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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 21 March 2014
I purchased this Acer screen to replace a Samsung UE22D5003 22-inch LED TV/Monitor which I'd been using on my computer for the last 9 months. Both screens are full HD (1920x1080p).

I use my computer for both work, gaming, and also for watching TV (with Sky hooked up to it). I run my own business and work online, so don't hold it against me when I say that I'm sat in front of my screen for around 14hrs/day, 7 days/week.

With so much time spent in front of a screen, it is absolutely VITAL to find the perfect monitor. Eye-strain and headaches are both regular occurrences that I've learned to put up with, but since the introduction of this Acer screen to my technology arsenal both of which seem to have been reduced considerably. I've put this down to the clarity that the Acer offers:

- The extra 2" screen size really does make so much difference - 24" is the PERFECT size. 22" was a little on the small side, and whilst I did consider purchasing the 27" version I'm glad I stuck to 24" - any bigger would simply be too much.
- Everything seems so clear compared to the Samsung model. Text is sharper (but not too sharp that it seems pixelated)... the colours are also a lot clearer, and whites/light greys are now easily told apart.

I am a web designer/developer so clarity is extremely important to me. Since I started using the Acer I can't believe some of the finer details that I must have been missing with the Samsung.

There are a few preset display options: Eco, Movie, Standard, Graphics, and User. The latter allows you to adjust everything manually by yourself but in honesty the presets will be enough for most people (even someone as fussy as me!).

Whilst coding, general web surfing, or word-processing I use the 'eco' preset, which basically dims the screen down and gives your eyes a bit of a rest. Everything still remains very clear though. In fact the Eco mode probably matches that of the Samsung when in full effect!
Whilst gaming or designing, I have the screen display set to 'Graphics', which again is a default preset. With this enabled everything becomes very clear. Colours easily told apart, clarity.. I only play COD MW3 and since I started using this screen I cannot believe the detail that I now see in-game.

Pricing is fantastic...
The Samsung cost me £160 when new (currently £140). I paid £122 for the Acer, and whilst the Acer lacks Freeview (unlike the before-mentioned Samsung model), the Acer is of course labelled 'a Monitor' rather than a 'TV/Monitor', so is to be expected.

Now for the 'bad points' (hence why I haven't awarded the Acer 5 stars):

1. There is no remote control. Since I use this for watching Sky as well as a computer screen, I'm gutted about this.
2. There are no visible button labels. The buttons for setting up the screen are located on the underside of the monitor, so you have to 'feel' for them, and even when you find them it's like Russian roulette - they are not labelled in any way whatsoever (neither on the front of the screen or even underneath). You have to 'feel around' for the buttons and just press them to see what they do. Using the menu takes some getting used to but after it's set to how you like it, how often will you need to use the buttons anyway?
3. There is only 1 HDMI socket - 2 would have been nice! There are DVI and VGA sockets however, so you can buy a converter and use one of those if like me you want to plug in your Sky box or even a console.

Now for the good points:

1. Despite what some other reviewers say, this screen DOES have a tilt function. It's just a bit stiff and I can understand why some people think there is no tilt function. Trust me, it's there - and the fact that it's stiff is a GOOD THING! If it wasn't so stiff it would feel cheap and flimsy.
2. The stand is very sturdy - it doesn't wobble even if you knock your desk.
3. It looks good. OK given my home/office setup I would have LOVED it if this was available in white, however it's still a very stylish screen.
4. The screen itself is 'matt', which hugely reduces glare from the sun.
5. The power button is a blue neon-type button. Being 'lit' makes it easy to find the button in the dark so you can power the screen off.
6. The picture quality is phenomenal. You will not find better unless you pay upwards of £240 (I done a lot of shopping around prior to purchasing!)
7. Its size is perfect - not too big, not too small.
8. This screen has a 2MS refresh rate compared to the Samsung (and most other screens in this price range)'s 5MS refresh rate. Whilst in honesty this doesn't seem noticeable to the human eye, in my quest to find the best screen available for my money it was made clear that this should be one of the things to look for.

Overall this is a very good screen and being the first Acer product I've ever purchased, I am extremely impressed with the brand. I cannot recommend this product highly enough and in actual fact once I've upgraded my computer I shall be buying another TWO of these screens so I can run a 3-screen setup for gaming.
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on 15 November 2015
Thin, light and cheap.

I bought this to add a second display to my computer. The actual build quality is fine but compared to my older monitor, the colour representation from this monitor is terrible.
I have been through all the settings, but can only come to the conclusion that this monitor is not capable of displaying the number of colours contained in the average photograph.
Absolutely everything just looks washed out.

I have attached an image showing this monitor on the left and another acer bought around 6 years earlier on the right. Notice the flat looking skyline and overall lack of depth.

Having used it for a year, I now wish I had returned it when it arrived and bought a different model. If I had 3 video outputs this may well have become the third screen.
review image
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on 19 November 2012
I bought this to expand my working space. Standard Delivery cost me nothing and it arrived 4 days after purchase, the day after it dispatched.

It was well packaged in polystyrene with the screen and all front facing black plastic covered to prevent scratches.
The screen has HDMI, DVI and DVI sub.
Provided was the usual DVI-Sub cable.
Plugged it in and turned it on, it comes with a CD which was not necessary for me but it has a user manual and quick start guide.
Picture Quality is amazing.
Power consumption is light.
This screen is very bright, for close viewing I reduced the brightness to 50%.
Two days after connecting it up, I bought another one.
That arrived today, just 2 days after I purchased it.

