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on 30 November 2012
I bought the Breville Halo Fryer a few days ago.
I had read all the reviews on Amazon.
After being a lover of the actifry, but had to admit although they do what they say the actifry is badly designed.

So I as my last Actifry had just gone in the bin, I decided to give the Breville a try.

The Breville arrived and it was well packed as expected.
Once out of the box I noticed that compared to the Actifry it was more solidly built.
The materials used where of better standard and quality.
The Breville looks smart and although is a bit larger than the Actifry, i like the look of this machine.

After reading the instructions I decided to cook some chips with real potatoes not frozen.

I placed my chips in the Breville after rinsing them and patting them dry.
I put in the required amount of oil.
Set the timer and off it started.
No problem at first, but within a couple of minutes, the paddle began to stall, it was struggling to push the chips around.
I took the chips out and put them back in again, ensuring the paddle was place inside properly, but still had the same problem. In the end I had to take out the paddle and let the chips cook without the paddle.
This meant that every few minutes i had to open the machine and shake the chips to ensure they were cooked evenly.
The chips in my opinion were far better than the ones out of my old Actifry.

I have now contacted Amazon who are sending out a replacement. I am hoping that the one I have is faulty and the replacement will work fine.

I will post an update when I have tried the new machine.


well i was expecting better.

The new Breville Halo arrived. i was hoping that the first one was faulty.
It seems that this is not the case.

The paddle still seems to be the problem.
I tried to do chips again, but they started to turn to mush or mash very quickly.
So I decided to try parsnips, which I think are a bit more robust.

in they went and within a minute or two the paddle could not cope. this was not a mass amount of parsnips, this was one parsnip cut into strips. if you like mush chips and mush veg, then this is the machine for you. i prefer my chips to look like chips and my roast parsnips to resemble roast parsnips.

So here is my verdict.

Pros & Cons for both machines.

I will start with the Actifry.

1. Smaller and less bulky than the Breville

2. Does actually cook chips and veg without turning them into mash

3. Takes approx 20 mins to cook proper chips

4. The material used to make this machine is in my opinion is cheap and substandard

The lid has a tendency to break off at either the opening catch or the fixing which attaches it to the machine,
The paddle after a few months becomes brittle and will break.
The rubber under the paddle disintegrates
The lid which is supposed to let you look at you food cooking, distorts in colour, making viewing hard.

All the above said the machine does cook the food properly.

Now to the Breville.

1. Bulkier than the Actifry.
2 a more solid machine very robust.
3. Materials used are in my opinion far superior apart from the paddle.
4. Actually takes approx 30 mins to cook real chips.
5. The only problem I see with this machine is that for some reason they have skimped on the paddle. A child could have designed it better. I for one can see where the problem is. The paddle does not need the long black piece of plastic it sits on. No use or purpose.
If the paddle was independent to the machine then it would work fine in my opinion.

So the decision is yours.

My comments to the manufacturers

I for one will be going back to the Actifry, not because it is better quality because it is not, shame on you Tefal, but because it works. Although replacement parts are expensive.
Tefal you need to ask yourselves why you need to supply replacements parts, could it be that the material you are using is of poor quality. I rest my case.

Why on earth have you made such a robust machine with a substandard paddle. Maybe you were trying to get a piece of the action to early. . You should have waited until you sorted out the paddle.

Again ladies and gentlemen. The choice is yours.

I hope this helped.

20/12/2012. Update
I decided as I said above to go back to the Actifry, but not the 1kg Actifry the family Actifry 1.5kg. The more expensive model.
See my review on the 1.5kg Actifry.
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on 29 June 2012
Great alternative to my actifry which as predicted, broke after one year's intensive useage. I miss my actifry but decided to give the Halo a go and I'm very pleased. It cooks in the same way but is a bit easier to clean AND you can take out the paddle for cooking delicate food like Salmon*. *This is what I've heard, I only ever cook chips in it to be honest and I use fry lite instead of oil for even lower fat chips. Cooks oven chips to perfection without having burnt bits / raw bits (you can go off and watch telly and forget about them). Great for dieters, have lost 7 1/2 stone with slimming world and this is perfect for syn free chips.

