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4.1 out of 5 stars1,186
4.1 out of 5 stars
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1,108 of 1,138 people found the following review helpful
The Vax S2S Bare Floor Pro steam cleaner is essentially an upgrade from the basic Vax steam cleaner. There are two main differences - the first is the introduction of the steam cleaning detergent and the other is the use of Velcro pads as opposed to those you slip over the end of the steam cleaner.

The premise is the same, you fill one tank with water, the other with cleaner, switch on, wait a minute (it really IS that fast) and you are ready to go. You glide forwards pressing the steam button, and backwards picking up the resulting dirt - and believe me, no matter how clean you think your floor is, it is not that clean at all! The pads get dirty very quickly. The steam cleaning is quick, efficient, and if you don't overdo the swooshes of steam, the floor is pretty dry shortly after you have finished. SO much better than a mop!

The original hard floor steam cleaner used water only to clean the floor. Ok, the steam made it pick up more than the mop, but it was just, essentially, water. The addition of the cleaning fluid really does pick up more grime and grease than the previous steam cleaner, and it has a pleasant refreshing scent as you clean, making it smell cleaner as you work.
There is an attachment for refreshing carpets. It does NOT clean carpets. There are vax carpet cleaners for this job! However, the steaming of a carpet does kill dead any bacteria, and as this is what causes carpets to smell, it does kill dead any traces of floor smells. And before you think I am a cleaning nut, bacteria does appear on carpets from sweaty feet or paws, small particles of skin and sundry other items that wipe over its surface in the usual way of life. The steam cleaner does eliminate the smells but not the dirt on carpets.

I have a parquet floor as well as lino. On lino the vax S2S Bare Floor Pro steam cleaner performed wonderfully, almost made it into the corners, but did make it right up tight against the kitchen kickboards, which pleased me tremendously. On the parquet floor, the cleaning fluid worked nicely but it felt a little sticky afterwards so merited a swoosh over with a cloth afterwards to mitigate this. I would not recommend it for much use on parquet flooring.

The positive side of the vax S2S Bare Floor Pro steam cleaner are:
- Light
- Easy to put together
- Easy to manipulate when cleaning
- Fast startup time
- Ten mins of steam cleaning more than enough for the kitchen floor, utility and two bathrooms (it really is that fast)
- Quick cool down time after use
- Easy to clean the pads afterwards - just toss them in the washing machine (do not use conditioner) but make sure the cleaner is COOL before you try and remove them
- Small to store, hardly takes up any room
- No more smelly damp mops hanging around the house (I threw my mop and bucket away)

There are downsides though:
- Can be a bit fiddly to get the cleaner housing off the machine to fill it with cleaner, took a few tries, but once you get the hang of it, it works just fine
- The Velcro pads are fine in the beginning, but how long will the Velcro last I wonder? I also noticed that one of the pads kept slipping off as I worked. Easy to put back, but should not have happened.
- I would be concerned about the cleaning fluid. Nice idea, but you have to go to extra expense to use the cleaner, and the cleaning fluid is so much more expensive than the stuff you used in your mop and bucket.

Overall it is an excellent buy though, it cut my floor cleaning time down from a whole morning (cleaning and dry time) to about fifteen mins, including setup and cool down of the machine. It was stress free and so easy to use. Therefore, I highly recommend this product!
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38 of 39 people found the following review helpful
on 29 October 2014
This is a honest review after my 5th machine!!!
The last three have been replacements after they suddenly stop working. As per the customer service advisors has stated the pump has stopped working.
I am currently awaiting my 6th product !!!
I am gob smacked how this machine is still being sold.
When it works it's a fab item but sort the pump issues.
I only steam my conservatory floor and kitchen floor so it's not being over used.
Top tip; make sure you register the item for the guarantee in writing and via their number. Record who you spoke too and the time etc.
Vax have a habit of stating ooo it's not registered so we cannot help!! Phone details to hand if whom we spoke too etc etc and a copy of the completed web page was enough proof for vax to honour the warranty.
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594 of 620 people found the following review helpful
on 10 March 2012
Hi I have just used the vax S2S Bare floor pro steam for the first time, I have never used a steam cleaner of any description before so did not know what to expect.

I spent 10 minutes reading the instructions and had no problem getting the cleaner ready to use; it was quick and simple to assemble. There are two cylinders on either side of the unit one for water and one for the cleaning solution, these slide off for filling. The unit can be used with or with out cleaning solution, which is great for a quick clean. Also cost effective. The micro fibre cloth literally sticks to the bottom of the cleaner & pulls off to be cleaned in the washing machine when it's dirty.

