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4.6 out of 5 stars62
4.6 out of 5 stars
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35 of 35 people found the following review helpful
on 25 March 2012
It's fair to say that we've had quite a few live videos from metal's finest over the years, from 85's classic Live After Death to 09's excellent live/ documentary film Flight 666, but I have to say that En Vivo! is a cut above. To put it briefly, this is a tremendous performance in a massive venue before a fanatical audience, coupled with spot-on editing and production to make a truly tremendous package.

The concert opens with a heart pounding build up through the first half of Satellite 15... The Final Frontier, showing the band and crew prepare for the show while ecstatic fans fill Santiago's Estadio Nacional, before Maiden take to the stage and launch into "The Final Frontier". As the excitement continues through "El Dorado" and "2 Minutes to Midnight", it's made perfectly clear that this is a band on fire- an immense performance which puts groups half their age to shame. Each member is on top form, with Dickinson in particular giving an overwhelming show, turning challenging numbers such as "The Talisman" into astonishing spectacles.

The setlist itself is a masterpiece of ebb and flow, with the smooth intros of "Dance of Death" and "When the Wild Wind Blows" erupting through to high paced numbers like "The Trooper" and "The Evil That Men Do". Being The Final Frontier World Tour, there is a large amount of newer material here, but that is absolutely no excuse for complaint- recent tracks fit comfortably between old favourites remarkably well, a true testimony to the band's consistent song writing prowess. In any case, if you really can't give the new stuff the chance you know it deserves, then you really should have bought Flight 666 instead.

The editing present is wonderful. In the past, Maiden videos were subject to almost dizzying cuts by Steve Harris, but those days are long gone. Andy Matthews, who also cues the video screens in all the band's live shows, adds a fresh perspective to the live footage, showcasing the concert with split screens which, while not being at all intrusive as first feared, gives the viewer all the action without cutting every millisecond to another shot. On top of this, the soundtrack is possibly Kevin Shirley's best live mix to date.

As usual with Maiden videos, it is accompanied by a massive supply of extras, the highlight of which is the "Behind the Beast" documentary. For years I've been praying for a proper behind the scenes doc, showing just how each concert is really put together, from post-production to every show night, and am happy to say that this hour and a half long film goes beyond my expectations. Where Flight 666 spent all of its time on the band and their fans, this film instead shows the crew in action, a massively important part of the tour completely overlooked in the past. Another first for a Maiden doc is footage of the band in rehearsals and the stage set being built from concept to production rehearsals. If this isn't enough, there's another fascinating documentary going behind "The Final Frontier" promo video.

To sum up, this is probably the best concert video I have ever purchased. Each minute is thrilling and is the closest to actually being at the concert as it is possible for a film to be (and I should know having seen the band live dozens of times).
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on 29 March 2012
I bought this primarily for the live set after watching them live at manchester where they were amazing.
The picture and sound quality is fantastic especialy in Dolby 5.1 and that is worth the cost of the blu ray alone
but it includes so much quality for the price and is ultimately a bargin.

The main thing i was suprised about was the quality of the documentary. I own Flight 666 and thought it was
brilliantly done so i didnt expect too much from this.
How wrong i was, it is fantastic and it goes into so much depth and is extremely interesting and if anything i
think its better although the two are very different and are a must watch for Maiden fans or just anyone who appreciates
good music and the work that goes on behind the scenes.

The only flaw i would say the Blu Ray has is the menu options are in a small font making it a little hard to read. I have a 40"
screen and it still appeared small. just a heads up

Overall i am extremely happy with this and would highly recommend it
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 1 May 2012
This Iron Maiden DVD is the band firing on all cylinders, the band truly at their peak. Since Bruce returned in 1999 they seem to be bigger and better than ever before, you know when your in one of the world's biggest bands, when the band have their own plane, flown by the singer, to fill the world's biggest stadiums. And this concert in Chile is one of them.

