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4.0 out of 5 stars647
4.0 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360Edition: Nuketown 2025 EditionChange
Price:£2.92 - £49.99
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on 25 March 2013
I understand this review is quite late, and may get lost in the plethora of other reviews, but I was hoping to try and give my thoughts on the many pros and cons of the game. I'm hoping to try and make the review as detailed as possible to help any newcomers to the game, and to help anyone who is still on the fence. (probably not many)

I'm going to split the review into three sections, as this is how the game splits them on the main menu, and it seems appropriate.


I would like to get this part out of the way firstly, as it is usually the part that is overlooked mostly in the call of duty series.
If you have played any of the previous games you will probably know exactly how this goes. Spend 4-6 hours shooting similar looking bad guys, with a little bit of forced story involved, and not much else. Except this time... it's different! I think the thing that sets this game apart from other COD games is the many small tweaks Treyarch have added, which make for a fresh feeling experience. The first thing I would like to speak about are the strike force missions. These are missions that are outside the story of the main game, but tie into the overall campaign. They basically play out as small RTS style levels where you are tasked with defending a base or fighting your way through checkpoints. There are many different types of units to command, from soldiers, to drones, to huge mechs. Unfortunately, the RTS section seems slightly pointless, as the units don't really do what you ask, and the temptation to just take control of a soldier and spray the countless AI enemies is all too high.
The main change to the COD formula is the story choices. Whilst these won't rival mass effect, they do add an interesting twist, and surprisingly, actually do affect the ending. I think the main appeal of these is that based on certain circumstances, it is actually possible to miss certain choice opportunities, and it adds a small sense of replay-ability to anyone wanting more of the campaign. The main attraction that I found with the campaign is the fact that you can choose your own loadout, with many of the perks and weapons from the multiplayer, but there are also a few perks that are exclusive to the campaign. The most interesting of these is the perk "access kit", this allows you to open up special parts of the map where you can find different items such as mortars or animal traps to use against enemies. It is not essential that you use this perk, but if you don't, you are missing out on a good chunk of cool stuff to aid you. There isn't really that much else to say about the campaign, except that I have to admit I really enjoyed it. Some of the locations such as nightclubs and aircraft hangars look utterly brilliant, even running on the dated engine. I should also probably mention quickly that the the main antagonist, Menendez, is a well fleshed out character, and has a very interesting backstory and motive to his actions. Giving an honest rating for the campaign, I would have to give it a 4/5. It is probably one of the best COD campaigns I have played yet, but the strike force missions do fall slightly flat.

Unfortunately I don't have an awful lot to say about the multiplayer, whilst it is functional, I don't feel that Treyarch have made any changes that would make it feel different in the way the campaign does. One thing they changed is the create a class system. They have added a new system called the "pick ten". In a nutshell, this means that you can choose any 10 "slots" from perks to weapons to grenades. You no longer even have to have a primary weapon. Want to have 6 perks? Or maybe 2 fully fleshed out primary weapons in place of perks or equipment? I think this is the feature I probably enjoy most, because it gives the freedom of choice that the COD series has needed for a long time.
I personally have not experienced any of the lag problems that others are mentioning, and think that some people may be over exaggerating. All cod games have slight lag but nothing out of the ordinary is present here. One thing I must say is that the maps unfortunately don't feel terribly exciting. Some of the spawn problems from MW3 seem to be back, and the interactivity with the maps can sometimes frustrate, rather than thrill. For example, a train that runs through the map "Express" which can kill the player. Whilst it can be argued that it is your own fault for standing on the tracks with no effort to move, it isn't always possible when in a tense firefight.
Something I should probably mention are the perks themselves. Disappointingly, the perk system has had a slight overhaul, whereby seemingly useless perks such as "Toughness" which reduces flinch has been added, and many fan favourites have been taken away. Also, something I personally don't like is that perks like "sleight of hand" have instead been taken out and used as an attachment for the gun.
I don't really have much else to say about the multiplayer. My overall verdict for this section would have to be a 3/5. Whilst it does work fine, it doesn't feel as exciting as other call of duty games. I don't want to feel like I am using the word "stale" as my explanation for how the multiplayer section feels, but that seems to be the best way I feel I can describe it.

