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4.5 out of 5 stars1,165
4.5 out of 5 stars
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282 of 293 people found the following review helpful
on 30 June 2012
For the past month I've been trying various different headphones which I can use on a daily basis. I have tried the Bose QuietComfort 15 (QC15) and both B&W P3 and P5 headphones which all cost between £250 - £280. I've also got a pair of Sennheiser HD280 Pro headphones in addition to some old Sony MDR-V300 and Sennheiser Noise Isolation earphones. I can honestly say that the quality of these Sony MDR-V55 headphones is just brilliant and for me these are the best headphones of the lot. They fold easily into my laptop bag, fit very comfortably (much more so than the Sennheiser HD280 headphones) as they're not too tight and the sound quality is just spot on. After trying the B&W P5 headphones, which do sound 'very nice' but for me they didn't isolate the outside noise very much and just cost a fortune. The Bose QC15's were amazing at noise cancellation (only low frequencies, high pitched noised won't cancel out), so great for airplane travel, but I just couldn't see how the quality was any better than my Sennheiser earphones.

These Sony headphones are very stylish yet comfortable, and have a great feel to the sound across all frequencies. The bass is better than the B&W headphones whilst the mid to top frequencies are crystal clear. I use these for both music and listening to my language tuition when traveling on the train, sitting in the garden, etc. They're the perfect solution for that.

The only thing I wish it had was a case to keep it in, and a better way of wrapping up the lead. Other than that, for the price you really can't go wrong and I for one have saved hundreds of pounds compared to the other makes.
review image review image
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50 of 52 people found the following review helpful
on 30 April 2012
Where to start... what an epic, epic product. I'm not going to lie, I didn't think they would be this good when I first set my eyes on them.

Sound - I've listened to everything from drum n bass, dubstep, metal through to folk, pop and classical music on these headphones over the last couple of weeks. Incredible clarity across all genres of music. The bass has a real kick to it, but that doesn't mean you lose any of the top end. You can really hear all of the different layers of the composition. Volume isn't an issue at all - most headphones I've had in the past will distort when I crank my volume up to 100% - these just sound better when I hit 100%.

Look - very stylish. The morning they arrived I took them into work and listened whilst I worked... within half an hour of being sat at my desk I was interrupted 7 times by people telling me how cool they looked! The blue chord is a really nice touch - I love the way it is flat as opposed to the conventional round chord... a small detail, but I like it. Another small detail that I admire is the colour coded "L" and "R" so you can quickly see which ear is which.

Comfort - very comfortable headphones overall. A perfect fit to my ears and I get a satisfying feeling when I take them off my head and let them hang around my neck because the material is so soft. The chord only extends from one ear which is another detail that I like - you're less likely to get yourself in a tangle!

Storage - an effective folding system makes them easy to pack into a bag for transport.