I know it's expensive BUT you can't put a price on your health!
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on 31 December 2013
Similar experience to a few other reviewers, I am awarding a lower rating because of the paddle. The moving paddle often ends up pushing a tsunami of food up to the "sleeping policeman" part of the same accessory, driving through it (leaving the tsunami in situ for the next time the paddle comes round). I wonder if the next version will have the paddle "spin", "vibrate" or "flick" when it senses an increase in resistance to movement?. It maybe that there is a maximum chip length that I need to adhere to to stop the chips from interlocking together.

Also, I found a piece of carrot or potato (I was cooking carrot and potato chips) repeatedly returning to the same spot on the narrow but horizontal ledge/rim of the bowl. I'd open the cover, flick the piece back into the rest of the bowl contents, and a few minutes later it (or one looking very similar) would be back!

However I do like the chips this makes, but I still need to experiment with the cooking time, as the chips can look great, but still be a little uncooked when bitten. Broccoli came out crispier than I expected, but Brussels sprouts were fine!
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on 19 December 2012
This product fries without much oil as described, but is not quite as good as the best Tefal Actifry, the family model (the one which has had all the design faults fixed) Oven chips are not as crispy as in the Tefal or roast potatoes. However, this machine is slightly quicker in cooking. It will still save you fat on your cooking. We've also tried the Philips air fryer and the Tefal Actifry family is the most successful and versatile of this time of machine.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Breville Halo Health Fryer is an oddity in a way, in asmuch as it's not immediately obvious why you need to have one. It's not like a microwave oven because it's too slow, and it's not like a normal oven because it's too small. For anyone who already has a normal oven and a microwave, then, it might be difficult to justify adding this to their cooking appliance list.

But it does have one trick up its sleeve: low-fat cooking. For anyone who places healthy cooking high on their list of priorities, this device deserves consideration. Slightly odd, then, that the instruction manual seems to place chips at the top of the food chain and receives prime positioning in the range of recipes. That being the case, I thought I would compare the health benefits of McCain oven chips against traditional peeled-potato chips cooked in the Halo. There's not a huge saving in monetary terms; 1kg of oven chips cost about £1.70, while 1kg of Tesco Finest White potatoes currently cost around 67p, so in very simple terms you'll save £1 on a weight-for weight basis. You wouldn't buy this cooker to save money, at least not very much to make the outlay worthwhile. But oven chips contain about 5% fat compared to a raw potato's 0.2%, which is a significant difference - 25 times more or thereabouts. The cooking process requires very little oil too, and to compare it with deep-fried chip-shop chips the differences and benefits would be huge. I wasn't mad keen on the taste of the chips, although everyone who tried them said they were 'quite nice'. Not very crispy, and soft and squidgey on the inside - vaguely like a roast potato I suppose. I'd have to say that I prefer oven chips for taste, but would acknowledge that they won't be as good for you as chips cooked in the Breville Halo.

It did a very good job with bacon however; in fact given the choice of the three options to hand - microwave, frying pan or the Halo - I would definitely choose this halogen cooker because it's fast, convenient and once again feels healthier. Much the same can be said of a jacket potato, although the one-hour cooking time was disappointing. For the patient however, the results are very good, even if the potato did get slightly burned in one place probably due to the manual advising removal of the rotating stirrer.

One of its obvious drawbacks is size. It's not possible to put a chicken inside, for example, although you can certainly cook chicken fillets. I keep on coming to the conclusion that this device is best suited to a one- or two-person household, because although several of the supplied recipes are for four people, it seems unlikely that a family of four could depend on it day in, day out.

A mixed bag of results, then. It doesn't do anything a normal or microwave oven can do, and it's not a huge money-saver either. It's primary benefit is low-fact cooking, and in this regard it does have the others beaten for some food products and certain types of cooking.
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on 28 June 2012
I have always owned an actifry and use mainly for chips but after having two thought may try this halo as looked better. When first used it was lovely and quiet and was really impressed as actifry is noisier, but I was very dissapointed whne chips were finished after the 30 mins of cooking time, some were still raw and some were completely broken up and paddle was all gunged up with potato, I followed all instructions for chip size etc.

I tried it again the enxt day and chips were the same but this time the paddle kept getting stuck and making a awful noise, which meant I had to empty contents and start again which I had to do twice before it finally decided to work although the chips came out as before in a mushy mess.

