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on 30 April 2012
We now have 44 of these Long Life Lamp Company GU10 LED bulbs and they are excellent. We have a combination of two types:

- PURE WHITE (in the kitchen and bathrooms): GU10 5W LED Super Bright PURE WHITE Colour 55w Replacement for Halogen bulb with New SMD Chip Technology 400 Lumens
- WARM WHITE (in all other rooms): Long Life Lamp Company GU10 5 Watt Super Bright LED with New Chip Technology, Warm White 50w replacements

After initially thinking we'd use Pure White everywhere (as it looks brighter), after trying some in the bedrooms and hallways we found the light too stark and went for Warm White for those areas instead. This aligns with many other reviews I've seen - it seems this is the combination most people opt for in the end.

Overall I've researched about 300+ different GU10 LED bulbs online and tried 7 different samples for real, and I think these are the best. I calculate that at they current price £8.95 they pay back in under 1800 hours use - well under 3 years if they are on for 2 hours a day on average.

If you're looking for GU10s to replace 50W Halogen ones then consider the following:

1) Light output: These are 400 Lumens and, to my eyes, very similar light level to 50W Halogens. Many other 5W LED bulbs offer lower Lumens output. I've tried others are they look obviously dull.

2) Length: Standard Halogen GU10s are 50mm diameter x 55mm long (to the end of pins). Many bright LED ones are much longer than this and may not fit in your holders. These are 50x50 so fit fine - a genuine like for like replacement.

3) Colour (of the light): This is measured in Kelvin but manunfacturers give names to different levels. Standard halogens are (all, I believe) around 2700K - "Warm white". That is a yellow type of white. I tried some 6000K ones but that's a very harsh white like an operating theatre - too stark for me.
After much experimentation we settled on:
- 4000K (Pure White) in the kitchen and bathrooms (GU10 5W LED Super Bright PURE WHITE Colour 55w Replacement for Halogen bulb with New SMD Chip Technology 400 Lumens)
- 3000K (Warm White) in all other rooms (Long Life Lamp Company GU10 5 Watt Super Bright LED with New Chip Technology, Warm White 50w replacements)

4) Beam angle. Many bright LEDs seem to have narrow beam angles (e.g. 90 degrees or less), which creates a spotlight. I am after general purpose room lighting and these are 120 degrees, which is a nice wide angle.

5) Average life. Many LEDs have a stated life of 50,000 hours. These are lower - 30,000 hours. However I can live with this given that the payback period is only 1800 hours!

There is only one tiny downside I can find - sometimes when you move something (e.g. wave briskly) you notice a slight strobing effect (the LEDs are obviously pulsing fast rather than permanently on - presumably at 50Hz mains, whereas you don't notice this with Halogens as the element stays hot between the 50Hz cycles). I don't notice it often, and it isn't a problem for me, but if you're planning to put these bulbs somewhere where things move fast (e.g. a gym) you might want to try a single bulb as a sampler first.

In summary - I think these bulbs are excellent - a genuine replacement for halogen GU10s, and consume only 10% of the power! I calculated payback in under 3 years based on 2 hours usage per day, but prices are dropping already so you're on to a winner!

(edited from my earlier review of the Pure White bulbs)

Update, 12/4/14:

Still have 44 of these bulbs (some Warm White, some Pure White). All working fine - no failures at all. Still very happy! In reply to some of the comments and other reviews note that no-one should expect these to look exactly the same as halogens. They are close, but not identical. In exchange for this minor compromise you will be saving a heap of electricity and money (assuming they are switched on at least an hour or two a day). Also I note one person commented that the ones he bought fell apart. That is a shame - I can only assume that there was a problem with his order and he received the wrong bulbs as my experience (and that of most other reviewers) has been nothing but positive.
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on 23 February 2015
I bought 6 of these in November 2013, used three, all three have failed within 14 months. NOT better value for money than old light bulbs. NOT impressed with Long Life Lamp Company. NOT impressed being advertised as 5 year warranty and small print showing 3 year warranty.
review image
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on 6 August 2013
I installed ten of these but unfortunately even in a kitchen I found them just too clinical, even after a week they seemed harsh - plus although they were advertised as 120 degree beam angle they were in fact 90 degree on the box, an error Amazon has since rectified.

I swapped over for Sebson 5W warm white LED bulbs which I also bought on Amazon. the Sebson bulbs quoted a greater beam angle of 110 degree which in real life didn't make a great deal of difference but the Sebson bulbs are definitely a nice warmer white and a lot nearer if not identical to halogen bulbs. They also have frosted glass lens which helps to mask the bright yellow light chips which did look a little cheap on the Long Life Company bulbs.

