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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars578
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 1 July 2012
This is currently the best value 2TB 7200RPM drive around, being some £25 cheaper than the nearest competitor. It's also the fastest in most benchmarks, which means if you're after a fast, cheap 2TB drive, it's a no-brainer on the face of it.

The problem is that these drives are also showing some problems. As you'll see from some of the other reviewers here, as well as elsewhere, the two problems are:-

(1) Bad sectors, which can appear very early, and are obviously a very serious problem if they occur, with likely data loss.
(2) A loud clicking sound which occurs periodically, which is the drive starting a load cycle after sleeping. This is a problem because the drives are only rated for 300,000 load cycles, and due to the power settings on the drive, this figure will be reached within a few months on the firmware that most of the drives are shipped with (CC4C). This problem can be fixed by updating the firmware (to CC4H) using Seagate's free utilty, but not all drives are managing to successfully update in this way.

Essentially, it's a lottery. If you get one of the drives made in Thailand, then the chances are it will be fine and you'll have a bargain. If you get one of the drives from the China plant to which production was shifted following the Thailand floods last year, then there seems to be a much greater chance that the drive will exhibit one or both of the above problems. Then it's a case of changing it and hoping for the best. I had a faulty drive from China, and swapped it for one from Thailand, and I'm pleased with the it now. It's a risk, though.
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It really is great to see how the prices of hard drives has fallen. Many are migrating to SSDs and that could be a contributing factor.

Yet at this price it really is hard to discount the Seagate Barracuda, (or any decent hard drive for that matter) especially if you do not have a SATA 3 motherboard which can take full advantage of SSD bandwidth.

The Seagate Barracuda 3.5 inch 2TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache is viable option for those seeking a massive storage high speed drive at a.great price. Yet it has to be noted that these drives are not always made in Thailand, which are generally very reliable. I have read reports of drive failures, and most of these were made in China.
The first digit of the serial number indicate country of manufacture:
Z - Thailand / S or W - China

Buying online is a bit of a Russian roulette, so, in this case the best option is to buy from a computer store. The serial number can be easily seen through the anti static protective cover.

It has to be noted that Seagate honour a no quibble 2 year European warranty.

I was lucky as Amazon thankfully sent me the Thailand version, which was also adequately packaged.
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on 31 July 2013
After ordering this I started reading more of the reviews and started to think I'd made a mistake, However.... Please note this is currently under 1 month old. If issues arise I'll bring them up when I update this.

On arrival it was well packaged on time (a day early) and I was pleased to see I'd gotten a Thailand model rather than one made in China,. I read issues regarding country of origin in other reviews. I added this to an Intel 3570k gaming pc for additional storage. The rig also has a 256gb ssd (Samsung 840) for the O.S. and other odd's and sod's and a 1tb WD Red for Steam, Origin and other online game set ups.

I plugged this in to a Sata 2.0 as the ssd and Red took up the 2 sata 3.0's available. Yet it is roughly 40% faster than the red still. I didn't expect that even though there different speeds so I was pleased.

During the first month where it can be sent back I've been scanning for error's every few days and so far zilch. It's clear of any problems.

My experience so far:
For the price I have done really well, 65 quid and I have a 2tb drive thats averaging around 160/150 mbs on read and write,
It's showing no errors as I reach the 3 week period and I will continue to test on a regular basis as I always do for all components. I'm a heavy user who's rig spends 8 plus hours a day on. I use the drives a lot as my hobby is modding so I move files around a lot as well as run relevant programs like SDK's etc.

I will update this review whether I come across issues or not to either give it a thumbs up or warn of what to watch for. for now it's a good performer, All the best.

UPDATE, I've had it 5 weeks now, so it's beyond the 28 day send back, Tests show it is A-okay. Next update in a few months.
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on 13 December 2015
I ordered this hard drive (Seagate Barracuda 3.5 inch 2TB 7200 RPM 64MB...) and received it in unprotected package and 3 months later when I tested it, it sound only (Click, click, click) so never worked for me (received killed) and I can't apply for a change even when I send a photo of the unprotected package.
is this a bad jock? (see the attached photo)
Even some paper books, I ordered in the past were better packaged/protected, in comparison to that package for this hard drive.
review image
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on 3 April 2014
This HDD is much much cheaper than it's nearest rivals. And some people have been quite lucky and hada reliable storage device with no problems whatsoever. IAM NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!

I am currently on my third one. Initially my wife bought me an external HDD which housed one of these (I had wanted a WD My Passport, but she thought she was doing me a favour!) It failed after a few months. I thought/hoped that it was the enclosure, but sadly not. After trying the convoluted warranty process, I gave up and bought a new one.

This worked for about 6 months, then died. (Click, click, click). This time I persevered with the warranty system and finally got a replacement (from the seller and NOT Seagate in the end!). This replacement has just died on me.

Through the 3 drives I have had there were no bumps, shocks, surges, nothing! So far I have lost almost 6tb of data on these shoddy drives. NEVER AGAIN!

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on 16 December 2015
I've purchased many hard drives over the years and have mostly stayed loyal to Samsung. I always prefer reliability and quietness over speed and their HDDs have delivered that promise without a single failure.