I started work on the kitchen floor tiles first. I have 2 dogs and 2 children so cream tiles perhaps wasn't the best choice, Anyway I'm constantly mopping and because I use so much pressure on the mop to remove marks I break the handles regularly.
How surprised I was to find that the steam cleaner actually cleaned the floor better and with out all the hard work, the head glided round the units with ease. I was able to use one hand to pull the trigger to release steam and to slide the cleaner back and forth & tougher marks came away with just an extra glide across them.
The floor was cleaned in half the time it takes me to mop as I didn't have to rinse and squeeze between each stub an mark.

The cleaner is quite trim so stores very well in my cupboard as it's no taller than a mop handle and the head is smaller than the bucket. You can even detach the handle from the cleaning unit and it would probably fit in a cupboard under the sink. The cable is ample long enough to get around with out changing sockets and stores on the unit between the two hooks on the handle.

The Instructions state you can re fresh carpets so I had a go in the toilet upstairs. For doing Carpets the unit just sits on to a plastic support so it doesn't actually attach in any way. I'm slightly concerned at how long this attachment may last, been plastic and loose, as I lifted the unit & the attachment remained on the floor and I almost stood on it.
Initially it didn't glide as well, as you'd expect. Once I got going with the steam building up onto the carpet in moved easier. The head again almost manoeuvres it self around objects I.e. the toilet in this case. I'm not sure that I could see a difference in the carpet but I could definitely could smell an improvement and knowing that its steaming the carpet I know that germs were been killed so this was quite satisfying.

The laminate in the family room cleaned equally as well as the kitchen. I also noticed that when I changed direction there was a small build up of Hair and dust that had been missed by earlier vacuuming but if I returned the cleaner over this dust it stuck to the micro fibre cloth. Result.

Its name says it all really bare floor steam cleaner. This is what its best at and I can tell you its going to save me a fortune in mop handles and time. I'm more than happy with the cleaning results. My floors smell great and are shinning not to mention germ free well until the dogs and kids get back in.
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on 1 September 2012
Amazing! Makes a doddle of mopping the floor. I haven't used any other brand of steam cleaner and I am a novice but was so impressed I can't believe I never bought one sooner! Works a dream on (pre-vacuumed) floor but you would have to sweep/vacuum the floor before using a normal mop anyway. No buckets and the floor is super clean afterwards. The only reason I'm giving it four stars is because (1) there's a slight tendency to 'swoosh' dirt around but this can be overcome but vacuuming beforehand and learning to work the mop in a particular direction (basically getting the hang of it) and (ii) the directions say that the detergent must be thrown away after each use which seems a waste to me as there is no way you can use the entire detergent in one go if you live in a small flat and only have a small area to clean. I have left mine in and used it four times before it ran out and nothing's happened so I can only imagine it's their way of making us use up the detergent quickly so we can buy some more. Overall great product and thoroughly pleased. Also very easy to store.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 28 December 2012
Does the job well enough however the handle is somewhat flimsy and doesn't feel very secure. Lightweight easy to use
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38 of 42 people found the following review helpful
on 29 October 2013
We recently moved into a new house which has laminated wood flooring in the Living room and tiles in the kitchen, downstairs bathroom and conservatory. For a few weeks I was cleaning these floors with my mop and a bucket of floor cleaner, but I was finding it to be overly time consuming and a complete pain. I had seen a few steam mops and considered buying one but thought they were a little expensive, however this Vax S2S-1 Bare Floor Pro Steam Mop caught my eye, I had seen it advertised on TV and read some wonderful reviews so added it to my basket and waited for it to be delivered.

The box contained the following:

1 × Bare Floor Pro Steam Mop + Detergent
1 × Cleaning Pads
1 × Carpet Glider
1 × Steam Detergent
1 × Instruction manual
1 × Guarantee registration card.

I began by reading the instruction manual which includes lots of general information, warnings and guidelines, all of which should be read thoroughly before using the product.

The mop itself comes in a few pieces so some assembly is needed, but I found this to be really easy and quick. The handle of the mop needs to be slotted into the body,there should be a " click" to indicate this has been done properly, the body should then be lined up with the mop head and locked into place. This took me literally seconds to do and I cant see many people finding this difficult to do. Next, the micro fibre cleaning pad needs to be attached to the mop head, again this is really simple, the velcro ensures it stays in place. It is important to remember that the mop should not be used without the micro fibre cleaning pad in place.

