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on 18 September 2012
When I bought this it was £35, which is a bargain for six Blu-rays, so I don't begrudge the relative lack of special features.

However, considering that the movies included in the set have made Marvel/Disney something in the region of $3.8 billion, you'd think that they could print some new matching discs.

Instead we get the previous releases popped out of their old cases and stuck in a shiny box. I like the shiny box, but the random appearance of this discs does make the inside of the collection look cheap.

- Iron Man and Iron Man 2 don't even match, with Iron Man 2 even saying 'Disc 1' on it.

- The Incredible Hulk has a big picture of that film's Hulk on it, highlighting the one bit of casting they couldn't keep for Avengers (excellent as Mark Ruffalo is, that's still a pity).

- The Avengers Assemble disc just has a big blue print on it that seems to say "Meh. If the UK wanted a decent disc, they shouldn't have changed the film's name".

So, as I say, five great films (plus Iron Man 2) on Blu-ray at a very reasonable price. But the lack of detail work does make it look like they'd rather that people buy their massive "what do you mean we can't just copy your briefcase?" collection, whenever it comes out.

EDITED TO ADD - I've also put up a photo of the discs. Click on 'View and share related images' under the picture of the set at the top of the page.
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on 1 January 2013
Was annoyed about the special features, buying the individual films would've worked out a couple of quid cheaper (and I'm not at all bothered about Iron Man 2) but I decided to get the box set and that was a bit of a mistake. The Hulk even says "disk one" on it and no disk two is supplied, I find this really annoying, if you're not bothered about special features then get the box set but if you enjoy them, buy the films individually.
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on 19 August 2015
bought it for an ex, she returned all my gifts apart from that one when we broke up , so assuming an awesome collection :D
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on 3 March 2013
A truly fantastic collection! It was my first time watching any of these films and I was so excited to witness the journey through the individual Avengers stories and the references to what was to come (i.e. the ultimate Assembly). The only downside I would say is the lack of special features. I'm sure we're all aware by now of the controversies surrounding the UK release of The Avengers Assemble but (after checking out an American version of this film online) I'm pretty sure that the DVD in this boxset contains the complete original version of (SPOILER) that particular death scene. Like I said, it is a shame about the special features but, having enjoyed this collection so much, I would definitely buy a larger more extensive collection should one ever be released on DVD in the future. In my opinion, this collection is best suited to fans who are coming to Marvel for the first time (like me), giving them an opportunity to decide whether they like the films enough to purchase versions with more special features etc. (which I certainly shall!)
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on 5 January 2013
I know some other reviews of this box set are a little on the negative side due to the reviewers opinions about lack of extras on many of the discs, the disc holders being the same as if you were purchasing the films individually, and "that" altered scene in "Avengers Assemble"

but if you really look at this box set with your "financial hat" on... you will see that its great value for money.
Before i decided to purchase this product, i had been looking at purchasing some of the films individually... but if i had done that, it would have cost me roughly the same money for 3x of the Films as this box set cost for double the discs and the ability to view all of the movies about each of the "hero" aAvengers (Iron man, hulk, captain america and thor) and take note of the connecting plot points running through all of the movies.

Sure, the discs lack a lot of the extras that you get on the blu-ray discs... but personally im willing to live without the deleted scenes from some of the films, but thats me.

Unless your really desperate for directors commentary, and every deleted scene.. i would highly recommend this box set to fans or just to someone wanting to enjoy the whole saga... atleast untill the next lot of movies get released over the next few years.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 19 September 2012
I don't often buy blu-rays as there are few films I'll watch over and over but having seen "Avengers Assemble", I knew Marvel's Phase 1 series of films was now something I would have to revisit. So not having any of the 6 films, this is a great buy as each movie works out at just under seven quid - very decent.

As for the packaging, well... it's as amazing as the content. You get a plastic film surrounding a silver cardboard shell (that kind of looks like a giant lighter) with a standard digipack that unfolds to reveal the 6 blu-rays. And about those blu-rays - these aren't specially minted copies for this edition, they've been taken from existing blu-rays of the individual films and collected in this set so there's no uniformity.

Also for those wondering why Thor doesn't have any special features - it does, Amazon have just left it off the item description for some reason. Though if you already have the Thor blu-ray, you already have these extras. As for the Avengers extras, there are 4: "A Visual Journey" which is a featurette on the film, deleted scenes, gag reel, and a Marvel One Shot "Item 47". This last one is interesting and seems to be an indicator of the direction the proposed SHIELD TV series could go. If so, I'm in, I was entertained by the short film. While there's not an abundance of extras, it's the films that matter the most, so this box set is perfect for me.

As for the film itself, if you have the right set up - big TV, blu-ray player - the Avengers looks soooooo beautiful! I saw this at an IMAX cinema and this film looks even better at home, in high def, on HDTV. Iron Man taking on the Chitauri invasion fleet single-handed? Just incredible. I'm now going to go and watch each movie every night this week to drink in the visual beauty of these films in blu-ray and fantastic storytelling.
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on 19 September 2012
This box set is designed very nicely,you wont be disapointed.The qaulity of the design can be compared to that of the starwars collection which is now my second favourite boxset i own.The one place this set falls shy is the lack of a singel disc full of speacial features like some boxsets have(the american one originally had the"shield files" but it is now canceled,but i will note you still receive the special features that originaly came whith each movie(deleted scenes ect).The qaulity of the blu ray picture for all of the films is pretty decent the avengers however defiantly has the best qaulity picture out of them.
To sum up i think the qaulity of the bluray layout is excellent and unique,bluray picture and sound qaulity excellent and the speacial features are satisfactory but seeing as the price is what it is this boxset gets a perfect score from me.
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on 25 September 2012
Where do I even begin to explain the sheer epicness of this boxset? Let me start by saying, it's a brilliant price for such a wonderful collection of cinematic delights, a dazzling spectacle for the eyes and ears. This one is not for the purists though, if you are looking for extra discs, countless special features, hours of interviews and biographies of each actor and their dog including their bloodtype, you will sorely be disappointed. However, if you just enjoy superhero films with humour, fun storylines, colourful costumes, actors in varying shades of attractiveness and explosions then look no further!

I don't even know why I have written this review in such extravagant terms, it might be that the Asgardian use of the English language is rubbing off on me (how convenient that Norse Gods can speak English, by the way!).

What I mean to say is: This DVD boxset, I like it. ANOTHER!
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on 26 January 2013
Contains the blu-rays of all the films. Watched each one and was very satisfied with the quality. Did some research and found that the Avengers movie has an edited scene where Agent Colson gets impailed by Loki's sceptre. I can live with that though.

You can't beat the value.

One thing I did not like was how the discs are packaged in the set. The discs are semi stacked in pairs. Wish the box was an inch taller so the discs could be separated a bit more, as it is hard to remove discs on the bottom without taking out the top disc. I also feel that the arrangement increases likelyhood of scratches due to this.
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on 4 September 2012
This is basically the box of Avengers "Phase One" you get the 5 lead ups & the actual "Avengers Assemble" movie.

In chronological order (I think)

Iron Man
The Incredible Hulk
Iron Man 2
Captain America : The First Avenger
Avengers Assemble

I paid £40 for this in HMV Leeds, I still can't quite get over the fact of how cheap that is for these movies because if you buy them individually you're talking £15-20 each!

Special features are included on these movies I believe, I've only actually watched the hulk though.

Invest in it!
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