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Customer Reviews

3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Edition: Nuketown 2025 Edition|Change
Price:£4.10 - £1,534.61
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on 30 November 2012
Unfortunately this game has gone the way of the console. Its lost its dedicated servers & is clearly aimed towards the console market. Its the last COD for me (and I've been there since the beginning). The poor reviews say it all. Shoddy unoriginal, uninspiring gameplay, so-so graphics and a lousy MP set up. Run and gun crap at its worst. At least theres good old BF to keep the PC FPS side up.
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on 14 November 2012
Fist off it was hard to decide should i give this 3 or 4 stars... Very very hard, so in the end i want with 4, for the one point been after all the problems getting it installed i did have fun in the first few hours of game play.. but really the install was a lot of unwanted stress..

If you dont want to read all of this, my most important point would be that:

1. On my PC the CDs where hard to install, for ages the pc would not read CDs had to take them out put them back in to drive over 3 times, this happened on both CDs and has never happened with anything else before...Lots of stress :(

2. the game seems a lot faster (in its game play) then before, BO1 felt just slow at times in aiming and moving around, this is alot faster and the smaller maps increase this feeling of speed as well as everyone is closer together (on the maps ive played so far, cant say this is for all of them yet)

Full review:

First of my PC fits the requirements, it is around 3 years old, so its not a top of the line pc by any means, though.

Game came fast from Amazon, so all well there.

In side box is the code for the game + free extra map! As is known, game is around 12 GB in size, It took my PC 45 approx Mins to install on steam. There was a small problem where my DVD drive did not want to read CD however after about 5 mins it just started (dont know why the delay was as of yet) This delay also kicked in on Disk 2.. was very annoying as game kept asking for Disk 2 and even though i was in PC nothing happened had to take CD out 3 times before it started to read it.. really dont know why this is my PC has never ever done this before.... So im thinking its BO2 CD and not my PC.. in the end though after some much on wanted stress it worked.

I know there have been reports of bad CD 2 with wrong game one it but cant comment on this as was not the case for me.

Game Play: Im going to update this post as it goes, but based on the lack of comments, i though i would get this up fast, should there be parents out there thinking of this as a Xmas present or something!

Multi-player: Ive started with the Multi-player level so far ive found no problems and have not hit a hacked server yet (with in the first hour of COD MW3 this had happened to me!) Game play on my PC is running fine, i would see an improvement from BO1 and some points taken from MW3, game is more fast paced (very fast shooting)then before, the maps ive been on so far, seem smaller then MW3 etc but there is still open areas for the snipers out there! Stuff like calling in air support etc has been improved on now, as it dose not slow you down so much AKA all adding to the fast shooting etc.

Domination, is very good in this game, you now play 1/2 with on one side and then swap to the other side of the map, keeps it a lot more even than before!

Im sorry to keep this short but am only playing this from today, so i will add to this over next week or so.

Zombies: WOW this is fun, really good fun, ive only just started on this part, so im going to wait till update it over next few days.

Single player:
So far, it is ok, there is a lot of video parts that i dont care for too much, but one part i do love about it is that, before each mission you can pick the weapons you want on that mission! very cool idea as you dont get such with a gun you hate and need to swap from the get go!
Update on this, Yes there is well too many video cut scenes in this part of the game, really i played a mission for around 10 mins and had also over 10 mins of a video crap to watch of people talking... really dont like this, really slows the game down when it comes to single player...

Last Comments,

I like this game but ive liked all the COD games, though as i type this BO1 was not one of there best, this has been improved, And so im happy with it, and will be playing less of MW3, This said, I am saying Less MW3 still has something over this game, that i have not put my finger on yet! but when i do know you will too!

Overall, this is a fine game and should your child not have it, it would make a good Xmas gift im sure. for everyone else, well its up to you if your a cod fan or not, if iwas you id give it a try!


