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4.1 out of 5 stars133
4.1 out of 5 stars
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Price:£160.00 - £199.00
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on 1 July 2014
Short and Sweet review - I cannot recommend this seat highly enough for safety. My 2 year old was in the back of our car when we were hit in the rear at a speed of 40-50mph. The car is a write off and i suffered severe bruising and whip lash (in the drivers seat) but my little girl came away with no damage at all. You always ask yourself why you spend that bit extra on a car seat and now i know why. We now have to replace this car seat as although it has no obvious damage the insurance company told us to replace it and we will definitely purchasing another 'Tobi'
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on 15 May 2012
When choosing a car seat we wanted something that ticked all the boxes. In particular we saw my sister struggled getting her car seat secure in the car when fitting, mainly due to having to feed the seat belt through the back of the seat. We have 2 cars so wanted something which we could move easily. This car seat does not disappoint, it is as simple as putting seat belt over the seat, putting in the holes at the top, pulling belt tight and fastening the tabs. Takes around a minute and requires average effort, certainly easier than my sisters.

The car seat appear very comfortable, my daughter sometimes takes to sitting in it when we've got it in the house so is a hit with her. Never once has she complained about it (she's nearly 3 and been in it since she was 1).

I'm also impressed how easy it is to adjust the headrest (2 seconds to pull out and move up or down), my sister commented on it when we took my niece out and had to move up, I think hers is a lot more difficult to adjust.

The recline feature is also very simple and straightforward for when they fall asleep in the car. I can adjust when I'm driving by simply reaching back with one hand and pulling the lever (again a 2 second job).

I also love the tightness indicator (turns from grey to green when tight enough). I see other reviews complaining about this and I can see where they're coming from. I found when I pull tight the indicator turns green, I believe most people are leaving it there which is the problem. I've found you then need to tug hard on the straps which will loosen the tension again. You need to repeat this process until the indicator stays green (usually only takes one pull and retighten). I have no issue whatsoever with this, I would always check the tension by hand anyway so no problem. I done this with her baby car seat also, not sure why, possibly in the manual?

Lastly, you could say we're lucky but approaching 3 years old my daughter did the inevitable and was sick in the seat. I considered taking out the back and blasting with the pressure washer but upon close inspection it is very easy to remove the cloth and hand wash. You'll also need to clean the plastic shell (which the pressure washer would never have done), it's amazing what you find inside (we found 5 clasps and plenty of raisins). Now I know how easy it is I will clean more often.

In summing up, I couldn't recommend highly enough.

EDIT: We've now had this product 3 years and are using it for our 2nd child. As was the case for many others the plastic at the bottom where the strap comes out (which you pull tight) broke making it more difficult to tighten (not impossible). That said we contacted Maxi Cosi who were very good about it (probably because it is a known issue) and fixed it for us for £15 (effectively we mainly just paid for the shipping, they picked up from our door and dropped it off again) so pretty good service. I've knocked a star off the review but still pretty happy with the seat, still seems better than most others on the market. The experience hasn't put us off buying another Maxi Cosi seat (Rodi) for our eldest who has now outgrown this seat. Both our children have never had any complaints about the Maxi Cosi seats, they certainly seem comfortable enough and both regularly doze off in theirs so can't be a bad thing.
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on 4 July 2007
Bought this seat for my 9 month old after some research on the internet. Previous seat (infant carrier) was also maxi-cosi and I was happy with the brand.

It is reasonably easy to fit (once I was shown how to use my knees to secure it whilst tightening the car seat belt)! Once secure it is a great seat, easy to tighten and recline. I noted that you can only recline other brands before the child sits in the seat which seemed hopeless!

Have to say I also experienced the problem of the belts not tightening at same time however this was easily rectified by adjusting the belts at the back of the seat (the manual explains how to do this).

If you have bought this seat I would recommend you log on to the manufacturer website where they will send you a free attachment to stop crumbs getting into the belt tightening mechanism.

Only gripe with this seat is the price but you get what you pay for in the end and if you shop around you can get a good deal.
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on 26 June 2007
At almost 9 months our baby was ready to start in a proper car seat but being a first child we had no idea what to look for. The Which Guide gave us a few pointers and also recommended the Tobi, although friends recommended several other makes. Having visited our local baby store and tried several seats out, we chose the Tobi because it appeared easy to fit and adjust and to be very comfortable.

Neither my wife or I are particularly technically minded but we fitted it at first attempt and have had no problems in adjusting the harness or head rest to fit our baby. In fact it was so comfortable that she fell asleep within minutes of being first strapped in.