I have never been a huge fan of the zombies mode (I'm sorry!) but I have spent a few hours playing it with friends.
It seems that the new change has caused a lot of controversy from a lot of people, some people seem to love it, and some hate it. The main change is that instead of just running around a map with different doors to open and perks etc. to find. There is now a bus that takes the player to many different locations. I personally find this quite tense and exciting, sprinting towards the bus as it drives away, leaving lone players behind to fend off the zombies. I can however, see people's annoyance towards it. Another main problem people seem to have is that there are many cracks in the ground with fire that hurt the player. In my opinion this does seem to slightly ruin the gameplay, as getting from point A to B can sometimes be a chore, especially when you have 50 zombies on your back! Many people complain that Treyarch have moved away from tradition, but I would like to point out that the tradition some people are mentioning isn't. The first zombies map didn't have any pack a punch or special weapons, as people are mentioning as accustomed.
That is all I really have to say about the zombies, apart from the fact that there is only 1 map, which may put people off, and it isn't really fun unless playing with friends. My overall verdict for the zombies is a 3.5/5

The end verdict for the game in my opinion is a 3.5/5 Whilst I gave the campaign a 4, I don't really think such a small part of the game can justify any higher, especially when I found the multiplayer and zombies to be quite average.

Sorry for going on a bit! If you read the whole review and have any comments then please leave them in the comments section, any feedback would really be appreciated!

Please note that this is my first review so don't be too harsh! hahaha

I really hope this helped people, I understand it is late but I know from personal experience that some people still haven't got this game, and are being bombarded by loud opinions from either side. I hope my opinion didn't feel too forced, I was just trying to help people make an informed decision by themselves.

Thanks guys! :)
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on 2 December 2012
Like many people, I have been a Call of Duty fan for many years. Every year since MW2, i've told myself "Wait until the price drops". But the nearer the release date gets, the more i want the game, until I buy it. Having bought MW3 last year, I was anxious to see if this game could surpass it, not too much of a hard challenge considering how disappointing that was. As soon as it arrived i tried the CAMPAIGN, which as usual seemed very good (although I find it more confusing than usual, especially with the time periods). I then tested the MULTIPLAYER, which I personally haven't loved in any other COD since MW2. It turns out that it's pretty good as well and I can now say that it's already better than the first Black ops and MW3. My main reason for buying Black Ops 2 was the ZOMBIES. I can safely say I am not disappointed, the maps have different options and are huge. I always think 'the bigger the better'. I now cannot wait for the DLC and have to say that this year, I will purchase all of them.

So, to anyone considering buying Black Ops 2, I highly recommend it.
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on 17 June 2013
Zombies are screaming all over my house every night! My other half addicted to the game. It brings much laughter and enjoyment from several male members of the family!
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on 4 February 2013
The Campaign is fun to play through, although it is pretty short, just like in previous installments. The Zombies is great, with the new recording of stats and online matches being nice new features.

Now, to the multiplayer: I must say it is not a huge jump form MW3 or Black Ops, but it is a nice improvement. The pick 10 system is a great new feature and really helps you to customize the class to exactly what you want. The graphics seemed to have been improved a little and look great combined with the new maps, nearly all of which are set in bright environments. The guns are more balanced than in any previous COD installment, although there are still one or two from each class which stand out more. I love the way you can now but a camo on everything, even your knife!

If you are a casual player, then you will probably find nothing wrong with this game, but if you take your video games a bit more seriously, you will find a few flaws.

My biggest issue is sound whoring. I have a good headset and sound-whoring is a big part of my game, but as I have discovered, it is not that efficient in BO2. There are so many other distracting sounds around that you can only hear the enemies well in complete silence. This was not an issue for me back in MW3, where the enemy movements were louder. The only way to counter this issue is to use the 'Awarness' perk. It doesn't help an awful lot, but it does make the enemy footsteps and reloads a little louder, so they are easier to hear.

Other than that, there are no other major flaws in my oppinion. Overall it is a good game and worth getting if you are a regular COD player.
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on 29 December 2012
I was excited to play this, I looked at gameplay and thought this could actually be good, I was right for a while.
I am going to keep this review short because there is a lot I can say about this game. The single-player, the multi-player and the zombies so I will break it up into those three categories.

You play as David Mason and his father Alex Mason (main character from the original game). You flip back and forth between these two characters throughout the game. You have to basically find a terrorist that is going to hack all the droids of the army and destroy cities across the globe.
Very simple plot.
For the first time ever you have to make choices during missions that can effect the final outcome of the campaign.
The problem here is that unless you get the correct ending (which I didn't) it can leave you feeling very unsatisfied and disappointed that you worked for nothing.
You can go back and replay the campaign again but that again is another problem that the campaign is not very interesting. I enjoyed it at times I will be honest, but David Mason's story wasn't that interesting and you have to play as him for the majority of the game. I didn't really feel anything for the characters in his story and felt that if I had a choice between saving them or killing them I would not be bothered either way. Which is sad really.
Alex Mason is the highlight of the campaign, your relationship from the first game grows stronger and I ended up wishing I was able to play him more.
I would give the single-player campaign's story & gameplay:


