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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 23 January 2015
Liked these books, although the TV adaptation has refined them into something better.

Here the character of the Governor is a bit more cliched as a psychopath, rather than the nuanced performance turned in by David Morrissey.

Found this series a little tiring in a way, because all the characters die after a while, so you sometimes wonder what the point of following them is - at least on the TV series they occasionally have a few weeks of peace on a farm or starting a community in a prison.

But my main complaint is that I did not think of the idea first - I started writing a zombie novel only to discover these graphic novels had got there first, rendering my idea redundant!
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on 17 November 2015
I started reading the comic books after being a big fan of The Walking Dead TV series.
Volume 8 doesn't hang about. It includes some flashbacks so you get a more complete view of the current plot. The volume is packed with action and twists, definitely one of the more page turner-y volumes in the series thus far. Action, twists, turns, great dialog, what more could you ask for! On to Volume 9!
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on 13 September 2009
Having read books one to seven over the last fortnight I settled down with book eight. I was expecting the usual tense ride - what I didn't expect was for Kirkman to rip my heart out of my chest and stamp on it in the dirt.

Book Eight can only be described as horrific, heart breaking and depressing - despite the fact that it is so well written you'll smile at how good the writing is before sitting shell shocked at the events.

Some of the events, well you KNEW they were coming but you didn't know when and how. What Kirkman does is hit you quickly then without letting you catch your breath he hits you again, and again and again.

The final two issues are some of the most traumatic I have ever read and I've read comics for several decades. This title is up there with Preacher and Y - The Last Man in terms of emotional investment for the reader. Simply brutal, simply wonderful.
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on 26 December 2015
This is where two groups of people stop being survivors and start being soldiers and they take up arms to try to see if the place where Rick and his gang have take sanctuary is worth the price that is about to be paid.
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on 15 March 2013
You know when someone builds something up for you and when you get to it your kind of disappointed? Well that sadly happened for me with this. Still deserves five stars as amazing action packed issue, TWD is as harsh as always in its treatment of characters but you knew that already if up to book 8, well that does not change here & some exciting plot developments. It's just after having posted it about by numerous reviews & the Amazon page that this issue is such game changer, I maybe expected a bit more & kind of saw what for most was a big twist coming. I'd imagine if reading comics would have blown me away, but we'll seeing the front cover of the next graphic novel gave it away for me slightly so if have not seen it avoid looking. Though this could just be my over exposure to things talking am quite good at guessing twists on tv/books. Which is part of fun but at same time you can be slightly disappointed not surprised. Enjoy it, it's a stunner of an issue though.
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Volume 8 contains editions 43-48 of the original weekly comic. The last page of the last book saw The Governor advancing atop a tank yelling "Kill them all", as volume 8 is titled "Made To Suffer" I must admit to feeling apprehensive about what I was going to see in this volume, I'd be happy if this book was only 2 pages long and ended with Rick's group and the prison defended easily and without casualty, but this is The Walking Dead and nobody is safe...!

We jump back in time a few weeks at the start of the book. We see The Governor's men discover his mutilated body and nurse him to health - but revenge is The Governor's priority and soon the flashback is over and we are at the same moment where the last volume ended, a full on assault on the prison. The Governor's methods are twisted but intelligent, it's all about mind-games. Not just the way he wants to take the prison by surprise after letting Rick's group relax a little, but he fires up his own people. He rouses them to demand bloodshed through manipulative propaganda, telling them that the people they are about to attack aren't people at all - they are worse than the monsters that roam outside. He prepares his `forces' to expect to kill women and children, but to not see them as women and children, instead they are to show no mercy as they are "creatures who kill without a second thought, with no regard for human life. They don't deserve to live".

It's all action in this volume, but again, with a focus how it is affecting the group. "All out war" is the best synopsis I can give for this volume, and as with any war there are victims on both sides. To give any more detail would reveal spoilers, but the events of this book really do mean that everything changes - nothing can be the same. 4 stars from me as this mainly concerns the prison assault, 5 are likely in the next volume as we see how the survivors deal with the aftermath of such a devastating event.

In a nutshell: More bullets fired than in any previous volume, the most deaths, and easily the most disgusting kiss.
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on 28 January 2014
Oh god. Walking Dead is so relentlessly grim that it's easy to get a bit complacent at times, because only terrible things ever seem to happen you sometimes feel like you know what you're going to get when you sit down to one. A whole bunch of strands come to a head here though, and when things hit the fan they hit them so hard my jaw was agape. Brilliant reading, and probably the most gripped I've been by TWD so far.
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on 10 May 2014
This book marks the end of the first act of The Walking Dead - and maybe even the end of the series for some readers! Each volume in this series has gotten progressively darker and more gruesome but Volume 8 is challenging you to stick around because it’s so outright disgusting. I’m thinking of one page in particular near the start where you get necrophilia, incest, and paedophilia all at once! I know, just one of those elements would be sickening to see - but all three? Wow.

