more accurate than the Xumo. Bearing in mind that the NavFree application is FREE, and the Zumo mapping isn't, you would have thought that the Garmin would be far superior to the FREE navigation system - wrong!

A few days later I was heading to Bulgaria from the UK in the car. Driving along the Autobahn, the Zumo told me to take a right exit, then to keep left. So I followed the instructions, and ended up being expertly guided OFF the Autobahn, along a slip road running parallel to the road I had just left, then back ON to the Autobahn on exactly the same road I had been told to leave. As traffic was quite heavy and I had a long way to drive, I really could have done without the excursion. Then the same thing happened about an hour later! So again I put the iPad on and followed NavFree Germany, the NavFree Austria, then NavFree Eastern Europe until I reached my destination.

The Zumo has some peculiar ideas about your arrival time too. It bases it on the maximum speed of the roads along your route, but at least it updates the arrival times fairly regularly.

It's BIG. For use on a motorcycle, especially when you stop, it's VERY BIG and VERY BULKY in your pocket. I feel a right Richard carrying that flaming big thing around.

The motorcycle mount is very easy to install. However, the power/data cable is premanently attached to the mount. On my Quest, I installed a waterproof cable which I could easily unclip so that I can remove the mount and put it under my seat if I'm leaving the motorbike unattended while I'm out. I'm a bit hesitant to do this with the Zumo as it's already crap enough as it is without adding potential wiring problems to the mix.

The brightness likes to dim itself to 20% with no warning and with no buttons being pressed. I'm not talking about when it gets dark either - I refer to anytime of day or night when the display will suddenly dim for no reason.

The Zumo 660LM allows you to select a multitude of languages. So I put it into Bulgarian while I was in Sofia, and search for a street using the Cyrillic characters. Zumo refused to find it. So I typed in the English characters instead - and Zumo refused to find it. So I searched the map as I knew roughly where the street was, and I could see it clearly written on the map in Cyrillic. I copied it exactly as it was displayed, and the Zumo couldn't find it.

I experimented with the voices too, and settled for Emily, as she didn't seem to make as many mistakes as the others. Unfortunately the Zumo decides at times that Emily will only speak the first two words of the instructions and then complete silence. In traffic this is potentially lethal (especially in Bulgaria) as you then have to look at the screen to find out where to go, and that takes your attention away from the numerous cars trying to get into the space that you currently occupy on the road.

Garmin have been advised of all these issues, and they sent me a replacement unit - which I really didn't want, I wanted to keep my own NEW unit as I knew that the faults that were evident were not related to my particular unit. But I went along with it, and as sure as eggs are eggs, the replacement Zumo shows exactly the same faults as the NEW one I had given up!!

If I could have got Garmin to repair my Quest units, then I would never have bought a Zumo. I have found a repair service who say they can repair my Quests, and if they are good to their word, then I will be selling the Zumo. It's worse than useless most of the time and certainly not worth the money that is being charged for it. Garmin might think they are saving money by going into partnership with a new mapping company, but they're wrong. What they save in mapping they will more than lose in customers. I currently own a Garmin Forerunner 650, 3 Garmin Quests, 2 Zumo 660LMs, so you could say I've been a loyal customer to Garmin. Not anymore. I have ZERO confidence in the Zumo, and I would not recommend anyone to buy this unit at all.
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on 18 May 2014
The Nav came with a bundle which meant I didn't have to buy anything else. All the included items are of fantastic quality.
I gave it 4 out of 5 stars as the choice of voices is limited. No English accent and it does struggle, on occasion, to get the street names right.
That aside I did choose it over its main rival and I still beleive it is a better package than that rival.
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on 20 December 2015
Quite frankly, I am disappointed. It works but it is slow. Takes ages (sometimes up to 5 minutes) to acquire satellites - both on the bike and in the car.

The bike holder is very good, however the cabling is far too long and there is a lot of extraneous pieces if you don't have a traffic antenna. Really difficult to figure out where to hide all the extra length. I have a BMW R1200 GS and if you get one of these for a BMW, you must get the adaptor from Nippy Normans that allows you to plug directly into the bike's loom via the ancillary socket under the headstock. A simple plug 'n play installation and the unit is then powered via the canbus system, which switches the socket off when the ignition is off and therefore prevents the satnav draining the battery.

The car holder works just fine.

The map updates take literally overnight - unacceptable.

The latest map update wouldn't install as a result of insufficient onboard memory. You have to buy a separate memory card. Te workaround is to just install the UK maps.

The bike mounting "U" bracket is too big a diameter for the BMW screen support and I had to use a rubber strip. I will need to buy a smaller diameter bracket.
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on 8 June 2016
Bought this for Europe trip on my motorcycle. So far I'm not impressed with the sound quality of the speaker and one of the other functions, calibrating of the touch screen for use with gloves, doesn't work. So I have emailed complaint and awaiting a response 08/06/16....update...after a great deal of trouble I ended up taking the heep
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on 8 November 2013
I bought this because you can enter OSGB and Lat/Long co-ordinates for a more accurate fix than postcodes in rural areas. The menus are fairly intuitive so not much need for frequent referral to the manual. The display is good and clear and the lane pictures on motorways and dual carriageways are quite helpful. The windscreen sucker has a smaller diameter than my previous SatNav so sticks better with less fiddling. It detaches from the windscreen mount easily too. In some vehicles the cable to the cigarette lighter socket might be a bit short - I'm thinking motorhomes and trucks. I have't tried it on the motorcycle yet.
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on 24 May 2014
This is definitely the best motor cycle Sat Nav in my opinion. This one was for my husband who was replacing a Zumo 550, I already had the 660 and he thought mine worth swapping to. The mount supplied is also the best one to use as putting on and removing takes nano seconds and yet it is totally secure. Very highly recommended.
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