Samsung 3.5 inch HDDs are hard to come by now and I don't like buying used hard drives, so I thought I'd give Western Digital a try in my recent PC build. Unfortunately, after less than a year, I've already had to swap one out. So that means I needed two 2TB hard drives and was looking at a different manufacturer this time around.

I spotted this Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD and the price point was very attractive at around £50.00. I purchased two and they were delivered very quickly, so no complaints about that. The first drive was installed and formatted without a problem. The second drive was DOA (Dead On Arrival). I tried to recover the drive with the usual tools and even downloaded a Disk Recovery program from the Seagate website. The drive was beyond repair with a fatal I/O error.

Amazon offered an immediate refund so I thought I had just been unlucky and ordered a replacement. The 3rd Seagate 2TB HDD arrived within a few days but was also DOA. Once again I tried to recover the drive but it also had a fatal I/O error.

I decided to run a scan on the drive that did seem to work ok, only to find that had issues too! The first time I booted up the PC, the drive had "disappeared" entirely. The Windows 7 Disk Management program couldn't "see" the drive at all. I re-booted, and second time around the drive appeared in My Computer as normal.

I won't have a drive that isn't reliable, so I sent that back too.

So the final score is: Purchased 3 Seagate HDD drives. Returned 3 faulty Seagate HDD drives. I will not buy Seagate ever again.

I did a bit of research on Google and my bad experience with Seagate is fairly common, with many users complaining about dead and failing drives.

My advice, to anyone thinking about purchasing this drive, is to look elsewhere.
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on 28 December 2015
I recently bought this for my PC. I make YouTube video's and using screen capture programs , video editing software and even compression software , that mean's multiple copies of a video , and having it uploading to a website there can always be a chance of corruption so I always need to keep the video file on my PC for a while to make sure it's okay. This can be from 10GB to 100GB per video and having a 500GB HDD that my PC had before was horrible for video editing. This new 2TB HDD is perfect for me. It's one of the fastest HDD's on the market and with the 64MB Cache it's also very helpful for recording. The screen capture writes 20MB per second this can be very stressful on a HDD. I bought this as my HDD was filling up and It wasn't helping having all my PC's programs such as the game and every thing else on it using up some of the HDD's resources. I bought this just for recording and other games when not being used for recording. Luckily mine arrived as a Thai version as I read up about some of these HDD's coming from china and being faulty. It's large capacity is amazing and the fact it's very cheap is also what intrigued me into buying this specific Hard drive.I have owned this HDD for about 20 day's now and if there was a fault it would have probably shown up by now.
If you are looking for a HDD that is cheap and reliable then go for this one , Just make sure you get a Thai version.
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on 17 June 2012
I had to return all Seagate drives back as bad sectors appeared. Please check your drive after few days of use.
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on 13 December 2015
I feel bad because I have never purchased from this seller in particular, but I do feel a duty to tell people about these aweful drives, I have been a "computer guy"for 30 years and I have replaced 1,000s of hard disk drives in my time, but never with the frequency of SEAGATE BARRACUDAs. I have here in front of me 5 of the damn things, all dead, all have already been replaced at least once under seagate warranty, and even the replacements die within months of use. they are truly aweful and what seagate now need to realise is that things such as HDD carry a certain obligation with them to both business users and more so, personal users, the horror stories I have heard from customers with these excuses for a HDD is unbearable, worst one being the only photo's of a deceased child. do not trust these things, they are useless and this​ is not a disgruntled customer this is someone who has bought these, true, like I say I have five here in front of me, dead. Luckily I back up EVERYTHING myself. but for example one of these was my backup drive, so hardly got used, still died. before long you get prompted by OS that they need formatting and they start making the grind noise you get when the heads cannot lock onto data, meaning total loss of all contents, I even have 2x 2tb others brand new sent by Seagate as replacement under their warranty (reason I have so many is I once had them as part of a 5 drive raid, I won't use them, its not worth it, not worth the risk. yes, you can replace the drive easily under their warranty, if you don't mind paying the postage every 6 months. but you can't replace the work and contents. Got to a point I could not even be bothered returning them anymore I had done it so many times and for companies I've worked in.
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on 29 June 2012
First impressions are very good, I only hope that it maintains the initial good start.

I tested it with a destructive read write cycle with Disk Sentinel software for 8 hours, no faults or bad blocks where found.

I got the speed with HD Tunepro of Min 30 Max 188 Avg 135 Mb/s This is about 50% faster than the 1 GB 2 year old drive it is replacing.

There is a slight scraping noise when the drive activates from idle, but in general use it is very quite.

The temperature is mostly between 38-48 Degrees C

The drive was quite well packed on arrival, marked as ''Made In China''.

The scraping noise I mentioned is often cured by a firmware update, check that you have CC4H version if not apply the free Samsung update while you are still in the 30 day refund period.
This is a very important update that can lengthen the service life of the Drive.

Update the good start did not last! after less than 3 months use. 440 sectors where reallocated (marked as Bad) this rose in less than two weeks to over 1,000 sectors even Seagate's own disk checking tool advised a replacement drive, this was done but with me paying the return carriage cost of £4.40
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