Definitely 5* headphones that I would recommend to anybody who is serious about their music.
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144 of 153 people found the following review helpful
on 25 July 2013
I had been searching the internet for a few months, looking for a pair of great headphones, but couldn't make my mind up. I focused on Sennheiser, Sony, Skullcandy and many others. What I was looking for was a pair of headphones with strong but accurate bass and crisp mids and highs. I struggled to find this within my £100 price budget. I decided to take my phone to a local electronic store and try out every pair of headphones on display to try. I tried about 12 different pairs. I tried Philips, Skullcandy, Sony and Beats by Dr Dre. Well to start off, I was shocked by how terrible nearly each pair sounded. This highs were muffled and there was very little bass, if any at all. Bear in mind this was at the £60 mark! I then noticed these headphones right in the middle of the Beats and the Sony XB600's. First I tried the XB600s.... I thought the bass was good, but that's it. There was no depth or clarity within the mids and highs. I then tried these Sony's and was impressed straight away. They were the only headphones I'd tried so far which had clear mids and highs, but also a great bass response. I quickly realised these were probably going to be the ones. I then decided to compare them to the 'supposedly' fantastic Beats by Dr Dre. The Beats were £170. I put them on and after listening to them, all I could say it that they were terrible. The bass was inaccurate, damp, and the mids and highs were not clear at all. I went back to these sony's and I was once again impressed. I decided these were the ones to get. I checked to see if there were any left and I was lucky, there was one pair left. This told me that I wasn't the only one who thought they were good as all the other headphones were in stock and none had been purchased. I chose the red ones. By the way, they look great and feel very well made.
When I got home, I connected the headphones to my iPad (3rd Gen) and began playing some music. I was very disappointed, I thought I'd wasted my money. The highs were very sharp and too loud. I then decided to leave them for half an hour on nearly full volume to allow them to be 'run in' a bit. After half an hour, I went back to them and my smile reappeared. WOW. It seems the 'run in' was what was needed. The bass was fantastic, and the mids and highs were crisp and clear. After a few days now, I can say that they are fantastic, the bass is very powerful with the right songs, but at the same time, the bass doesn't overpower the mids and highs at all. As you turn the volume up, not only does the bass increase, so does everything else, which makes for a well balanced sound. I've tried many different types of music Including rock, pop, jazz, techno, classical music, film soundtracks (e.g. the Impossible) and many other types. Each song blew me away. These headphones are capable with every genre. I consider myself an audiophile so sound quality has to be perfect for me. One other thing I like is not only hearing the bass but also feeling it. Well with these headphones, with the right songs, you can. It feels fantastic!
So that's the sound quality done. Now on to looks and build quality-
They look great in the black and red colour. They look expensive and professional. They do not look cheap in any way. I would recommend staying away from the black ones with white ear pads and I guess they will get dirty after hours of use. I find the build quality very good, with no sense of cheap plastic quality. Some have mentioned they creak. Well they're plastic, they are going to. But you cannot hear it with music playing so this issue can be disregarded as it doesn't affect the headphones sound quality.
They feel comfortable on the ears and don't feel too heavy. They are not too big either so you won't look slightly strange walking around town or on the train. After a while, they do start to feel slightly uncomfortable so I just take them off for a few seconds then out them back on. I'm talking after over an hour though.
One issue is at loud volumes, they do leak sound, so I wouldn't put them on full volume when using public transport , unless you don't care about everyone else hearing your music. I don't find it a problem though because I know that all headphones for this price range do, so there's no way of avoiding it. It doesn't make them bad though, they are as said earlier, just fab. Sony should be proud of them.

So to conclude, I would say to anyone who's considering them to not even think about any others, just get these. Ignore all the reviews saying too much bass aswell, they are not to bassy, they give out as much as is needed. I would also recommend getting the black and red ones as in my opinion, they look the best.
Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you decide. Enjoy these headphones. They're great, you will never be disappointed.
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48 of 51 people found the following review helpful
on 21 May 2013
I've had a pair of Sony MDR-V55 headphones now for around 6 months, and they just keep getting better, i was impressed by the techincal information, but i was blown away by the sound they produce, it's a rich, deep sound, that doesn't have an overwhelming bass and the treble is clear and precise (unlike many others fashion brands like Beats etc.), also the mid-ranges are not over-emphasised, everything is 'just right', i tried them against many other headphones including Beats (Solo, Mixr, Studio and Pro), Monster (Inspiring and Diesel), Bose (OE2 and QuietComfort), Goji (Tinchy) and SMS (50 Cent) some of these ranging up to £400!!! and they were no where near as good as the sound, many were clearly terrible (especially the Monster, SMS and Beats headphones which had a horrible overwhelming bass that drowned out the mid ranges and treble), although the Goji's weren't bad but not amazing and the Bose's were a good sound but a bit uncomfortable for my liking.
This brings me onto the comfort that these have as well (which I have to admit wasn't my main priority) but I was pleasantly surprised, as well as being the best sounding headphones they were also very comfy (in my opinion) as the soft cushions provide a soft noise reducer to the outside world and all the comfort you need.

Overall, these are brilliantly sounding headphones that provide the comfort to be worn for hours and also a price that just beats the pants off anything else i've seen including headphones that cost 10x's the price of these, if you're looking for a great pair of headphones for a bargain, YOU@VE JUST FOUND THEM!
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34 of 36 people found the following review helpful
on 9 May 2014
As others have said, bass and mid heavy, la la la.

When walking they squeak and creak. You need to add a very, and i mean, very small amount of SILICONE oil to the 4 points where the arms attach to the ear phones (see pic).

Make sure you use SILICONE oil and not normal oil, normal oil will degrade the plastic, silicone oil is designed for plastic.