And it’s completely unnecessary! We already know the Governor is a sick puppy after the whole decapitated heads in boxes in his living room scene(s), so seeing him frenching his zombie daughter? Ugh. At least I think that’s what he was doing, removing his daughter’s teeth so he could get in close and open-mouth kiss her without her biting him… I don’t know why Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard thought we needed to see that - and even more surprising that Image would publish that! - but the scene’s there.

It’s a testament to the strength of the story that I saw such a horrible scene and kept reading - and will keep reading the series - because if I wasn’t invested in the story, I’d have dropped the book and walked away. All I can say is Kirkman and Adlard are two messed up people. Is that what the subtitle refers to - the suffering these two put their audience through?

Anyway - the rest of the book. The last page of the last volume showed the Governor rock up to the gates of the prison and begin their attack. The opening chapter of this book takes us back to after Michonne had fled Woodbury after nearly torturing the Governor to death and follows his story up to the current event. And even though the Governor and the rest of Woodbury have a tank and several troop carriers, not to mention superior numbers and tons of guns, they have a dickens of a time trying to storm the prison.

Once the siege kicks off, the volume becomes super exciting and barrels along at a breakneck pace until the end. Kirkman has no problem killing off characters and he has a gleeful time chopping down half the cast in this book. Characters I had thought would’ve stayed for longer get cut down and the entire paradigm of the story shifts.

And Michonne - this woman is a freakin’ superhero! She’s easily become the most interesting character for me as, once things begin, she springs to life, grabs her sword and off she goes! I think it’s because she’s a very proactive character - the others in the group react to the Governor while she meets the threat and THEN goes after them in her own way. Her story keeps getting more interesting.

Hell, the whole story keeps getting interesting! After the deaths of so many characters and the new situation of the survivors, who knows where this series is headed and which characters will live? Get your sick bags ready as The Walking Dead shuffles onwards to (probably) filthier “artistic” territory.
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on 3 July 2008
Wow! After what felt like an Eternity Volume 8 finally turned up in my post this morning. Worth the wait!!! After the cliffhanger of Volume 7 I couldn't wait to find out what would happen; who will survive, who will die, will the Governor finally get what's coming to him! Kirkman must have nerves of steel because he pulls no punches at all when it comes to the fate of these long invested characters. I won't spoil it for anyone but there are some genuinely shocking moments that really made me feel like I'd been smacked in the face. The Walking Dead is by far the best series of comics I have ever read.

Please please please Image Comics don't leave it so long again between volumes; I have to know what happens next!!!
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on 19 August 2015
i will split this review into two parts
NO Spoilers- Fantastic volume that kept me on the edge of my seat, really is a must read and IMO is the best volume so far. Very unpredictable and is crucial part of what the TWD is today, battle was much more exciting in this volume than in the TV IMO.

**Spoilers** so many major character deaths I don't know where to start. I BEG you to only read this is you have read the comic

Let's start with the death of Lori and Judy, this is was a major shock after so many deaths I thought they might be done but no.... I agree with the decision really I think the shock factor outlays anything else Lori could have given to the series and the baby would have given their position away. A brave and bold descsion from Image that payed off
To be honest, I was surprised Axel survived this long but I am so glad he did he added humour to another otherwise bleak substation. I wasn't really he sad he died just happy he survived for so long
Patricia also died, she was killed quite clumsily but I didn't really mind as that was here character all over and it was time for her to go, I felt as if she redeemed herself after what she did in volume 3/4
Billy and Hershel's death was very moving, I was surprised Billy lasted that long but his death was still heartbreaking and seeing Hershel choose to be with his son rather than run away with Rick, One negative of this is that he seemed to forget he also had Maggie to look after....
Alice also died which I felt was a bit of a shame but I guess she served her purpose of delivery Lori's baby
The Governer died which was no surprise, however I would have liked someone else to kill him rather than Lily like Rick or even Carl. Or both
Finally I think we learnt sometimes it's okay to run and really Lori should have poirtised her child rather than her loyalty to her group seen as she added NOTHING to the fight against the Governer and should have run away with Dale , Andrea and the boys,
Also I wonder if Maggie and Glenn would have stayed and fought could they have won the battle ? Anyway overall amazing volume
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