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4.3 out of 5 stars338
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 30 October 2012
I will admit that I have only used these clippers once and they are only a week old but I felt compelled to write a review now so that I would not forget my findings so far. I will amend this as time goes by, if I feel that anything needs mentioning.

I spent over 3 weeks reading reviews on hair clippers. As usual, I targeted the 1 and 2 star reviews (because they tell you the most important issues) and those clippers where many people have responded. Most of the clippers had more than their fair share of issues but, to be fair, many were priced for the economy market so I wasn't surprised.

Just to give you an idea of my situation
I have wavy thick hair and I usually go for the No3 on the sides and short scissors on top. I use the No 8 comb over the top and then progressively work down to a No3 on the sides.
I have not tried the No1 and No2 combs so I can't comment on them but they are of the same build quality as the other combs.


Good Points
These are the areas or points where this set of clippers has not failed, unlike so many others
1) Build quality is excellent. They really are very well made. I can't see anything breaking on it, any time soon.
2) Good weight and size, not too heavy. Certainly no flimsy/cheap feel about them. They look quite bulky on the amazon page but they are not.
3) Metal blades that cut extremely well, noise and vibration is more than satisfactory.
2) Can be used with the charger or on battery. Has a charging light that works.
3) Box was NEW, unopened and everything came in "Hygiene" sealed bag.. nice to know you wont suffer someone else's return.
4) 10 attachment combs (1-8 and a nice surprise, a left a right tapered ear attachment... so handy)
5) The attachment combs are well molded, seem very strong and certainly don't flex under load. So many people complained that the attachment combs on other models where flimsy (cheap) and so they suffered uneven cuts.
6) Comes with a satisfactory amount of lubrication oil and a small brush to clean it all up. Works brilliantly. Oiling before use is an easy process and, unlike some other reviews suggest, the oil does not effect the ease of cleanup and certainly doesn't make your head smell like a car engine. (I wonder what oil they were using)
7) 5 year guarantee.
8) The distributor in Ireland (XSell) had them to me in just 2 working days. They "Suggested 2-5 working days, estimated it would arrive in 5 days, but got it to me in England in 2. No Issues with the order at all.

Bad Points (hey! I had to put something)
1) It would have been nice to get a comb and a pair of scissors, as some of their other kits do but to be honest, with all the attachment combs, I doubt I would ever use the scissors.
2) The fine taper leaver is not click graduated. To be honest, it has significant resistance for this to be unnecessary, and with the plethora of combs, I hardly use the taper adjustment anyway.
3) A nice storage bag , rather than the el-cheapo plastic one would have been nice... Still, it works and is good enough for the job and it is the clippers that matter. Of all the things that are likely to fail... it will be the bag.

In the end I looked at it this way. With the price of getting a hair cut and the hassle of having to go to the barbers, these clippers will pay for themselves in 6 months easy and if I purchased a cheaper set and they fail, I will have to go through the "buy another pair or warranty return" hassle and they will end up in landfill... just more unwanted rubbish. What can I say?... you get what you pay for!

6 month update

About time to write an update (and fix my poor grammar :-)).
I have used the clippers 4 times now (and all on 1 charge too).
No problems so far. Nothing broken, no failings, and no unexpected surprises
Still working great!
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on 22 February 2012
I bought these to replace some cheap clippers that literally fell apart in my hands and they are as different as night and day. They cut very smoothly with a neat finish so you only really have to go over the area once or twice. They seem very solidly built so hopefully will last a long time. The charge time is also much shorter than the lower price products which is an advantage.
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on 14 November 2012
As a hairdresser I have tried them all. I found these very quick to charge and hold the charge for some time. They are very clean cutting, not like my last pair which were cheaper but do not compare to these. I recommend these clippers for all salons, mobile stylists or any DIY hair cutter.
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on 16 June 2015
I’m very disappointed with this product. I bought it after having read all the positive review on here. The clippers worked fine for 2 months and then all of a sudden it kept cutting out every 2-3 seconds (despite being fully charged). I have not dropped it nor has water been anywhere near it!
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on 6 July 2015
My first set broke after 4 months and my second replacement set broke after only using 5 times. They both kept switching off after 5 to 6 seconds which is really painful during mid use. They have now sent out a third set which I hope is ok. I am really disappointed with how un reliable these clippers are and the added expense of sending the faulty clippers back. Might be worth looking for a different model as I am sure this must be a common fault and am guessing the other reviews are from people who have not owned these clippers for any length of time.
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on 6 January 2013
The clipper works really good when it does work. However, after 4 uses there was an awful sound to it, even though I oiled it after each use. Turns out a a small metal bar sheared from behind the top moving blade fell out...which is the same thing that happened to another reviewer. Only difference was that my fourth hair cut was at around 4 months, so I was no longer eligible for a refund from Amazon. I guess the lesson is... if you do buy this product, be aware there is a reasonable chance it isn't going to last long, which makes it an expensive purchase, so use it a number of times within the 30 day period if you do risk it!