Back again I guess. Treyarch have attempted to make a new multiplayer that users can find engaging and fun to play. I found it very fun when it just came out and no one knew what weapons were most effective and it ended up in some nice balanced gameplay.
Skip two weeks later, problems arise.
People found 'the guns' lets say that. There are maybe 4/5 guns that people use. I found this annoying and wished maybe it would be fixed in the update. It wasn't. Gameplay is the same thing really except for a few new shiny guns, attachments and kill streaks.
In terms of maps they are very well designed but I have to admit that you cannot stand still on a map without the feeling that you will get killed from where you are. A lot of places that you can walk past and get killed easily. To this day I am still figuring out new routes and pathways which is good and bad I guess.
I would give the multiplayer:

This is my favourite part about this game. New maps and game that do work well in this game. It is always terrifying and keeping you active the whole time. Treyarch promised a zombies campaign, there wasn't one. Which I liked because I don't think a campaign would of worked. Instead you have Tranzit, survival and grief.
Tranzit - a massive map that you can travel via a bus to the separate locations (these are available on survival) whilst the dead come to get you.
Survival - The classic zombie mode, survive the horde of zombies for as long as you can.
grief - 8 players, 4 v 4. The team that survives the zombies wins.
The only problem is that you can only really play it once really before you can have enough of it for one day. Which I don't mind cause I could be playing zombies for half an hour at a time.
I would give the zombies:

I went on a little longer than expected but I did say there was a lot to be said. The game is good in bursts but it has suffered in the long run for me unfortunately. People will buy and love it I am sure, but I have played this series for a few years now. I think it is time to go back to the drawing board.

'It is a game to get, but not necessarily a game you need to rush out to get straight away.'

Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 gets an overall rating of 7/10.
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Good afternoon fellow buyers,

I chose COD Black Ops II instead of other FPS, mainly because I am a regular fan (not fanboy) since I own every title (except Call of Duty 1, and Call of Duty 8 -> Modern Warfare 3) for the Xbox, and most of all just because I like to play with my friends, because these days almost everybody is playing some version (usually the latest) of the yearly COD (and because I was feeling a bit lonely on Battlefield 3).

Whoever as played Modern Warfare (Call of Duty 4), or World at War (Call of Duty 5 - with the obvious time difference) knows what to expect from this kind of FPS's. The main reason people play it, it's because it is (most of the time anyway - but more on that on THE BAD) just plain old FUN!

Summing it up:

- It can be a lot of fun dispite if you're skilled or not - try League Play for an (more or less) enven match, and for the 4th or 5th game you'll see what I mean;
- It has the kind of action movie (bit short tho) feel to it (the Campaign mode that is);
- It has the zombies mode wich I (personnaly) find a bit difficult for one person, but can be fun with a team of 4 people;
- The multiplayer is in one word -> COD (you got to experience it to understand it), and that is a good thing.

- LAG is the number one killer in this game (only for the multiplayer), in such a way that the team (and everybody that is close to the host country/region) that has the host has a 7th player in their team of 6 (normal modes) or a 10th player in their team of 9 (Ground War mode);
- The graphics are outdated since Modern Warfare 2 (Call of Duty 6) - this is Call of Duty 9 (Black Ops II), so you're left wandering, what were the team from Treyarch (the team behind COD 3, COD 5 (World at War), COD 7 (Black Ops) and COD 9 (Black Ops II) and Infinity Ward (the team behind COD, COD 2, COD 4 (Modern Warfare), COD 6 (Modern Warfare 2), and COD 8 (Modern Warfare 3) doing all this time - they haven't change the graphics engine since COD 4 (Modern Warfare) - wich is the IW engine now with a little tweaks here and there, but the IW graphic engine was based on the ID Tech III from the game Quake Arena!!!;
- This style of FPS's needs something fresh, like for example starting a multiplayer period game in wich you could start the game from the stone age (with stones and clubs) to the Future Tecnhology (with lasers and that sort of things)...;
- We can't use any vehicles - and this is a set back dating from COD 3 (where you could drive a motorcycle with side-car, a jeep with a machine gun on top and a tank) and COD 5 (you could only drive tanks).

Bottom line:

Buy it - I know you (and I, also for that matter) don't want to be another sheep following the herd and doing the same thing every year (and that's the main reason why I didn't bought MW3), but in the end we always come back to play with friends and foes, and you know that nothing beats the pleasure of defeating a submachine gun or a shotgun equipped with a special-laser-ghost-super-mega-ironman-sight... with your trustworthy assault rifle with the MEN sights (the iron sight one's that is).

