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4.7 out of 5 stars110
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 7 July 2012
Finally DBZ gets a proper UK release. If you're a fan of the series then get this. The voices included on this are thankfully the FUNimation voices which we got on toonami and cartoon network for the ginyu,frieza,garlic jr and trunks sagas and are also used for most of the games. We can finally watch the whole series consistantly with these voices. You can watch the episodes 3 ways:

-English with the english soundtrack
-English with the japanese soundtrack
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on 3 October 2013
I don't know if I'm selecting something wrong in the audio menu, but the impression I got from other reviews when I bought this was that I'd be able to experience the show as I watched it years ago. However, while the American voices are thankfully the same the music doesn't seem to be. I remember the music vividly and have been reminded of Bruce Falconer's amazing work by watching clips on Youtube and it doesn't appear to be the same. I find the music is a vital element of the full DBZ experience and for me the good music is missing. Maybe I'm missing something :/

Apart from that though you can't really fault this set, the voices, characters and scenes are just as I remember which is wonderful, shame about the music though.

Delivered on time and in good condition.

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on 3 February 2009
This DVD set is Region 1,2 and 4 NTSC. Which means that to play it you will probably need a multi region DVD player. The box itself is aesthetic, and folds out nicely. There is also an A6 (small) booklet inside with character and episode summaries, screen shots and illustrations.

The episodes themselves are completely uncut. They feature a lot more of those silly extra scenes, the typical Dragonball Toriyama humour which shines through even now that the characters are all beefed up and power level crazy. They also show blood and less screen panneling to waste time because they don't cut out the violence. As for the animation, though lines still flicker on the edge of character's faces sometimes, the colours are much brighter and more enhanced than the original series' was.

The voice-overs have been completely redone. So all the voice actors who were in DBZ in the last season voiced the earlier seasons for this DVD set as well. Because of this, the dialogue often changes, which can be a bad thing if you loved a particular scene, but it means there's no more annoyance over a character's voice changing half way through the series. The best thing about this box set in my mind is that you can mix and match Japanese and English voices with Japanese and English music. So if you like the English voices but hate the English music, you can keep the English voices and listen to the Japanese music instead. That's a nice treat, and I hardly ever watch DBZ with English music- regardless of what language they're speaking.

If you own the series already, then it's worth getting this DVD set for the marathon feature, in which you can watch all the episodes on a disc without having to keep listening to the opening and closing titles. And lastly, the DVD comes with some nice trailers too. Just in case you get fed up of watching men in spandex screaming at the top of their lungs. (I know I don't).

Really, if you liked the original releases, then you will like this. It's cheaper, the quality is better, it's English and Japanese friendly and there's no amount of blood or pummeling cut out. A great DVD box set that all fans have been waiting for. ^-^
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on 11 May 2012
I got the set today, and i am extremely happy with it, it came in perfect condition. I ordered it from supermartUSA on the 26th, and it got here on the 11th, so it did take a little while, but thats no matter. So now about the box:

The box itself is very nice but there are a few flaws, one of which it the way the discs are stacked on top of each other. This makes them very hard to get out and sooner or later im probably going to brake them, so i recommend backing them up just to be safe. Also if you get all of the seasons and put them all next to each other the spine is meant to make an image, but you can only see the spine image if you take the box out of the cover box. also all of the discs have the same image design, now enough of the flaws, onto the good points, the box is very nice, it feels glossy and smooth, it even comes with a book! the book has hero profiles, enemy profiles, episode summaries, and the history of dragon ball z. This is a great set and well worth the money.

Now onto the video. Now you get a lot of people who constantly complain about the cropped aspect ratio and the noise reduction process which occasionally makes it loose some lines of detail, but its really not that bad, it looks perfect, so far i haven't seen any line loss, and you only miss a little bit of footage of the top and the bottom, most of the time it really doesn't matter.

The only alternative to this is the Dragon boxes, but they are rare to find now and incredibly expensive. Just stick to these ones, there cheap, the video and the box looks great, and it even has 3 audio choices! You can pick English with Japanese music, English with English music, or fully Japanese. You don't get that with the dragon boxes!

To summarize: THIS IS DAMN GOOD!
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on 9 March 2014
Am I the only person that thinks these remasters are a complete disgrace to the series? I don't know how anybody can take these DVDs seriously.

My first problem with these are with the cropping. This anime was never intended to be viewed in 16:9 wide screen. By cutting off around 20% of the picture on the top and the bottom, everything looks more "zoomed in" and you can tell things don't look quite right, especially in scenes where you can see the bodies but not the heads!

My next problem is with the amount of noise reduction they've used. They've gone so over board with it, that the outlines look very rough. The over sharpening that they've applied, doesn't compensate for this, and only makes the lines look even more uneven and rough.

My third problem is with the colouring. They've over brightened everything. Most of the characters are white, and I mean "white". Krillin who is supposed to have an orange tinge to his skin, looks as white as a ghost, along with every other character. In fact, everything is so over brightened, that sometimes you can only see the characters faces, while the background is lost in a blanket of whiteness.

The forth problem is caused by a combination of the second and third problem. Because so much noise reduction has been applied and because the image has been so over saturated, whenever theres a lot of movement in a scene, the lines literally disappear. Yep, thats right, lines actually disappear and you're left with a scrambled mess. (No, i'm not joking and you can find examples of this online)

The only reason i've given this 2 stars instead of 1, is because of the series itself.