They seem to play the songs faster as they get older, but this is okay, because the musicianship is outstanding as always. Especially the lethal combination of Nicko McBrain and Steve Harris, and Bruce Dickinson's vocal's are as commanding, powerful and operatic as they have ever been. The documentary DVD is also great as you get an insight into the work that goes into putting on a Maiden show, and see them playing places, no band could ever dream or hope to play. In an uncertain world, there is something reassuring and genuine about Maiden, long may they rule!
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 14 May 2012
As usual from Iron Maiden team - great quality of sound, vision and most important - music. All new songs from The Final Frontier are great and this record only proves that. Strongly recommended.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 4 May 2012
Worth it just for the "Behind the Beast" doc, I presume the beast is the Boeing that somehow gets the loadout gear for the whole tour stuffed into its backside.

Strange that the steelbook edition is DVD only, a cynic would suggest that this is to get fans to buy twice, but as it was a gift for my uncle who has no Blu-ray player it didn't matter.

Excellent production values, the band and crew have been refining it for over thirty years, and it's a great show.

When you watch it, you don't get the impression that you're watching an old band past their glory days, what you see is a band that still love doing what they do.
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12 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on 26 March 2012
50,000 Chileans can't be wrong???.............. In this case they are not wrong. I've been a fan since Killers in 1981 and I was initially skeptical whether I needed another Maiden dvd at this point. It turns out that I did need another. This is a great show. The band are playing at the top of their game, Dickinson shows once more just how powerful his voice still is to this day. Iron Maiden write the book on keeping self respect in the face of advancing years. Great stuff. Other bands take note, this really IS how it's done!!!
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on 1 October 2015
It's hard to find any new superlatives for this band! This is quite simply a stunning show with power,energy and excitement,all filmed in front of a fanatical and brilliant Chilean crowd.A brilliantly put together set list which is performed to perfection.An absolute delight to hear "The Evil That Men Do" and "Running Free" performed again in among all the older stuff that you'd expect to hear at any Maiden show.The latter of those two provides an absolutely stunning finale to the show!!

The fact that these guys absolutely love what they do and enjoy each other's presence on stage is as evident here as it always is.I love all the little smiles,laughs and interactions that go on all the time.I love the split screen editing which,to me at least,seemed to give a greater overall feel of the stage,noticeably sometimes giving you two different camera angles of the same shot.Very cleverly done,I thought.

As far as "Behind The Beast" goes,well I'd have bought the DVD were it just for that alone! The behind the scenes documentary on "Death On The Road" was brilliant but this eclipses it by miles! And in between the two we have the treasure of "Flight 666".

This is a band that do exactly what it says on the tin,so speak,just as they always have.As real,honest,down to earth and in touch with their fans as they've always been.They just seem to get better and better and they never fail to deliver.The greatest that there's ever been in my humble submission.

This is another fantastic recorded document of another moment in their time and with another brilliant album now in the can and another world tour to come next year there's plenty more to look forward to! Long may they continue!
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on 12 May 2013
I must admit that as a life long Maiden fan I was unaware of this DVD's existence until I purchased Maiden England. I always knew the South American fans are amongst the most passionate of all Maiden's following and that they rarely get the chance to see their idols in the flesh and so when the Iron's billed a show everyone knew it was going to be huge!

The concert itself is based on the hugely successful fifteenth studio, "The Final Frontier" and many of the key tracks are performed live together with an exciting romp through the back catalogue including the forgotten gem " Running Free". The band are on the top of their form and you can almost see the energy being fed back and forth with the crowd. The sound quality is excellent and each note played is crystal clear. The picture quality is sharp and crisp with the rich colours from the set and lighting coming through perfectly. The edits are frenetic and fast-paced consonant with the energy of the band, but are too distracting from the overall visual experience.

The extras are entertaining too especially about the newly reconfigured Ed Force One that has re-defined global concert touring. It was moving when the band arrived in Japan at the time of the tsunami. Unfortunately, the fury of nature robbed the Japanese fans of an awesome concert but the band promised to make it up to them. My gripe with the documentary was that is was a little too similar to 1999's "Flight 666" but spending anytime with the Iron's is a privilege and a pleasure!