I applied this to mine and they are now squeak free.
review image
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 11 August 2014
Love these headphones. Had been using my partners Seinhauser's but found them too tight so decided to return to Sony. The MDR-V55 beat the Seinhauser's hands down all round. I like to be able to hear every element of my music clearly and with these you can. I was picking up things that I had never heard before and the vocals are crystal. They are heavier on the bass than others I've had but I like that so its not a problem for me but I'm sure a fiddle with the graphic equaliser would tone it down if it was too much though.

I bought them to listen to music on my laptop while working so the shorter one sided cabal is brilliant. If positioned right they do shut out environmental noise well. Haven't come across the creak that others have talked about, mine are silent. They do press on the ears to start with but have become more comfortable with use, I should also say that I have a lot of metalwork in my ears so the fact that they have become more comfortable at all is impressive.

All round a good set of headphones at a good price.
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40 of 43 people found the following review helpful
on 1 May 2012
Straight out of the box, these headphones have a great aesthetic and feel light but strong on your ears. Maintaining a similar style to the older 700 range while delivering a slick new overall design that makes the MDRV55 a welcome addition to the Pro DJ headphone range.

A common bug bare about the old 700 range was that they had a cumbersome and awkward build that ultimately felt like 2 speakers strapped to your head. The MDR-V55 has solved this dilema by reducing the cup size to align more with other popular DJ headphone choices without losing the noise cancellation that the larger cans delivered.

The MDR-V55 has a great solid output to the sound - not too heavy in the low end whilst retaining clarity throughout the mid range. After several hours at considerable volume the high end response has not caused any discomfort and have even finally replaced the Sennheisers that have travelled across the globe with me for years.

I always liked the sturdy build to the old 700 range - but disliked the easily breakable hinge - the MDR-V55's have been tested over and over for rough treatment and there doesn't seem to be any concerns in my mind that the hinge is likely to be a nuisance. Well done Sony for a great set of headphones at an even better price point than the other comparable models and brands in the marketplace today.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 5 July 2013
After having this product for some months now, its is amazing. When i was reading reviews i couldn't find anything on other people hearing your music. They cant, on my iPod touch at full volume they become noticeable at a foot and at 3/4 volume no outside sound, witch makes ideal bus's and tubes. Don't be put off by the advertisement on the large bass, i'm not a big bass guy, most of my music is classic rock. The sound is incredible, the mid ranges are just as good as the bass (to a average music fan). They were uncomfortable at first but after slight adjustment i could happily listen to my music on the train for 5 hours +.

I would strongly recommend these headphones, they are stylish, sound amazing. A GREAT pair of headphones.

(For a full review follow the link.......
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 18 May 2012
Straight out of the box the MDR-V55 headphones are impressive to look at. The white ear pads contrast nicely with the black and the premium look is finished off with the sony text on each ear and across the headstrap. They feel comfortable across the head and ears and have 10 adjustment settings on each side, but the look and feel is just the really kicks off when you press play. Both the treble and bass are superb giving a great range of sound. The precision is still good when you turn the volume up, so well suited for all you bass lovers. Lastly, the noise cancellation is pretty good helping you to drift away in your own bass-filled sound bubble, but there is some sound leakage so that sound bubble may not be totally soundproof. I would definitely recommend these to anyone not just DJs, if you're looking for quality headphones for everyday use as well.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 11 September 2013
These Sony headphones are quality constructed, they feel luxurious to the touch, with a thick silky smooth rubber headband and solid heavy duty fittings that even though are lightweight, they immediately give you the confidence that these headphones are going to perform and last a long time. The cord is flat with an angled gold plated plug, but the cord is very short. Because the lead is so short I consider these phones to be 'DJ style' for people on the go and best suited for MP3 players, if you do intend to use these for DJing you're going to need an extension lead, because without one there ain't much room for maneuver.

The sound is superb. As soon as I started listening to songs I could tell instantly they have much more drive and control than cheaper phones. All instruments sound exactly how they should be, cymbals sound rich and the bass thumps and grinds, but with no distortion. Everything is panned to the correct position and the pitching hits the natural level with wide scoping in between. With these phones the separation is so good I can hear instruments being played like I've never heard them before, I can even hear instruments I didn't even know were in the mix.

If you're used to settling for cheaper headphones and now looking to spend a little more on a better pair, then I would recommend these. For on the go, they feel great, look great and they sound sensational.
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