I decided to email breville and ask if there was a problem with the fryers that they were aware of, they just steered me back to amazon who I bought it off and never answered my question.

I returned the product and had a replacement hoping that the first one was just faulty, well it wasnt as the second one does excatly the same and I spend the first 5 mins of cooking time having to release the stuck paddle, so this one is going back too, I am going to have a refund and go back to an actifry.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Breville is an impressive looking piece of equipment, a fair size you need a bit of space for it, bigger than a normal chip fat fryer.

I have used a standard Halo oven (cheap brand), It is in our caravan and works superbly well, I thought if the Breville was half as good it would be superb

First thing we tried was chips as they are the perfect bench mark to show how good it is, the best thing is the Halo has a paddle which keeps the food moving so they are cooked evenly.

You then place them in to a bowl with a half table spoon of vegetable oil, using you fingers or spoon mix the chips so they are covered with the oil, then you set the fryer to approximately 20 minutes, the fryer then quietly cooks them, the paddle keeps the cooking even, unlike some other fryers where you need to shake them during cooking, first results were okay, the more try's you have the better they got, both fresh spuds and frozen chips cooked very well, after our fourth attempt they were very impressive, the chips were evenly cooked, and just the right crispness, they reminded me a little of oven chips as you don't get any soaked in fat.

I am a vegetarian and use a lot of the meat substitute products such as the veggie sausages and burgers, these cooked very well in the fryer, better than grilling or normal frying, found Quorn cooked cooked better than I have ever tried, I'm not that keen on the Quorn fillets but this cooked it in a way that made it fall apart, lovely.

Big saving on the oil, we tend to buy a quality oil rather than the cheapest as you don't use much and it goes along way, plus the health benefits are massive.

The best thing is the fryer was still very clean afterwards, no fat to get rid of.

It includes a roasting rack to cook delicate items such as fish, a measuring spoon and cooking guide with recipes

I am very impressed and equally pleased with the Halo-fryer, only grumble is its big and needs a fair bit of space.

A great product from a company that makes quality items that do what they say they will.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
If you are thinking of investing in a health fryer then this Breville model will certainly be a strong contender. The Halo Health Fryer offers all the essential features most potential purchasers will be looking for: firstly a device which is easy to use with clear instructions. Secondly, one which is very easy to clean so that you don't spend more time washing it than cooking with it. Thirdly and most importantly this machine gives you the rich, full flavour of fried food with a minimum of oil. The claim that you only need one spoon of oil is true and the food that emerges at the end of the cooking process is dry in the best sense of the word with no oil or fat clinging to the food. So far we have cooked chicken, fish and chips all with great success although apparently you can also do things like baked potatoes in it. If you have people in the family with health issues like high cholesterol or diabetes like we do, then this really does open up the possibility of enjoying foods that seemed lost to you. However, everyone can benefit from the taste and lower fat content food that can be prepared in this fryer. To give you some idea of cooking times, a serving of chips for 3 or 4 people will take 30 minutes to cook-not particularly fast, but well worth waiting for if the chips are as good as this. Over the years, we have bought many kitchen gadgets and quite a lot are now gathering dust in the back of cupboards-not this one though. This is a device which will become a regular feature of our kitchen equipment and if you are looking at the price tag and wondering if you will get your money's worth from it, then you can buy with confidence on this occasion. Recommended.
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on 1 November 2013
My Mum bought this Health Fryer for my birthday as she knows how I try to have a healthy life style. Well I can say the Breville Halo Health Fryer is wonderful. It cooks food really well with very little oil needed and the end result is great. Homemade chips are crunchy in the out side and light and fluffy on the inside. Fish is moist when cooked and my roast potatoes and other veg have so much flavor. I would recommend the Breville Halo Health Fryer to any one that want's great testing with the smallest amount of oil needed. The Halo Health Fryer is also very easy to clean and very quiet when working. Really love my Halo. Thanks to Breville for making it and Mum for getting it for me.
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on 21 February 2014
after a few weeks it stopped working and the trouble of returning the item in my opinion was not worth it I returned it to the dust bin. in my case not a good purchase. I have purchased a jml halowave so far so good.breville a bad deal for me
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