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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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Unlike previous versions the livingcolors iris has a fixed power lead, approx. 1.8m long, terminated in a UK power adapter. A basic Quick Start Guide is supplied, with the full manual being available on the Philips website.
Light output is given as 210 lumens which, I think, is roughly equivalent to a 25W incandescent bulb. The unit is supplied with a circular remote control which controls the on-off, colour, brightness and intensity (saturation); there are also 2 favourite preset buttons which can be used to set a colour, brightness and intensity.
A white light is available by reducing the intensity (saturation). There is an option for an automatic colour change and you can vary the speed of the change by rotating the colour wheel, according to Philips there are 20 steps; because there is a slow colour change it is hard to say how long the lamp stays on one colour but at the slowest it appears to be several minutes.
According to Philips you can link several livingcolor iris units to one remote control and also link remote control units together.
In the video I've tried to show some of the features. It is well made and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Despite what it says on the Philips Hue website in the FAQs section this works with the Hue system. Follow the instructions given by Philips for connecting to the Hue bridge given in the forum, bit fiddly, but it works. It gives a very versatile timer amongst other things.
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on 6 November 2015
Really good light i allready had one behind my tv . But I didn't order another for fear they would 'smartlink' up off of 1 remote as it didn't specify that my previous edit light was a smartlink product .
Well I can say I've successfully linked both lights without any hassle . Just hold your previous remote in front of new light and press and hold the 'on' button till the remote flashes and the light goes white . Great stuff my living room totally turns all the same colour off of 1 twist of the dial ........ Really funky would recommend to anyone looking to set a mood in the press of a button .
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on 8 December 2012
I've a number of living colour devices and I've recently added a Gen 3 Iris lamp. The Gen 3 device feels cheaper.

The power adapter is wired in. this makes it impossible to thread the cable through a wall conduit or a hole in cabinet/desk, unlike the gen 2 in which the power adapter connected via a plug on the bottom of the device. This is a real cheap move by Phillips. I personally detest fixed power cables.. scrimping on a plug and socket is just rude!

The remote control feels cheap compared to the gen2 round control.

Gen 3 round control: 2 pre-sets only, colour is set via turning mechnical wheel to cycle though colours, cannot control lamps individually
Gen 2 round control: 3 pre-sets, colour can be set instantly by touching the selected colour, can control all or individual lamps.

The gen 2 round control will control this gen 3 lamp as well, so its not a problem if you already have a gen 2 device but its a bit of a let down if you only have gen 3 devices.. not being able to set colours individually from a single remote is a bit lame.
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Colour: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I wanted this lamp to provide backlighting behind a TV (in a dimly-lit room a backlit TV can apparently reduce eye strain), but I wasn't sure if it would work. Nowhere in Philips's tech specs did it mention how the remote operated; i.e. was it via infrared? If it was, the TV would block the remote's signal, stymieing the idea altogether. Fortunately, the remote operates using either Bluetooth or RF, so it works just fine without the lamp needing to be in a clear line of sight of it.

The remote can be a bit confusing at first. The colours are arranged in a ring around a dial. Intuitively, you'd think that turning the dial to the colour you want is all you need to do, but this results in hardly any change in colour at all. This is because it requires many 360° turns of the dial in order to cycle through the colours. The ring of colours on the remote should be viewed as an indicator of the order in which the colours change, not as an indicator of where you need to turn the dial. Once you understand this it's plain sailing, although it did confuse me at first (to the point where I thought the lamp was defective).

In operation, this is one cool device - literally. It doesn't get warm no matter how long you have it on. It's equally cool how easily you can change the colour, brightness and saturation of the light, store your favourite settings, or set it to automatically cycle through all of the available colours. The base of the device is a circle "cut out" of the lamp's semi-spherical shape, making it better suited to placement on a flat surface rather than carpet. This is hardly a deal-breaker though: if you want to place it on carpet just find something flat to place it on (a decent-sized coaster would do; the lamp's footprint really is very small).

This lamp is an excellent choice for backlighting a TV (the effect is quite stunning, even in daylight), or for providing a dash of mood-altering coloured light anywhere else.
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on 30 November 2015
I've been interested in lighting for a long time now and have worked as a venue lighting engineer for many years so I like to bring some colour home. I have always know that the Phillips Hue products are highly recommended so I purchased this Iris light when it was on offer for my bedside table. The unit comes well packaged as expected and the build quality of the black light that I bought is spot on. The Iris is a good size and looks perfect on the bedside table.

This light comes with a remote and does not include a Hue bridge to enable you to use the app on your smartphone. I was happy with this as the reason for buying was that my light is too far away to keep reaching for the switch. I know use the included battery remote (Batteries included) to switch the light on/off, change the colour and use to the 2 preset options.

Using the remote and light functions is easy. A simple circular remote has switches for the intensity of the light, white balance, on/off, colour wheel (Just turn to cycle through colours) and two preset buttons. When you find a colour, intensity and light level you like simple press and hold one of the preset buttons and its saved. Do the same for the other button and you can have a night time and morning setting if you like. I have a deep blue at its lowest setting for night and a bright orange / yellow that is very uplifting for the morning, especially in the winter time.

