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4.5 out of 5 stars55
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 20 November 2013
Like many people I became aware of Tom Stade when he slayed the audience (and me) with his meat van routine on Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow. I went to see him on his recent "...Totally Rocks" tour and was very impressed so was waiting with baited breath for this DVD release. The agony was only prolonged by the release date being pushed back about a month but it's here now, just in time for Xmas !

IMO Stade is at his best when on the subject of relationships and modern life. There is a fair helping of the former, a little bit of the latter in the form of his Argos routine, but I was disappointed that his Groupon routine was not on this DVD.

In many ways my ideal Tom Stade DVD would just be a recording of the night I saw him live as I feel that routine was stronger than this DVD - he should do that, like bands, where they record the gig then sell it to the crowd at the end. However, he should be applauded for not over-using material as there was material on the DVD not performed on the night I saw him live so that was fresh to me.

The set was filmed at the Bloomsbury Theatre, meat van is on this DVD and there is one extra called "Messing Around" which, IMO, really should have been omitted.

If you like Stade I'd say it's worth buying.

Kudos to Andrew and Margarite as well 
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on 18 August 2013
Have seen Tom a few times and this latest offering is a ball achingly funny set! Had the pleasure of front row seats in Sheffield for this tour, did I laugh? I didn't stop laughing from start to finish :-)

All new material from Tom and he's taken a "different", "dark" direction from his usual stuff. If you're easily offended go and buy Michael McIntyre's DVD or still buy this and BE offended, after all being offended is only a feeling, it won't harm you, you won't end up in A and E and you won't need counselling (well, you might but you only live once).

Tom is one of the finest comedians I've ever seen (and I've seen loads), he's learnt his craft the hard way and stuck to his roots. I'm so glad he's settled in the UK as it's made it much easier to see him (I wish Mike Wilmot would do the same but I suppose we can't have all the best Canadian comics).

This DVD deserves to hit the top of the stand up charts, waging war on mainstream "sell out" comedy. Tom, you are a comedic soldier, a leader in your field and deserving of a heroes medal.
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on 13 January 2014
I've been a big fan of Tom for a few years now and I'm so glad to see him finally release a dvd. Having been a fan, I did recognise some of the material although it was good that he freshened up and added parts to the jokes, but as I'm 1 of those who'll take this dvd round to my mates, I'm glad some of his older material is still on there as it's pure comedy gold.

Definitely one for adults, it's borderline 18 rating as Tom does swear a lot and a few jokes are close to the edge with topics such as drugs, so if you're easily offended you may struggle (although he's nowhere near Frankie Boyle cringe factor).

Tom does certain things really well. He interacts with the audience in a brilliant way, picking on certain people and making out they're friends of his and including them in the stories as well as having this way of talking and shouting that is just purely funny. He can get laughs where other comedians wouldn't. To top it off, his jokes are brilliant and so well crafted. The fact he's a canadian living in the UK also gives him an outsiders perspective on Britain, which leads to some absolute classic jokes. I had this dvd bought for me along with Mickey Flannagans new one and Tom had me in tears whereas Mickey didn't (Mickeys is still good, just nowhere near Tom's level).

If you've never seen Tom before you're in for a treat. He's up there with the best I've seen and I'm a huge standup fan and know my comedians. I just hope this dvd does well and gives Tom the motivation to work on new material and launch his career. I hope he brings his guitar back in the future aswell, I was hoping for at least 1 song. Buy this, the best standup comedy dvd this year by a long way
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on 10 December 2013
I've seen Tom live a few times and he gets funnier and funnier each show.
His way of interacting with the audience and turning normal thoughts and observations into something so hilarious is priceless! You will not regret buying his DVD and i hope there is another one in the future.
A naturally very funny guy ツ
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on 17 March 2014
Canadian rap-star Tom Stade, sorry...Canadian comedian Tom Stade is very funny. Sure, sometimes it veers into adult material, no harm in that. If I wanted PG comedy, then I'd be buying, well, I have no idea as I have no interest in PG material. I like Tom, heard him getting name-checked by Jim Jefferies several years back on a podcast so I bought his 'Blue album: Live at the Comedy Store'. Which is pretty damn fine. Can't say that I've watched him on that, uh, Comedy Vehicle show on BBC, which is a great platform for comedians but it's also mostly for an audience that will laugh at the weakest of punchlines (oh TV, you fickle mistress) point is this: Tom Stade is a very funny comedian. Shocking? Only if you're easily shocked. Just buy it. It's funny. He's funny. And a couple of things did resonate. Eerily so.
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on 24 January 2014
Loved it. He is revolutionary, incredibly funny, very likeable. As a Brit I really love to see someone who is shocking and edgy like Frankie Boyle, but without being deliberately offensive like Frankie Boyle. That's my issue with him, I do find him really fun, most of the time in fact, but I don't like being offensive just because you can.

This Tom Stade guy however, it is like he understands the line and where we all stand on it, and somehow, he treads near and over it as often as he wants, but he always stays on the side of righteousness and fun, irreverent and naughty but without just being an nasty git.
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on 4 December 2013
By far the funniest DVD I've seen in years!! Saw Tom live in Blackburn at the beginning of the year and this guy just gets funnier and funnier...defo a must buy for christmas presents!!
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on 26 December 2013
I have just had a mortifying Christmas evening watching this DVD with my parents and 14 year old brother!

We've watched Tom Stade's short sets on Live at the Apollo etc, and have all found him absolutely hilarious and on that basis bought this for my little bro who loves comedy - we're a really open minded family and are happy to watch more or less anything together as I think we all understand that our sense of humour is a little on the base side, HOWEVER when you're rolling on the floor with the sheer level of cringe that this guy puts out between semi decent jokes (that we have heard before!) I thought I better say something!

If you buy this DVD you will hear a lot of his recycled material as used on TV, however the parts in between just aren't funny and he comes across as a sad old dinosaur. We had to turn it off after hearing for about the fiftieth time how long his (poor) wife had been servicing his junk for (seventeen years if you must know).

Afterwards I said to my mum: "I feel like I've bought him a Bernard Manning video!", her reply: "well, you have."

Overall this was disappointing and uncomfortable viewing and I totally would not recommend it!
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on 9 December 2013
He is one of the funniest men about! Had me and my husband in fits of laughter will be looking out for him touring again
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on 4 December 2013
I watched Sarah Millican after watching it and even the Crowd was laughing more to Tom Stade. I love how he pretends that he knows certain people in the audience and then makes this story. Making up stories sounds a bit dull, but have a comedian and it is just funny as!

I highly recommend this. I think I have watched it more than twice to be honest. Not shown my friends yet!
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