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4.5 out of 5 stars113
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 28 October 2013
No spoilers (I think) !

I admit it - I am a Gleek, have been since I discovered it on a transatlantic flight on BA back when they showed the Pilot episode.

The first three seasons were wonderful, but the beginning of Season 4, where the major changes to the locations and introduction of new characters was a little slow, but stick in there ... it gets to be a whole let better, and on second, third ... and tenth viewing, the first episodes of Series 4 grow on you too !

Major changes to a much loved series can alienate fans, and take some time to grow to be loved, but I can honestly say that I am beginning to love them almost as much as the previous New Directions team members, but of course, most of the old favourites make at least some appearances throughout the series. Those guys must have seriously deep pockets for all the airfares getting back to Lima so often !

Unusual move to turn the fourth year in the story into a two series (Series 4 and the current Series 5) structure ... didn't see that coming! Of course, our heroes get a plot line twist that boosts them when we think all is lost ... it wouldn't be Glee if the dreams didn't come true!

There are some serious issues covered in episodes of this series, and not everything is resolved before heading off into Series 5, but the music is great, the acting is delightful, and I am eagerly anticipating the twists and turns that will come out of Corey M's sad demise, and the resolution of the still open plot lines.
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New Directions indeed for this fourth season, several Glee stalwarts having left to make their mark beyond Ohio's William McKinley High. (All, though, will be seen again - especially Rachel and Kurt as they struggle to succeed in New York.) New cast members quickly make their presence felt, especially Marley, Ryder and Puck's half-brother Jake.

For twenty two episodes here is a Song and Dance Extravaganza. This arguably is exactly what most fans wish to see - even if some episodes are simply a string of numbers linked by the flimsiest of plots. Those longing for stronger fare are not disappointed. Episode 18 genuinely disturbs, impact increased by no music during its closing credits.

For much of the way the season keeps to the tested formula: preparation for Regionals and Sectionals, romantic triangles, break-ups and reunions.

For sad reasons Cory Monteith's contributions now have special significance, albeit some could have wished him more convincing storylines. Sue does not seem around so much, but remains gloriously horrible when in full throttle. Treasure her two song and dance routines. Marvel as she jaw-droppingly exhibits a far softer side.

Fans will have their favourite characters and episodes. The "Grease" numbers were especially enjoyed. Admittedly the Christmas Special could scarcely have been more contrived and schmaltzy, but it worked a treat, overall genuinely moving.

In fact viewers may be moved more often than expected. The show's whole premise greatly appeals. Here are a school's losers transformed by music. For them life is suddenly more meaningful. At last they feel they belong, impossible dreams being realized.

The box set is generously packed with bonuses. As usual the Glee Jukebox gives easy access to favourite numbers. Features include a special welcome to the new cast, a collection of highlights, a celebration of the show's 500th song and dance routine (choreography throughout an inventive major attraction).

No matter how much critics may try to ridicule (Rachel and Kurt's spacious New York loft apartment, for example), most fans will remain loyal. So what if the show is packed with implausibilities! There remains so much to like.

Cherish here guilty escapism, complete with feelgood factor.
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on 11 December 2013
I love Glee and the fourth season did not disappoint.
The subtitle options are: English, Dansk, Nederlands, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish!
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on 30 October 2013
well-chosen songs, consistent plots, the punch lines are back, good humour overall and easily-integrated new caracters with their own personalities (not xxx 2.0).
really enjoyable (only 2 épisodes are sub par and 4 are excellent)
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on 10 May 2013
Having just viewed the season finale, I decided to review the season as a whole.
While I know that this season may not be the best, nothing can top season 1, I enjoyed most of it.
The one weakness of this season that stuck out to me was it's reliance on "filler" episodes which do nothing to accelerate the plot. Whilst these were enjoyable it felt odd that the writers could not use the huge cast to generate plot continuation.
Saying that I thought they handled having two locations very well and it does display the talent of the writing staff and the actors involved that they were able to pull it off.
As mentioned in a previous review the music this season was strong and bore some relevance to the plot. However I did find the competition numbers quite weak' which was odd because there were so many strong group performances.
Highlights of the season, for me, include "The Break Up" and "Shooting Star" which displayed some of the finest and most memorable acting on television. Glee also showed it was still as campy as ever in the episodes "Dynamic Duets" and "Guilty Pleasures"
I was apprehensive when watching this season because I knew that some character's would not be returning to their full capacity as in previous seasons, but, I feel that with the injection of new characters as well as ongoing storylines with our old favourites thee show managed to get me to be fully involved again. It has been renewed for a further two seasons after which I feel thy should end the show.
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on 9 July 2014
Basically, If you have watched the previous three seasons, then I recommend this season. Not the greatest season but it is unique, introducing new locations and characters. It perfectly sets up the plot for season 5, which is even better in my opinion. Season 4 has story lines and musical numbers that vary throughout, meaning that there is something for everyone. I did feel that there were moments that were just trying to fill time between episodes, but these episodes were still entertaining the series as a whole is great.

The only issue I have is that, with all other seasons (On Bluray from Amazon) I received a slip-case, a cardboard sleeve that slots over the case to give it that extra WOW with appearance on the shelf. This is the only Glee Blu-ray box set that did not come with one. Whether this is due to amazon or if they do not make them anymore I am unsure, but it did disappoint me quite a bit as it now looks odd on the shelf with the others.

Other than that the Glee franchise is outstanding and I would recommend it to anyone.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 25 September 2015
Reckoned by Gleeks and the critics as the series in which Glee took a sharp turn for the worse, actually rewatching these episodes in "box set" mode reveals a better performed, more coherent storyline than the first TV showing suggested. It helps knowing how it all turns out, that the unappealing story arc for the central character Rachel Berry, which seemed to be more about Lea Michele playing a monstrous version of herself, got reined back in the show's final season. Rachel's unstoppable (and remarkably easy) rise to super stardom through a barely deserved title role in the Broadway revival of "Fanny", isn't quite as annoying when you know what's in store for her!
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on 21 December 2013
I love glee. I buy the season as soon as they are out and watch them all religiously until the end, forget work or anything else this is my glee time. This season does have a slightly different feel to the other ones but obviously that can be explained because most of the main characters have moved on to different things. Can honestly say I adore the kurt/rachel/santata flat mates storyline, I think they are some of the best developed characters and that they really work well together. I am waiting with anticipation for the next season.
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on 4 March 2015
This is not a comment on the quality of Glee, I am a fan and enjoy the show which is why it is so frustrating that this is the second box set of season 4 that has been purchased through Amazon that does not work! The first disc plays fine and then every episode after skips. For this to happen once was bad enough, you can put that down to a dud but for the exact thing to happen again is just disappointing. I will not be buying a third set ...
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on 30 May 2015
The first to third season was great but then when it got to fourth I found myself skipping to all the parts with the old characters. I found the new characters dull and are trying to fill in for the old characters shoes, which they can't do. I thing that it's because we all got to know and love the first lot of characters and now they took them off so now it's like the creators have made a show that is a different version.
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