Graphics - this is something i did not pick up on at first, but personally i think MW3 had better graphics, dont get me wrong, there is a lot of content in the graphics however and this is a BIG but and is hard to explain, but the graphics are less "real" all the textures seem wrong, like there is a train in one part and it looks so fake something i am use to seeing in games like 6 years ago, its a big step back from MW3, now btw dont get me wrong MW3 had its downfall in graphics as well but personally i think BO2 has dropped the ball on some small things here.
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on 3 November 2015
Its taken me a while to write a review on this but this was the last title I bought prior to Black Ops 3. I only ever played MP so can't comment on the SP. MP was and is still the best of the "current" COD series since MW/MW2. I am glad Treyarch are back for another instalment.
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This game let me down quite a bit.
First off the story. It was rambling all over the place. The cinematics were plentiful but still didn't make a lot of sense. It was just a badly told story via the cinematics.
Secondly the gameplay. There was no major advance in the graphics engine. It looked like they tool the old Black Ops engine and used that. They have put a load of new guns and thing into the game but apart from that and the drones/robots it really feels like someone polished the Black Ops game and added some new bits. This could so easily have been a DLC update for £9.99 rather than passing it off as a completely new game. There's are one or two bits like the bat wing suits and the squirrel suits which feature ion a lot of trailers but you do very little whiole using them and you only get to use them once so it's not really that much fun.
Finally ... The extra modes of the game like Zombie mode. This is really dire. It plays like something from 5 years ago. You'll play this a few times and then forget all about it.
It took me 7 hours to complete this and I'm not particularly fast or good. I can imagine if you're a teenager and your reflexes are good you can havehave the whole game done much faster. Skip the cinematics and play it on easy and I doubt there's more than 4 hours of game play here.
Bit miffed. Bought HALO4 so we'll see if that's much better in terms of longevity.
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on 2 January 2013
I would give it 5 stars but it's got too much story telling in the campaign. You just get going and it starts again - just like Black-ops one. But the on-line options are brill and numerous so it counter acts the campaign problem. As I have every COD game from COD2 I suppose I am biased but it does deserve 4stars.
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on 24 December 2012
The game is pretty good if u like the CoD series.
Nothing special with the graphic or with the sound (except that is support the new FSAA antialiasing form) but they r overall good.
No physics at all as always.
The pro r that is quick, is always CoD but make people play a little more togheter, is the title of the series with the most personalization options. they r evrywhere for everything.
The cons r that the menu have a bad Ui so is not easy to understand how to personalize ur stuff, the maps r all made for SMG (dlc incoming ofc), zombie r heavy lmited and most fo times empty server (another dlc for that).

Talking about config, ping, lag etc... mmm.. u cant do nothing. they r heavy locked and if u try to change something u get banned. btw the game is fluid on every pc configuration, and if u have an ADSL connection not ISDN one u will not have problem the most of times.

hope to help u guys.

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on 5 March 2013
In an age of top notch computerised graphics this game holds its own with scenery and characters portrayed as is. The same must be said of the action, with huge plodding robots and laser sighted helicopters hunting the player down. It's fast and furious and you can smell the cordite and the sweat of fear as the invading force parachutes in and you crouch behind your flimsy cover. A measurable advantage of all Call of Duty games is the save game feature that allows the player to respawn back into the action without having to start again - useful if, like me, you can't jump between buildings.and end up falling hundreds of stories to the pavement below. It's the best of Call of Duty yet, and that's as it should be.
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on 11 May 2014
Great PC game from CALL OF DUTY , I think ATM this is where it is at before Ghost came out , i have sli 670 and amd 8350 and i cant even play the new COD , i know it has slightly better graphics but still.

But back to this COD , this runs at 110 -120 FPS nearly all the time so this is well optimised.
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on 20 November 2012
I've been a COD fan since the beginning and would have rated almost all previous installments as 5-star. This one is different. While it presents no technical problems (on Windows 7, with a GeForce GTX 670), the graphics are in many places of poor quality, the story line is contrived and the back-story unnecessarily gruesome. Even worse, if you say that you don't want the 'graphic' (read 'gruesome') version of events, you get dialog and video that looks like it was hacked by a 7-year-old (and that is probably a slur on 7-year-olds). I don't know that they were thinking, but the overall effect is just a big let down. I normally play COD games through all levels up to the hardest, but after two play-throughs I don't think I can bear another.
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on 20 December 2012
Bought this game just for Zombie, and it was a huge disappointment. The hole control feels nothing like Zombies from Black Ops 1. The New game modes are okay, but there is fire everywhere that makes your screen go red, the maps are also to foggy in my opinion and worse, there are just 2-3 thousand players online. Getting 7 other good players togehter for one game is nearly impossible.

The worst part is, once activated in your steam account, you can not resell this game.
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