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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 22 November 2012
HDMI cables are like the Emperor's new clothes it seems. You can spend an absolute fortune on such a cable (and I am talking hundreds) and yet I defy the average man in the street to tell the difference in either audio or video quality between a well made cable such as this, and another costing many times as much. Yes the expensive cable will look nicer and will feel good, but that - to me - is not the point. It's going to spend its' life stuffed in the back of your DVD or BluRay player, where nobody will see it.

I use this cable to feed the video signal to my projector in a home cinema. I needed a quick replacement for a rather more expensive cable which I - er - broke. My screen is a bit larger than most at 3 metres wide (a bit more diagonal). I project a high definition signal from a BluRay source.

Trust me - this cable is absolutely fine.
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on 16 March 2013
No issues with the cable what so ever. After staring surprised at some HDMI cables in store that ranged from 5x to 20x the price of this and reading a bunch of articles I can now say for sure - this is the cable you need. Forget your fancy braided cables and gold plating etc. You are transmitting digital signal over a distance less than a meter. Does not matter what cable you use as long as the connectors don't fall off upon first installation and it doesn't shatter when bent. Analogue cables could have justified their costs (to a point). Digital does not care much about quality as long as distance is not exceeded and minimum standard is met.
Buy with confidence and use it proudly.
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I bought this HDMI cable to go with my son's new bedroom TV. He can now connect the love of his life aka the Xbox to his new telly and decapitate zombies, call air strikes in, fight Loki as The Hulk and worryingly steal a car and mow down innocent bystanders on GTA!

This cable is 3 feet long and feels very well made/not flimsy at all. The connections are good/solid with a nice tight fit. There's no 'wiggle' once it's in!

Apparently air strikes have never looked so good!


PS - Never pay more than a fiver for any HDMI cable. They're pretty much all the same!
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on 28 November 2014
Bought several of these for my new TV, they all work perfectly and allow for full 1080P on my Blu-Ray player. Ignore an "gold-plated" palaver...this isn't the day of Scart Leads!
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on 6 December 2012
I purchased this cable to link a Blu-ray player and full HD television it was far cheaper than premium cables and transmits perfectly. Have not got the equipment to test if the Ethernet works.
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I have a small number of the 2m version of this cable as spares in the event that I buy an A-V product which needs one but does not include one. Two examples were included in recent purchases. However, there are times when a 2m cable is far too long and a shorter version would be ideal.

Having initially purchased HDMI cables costing £35 or more each (Ouch!), I learned that they are rarely necessary and a more economic alternative still works very well and I therefore purchased the Amazon Basics cable based upon other users' comments. The Im version is of identical appearance and quality and was purchased to connect an HDMI port expander to a TV which has far too few HDMI ports for my needs.

It works well and the connectors are less bulky than those used on some expensive cables and which are simply too large to use exclusively where the HDMI ports are placed in close proximity to each other. I have not yet had any problems with these cables.
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on 27 April 2015
I've used a wide variety of HDMI cable brands over the years, everything from dirt-cheap overseas junk to expensive state-of-the-art products. About a year ago I bought some of these AmazonBasics cables, and have stuck with these ever since.

Of course I have been satisfied with the quality of the picture and sound, no issues there regardless of what type of equipment is being connected. My main joy is due to the fact that these connectors fit *tightly* into the HDMI sockets on all my devices. In the past, I had continuing problems with both the cheap and expensive cables not properly seating and then staying in position. Our equipment set-ups seem to constantly being getting nudged, bumped, and knocked around: these AmazonBasics cables never jostle out of position.
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In the past I’ve generally purchased more expensive HDMI cables for my various AV requirements, however I thought I would give this much cheaper version a try in my office where I had 4 new Samsung S22C300HS 21.5 inch LED Monitors that each needed connecting to a laptop.

I purchased 4 of the 3 Feet/0.9m cables and was pleasantly surprised as the quality of the cables. All 4 had well moulded plastics around the connectors and no signs of movement. The image quality is excellent, I couldn’t tell the difference between these and the more expensive cable I was already using. I would have no hesitation in buying these cables again if required.
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on 1 May 2015
Having been pleased with the build quality of other Amazon Basics products, I thought I'd give these a go and I am very happy with it.
Having a techy background, I knew that there is a lot of misconceptions about price v quality when buying cables (particularly cables that carry a digital signal - HDMI etc.) Supermarkets and Electronics retailers have a tendency to offer hugely expensive GOLD PLATED, fancy looking versions of these cables for huge prices and will sell them as being far better than a basic cable. Cosmetically, this may be true. In terms of performance, it is a myth. A cable carrying a DIGITAL signal will either work, or it won't! So don't feel you need to buy something fancier than this cable - you don't!

Consider the HDMI 1.4 (Ethernet) bit future proofing. Most purchasers aren't likely to need it - yet, but as more devices begin to support it, it will be good to have cables that already support it. It is also totally backwards compatible, so you can buy it in place of a standard HDMI cable, knowing you won't have to replace them again in a few years.

The HDMI 1.4 spec is explained very well here for the technically minded:

It can be summarised as follows:

Consolidation of HD video, audio, and data in a single cable
Enables high speed bi-directional communication
Enables IP-based applications over HDMI
Transfer speeds up to 100 Mb/sec
Backwards compatible with standard HDMI cables

The cable is nice and thick and the connector is solid too. I do not anticipate this cable failing easily.

As these are so reasonably priced and will support emerging industry standards, I intend to only buy this brand/spec of HDMI cable in the future.
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on 12 January 2015
What can you say A great experience all round. Delivery was very quick (which I was hoping for as I needed the cable ASAP).

Build Quality

The cable feels very well made its not too clunky as with other HDMI cables I've tried. Gold plated which helps with conductivity and the lifespan of your Cable. Gold doesn't rust as with other types of material which alot of cables are made from. Cables which Oxidise may lose quality over time and in the end may stop.


High Speed Ethernet which help reduce the need for more and more cables. Nowadays lots of things are Internet Enabled which can cause the need for many Ethernet cables, with HDMI with Ethernet you can reduce this. As the HDMI cable will pass Internet through from one (already connected device) to another (not directly connected to a network) making them both Internet ready.

Audio, another great feature of HDMI is that it can also pass audio. I bought this alongside a new TV which has a brilliant built in speaker. Instead of using my old(ish) terrible PC speakers, I can now pass the audio through the HDMI into my TV (which I use as my PC monitor too) again, helping me reduce even more wires and create more work space.

This cable is also HDMI 1.4 certified which means (amongst other things) it can display in 3D. Which is another feature I'll probably be using in the future as I've now got a 3D television.

Once pushed into the slot the cable is very secure and has no wobble at either end.


Very simple packaging, it was a simple as opening an envolope and required no scissors or effort to get into.

Don't be misled by all the techno-babble surrounding HDMI cables. You could pay 10x this amount and get minimal (if any) change in actual real-world results. This cable is an absolute steal in my opinion!

The only downside I can think of is I ordered the shortest (0.9m), which whilst it does reach I could have done with the size up!! (User Error)
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