En Vivo! Is a powerhouse of a concert and highlights the band on at their best and by the end of the gig, the crowd were exhausted but extremely satisfied. What a spectacle it must have been!!
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As they begin their slow descent towards retirement, Iron Maiden ramp up the live albums. Way back when, a live album was a rarity, with a decade between "A Real Live Dead One" and "Rock In Rio". With four official live albums in the last decade, three studio records, and six world tours - two of which are nostalgic recreations of the past - it's not that Iron Maiden are slowing down as such, more than they are closing off their history slowly.

Recorded 10 years and 3 months after the near identical "Rock In Rio", "En Vivo!" is Iron Maiden at their best : live, and loud. There's pantomime alright - and grimly predictable. Watch Bruce wave a flag and sing THE TROOPAH! Watch a parade of black denim, shorts, and white trainers last seen in the wild in 1986! Grimace as The Band elude mortality by sounding identical and unchanged since the dawn of time! And as Bruce points to the crowd and gets them to roar in unison in "Fear of The Dark", and let us not forget SCREAM FOR ME SOUTH AMERICAN COUNTRY!

Oh, it's predictable. And comfortable in its repetition. To do this 100 times a year, you must love it. Like a James Bond film, and Coca Cola, you know what you're getting with Iron Maiden. You're also getting one of the tightest, slickest, and most professional bands of all time : a finely honed metal machine. A setlist made of all the songs you'd expect, and the obligatory few new ones. Thankfully, this new stuff, such as "Eldorado", "Coming Home", "The Talisman" is solid, powerful, confident, assured. Unlike so many bands that become dull parodies of themselves, Iron Maiden, for good or bad, haven't made a bad record since 1990. Though there is nothing from 2006's "A Matter of Life And Death" - the only album in recent years the band have performed live in it's entirety - nor are the sadly under-rated Blaze Bayley years : "Futureal" is one of the greatest Maiden songs there is. But then again, Bruce opens his mouth, and the entire of Chile screams "Yeah! Hallowed Be Thy Name!" and does anyone care about the new stuff?

Since half of the set is taken from their 80's heyday, being Janick Gers looks easy as he barely plays, duckwalks, spins around a lot and pretends to punch a man in a monster costume. Janick didn't record or write this material, and his third guitar isn't really needed here. Adrian Smith and Dave Murray have been playing together since 1982, so their telepathic groove, alongside Nicko McBrain's 30 year role as drummer, ensures that Iron Maiden are now in a classic lineup that is undoubtedly one of their strongest periods creatively. "En Vivo" is one night in the life of Iron Maiden, writ large in a South American football stadium, and a fine document that will attest to Maiden's power and deserved reputation as one of the finest live acts of their era.
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on 9 April 2012
Very good performance by the band. Nicko and Steve are solid and dependable as always, as is Adrian. Janick I thought did very well on most of his solos, which hasnt always been the case in the past. Bruce puts in an almost outstanding performance for me. During songs such as The Talisman and Coming Home the effort he puts into the song is seen all over his face, especially during Talisman. He definately still has the gift for me. I would love to know where he gets his energy from, not just during gigs but his life in general. I wonder if there is a biography on him?

The only slight let down for me is Dave Murray, a hero of mine (the let down was only slight and probably due to the fact that I hold him, and still do, in such high regard). IT doesnt look quite right him playing a Les Paul and some of his solos are a bit suspect. Not quite sure why he is wearing all that clothing either?

I played the dvd via my TV on PCM audio and thought the sound was fine. However, some are complaining about the sound quality on the Black Country Communion DVD, also produced by Kevin Shirley. Coincidence?

I thought the editing was good - not the quick fire editing we saw in previous live dvds, which is good, and you get to see most of the solos! The split screen is a good idea and not overused.

Overall, very good performance. One slight snag is the set list. I understand that they have to play the old favourites on each tour as many of the fans havent heard these live so it is inevitable that the dvd will include these so I am not complainig about that. But I dont think the Wicker Man fits well when it is not an opener as it was in Rio. It doesnt quite fit for me in the set list. There is already a song from Brave New World so I would have liked to see something from the X Factor or A Matter of Life and Death.

Why only 16 songs? (Satellite 15 does not count). They used to play around 20 I think. Perhaps because the songs are getting longer....?

Anyway, 4 stars. Good job.

PS hope they release Live At Donnington on DVD. The editing and sound was not great on the VHS but the event was great for me.
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