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on 24 May 2012
We germans have our "Ballermann" on Mallorca, you british obviously Benidorm. Both dreadful: skyscrapers, alcohol without end (all-inclusive, if you know what I mean), better stay at the pool than to explore the wonderful nature. But this series is a funny study rich in detail and a good base for a good tv-show.

Meet the Garveys with their horrible grandma at the pool, no good word for all the other tourists, laugh with the gays Gavin and Troy about the other tourists and be surprised about the swinger couple Donald and Jaqueline. Mateo - the only spanish man in the series (even if the actor is a born italian) - is everytime on the way to win the hearts of the beautiful women (and perhaps some more). And all these stories at the hotel-pool, in the ugly town of Benidorm, in the Karaoke-bar of the hotel or at the entirely crowded beach. This is a serie peppered with a lot of preconceptions and self-mockery. And that's the reason I love british comedy-series (you can't find such quality-comedy in germany, bah).

The first three series are more pure comedy-series, in the fourth and fifth series - with the changing of some of the characters - comes some serious scenes. But don't be affright: it's funny from begin to end. And I hope you will not regret the money for this box-set.

This is the complete box-set, all five series, both specials and all the extras. I hope there will be a sixth serie soon...
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on 25 April 2012
Great quality boxset, contains absolutely everything from the first 5 seasons including the 2 specials and for a great price. Treat yourself to some hilarious sunny shenanigans.
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on 8 December 2012
fantastic value for money box set. i love benidorm and to have them all in one handy box set was very handy. product arrived in time would defenatky reccomend these to other people
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on 30 July 2013
I arrived into the Benidorm 'fold' quite late in the day, so decided to invest in this box set in order to play catchup.

My humour is quite diverse, from the slap stick of Laurel and Hardy and Norman Wisdom, through to Martin and Candy's, Trains Boats and Automobiles and of course the more bawdy, down to earth offerings of Benidorm.

The writing of Derren Litten is excellent, but of course the acting and the timing have to be there too - and on that score, what a fine ensemble of wonderful actors have been brought together to add their own magical touch to the wonderful scripts.

Steve Pemberton and the gorgeous Siobhan Finneran are two of my particular favourites, but there are so many others, I'd hardly know where to begin - all in all, a very talented group of people, who for a short period of time allow you to suspend your disbelief as you enter their fictitious world and laugh and sometimes cry alongside them.

The last scene of the 2009 series was particularly poignant where the wonderful Geoffrey Hutchings and Sheila Reid were singing Spanish Eyes.

The outtakes were a good 'add on' as well as the behind the scene looks at how certain episodes were put together.

Is it just me, but does Selina Griffiths, who played the role of Noreen's daughter, Pauline Mamood, sound very like Brigit Forsyth who played alongside James Bolam and Rodney Bewes in The Likely Lads? It may just be me, but I thought she not only sounded like her, but her mannerisms reminded me of Brigit Forsyth too - well, it could just be me :-)

If I have any quibble, with this box set, it's got nothing to do with the Benidorm series - it's more to do with the packaging, I found the CD's gripped the centre piece that holds then into place with such tenacity that I actually cracked one of the discs as I tried (with care) to remove it - I didn't think I would need a monkey wrench to prise the disc from out of its cover - but it felt like it at times.

Anyway, as long as you take care with the extraction of the said discs - certainly more than I apparently used - this is a superb addition to anyone's DVD collection.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 September 2012
There are few modern television sitcoms these days that really make me laugh, 'Benidorm' is an exception.

The show focuses on the Garvey family, your sterotypical 'chavs' on holiday. Every year this entertaining family enjoy a holiday in Benidorm (in the most down market hotel) and are joined by the horrible grandmother Madge, a 'lady' who is guaranteed to have a bad word for everybody. Also on holiday, are a host of other brilliant and eccentric characters, many of whom also go onto make regular appearances in future series. Every character is special, a completely different type of person but whom is easy to relate to. The humour might not be everyone's taste, but it's working class humour at it's best. The funny lines come and you thick and fast from characters who we all seem to know in real life. The show also has many guest appearances from well known British actors who pop up for just the one episode, people like the irrepressible Margi Clarke, the prolific Una Stubbs, and that great young talent Sheridan Smith .

This box set contains the complete five series of 'Benidorm' (the first three were arguably the best) and all of the specials to date. At the current selling price, it's great value. I've followed this series from the first episode and bought every series on DVD when they were first released separately. If I'm honest, I was quite disappointed by the latest series, and felt the humour forced, but a below-par series is not enough for me to rate this release anything less than five stars. This box-set will be of great interest to newbie fans, if you've become a fan of this quality comedy series late - this is the perfect way to play catchup.

'Benidorm' must surely be considered to be one of ITV's greatest comedy shows to date, they always have created good sitcoms though. It isn't just the BBC who can make their viewers laugh, even though that channel has admittedly broadcast some of the all-time 'greatest hits' in British comedy. Hopefully, this award-winning ITV treat will be thought of as one in years to come.
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on 4 February 2014
The characterisation of people on this kind of holiday is spot on. Very good cast of some of the most under-rated actors on British TV. Cleverly done in that you followed mostly the same characters as they went back to the same resort year after year, with the addition of some new ones to keep it interesting. Rude, and in places crude, very funny.
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on 1 November 2012
Great packaging, inspired writing and filming. Worth many a repeat watch. Is it an advert for Benidorm or will it put as many people off!
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on 25 June 2012
Fantastic , laugh a minute. Never get tired of watching it. Great characters that never disappoint with the one liners
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on 16 March 2013
The most devastatingly tackiest place us Brits visit, so to make a tv show about it would be awful rite? Wrong! Such a good show, clever in the way it is spot on with how people genuinely are abroad, even in Benidorm people complain! If your thinking of buying the box set you've probably already seen it on tv so I won't explain the cast, who's funny who's not etc but I will say its worth every penny, It arrived to me after 2 days of ordering. At the time I was off work so if your looking for time to kill this is immense! Or just to watch a classic show it fits the bill. Seasons 1-3 are the best but the rest are still very good! Well worth 30 notes. One price all inclusive!
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on 22 July 2012
Very funny dvd well recommended for all Benidorm fans, nice that they still mention Mel(the late Geoffrey Hutchings) in the latest series.
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