Thank you for reading!

Cheers everyone!
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on 28 November 2012
Call of Duty is a game that needs no introduction, however Black Ops 2 is just as much of a letdown as Modern Warfare 3.

The Campaign seems to show how much the franchise is running out of idea's. The story is mixed between Future & Past missions in different scenarios. The storyline itself is confusing, for the first 4 Missions I had no idea what was going on. Also with Invisible snipers in one mission, then riding on a horse the next it all seems mashed together with little thought, However the ability to choose your own weapons (Within Limits) before each mission makes certain missions easier.

Zombies was definitely the main driving point for the game, and to be honest it was the biggest letdown so far. The idea of moving from one location to another is all well and nice, but it's ridiculously confusing. The whole thing is just thrown in front of you and even after playing it a few times im still completely lost on how it works. There seems to be no definitive target within it & you don't have the time to stroll around looking for all the clues hidden within as well as fighting the actual zombies.

The big one. Call of Duty has without doubt the largest gaming community on xbox, so getting into a game in quick and easy enough, but be warned. In my first online game I was spawn killed as soon as I chose my class. For people that have played throughout the CoD series its such a frustrating experience, To make the game easier online you once again die at the blink of an eye, there is no competitive edge to the game anymore, also if you opt to go into game chat E.G Search & Destroy you should be well prepared for people blurring out their music and torrents of abuse from 13 year olds. The game seems to have lost a lot of what made it popular in the first place. One positive however is the new score-streak system, its a little harder to get going on a kill streak but you now earn progress towards them via assists etc. And the Wildcard system in Create a Class makes it easier to individually personalize your loadout to suit how you play.

Overall I had to give this game a negative review. It just looks like another washed out game to fill up the pockets of the CoD team, the game has lost so much that made it enjoyable. And as ambitious as it is, it seems to have come out badly (I am not the only one who feels this way) In my opinion the franchise should not be released every year, the quality of the games has dropped and it seems like many people have lost interest now. And unless something changes I think I may be writing a similar review this time next year for the next game (World at War 2?) Either way I would not recommend this game.
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on 23 August 2013
I've played this for awhile now and i swear there's only minor improvements to the gameplay, obviously including the campaign, zombies and multiplayer, but i mean the way the game is played out with the mechanics. The gameplay feels just the same as the previous games. Infinity Ward in my opinion seem to deliver more unique gameplay.
Multiplayer is addictive as always but can get annoying after a while. Just doesn't feel like a massive improvement in call of duty.
Overall its a fun game with an arcady feel to it, but not my favorite.
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on 7 December 2012
The much antisipated black ops 2 . The single player mode is very good offering new ways go go in single player fps'ers. The story line was very well written the plot thickens and you bounce back and forth from past to future. Now the multiplayer. This has been revamped 100%. The point system for your classes take, you get 10 points to load your class how ever you see fit. This ha made the multiplayer customer class totally different to any other call of duty, which is a good thing . The online play is not bad either. There are small problems like the lag . You shoot someone they turn around and shoot you dead !!!!! Look back on the reply and it looks like you never even shot a round . This becomes very frustrating. The guns all seem to be very much alike too , not sure if that's just me ? The best by far are the lmg's . The worst thing about this game is the maps out of all the cod games there have been some really good maps in the whole series bug black ops 2 feels like it was designed for pro game circuit the maps have become to "try hard" and have sucked the gun out of the gameplay . All in all not a bad effort . Just wish the took note of the thousands of games that play the game and not just a handful of pro gamers
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on 15 December 2012
A massive fan of black ops 1 this was always going to be a certain purchase for me. And i have to admit whilst i fully enjoyed playing this, liked the futuristic style plot mixed with wood's memory and new zombie maps and scenarios to play, i still couldnt say i found it perfect enough to give it 5 stars.

Insane, overambitious lunatic wants to overtake/destroy the world. Sorry havent we played this before? i also have to say i much preferred the woods and mason missions from the 80's, the future missions and mason jnr all seemed more modern warfare then black ops, i think im not alone either i believe theres a real market for a good mix of history, fiction and warfare like the first black ops delivered with and they missed a bit of a trick jumping into the future. i think the futuristic parts could of been left to a mod warfare 4. What about all the conflicts in the decades inbetween that secret forces/intelligence agencies were/could of been involved in? what about the great conspiracy theories the first black ops gave us? I mean it is meant to be black operations.

Overall another good game thats involving and fun to play just feel it lost the 'black ops' element.
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