One of the reasons I chose this steam mop over the countless other ones on the market was the fact that it has two tanks instead of just one. Most steam mops use steam alone for cleaning but the Vax S2S-1 has the added benefit of having an additional tank for adding detergent, I thought this was a great little added extra. There is a tank at the front, which needs to be filled with cold water and a tank at the back which needs to be filled with a mixture of both detergent and water. Initially I found removal of the tanks very difficult and it took me around half an hour to figure this out even with re-reading the instruction manual a few times to check I was doing it correctly. Having done this many times now since owning the mop I find it much easier, but I would certainly say there is a bit if a knack to it. I cant help thinking that those with limited mobility in their hands may find this rather difficult. Once the tanks are removed the "plug" needs to be twisted anti clockwise so it can be removed, they are then ready to be filled. The front one needs to be filled with 500ml of water and the back tank needs to be filled with 50ml of detergent and 250ml of water. There is no need to get out your measuring jug or make any guesstimates, each tank is clearly marked with lines so it is incredibly easy to ensure they are filled with the correct amount. The plugs need to be twisted back into place before both tanks are slotted back into place on the mop. This all took me a while on my first go, but now I am a Vax ninja, and can set it up in less than 5 minutes.

Vax strongly advise using only their own detergent in the mop, but at £9.99 for 1L its pretty expensive. Vax supplied a 250 ml bottle with the mop and it lasted me approx 5 uses, so over time I think its going to be rather costly. Use of a non Vax detergent may effect the warranty.

The steam mop needs to be plugged into the mains (obviously), and turned on pressing the power button on the front of the mop. A blue light will illuminate to show that the mop is heating up and a green light will illuminate when the mop is ready for action, this takes literally a minute. The "Carpet glider" doubles as a stand for the mop and it important to ensure that the mop is placed on the carpet glider whilst heating up or cooling down to avoid marking the floor.

There is also a dial on the front of the mop with four setting:

* Steam only / carpet refresh
* General clean
* Spot clean
* Tough stains

The first two settings can be used without the detergent. When the mop is set to the first setting "steam only / carpet refresh" and the carpet guide is attached the mop can be used to steam clean carpets, this is not something I have done so cannot really comment on its but I will update this review should I ever get around to giving this a try. I tend to use the "general clean" and "spot clean" setting most often.

I find the mop incredibly easy to use, its a simple matter of pushing the steam mop around as you would any regular mop, except there is a button on the handle which released the steam when pressed. The button does not need to be pressed constantly during cleaning and it does clean well with quick bursts of steam. I probably use the steam button much more than I need, but to be honest I find it rather fun. I did read a few reviews from customers saying that this mop left their floor rather wet, but this is certainly not something I have experienced, in fact I would go so far as to say my floors are considerably less wet compared to when using a regular mop. Furthermore, I feel my floors seem to dry much quicker too and without any streak marks. I do like to give the floor a quick sweep with a brush first just to get any bits off the floor before I start steaming as they can tend to clog up the cleaning pads which isn't too pleasant.

Its an absolute dream to clean with this mop, I find it effortless as it glides over my floors leaving them squeaky clean. The manoeuvrable head ensures corners and sides are easily reached and thoroughly cleaned. The detergent gives off a very faint citrus smell which doesn't linger very long. After using the mop my floors look beautifully clean. Vax claim that this product will kill up to "99.9% of harmful bacteria for up to seven days", with two kids and a cat my floors certainly need cleaning more than once every seven days but I do like knowing I am protecting my family from bacteria and I do feel confident that the steam has left my floors germ free.

I have not found the cord to be restrictive and find it allows me to reach all the areas in the room. However, just like a vacuum cleaner it may need to be unplugged when moving to a different room, but this is no hassle really. The cord can also be wrapped around the attached hooks when not in use.

The micro fibre pad can be easily removed (once the mop has cooled down) and is suitable to be machine washed. I tend to leave mine to soak in a bucket of solution and it comes out clean. I only have one micro fibre pad and it is still in a brilliant condition, however I have been thinking of buying a few more so I can alternate when one is being washed or drying. Replacement / spare micro fibre pads can be purchased costing just over £7 for a pack of two.

As the mop is quite small in size storing it away is quite easy and it takes up minimal room. When I first got this mop I would leave it in the hallway, but after it got knocked over a few times I ended up making room for it under the stairs. I would say it does feel a little wobbly when upright and this actually really bothers me, I would certainly prefer it to be a little more steady.

I have no problems recommending this Vax S2S-1 Bare Floor Pro Steam mop to others, it cleans well and I really enjoy using it.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 2 January 2014
I have bought many steam mops and have thrown them out as they were too big, too clumsy, too heavy, left the floor soaking, took an age to heat up for little practical use.