I paid £135.34 for each one.
(I did not have any problems with the price after I added to basket)

This monitor is worth every penny.
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on 17 July 2015
The 27 inch screen size is nice and the picture looks good.
Unfortunately this monitor suffers from image ghosting which is really disappointing because it would have been a perfect screen.
if your using it for word processing or watching videos i think you will like it but if your a gamer forget this monitor.
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on 5 May 2013
I purchased this monitor, the Acer G246HL model,to replace an Acer model, (AL1714), of some five years vintage. I kept in the same stable as I had no trouble with the earlier monitor during those years and in any case this company has a good reputation and there seemed to be no reason to go wandering off down other paths. In any case monitors of this quality,from whatever manufacturer,tend to have similar specification in a given price range, and are generally much as much and differ only in detail. My monitor replacement is the first stage of a complete revamp from my (now Neanderthal) Medion desktop of eight years service to an up to date W8 desktop setup.
This new monitor installed easily. The stand (which has a small 5degree tilt adjustment) is quickly clipped together and looks very smart. Then it was just a matter of plugging in the power cord and the (15 pin)VGA cable (I used the one already employed for the earlier monitor it being already installed in the back of the desktop). Can't say the picture, which appeared almost instantly on switch on, is of any noticeable improvement as my other Acer screen,is an excellent performer and has not suffered any degradation over the years. The new screen is 16.9 against a 4.3 ratio and at 24inch is clearly much more striking to look at, Sharp and bright with good colour saturation. A superb picture is displayed. Very pleased indeed.
Would have liked the `quick guide' manual to have been a bit more forthcoming, especially for a more precise function of the `secret' screen adjustment/OSD buttons hiding beneath the lower right hand screen bezel! A nice blue 'power on' light which reverts to amber at 'standby' is visible however. But no matter, I am sure things will pan out okay in that area. In fact with no adjustment of these buttons at all by me so far, they stay untouched, and the display remains at factory settings and looks just fine. The accompanying CD disk does contain a full manual and is more comprehensive). Its worth mentioning by the way (although I have not spotted a reference in the manual), that this monitor is fitted on the rear casing with the standard 10cm Vesa bolt holes, allowing fitment to a wall bracket. Useful if space is a bit restricted on ones work desk.
Amazon delivered by - moreorless - return of post from ordering, and the box and contents was very well packed and and all vunerable parts suitably protected.
This Acer model has been extensively reviewed and generally well received, so I am confident of a number of year's good service. I can happily recommend this monitor to prospective buyers.
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on 30 April 2014
I took ages to decide which monitor to buy given that it was a "nice to have" upgrade rather than a necessity. For the money the spec and performance of this is hard to beat. However I sent mine back immediately as it had a dead pixel more or less directly in the center of the screen. The whole unit does feel a bit on the flimsy side but it is not poorly put together and as I say very good for the price. Just hope you get a good one
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on 25 July 2014
This monitor is literally incredible! The picture quality is awesome in HDMI, its so sharp and crisp.
In my opinion, 24" screen is really big for a monitor, however its so good having the extra size when your doing something like Photoshop or editing a video!
There's only 2 downsides, one is that there's only one HDMI, this can be annoying for those wanting to use this for multiple items (e.g consoles, computer etc)
This can be easily resolved with a HDMI splitter however.
The other downside was that there's no speakers and no where to plug in any speakers, so you'll either have to rely on your device has a audio jack/toslink port, or you get a hdmi cable that has a audio jack coming out on 1 end.
Delivery was terrible, thanks to Yodel, however I won't down the monitor rating on delivery.
Overall an amazing monitor if your on a tight budget, i really recommend it to anyone! The only thing stopping it getting 5 stars would be the audio dilemma!
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on 2 April 2016
I bought this 24 inch Acer G246HLBBID 24-inch Monitor only a few years ago, so I'm probably not going to be the best judge on it's lifespan, given only a few years of use so far, even though it still works as it did on arrival a few years ago. I have been using this monitor via the interface on the BFG 9500GT 1GB DDR2 PCI-E Graphics Card.

The monitor is the first real 1080P HDMI monitor I got at 24 inches, and has an extremely high contrast ratio at a (hundred million to one) for a relatively old monitor. I am quite pleased with the performance and quality of this monitor, and believe this monitor has the potential to continue to perform well for some time in the near future.

I think this monitor is ready to receive its five star score, as the several years of usage have been enough to determine the overall usefulness and build quality, without the need to carry out any excessive stress or drop testing.
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on 3 January 2014
I got these to replace some very bad LG 24EN33V 23.6 inch Widescreen Full HD LCD Monitor which i'd sent back

I bought two of these so i could have a 3 monitor setup (eyefinity for gaming)

For a cheap monitor these are fantastic, colour reproduction is good, blacks actually show black, and with a little tweaking in setup you can achieve some nice vivid colours.
Viewing angle is as advertised around 160 degrees horizontally, but vertically it is a bit less around 100 degrees before you start to see negative imagary, but this shouldn't be a problem or even noticeable for most.

The base is quite sturdy even though it doesn't look it, and you can tilt the monitor forward and back (unlike what other reviewers have said)

Nice selection of inputs, dsub, dvi and hdmi catered for.
Note: if using hdmi and the picture doesn't fill the screen, within your graphics card software there may be an overscan option, you will need to select that.

And finally a comment on the operational buttons on the underside. They are self explanatory, big one is power on/off (which lights up blue) and all the others even though they are not labelled are for the adjustments, the arrows in the OSD correspond to what to press for added features/adjustments.

Hope this review will help out with your decisions, and clear up some bad information others have given.
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on 9 October 2013
I was advised at University to purchase a good size monitor to connect my Mac book air .This is due to the amount of hours i will be a sat at it trying to produce my course (media)
I checked the reviews as usual and found this was well recommended .Well my view is a lot better now ,just plug in and go ,no faffing about ,just remove mirroring on the mac display settings and away you go.
Looks good,and does the job for just over £100 ,cant ask more than that
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