Our only gripe, if we have one, is that the seat doesn't recline as much as we expected, but this has had no impact on our baby's ability to travel long distances in comfort. The design of the seat also means that she has an excellent view out of the car window.
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on 2 November 2010
I bought this car seat becuase it seemed solid and sturdy, had excellent reviews and a 2 year warranty. For the first few months it was a great seat but after a while the straps became stiffer and getting my son in and out of it got more difficult. After a year and 2 months I went to the supermarket to pick up a couple of things and when I tried to get my son back in the car the car seat safety harness became jammed. I was effectively stranded at the supermarket. When I finally got home with the help of friends I phoned Maxi Cosi who assured me that the seat was still under warranty and that they would repair it free of charge - within 28 days!!! I asked maxi cosi customer services how I'm supposed to manage without a seat for a month and they said it wasn't their problem! They also said they were not unaware of this fault and that if I looked online I would see lots of complaints, but they do not lend out spare seats in the meantime - don't buy this chair!!!
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on 3 July 2010
We bought this car seat after a lot of thought. We rushed into buying our newborn, and although it was a good car seat it was so fiddly!

The maxi cosi tobi suited us perfectly as we have a Y reg vectra at the moment so we don't have a iso-fix in the car. I was slightly upset for a while as I obviously wanted what I assumed to be the best choice & I couldn't have it but I am really happy with this one and highly reccomend it!

It's so simple to fit, you just take the belt around the front & clip it in. Then take it up the side, into the slot, round the back & down the other side! There are clips that really pull the belt into place, and once you snap down the fasteners on the top that car seat it going nowhere!! My partner lifts weights and with him pulling hard, there was no movement! Very very secure.

As for the car seat itself, my daughter loves it! She seems to enjoy the recline feature best as she can now sit up and play but if I notice her nodding off it's so simple to make her more comfortable. It is a very comfortable car seat and I know when we next go down south to visit the family she'll be quite happy in it! We no longer have upset when I strap her in and she loves the fact she can reach for her toys with ease!

Because of the design of this seat, the buckle does not touch the car seat which I have been told is very good should we be involved in an accident.

The colour of the car seat is alright, to be fair we were going to safety features more than design but it looks fine. It's mainly black, with a lighter trim.

I really like this & would say it's one of my better buys. 5*****
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on 29 June 2010
We had read previous reviews about problems with the straps tightening and locking. We called Maxi Cosi and asked about this issue and they told us over the phone that these problems had been resolved. We have had our Tobi for 4 months now and will be taking it back to get a different seat. Our 15-month old can almost always wiggle out of the straps. The reasoning for this is that after you tighten the straps (getting the green box), the straps loosen while you are driving. I would say that more than 50% of the time within 5 minutes of being in the car, the straps have loosened and are no longer on the green box. Ridiculous!
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on 18 May 2011
I bought this car seat about 2 years ago and initially I really liked it. I had looked at alot of different products, but eventually bought this one after having it recommended by a friend. Initially I really liked the seat, my daughter is always very comfortable in it and it seems to offer good support. However, there is alot of cons against this seat. The seat itself is actually quite high and as my daughter has got taller it has become increasingly more difficult to get her in and out of it. I have always found it quite hard to tighten the straps, you literally have to brace your foot against the car floor to be able to pull the tightening strap (and I know my friend has the same problem). One of the reasons why I chose this seat was that it featured self opening straps (intended to make it easier to get the child in the seat, without the straps getting in the way), however, when my daughter is strapped in, it is extremely easy for her to get her arms out, because of the nature of the design and the support on the straps, its very hard to get the straps tight enough against her chest. This is a real safety issue and terrifies me when she does it. My most recent problem with the seat is that the straps now become jammed and I cannot lenghten them enough to get the belt buckled easily, this is really fustrating and I don't know what I will do when she gets much bigger. This car seat was expensive when I bought it and basically the added features that you pay more money for, cause the problems.

When I had my second daughter I was given the Maxi-cosi priory XP and I cannot fault it. Much simpler design, but no problems at all and although maybe not quite so comfortable looking, my daughter seems to love it. I would definately recommended this one but advise to stay clear of the Maxi-cosi 'Toby'
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on 6 October 2008
Bought this product for our 9 month old. Compared against the Maxi Cosi Priori it is well worth the extra pannies (even thogh its cheaper now than 1 month ago)!!
The seat is very comfortable, its easy to fit in, has additioanl headrestrainits which are very useful and adjustable and the easy relase strap function is so good, you just loosen the straps before you take the baby out, then putting him back in is a breeze.

I would higly recommned this car seat.
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on 14 April 2009
Smart and good looking car seat. Easy to fit. Has a high sitting position for the child giving a good all round view. Easliy adjusted for different heights of children without removing the seat. Sprung straps stay out of the way whilst placing child in the seat.
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