So on a whim I bought this as the price was good at £49.99.

I was not expecting anything positive but with two dogs and a big kitchen with slate tiles I needed something other than smelly mops.


I was sweeping the floor and asked my husband to plug the steam mop in, thinking it would take forever to heat up. Literally 30 seconds later my husband said, "It's ready." Of course I said, "Don't be daft, you must be looking at the 'on' light."

I was wrong, it was ready. 30 seconds to heat up, no wet floors, just clean, sparkling tiles. Took me 3 minutes to get the tiles cleaner than they have been for years. I didn't use the detergent but I did spray the floor with anti-bacterial cleaner. Marvellous result. The two dogs were not banned from the kitchen for half an hour as usual till the floor dried, they didn't even leave the kitchen because the floor was not wet. Amazing result.

The mop sits behind my fridge. The mop is compact unlike the others I've purchased, which went in the garage as they were large. So now I've a steam mop at hand that does the job it's supposed to.

The pad that comes with the mop is so much thicker than the others, it has a Velcro like property to stick to the mop, and it does stick to the mop with no problems. Would have liked two of these pads though, one to use and one in the wash.

I have painful hands so was concerned about the weight. Not a problem. Once the mop is up and running it's easy to move, and easy to carry up to the bathroom.

I definitely recommend this steam mop 100%.

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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 18 April 2012
This is a great product for the price paid on which was some £40 or so less than on other web sites including VAX's own site. We can recommend the product in terms of its ease of use and cleaning ability, but potential purchasers ought to be aware that when the steam mop is placed upright on its base (for storage or between cleans) that the product is not very stable. Ours "fell over" after we'd only had it a week and the cover on the base cracked with the impact. Fortunately, the cover is only cosmetic and does not impact on the cleaning function. We contacted VAX to see if we could purchase a replacement base cover but all they seemed interested in was telling us that as we'd removed the product from the UK (to use abroad) the warranty was invalid and it was the responsibility of Amazon to deal with this. Neither were they interested that there may be a design fault which makes the product unstable when placed upright on the stand. We've still yet to find out if we can purchase a replacement cover as VAX don't seem to be interested in responding to our enquiries by email.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 28 November 2013
I am not good with instructions and therefore ended up with a wet floor after using this machine for the first time! I had kept my hand on the trigger for steam and this was why I had so much water on the floor.
I would suggest to do what I didn't do and read the basic instructions (more in-depth can be downloaded online) . Most folk will do this though!
On my second attempt I still found that I had more water on the floor than I wanted but a lot less and on my third go I think I have got it figured! I used it to steam (not clean) my large rug and this actually gave a much better result than what I expected.
As others have said it does not wash the carpet but it certainly made mine appear brighter and back to almost new state which I was very pleased about.
I found the vax easy to put together and simple to prepare for use. It was easy to manoeuvre and use. I did not find it bulky and I also found it easy to store.
All round I am very pleased with this wee beauty and would certainly recommend.
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309 of 354 people found the following review helpful
on 6 April 2012
I bought my vax floor cleaner from Argos. It was the old model vax s2 I paid for and was given this upgrade with no comments made. I have a porcaelane floor for which no reviews have been left, So I was a bit worried about this. I have mastered a technique which works for me. I steam on the push away then release steam button when I bring the machine back towards myself. This works brilliantly as then the pads don't get too wet, and the floor stays dryer aswell. It was hit and miss as the first time my floor was dripping wet and I needed both pads. As it is a relatively new floor I cannot claim It has done wonders, However I have noticed that the grey grout now looks grey rather than white as before. I bake constantly and the flour seemed to stick to the grout with mop and bucket option now the flour is non existant which is a massive bonus. I have poor hand grip and severe pain so this was another worry. Well, It is easier to use than wringing out a mop and my button release technique means you actually only have to guide it where you wish with very little effort. I love this product as it saves time and is very easy for me to use despite my poor mobility and co-ordination. The other thing I will say if you are still there?... lol, Is I remove the detergant container and store it upside down until I need it again (Upright and it would leak), They show you a diagram of throwing liquid away then replacing container back to machine as you shouldn't leave water or chemicals in either container when not in use. This is a waste and expense. The water containers are a doddle to remove, You just stand over the machine, pull the container up towards you, then slide it back on when you replace it. I hope this has been informative to you as I love this product and feel it is worth the money and easy to use as well as doing a great job too. I have had this for four days at time of writing this review and I am still learning but I would buy again and wish I had bought it sooner.
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