Subject to reliability (they're German and have good reviews on so cross fingers) then my preference is definitely the Sebson Bulbs for warmth and looks.
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on 14 March 2015
I've had a set of four of the bulbs. One died within a few months or so, which we got replaced. Then a while later, another bulb - there were four in the same fitting - started to flicker. Then it actually burst into flames! We got an electrician round, who swapped out the bulb and confirmed the fitting was fine. A short while later, we smelt a burning smell again. I looked at the bulb, only to find that - as shown by the attached picture - there was a big burn mark on the bulb! I bought some better ones from B+Q which have been fine so far. I'll be avoiding these.
review image
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on 26 June 2015
DO NOT BUY....purchased these in March 2014, they have lasted just over a year. The bulbs started to smell hot and as if they were burning. Very shocked to see charring on the inside of the bulbs. Other reviewers have had similar problems. AVOID
review image review image review image
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on 12 October 2012

I have approx 40 GU10 50W 240V Osram & Sylvan bulbs around my house. My wife and teenage kids seem to enjoy heating the house via the bulbs. That's the only reason i can think of why i would be traipsing around turning lights off after them! Anyway, i already have a few LED cold white (light blue to you and me) bulbs in one of the bathrooms. They are fine but are a stepdown in brightness compared to the bulbs(GU10 50W) that they replaced. I have fitted 6 of these long life LED units in my kitchen and can say that the light emitted is at a higher level than the 6 of GU10 50 Watt Osram bulbs that they have replaced. The light that they throw is also slightly starker than the old bulbs. Best way to describe this is that GU10 50 watts throw a quite flattering and mellow slightly yellow light. These LED bulbs throw a slightly brighter sharper and whiter light. I will buy more of these and will repace my GU10's as i go. It is strange to be able to put my hand up against a light unit after it has been on for 5 minutes(never mind 10 seconds) and feel no heat!

Talking of which, i have also purchased and fitted a set of Radflek radiator reflectors. No kidding, these work and i wish i had fitted them years ago. My rooms (in fact the whole 12 room house,) is getting up to temperature a lot faster and the radiator thermostats are kicking in and turning the radiators off. Just shows that there is a huge amount of output from the radiators bleeding into the walls. I make no money from this just, passing on what i found to be an ace no brainer easy fit product for energy saving for cash & CO2.


If you are willing to go that far why don't you make your own beer as well? Don't ask me why but i'm just not that into giving my money to big corporations! Cheers :)

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on 3 September 2013
I am disappointed with the bulbs as I thought they would save me money in the long term as I need quite a few at home. I have already had to replace two. We are careful with our energy usage at home, switching off lights as we leave the room (etc.) so I don't think I have got anywhere near the usage indicated.
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on 27 August 2013
Originally thought they were a great product. Bought them to replace GU10 50w halogen bulbs, to cut down on electricity costs. Within 3/4 months, one of the bulbs has already given up, and at £6+ a time this is certainly not a saving. Certainly not long life bulbs. I am very disappointed.
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on 17 March 2014
I ordered 2 bulbs after Amazon confirmed their 1 yr guarantee and they also confirmed that the Long Life Lamp Co. gives a 5 yr guarantee. I contacted the Long Life Lamp Co., trying to get confirmation of the warranty, by email with no reply and rang them twice to be cut off each time. So I sent the bulbs back. If I'm getting no help upon purchase, what chance have I got when the bulbs blow (which they probably will, considering other reviews).
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 20 August 2014
OK - these bulbs have just arrived - right on time and well packaged. I took them into my home office right away to replace the halogen GU10 bulbs that had blown, and much to my surprise, they don't fit! I compared them to the halogen bulbs and they are the same length, they have the same diameter reflector (though on the LED bulbs this does not act as a reflector. The also have the same diameter "stem" where the electrical contacts are. I was getting more and more confused until I noticed the difference. The bowl shaped reflector of the halogen bulbs is much shallower than that of the LED bulbs. This means the "stem" of the LED bulbs has to be shorter to maintain the same overall length. My light fixture is a fairly standard unit, with 3 cylindrical bulb holders attached along a horizontal arm. The cylindrical bulb holders are designed to take the standard shaped GU10 bulb which has a longer cylindrical "stem" than these LED bulbs, which therefore cannot reach the contacts. My light fixture must be the commonest design out there. "No problem", I thought, "I will use them in the kitchen". I bought 4 of these bulbs to try out. If they were any good, I was going to replace all my halogen GU10 bulbs with them anyway. Guess what? Although my kitchen light fixtures are completely different to the ones I have in my home office, they feature the same sized and shaped cylindrical bulb holders, and these LED bulbs don't fit there anyway. Luckily for me, I also have halogen GU10 lights in the bathroom. These are a recessed design and the LED bulbs do fit there, so I don't need to return them. In use the light colour and output seems indistinguishable from the halogens, so I am at least happy with that. Last time I tried LED GU10s, I was disappointed with the quality of the light, and the output started to diminish after a few days use, so I will be keeping an eye on how these perform. I will definitely not be buying any more of these.

So the lesson learned is that these are not like for like halogen bulb replacements. They are a different shape and will not necessarily fit a fixture designed for halogen bulbs
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