But Funimation have a lot to answer for, for serving people this rubbish.

I suspect it's most likely a ploy and that they'll release a "better version" in the future, just so that they can have an additional whip around.

Don't waste your time with these. They're dreadful in every possible way.
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on 12 September 2012
When I purchased this, I honestly wasn't expecting it to be as fantastic as it is.

I am a big DragonBall fan, owning the entirety of the manga and the films and a vast range of figures and other miscellaneous items. I had heard from a lot of people and forums that these box sets weren't worth getting as they supposedly are poor quality, but in my opinion these box sets are fantastic. the image quality in my opinion is amazing and the sound quality is great.

The only problem I have with this boxset is that there is no "Rock the Dragon" theme, and when watching it in English with Japanese sound and music, it plays the U.S. intro instead of "Cha-La Head-Cha-La", but plays the Japanese outro theme and other sounds.

Overall I think this is a fantastic addition for any Dragonball fan to have.
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on 30 November 2014
Having previously caught a small number of episodes of DragonBall Z as a kid, which I can barely remember, my interest was rekindled over the past few years as I noticed various people on social media nerding out over DBZ. With a week and a half off work approaching I finally went for it; youtubed a few clips and then bought the DVD - and I'm really glad I did.

My main worry had been that I wouldn't be able to get into it having not got into it at a younger age and that other DBZ fans might just be heavily influenced by nostalgia. That wasn't the case at all. Basically I'm writing this for any people who, like me, might be interested in this but aren't sure if it's just for kids. DBZ can be enjoyed by adults too - I'd put it in the bracket of the likes of Harry Potter, Pokemon and, especially, Doctor Who (there's a lot of the same 'saving the earth from aliens who don't appreciate how great humans are, by heroes who do' vibe). There's a lot of Sci-Fi elements to DBZ along with bits of martial arts, action and adventure. Personally, it's only the humour that I have some problems with: at best it's cheesy/silly but there are some light-hearted scenes which I just don't get which might be a cultural thing. However, for me it doesn't detract from the more serious aspects of the programme and the main plot.

I'm on Season 2 now and the other thing I'd note is that from what I can tell the 'seasons' that the DVDs are split into is a pretty loose term. It seems to just be a massive ongoing story (I'm on episode 50-something now in 'season' 2 and the plot is still directly related to events from the first several episodes) so if you're gonna get into this be prepared to be in it for the long haul (300ish episodes) because there won't be an easy point to stop halfway through.
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on 5 March 2007
After releasing the first two Seasons one DVd with Pioneer, FUNimation moved onto the rest of the series consistently. Then they went back to the first Series and released it again, under the very red Ultimate Uncut banner, and never even finished it!

This new DVD Season Boxes are the start of a consistent set, presenting DBZ in the Original US Broadcast Version Uncut, the Original Uncut Japanese and a new Uncut English version with the Original Japanese BackGround Music! This is a godsend for DBZ fans everywhere. It's consistent and purely Uncut (ignore the reviewer below, heavily edited as if) except for the next episode previews which FUNi weren't even given.

This is even better news for UK fans. Instead of having to spend loads importing US DVDs and facing evil postage costs and waits at times, this new budget release is the answer to all your problems. The epsiodes themselves are brilliant with almost no grain and far less blips and scratches than before. It's also Widescreen (which crops a bit but whatever) and in HD. This means bog-standard TVs will have some problems, but all UK DVD players, PS2s and Xbox consoles can play them, due to being Regions 1,2 and 4.

There are 39 episodes spead across 6 discs, all contained neatly in an orange brick (as referred to by Daizex) and the Discs are put on top of each other, which is bareable, but possibly annoying. The presentation on the Box and Menu is perfectly fine, the Extras are pretty good (For FUNimation) which covers the remastering process. There is also an insert, a little booklet with episode guides, character profiles and a bit messed up DBZ History timeline.

The Episodes are still brilliant, the ones you know and love in Uncut, with lovely looking footage (the new colours are ace) and the FUNimation voice actors instead of the Ocean Group (bleh). Plus the choice of three versions is great. So buy it now!
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on 8 June 2012
Even though the description of this product says region 1 only my copy arrived today and I was happily surprised to find that it was region 1, 2 and 4 compatible...
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on 15 November 2009
I never owned any of the original releases but since these set have come out i thought i might start with season one and boy i wasnt dispointed this is a great set it features the funimation voice cast which ive always favoured all the episodes are fully uncut not edited like what was shown on cartoonetwork quality of remasting is great to view and did not notice any cropping really as most people complain the set also comes with a booklet which features the history of the show in america and also all the characters profile and episodes summary
the animation is just as good as i remember viewing it by far greatest show or anime of all time true dbz fan will agree

There are three options of audio

English voices with japanese music

English voices with us broadcast music

Full original japanese dub audio

Which are really great features although us music isnt done by the famous dbz composer bruce faulconer which isnt too much of a fuss but his music suited dbz best the new funimation soundtrack is isnt too bad but some places it doesent seen to fit

the japanese soundtrack is not really good but because i respect the age of the show and creators i dont complain much.

japanease voices are ok although gokus voice is sort of weird i mean he sounds like 10 yr old boy lol

all in all

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