Amendment (8/1/2013): I've changed this from a 1 star rating to a 4 star rating as I contacted BaByliss customer support and they agreed to send me a new clipper once I had returned the defective unit to them using a pre-paid postage they provided to me. Thus, the 5 year guarantee really does work! Thanks BaByliss...and I can't wait to use the product again.

Amendment (22/1/2014): The new clipper has been working perfectly and did not suffer the same defect as the first. Still really pleased with the clipper and the 4 star rating is appropriate.
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on 6 December 2012
I got my order on time. 2 weeks into using it, it fell apart. The adjustable handle snapped off. Found out that the screw broke off without touching it. It must be a defective part because it got very good reviews from other buyers.
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on 11 September 2013
I feel I have found a treasure because unfortunately this model cannot be bought on the site so I decided to give a try on the UK site and I'm not disappointed.

I'm black with heavy curly hairs and it really cuts the hairs like professionals, in one single pass, it does not even pull me hairs unlike what does Philips.

Highly recommended !!!!

WARNING FOR EUROPEAN USERS: The power supply cable is in the UK format and so on think to buy a cheap adaptor plug like Kit UK 3-Pin to Euro 2-Pin Mains Adapter / Travel Plug - White
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on 17 March 2013
I bought these to replace an ageing (and blunt) set of Nicky Clarke clippers that I've had and used for over 10 years now. After looking at various units on Amazon and reading countless reviews I decided on these, mainly due to the apparent quality of the item and the fact that it can be used corded or cordless (my experience of "cordless only" items in general in the past has usually been disappointing with the batteries at some point giving up the ghost and rendering the product useless!!).

I've had and used these clippers for nearly three months now and have to say I'm generally impressed with them, with only a couple of (minor?) issues .... hence the 4 rather than 5 stars.

Upon opening, I charged them for the recommended time and started using them. They come is a zipped bag rather than the usual blow moulded case, which I think I actually prefer, as it takes up less space. They are very quiet, almost silent compared to my previous ones, and cut hair very quickly and easily.

There are two minor reasons I have knocked off a star. Firstly (as mentioned elsewhere) the attachments and grades are different to my previous ones, to the extent that the finest attachment (#1) on these does not cut my hair (or beard) short enough, so I actually have to use the clippers without any attachments and use the adjustment lever on the cutting head itself to adjust the length. This isn't a problem for my hair, as I prefer it to be very short anyway. Where there is a slight issue though, is when I cut my beard and brings me to my second minor issue. I cut my beard weekly and, again, like it to be very short and use the clipper without any attachment. The problem arises when I cut under my chin and move the clipper up my neck towards my chin. It has a habit of catching on the hair at times and if you're not careful, can be quite painful. Having now got used to the fact that it may happen, I've adjusted the way I cut this area, and it's not so much of an issue now, but is still worth mentioning.

Should also add, on a plus point, I charged the clippers on 27th December when I received them, and have used them probably 4-5 times to do my hair and every 5 days or so to do my beard, and I have yet to have to recharge them .... which is pretty impressive for 3 months use!!
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on 17 May 2012
This is a high quality clipper - good weight, smooth operation, solid guides.

Quality is reflected in the 5 year warranty it came with.

Did 3 hair cuts and I've been using it as a stubble trimmer 3-4 times/week for 8 weeks, all on one charge.

Never had any hair pull. Kids have said they much prefer it over the last one I had.

Overall a great machine and accessories. In order to be perfect, it would not require oiling and would be washable. The oil as you can imagine causes hair to stick to the machine and the bathroom! Taking a star off for this.

Something to note because it's not stated anywhere - the taper control lever has a smooth adjustment as opposed to clicking in steps. This might be an advantage for some users but, for me, when using it as a stubble trimmer, it's hard to get the same finish every time. No stars removed for this point because the item's not being sold as a stubble trimmer.

Bought this when it was 50% off RRP at another retailer.
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