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4.8 out of 5 stars471
4.8 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 21 August 2012
Breaking Bad isn't on British TV much. Its hidden away. So you'd be forgiven for never hearing of this multiple award winning series. However, if you are looking at this because someone mentioned it, you stumbled over a review or anything similar then my advice is simply to buy.

This box-set covers the first four season (series five is currently being screened in the US over two years and will be the last series). The set-up in season one is fairly simple - Chemistry teacher (Walter White) gets cancer, becomes drug dealer/creator to pay the bills. The seasons then follow this arc and tell the story of this teacher and a former pupil (Jesse Pinkman) and how their increasing success/mishaps impact on them, family, friends and anyone else who comes into their circle. The creator of Breaking Bad (who had a hand in X Files) wanted to show how a mild mannered guy could turn evil. Given this don't expect an easy ride. Don't expect to have a redeeming end to every episode or season. Don't expect to like everyone. It goes well beyond the cancer line after season one and really follows the path of the main two characters and introduces many new ones (Gus and Saul are just brilliant characters).

Sometimes darkly funny, always well acted (three best acting Emmy's for the always excellent Cranston), always surprising and with a strong cast this is as good as US drama has gotten for many years. The first season is short (seven episodes), the others are only 13 episodes. So its not exactly cheap. There is violence, swearing and it doesn't pull any punches. So if you don't want this either then get something else. Some seasons begin with a brief tease of the end of the season and then build up to that. Others just go full on from episode one. There isn't a weak season so far.

I started enjoying Breaking Bad due its dark tones, humour and hoping that Walter White might just get out clean. I've given up on the last reason and am still loving it. So if you want a series that does all I have said above then you will be well rewarded by this.
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on 5 February 2014
As one of the few residents of the UK yet to watch the 2 concluding parts of the final Season 5, I cannot wait to complete my viewing of the series and yet perhaps I have delayed the finale as I do not want to finish - that feeling when you are reading a great book and you only have a chapter to go. I can absolutely, unashamedly recommend Breaking Bad. All the characters are great but Walter and Jesse are captivating and the relationship between the two of them grows and changes. Walter's personal journey and transformation is A-maz-ing! Love Hank the brother-in-law and all the cast. I have even gone back & watched episodes with the narration, awesome and so interesting. I thank my niece and nephews for introducing me to BB. It is a hard-hitting series about illness and change, relationships, drugs, desperation and violence with some very gruesome bits occasionally. It depicts what people are capable of doing, when they are driven to extremes! Buy it, rent it just Watch it!
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on 5 August 2013
The best drama series I've seen since The Wire, and we were hooked from the opening episode onwards. Strange that this doesn't seem to have been shown on TV here in the UK, yet many people know of it and rate it very highly. We're well into season 2 now and if you've seen season 1 and are debating whether to proceed further, all I can say is that it gets more harrowing by the episode.
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on 22 February 2013
Great series. Not seen it before but recommended to me so thought I would take a punt. I was not disappointed and can't wait for season 5 to be released!
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on 10 February 2013
Its hard to put down. Almost as good as The Wire. I'm half way through series 3 and I'm really trying to hold back because Its a long time til 5 is going to be available.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 13 February 2014
Breaking Bad is probably the best kept secret ever. I think most people only heard of it through word of mouth, went on to watch it and then got immediately hooked. I actually feel quite envious of someone picking up season 1 for the first time, they have so much to look forward to.

It is extremely well plotted, very dark and intense at times, bloodily brutal but with flashes of genius black humour at others. The characterisation and acting is superb. We watched the characters develop through the series and also noticed how our own allegiances switched constantly in response from character to character. And no review is complete without a mention of Bryan Cranston and his superb performance. He doesn't even need to speak. Just one look at his face will have you wanting to give him all your money to pay for his treatment yourself, but in the next scene you feel like screaming at his wife, Skyler, to leave him whilst the going is good.

I love the little teasers in the way of flashbacks and flashforwards at the start of each episode, some of which go on through the season. We spent hours trying to work out the significance of the teddy bear but when it was finally revealed we were gobsmacked. No way in a million years could we have guessed that one! One of those "Oh My God" moments, which this series is stuffed with.