I'm very happy and would be happy to invest in more of the Phillips Hue lights at the right price. The unit and remote feels great and looks fantastic quality. Very happy with the levels of light that come out of this light. I was concerned with the levels shown on the promotional video but fear not one light can fill a small / medium room no problem at all.
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on 19 May 2016
Controller is fairly intuitive and paired with the unit it offers a great variety of colours, shades and tones, along with the ability to adjust the overall brightness of the light. Stylish and easy to place somewhere due to flat-bottom design, allowing the light to rest at a 45 degree angle. Only wish that it was a bit brighter, but otherwise perfect.
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on 31 December 2012
There's a LivingColours Gen 1 Bloom in the house
Received Philips LivingColors Gen 3 LC Iris Black 70999/30/PU Colour Changing Mood Lamp with Remote Control for christmas this year.

So, a quick comparison with the Gen 3 Iris to the Gen 1 Bloom.

Iris is brighter than the Bloom; noticably and I would recommend the Iris unless there is a space constraint because it offers a much richer mood experience in your room.
The Gen 1 came with a better remote than the Gen 3. The Gen 1 remote was/is touch sensitive and had 3 memory slots for pre-sets as well as the option to add more lights to the remote to control; the Gen 3 remote has a wheel to turn to select colour (so not as quick or easy to select desired colour in a hurry) and only 2 pre-sets with physical buttons.

The Iris is very light; so can sit on top of a lot of things. It is bright enough to place in a room and act as a bright desk lamp; I use mine in my bedroom for now and it has replaced my old desk lamp; I have a preset where it is brightest with no colour for waking up in the morning it lights my room quite well and the remote means I can operate it from bed when my alarm goes off. The other preset I have is to mimic the old desk lamp I have so an orange-yellow colour with only slight saturation to replicate an incandescent bulb and set to about 50% brightness.

The mood lighting / colour saturated lighting of this product works well against white or light coloured walls / ceilings and not so great against dark or heavy coloured walls. But that's physics 101; a red light on a deep blue wall will make the wall just look black. Blue light on a red wall wont make the wall look purple; black again. We have a peachy-yellow coloured wall that works alright so a light coloured wall seems fine.

Power consumption is low so is energy saving. Durability : if the Gen 1 bloom is anything to go by then it will last and last and last. The Gen 1 bloom is still on it's first set of batteries for the remote.

2 pre-sets is one too few for me but not too bad.
The remote can get interference from 2.4GHz (Common wifi and wireless phone) band if there is heavy traffic nearby; placing the light near a wifi router is a bad idea because, whilst the light will work, the remote will fail to operate the light unless you hold it very close. Not as bad on Gen 3 but noticeable since it's next to my laptop with my laptop's wifi on max and doing downloads you can get some failed clicks at 2m range; but normally pressing again it registers.
Power cable: It's not as long as I'd hoped; I think it's 1m which is long enough for some I guess.
Power adapter: It's bulky. I'm used to Apple products like an iPhone charger which is so slim that it's smaller than a regular plug; but this is like one of the old Nokia chargers and can't be used on my 4 way splitter (the all in one plug kind not the extension cable kind) as it will block the next socket along; plugging into a normal extension cable or socket should be fine, however.
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on 28 October 2012
i love these lights. The four stars reflect the price which I still think is a lot even at half price on Amazon. Be warned, these lights are addictive. I started with one and am about to order number four!!!! The 16 million colours is a load of tosh but turn the dial to a warm red on a winter's night and you will feel so cosy. Turn it to blue/green or even lilac/purple when you are a bit stressed, put some relaxing music on and the effect is amazing.

I want to buy these for the whole house. The fourth one I will buy will complete my medium sized living room. Just in case you don't have the message yet, these lights do not provide much doing/reading light - they are much more for when you are doing nothing.
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on 7 January 2016
5 star AND some! I am sooooooooo chuffed with the two I've just bought from Amazon, and they were delivered within 48 hours of ordering (dunno HOW they do it!). I love the ambient lighting in my car and now I can love it in my home - there's something relaxing about ambient lighting. And the technology inherent in the controllers is nothing less than ingenious. So top marks for Philips and Amazon. It's starting to get dark now and I can't WAIT to turn them on! How 'sad' is that! lol
UPDATE! After my glowing (no pun intended) review, one of them suddenly went 'pop' and that was it: I'd waited in all day for it to be delivered a couple of weeks ago, had it working for (accumulatively) about 10 hours, now I've got to wait in all day today for Amazon's carrier to collect it. And as if that wasn't enough, and I had to turn out in the rain yesterday evening to buy bubble-wrap because I'd chucked the boxes away. I WAS going to replace it, but I'll see how long the second one I bought at the same time lasts before I do.
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on 17 March 2015
The kids loved it at Halloween. Put it by the front door and got quite a few of them commenting on it. My son loved it so much I bought him one of his own. I can't quite see how it has 16 million colours though - either that or I haven't got the hang of the remote control yet!
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