As we have watched the first four series, we have cried with Walter, worried with Skyler, fallen in love with Walt Jr, Hank and Mike, wanted to mother Jesse, laughed our socks off at Saul and enjoyed a very on-off relationship with Gus. Then the next episode we would "fall out" with half the characters. Our family has sat around the TV together and rooted for our favourites, cheering at times like at a football match. Then we spent mealtimes pulling each episode apart and trying to second guess what was going to happen next. If you haven't seen it, just buy it, slot the first DVD in and sit down and enjoy some of the best TV you will ever see with a storyline that is as addictive as the crystal meth Walt is cooking up!
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on 30 April 2013
I started watching this online and got to half-way through series 2 and decided that I wanted the box set as it is so good and would wait until it arrived before watching any more - not an easy thing to do! Happy to say it arrived today and I can't wait to watch it, as I've really enjoyed what I've seen so far. Brilliantly acted and the setting is great. The only disconcerting thing is that Walt looks like my dad did at that age! But I suppose that adds a little more fascination for me!

Thought I'd leave a comment on each season as I watch it:

Season 1:

Exciting, gets you hooked from the start as you learn a little about each character that is introduced. Really like the way they start each episode by showing something near the end and then show you how they got there.

Season 2:

Much darker than the first season. Some people have commented that this season isn't as good as the rest but I've found it very intense and absorbing as you get to see the darker side of Walt and Jesse.

Season 3:

A couple of odd episodes in this one - especially the one called The Fly! As always though the acting is incredible and the season finale is hand over mouth exciting!

Season 4:

I found this equally as good as the first, with the last three episodes being very tense ... and the last camera shot of the last episode is an OMG moment!
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on 31 October 2013
If you really need anymore convincing to buy this boxset(Which at this point i doubt you do)Ill throw my two cents in.I didn't purchase this off amazon in this particular transaction, However i really do believe the more the world knows about this master piece the better..

Many reviewer's have covered the story so mine is more my opinion to make you seal the deal to buy it.

If you haven't seen this on blinkbox or netflix but stumbled across it..Let me tell you,You are one of the lucky few.

I, like some ,struggle to get stuck into shows,In some cases a whole season to warm up to it,Even then i may discard watching them.
This doesn't suffer the same fate.From the get go after one episode you will be hooked!!

I started to believe they coated the dvd in meth because i watched 8 episodes once back to back..and just between me and you i called in a sick day just so i could order pizza and have this marathon viewing.

I urge all to buy this..try and savour it.In hindsight i wish i limited myself to one viewing a night...(god its difficult)

Fantastic acting,The cast were born for these roles..The respect i have for bryan cranston(Walter),aaron paul(jesse) is immense..Plus everyone else.

This is better than any movie i prefer cranston to bruce willis john mclain now.

Treat yourself...stick this in your basket now!!!!
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on 30 June 2013
I purchased this box set as it looked good value for money. I had heard that this series was exciting, but did not expect anything exceptional as I assumed we would have read about it in the papers, or at least heard about it. I was wrong. This is truly a game changer. From the opening scene, right till the end of series 4 I was totally engrossed. The dialog is as sharp as a razor. There are some wonderfully innovative shots. The excitement mounts up exponentially. Just when you think you've just seen the most exciting plot twist in a tv series, something even more exciting and unexpected happens. The characters are so well defined that you engage instantly. But just when you think you really understand a character, their behaviour changes in unexpected ways. Without giving too much away, I would recommend this to anyone you likes exciting tv drama. The best thing about this series, is that you almost seem to stumble upon it by accident, then realise that nothing you have ever watched on TV is in the same league. The worst thing is that all TV seems boring now compared to Breaking Bad.
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on 23 January 2013
This has go to be one of the best TV shows i have ever seen. I wish to focus on Aaron Paul's character of Jesse who I feel is a little overlooked. It is nothing short of brilliant his journey will make you laugh, cry and make your heart break with and for him as he gets pulled ever deeper into a world mainly not of his making rather than a partner he is perhaps one the greatest victims of Walt's wish to leave a legacy. and without Aaron Paul this journey would not have been possible without an actor of his callibre. It has been a true privilege to watch some of the best acting i have ever seen with Jesse and everyone else i don't wish to give anything away except to say best show since The Wire and a worthy equal.
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